Wristwatch If you dream of a wristwatch, this means that you will be successful in well-supervised commercial speculations . If you look at a watch to tell the time, your efforts will be frustrated by the competition . If you break a wristwatch, you will be threatened by misfortune and loss . If you drop a wristwatch bottle, this foretells of indifference, or unhappy company . But if a woman loses a wristwatch, this indicates that family harassment will generate unhappiness . If you imagine you are a wristwatch thief, you will face a violent enemy who will attack your reputation . If you give a watch as a gift, then this means that you will suffer from reduced interests due to following trivial developments ….

…A wristwatch : indicates the nearness of an appointment, and indicates the wife, and whoever sees the water in his watch carries his wife, and it may indicate the need for his house for maintenance ….