Wedding If you attended a wedding in your dream, you will quickly discover that an event approaching you will cause you bitterness and delay your success . If a girl dreams that her wedding is a secret, then this dream is definitely not appropriate for her personality as it means that she may fall . If she entered into a worldly marriage or an official marriage, this indicates that she will rise in the appreciation of those around her, and the desired promises and joys will not be denied to her . If she believes in her dreams that there is opposition from her family, she will discover that her association will cause resentment among her relatives . If she dreams that her lover has married to another, then this foretells that unjustified fears will cause her constriction while her lover will faithfully fulfill his promises . If a person dreams that he is married, then this is a sad omen, as he cannot avoid death except by a miracle . If the wedding was merry and there were no priests with pale faces and black sackcloth to impose holy vows, then the opposite can be expected . If a girl dreamed that she saw a person wearing mourning clothes at her wedding, then this indicates that she will experience misery only in her marital life . If she sees this at another girl’s wedding, she will mourn the misfortune of a relative or friend . And you can suffer misery and illness in a place where happiness and health are marked . Intrusions and disturbing surprises may disrupt the pleasure trips that others make or take, and to a large extent after this dream ….

…The wedding If the wedding is with knowledge and know-how, then a person dies in that place where the wedding took place . And whoever sees that he is a wedding, and he does not see a bride and does not know her, then he dies, and if he sees her or is described to him, then it is a world that accepts it . See also Marriage ….

As for the wedding, whoever sees a wedding in which there is no amusement, it indicates goodness, blessing, and pleasure, especially if there is evidence in it that indicates goodness, and if he sees against that, then it is not Mahmoud. And whoever sees that the wedding is in a house where there is a patient indicates his death and said some of them hate seeing the wedding in a dream, especially if There was something in it from amusement and all the joys in it misfortunes and sorrows

Wedding ring If a woman dreams that her wedding ring is sparkling and brilliant, this foretells that she will be protected from worries and betrayal . If it is lost or broken, much sadness will enter her life through death and disharmony . If you see a wedding ring on the hand of a friend or another person, this indicates that you will be underestimating your vows and will try to obtain illicit pleasure ….

…If you see wedding dresses, then this indicates that you will participate in Sarah’s business and will meet new friends . If you see wedding dresses stained or cluttered, then this foretells that you will lose intimate relationships with a person who is a great admirer ….

…Marriage If a girl dreams that she has married an old man with wrinkled face with gray hair, then this predicts that problems and disease will beset her . If a girl dreamed that her lover passed by in front of her wearing a black dress and looked at her with reproachful looks during a wedding party, this means that she will feel sorry for the coldness of her friend’s emotions and change his attitude towards her . If you dream of seeing a wedding, this indicates that joy and happiness will overwhelm you if the audience is happy and wears brightly colored clothes . But if they wear black and dark clothes, that means that sadness and sorrow await you . If you dream that you sign a marriage contract, then this means bad news from an absent person . If you are present at a wedding, this means that you will be happy because of the interest of someone you love, and your business will also flourish greatly . If you dreamed of a bad accident in a wedding, that means a calamity, illness or death in the family . If a girl dreams that she is a bride, but she is unhappy, then this means disappointment in the ocean of passion, and this may mean her illness . She has to be careful in her behavior and steps if enemies lie in wait for her . If you dream that you are bound by an unrecognized marriage, then this indicates that you will engage in a reckless way in an unpleasant matter . If a girl dreams that I am not convinced of her marriage, this foretells that her tendencies will incite her to commit flagrant stupidity . If a married woman dreams of her wedding day, this foreshadows her to strengthen her strength and feelings against disappointment and sadness . You will also get involved in secret quarrels and jealousy situations . If a woman imagines that she is happy and safely cared for in a marriage, then this dream bodes well ….

…Cemetery If you dream that you are in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery, you will receive unexpected news of the healing of a person whom you mourned, considering him dead, and you will find your appropriate legal right in lands occupied by usurers and usurpers . If you see an abandoned cemetery and a blackberry plant has grown in it, you will live to witness all your friends who have left you, and you will be left in the custody of strangers . If young men dream of wandering among the paths of the silent dead, this foretells that they will encounter sympathy and an intimate response from friends . But they will have to meet sorrows because friends cannot avoid them . If a bride dreams about crossing a cemetery on her way to the wedding ceremony, she will be deprived of her husband due to violent events that take place during the travels . If a mother dreamed that she was carrying ripe flowers to a cemetery, this indicates an expectation of continuing good health in her family . If a young widow dreams that she is visiting a cemetery, this means that she will throw aside the mourning clothes for the sake of marriage ropes . If she feels sad and hopeless, she will encounter new worries and regret . If the elderly dream of a cemetery, this indicates that they will soon make other trips to where they will find complete rest . If you see young children gathering flowers and chasing butterflies between the graves, this indicates successful changes and you will not cry over any of your friends’ graves . The joyful masquerade parties will be healthy ….

…As for the horses running between rounds, it will pour and rain if they are Arabs without saddles or riders . And whoever sees a group of horses with saddles without knees, they are women who gather at a funeral or wedding . Whoever owns a number of horses or grazers them, he shall have jurisdiction over peoples, or he shall prevail in his area . And whoever rides a horse with a saddle, he will attain honor, honor and authority, because he is from the chariots of kings, and from the chariots of Solomon, peace be upon him . And his sultan may be a wife he marries or a slave girl who he buys . If his knee is without a harness, there is no good in it in all its faces, because the bridle is a sign of piety, religion, infallibility, and ability, so if the bridle is removed from it, that will be removed from his hand . And whoever sees his beast, his command is weak and his condition corrupted, and his wife is forbidden, and she lies without infallibility under him . And whoever sees an unknown mare in his home, if he has a saddle, a woman enters him with a marriage or extra or hospitality, and if it is naked, a man enters him with a marriage or something similar . Ibn Sirin used to say : Whoever brings a horse to someone else, wronged him with a horse or with a testimony, he took that from his name, such as if he kills him or winks on him a ruler or a thief or so . And riding indicates the nail and the appearance and memorization, for riding the back . A person’s ride may indicate himself, and if it is straight and in good condition, and if it is gathered or is alone or strayed, then it will be lost and played, and perhaps its ride indicates time, night and day . The reserve is affiliated with the one who advances in all that is indicated by his boat, or his successor after him, or his guardian and the like ….

…Marriage in a dream indicates the care of God Almighty . Perhaps marriage indicates families, religion, worry and distress . If a person marries an unknown woman, this indicates that the term is near, and the journey from home to home, and if he is fit for the emirate, he will assume or obtain a position befitting him . If it is a wedding according to custom, then it is a position or a good reputation . Marriage is defined as a craft, so whoever sees that he married a woman then she dies, then he works in a profession from which he only gets work, trouble and worry . And whoever thinks that he has married a Jewish woman, he is pursuing a trade in which he will gain a sin and commit sins . And whoever thinks that he has married a Christian woman, he is pursuing a trade in which it is false . If she is a Magian, then it is a craft without a religion . He who marries a prostitute is an adulterer . Whoever marries a healthy wife is bound by a heavy restriction . And whoever marries a dog, he has a low order . And whoever sees a person marries a woman and passes it on to him, he will receive money . And whoever sees his wife marries a man with the Sultan’s wife, he will be given a king if he is qualified for that, otherwise he will assume the mandate . And whoever marries a dead woman will gain access to a dead matter, he may give up . If the sick woman gets married, and whoever sees the husband and does not know him, then she dies. Likewise, if the sick man gets married in his sleep and does not see the woman and does not know her, then he dies . And from his mother’s husband, he sells his property : If a pregnant woman sees that she is married, then she gives birth to a slave-girl, and if she shows up like a bride, she gives birth to a boy . If a woman and she has a son sees that she is married, then she marries her son . If a single or married woman marries in a dream, she will obtain good . If the woman marries a dead man, she will be separated and poor . And whoever sees that he married a woman and has a wife or wives, he will have a choice and authority as much as the woman’s beauty and appearance if he inspects her and knows her. If he did not know her and she was preparing for him, this is evidence of his death, or the death of a person at his hands . And whoever sees that he marries the daughter of an unknown sheikh, he will suffer a lot of good . And if a woman sees that she has married an unknown sheikh, then she will do much good . And if she was sick she was cured of her illness . And whoever sees that he marries a dead woman from his wife, she should reach her womb, and if she is still alive, her womb will be cut off . And whoever saw that he married a mahram, his family prevails . And the wife in a dream is a partner, enemy, oppressive ruler, bitter opponent, or king, and everything that the earth has indicated to him in terms of comfort or fatigue, or good or evil, the wife like him is attributed to him for his indication of it ….

…Camp If you dream of camping in the open air, you can expect a change in your affairs, and also prepare for a long and tiring trip . If you see camps, a number of your friends will move to new countries and your projects will look bleak . If a girl dreams that she is in a camp, this means that her fiancé will have difficulty persuading her to select the wedding day, and he will prove that he is a nice husband . And if she is in an army camp, she will marry at the first opportunity . If a married woman dreams that she is in a soldier’s tent, she is in danger of betraying her husband’s name, and the divorce court may be the end ….

…And Jaafar al-Sadiq said, the vision of the candle is interpreted on the fourteen faces of a king, a judge, a child, a wedding, the enforcement of an order, the presidency, the house, the joy, the knowledge, the wealth, the comfortable life, the maid and the woman, as the visionary saw ….

…It is in a dream a covering and a covering . And the pigmentation in the beard is evidence of hypocrisy and dishonesty . And the depressing of the one who is worthy of him is pretending to be blessings and forcing the enemies, and evidence of security from fear, and for those who do not fit him, evidence of distress and distress, debts and abandonment of loved ones . And the ruling on the pigmentation of the woman’s head is the same as the rule of pigmentation of the hair of the beard . And the darkening of gray hair is strength, brutality and prestige, and if he sees that he dyed it with henna, then it is Sunnah according to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace . If he shakes his head without his beard, it conceals his boss’s money . If he betrayed them all, then he conceals his poverty and asks for a face among the people . If before poetry the pigment, it is beautified with contentment and then is revealed . If he saw that he was dyed with henna, and before the pigmentation, then he is an ignorant man, but he repents and turns away from his error . And if a man sees that his fingers have been pigmented with henna, then he increases praise, and if he sees his palm being shaved, he will gain bliss in his livelihood, then he sees that his right hand has been cast, then he kills a man. From his money, or from his earnings . If he sees that his hands are engraved with henna, then he is trying a trick from the house due to necessity or lack of gain, and his enemy is insulted by it, and perhaps he is almost famous for his gaining of his hands, and he attains humiliation . If a woman sees that her hand is engraved, then she is deceiving her adornment in a matter that is true, and if the engraving is of gold, then it is a politely acquired trick . And if the inscription is of clay, then it is praise to God Almighty, and if she sees that she was doused with henna, then her husband is good to it, and if she sees that she has applied it and she does not accept the pigment, then her husband does not show her love . If she sees that her hands are engraved with each other, then she will be infected with her children . If a man’s hand is engraved with gold, he is deceiving, and his money or his livelihood is lost in it . If a woman sees that her hand is cast with gold, then she pays her money to her husband so that he can eat it and receive from her husband joy, strength and state . And whoever saw that his legs were shaved, and he had engraved them, then he would hit his family, and if a woman saw that, she would be injured by her husband . The piggy hand is a grim living . And whoever dies his hand in a carcass, he will attain sedition . And whoever sees his hands pigmented has overlooked the destruction of what is in his hand . And whoever sees a pigment in his hand with a taut rag, he is defeated in the quarrel and is incapable of his enemy . And pigmentation is a decoration and joy for women and men, unless they go beyond the ordinary . And depigmentation indicates concealing deeds and obedience, concealing poverty from people’s eyes, and perhaps indicating hypocrisy and hypocrisy if it is dyed in contrast to Muslims . And the feathers of the hands and the feet decorate his house, his slaves, and his money, in a way that is not appropriate for him to wear silk and gold for the children, and for women it is pleasure, good clothes and joy, because it is one of their adornment at wedding . And the hemoglobin may be located in the hands and feet, like the action of women. He was very afraid of his money or his companion, as far as hemoglobin . And whoever sees that it is dyed without henna, what he hates will happen to him . The blackening of the hair indicates the misfortune and corruption of business, because it is said : The first to be blackened is Pharaoh ….

…The names of horses are the horses, one of which is the horse, the mare, the horse and the foal, and among them are the kaddish, the berth, and the stone . Whoever sees a horse with him in a dream indicates the breadth of his livelihood, and his victory over his enemies . If he saw that he was riding on a horse, and he was suitable for riding a horse, he received honor and money, and perhaps he befriended a man as a horse, and perhaps he traveled and that travel is derived from the Persians . If a horse was shielded from its enemy, and if it was a dowry, a beautiful boy was given, and if he was a barzone he lived neither rich nor poor, and if he was a stone he married, if he was a single wife with money and offspring, and the original is honorable to the non-purebred . Perhaps the Persians indicated the abode of construction . And the meteors are glorified and triumph over the enemies because they are among the horses of the angels, and the most important are worries, and the blond, veiled is knowledge, piety and religion, and whoever rides a dead person may drink wine because it is one of their names . And whoever rides a boat to someone else who has reached his status or the work of his year, especially if he is a well-known boat and is suitable for his rider . And the stone is his wife. Or, apply to the size of the second compound . And if he passed away when he was coming down, he was alienating her, walking, or wilting in the event that he came down on the ground with blood, then he is engaged in adultery with her . The stone denotes the knot of money and yields, and the demolished stone is a religious woman who is rich in reputation and remembrance . And the meeting woman is famous for beauty and money . And the blonde with joy and activity . And the meteor has a debt, and whoever sees that he rode it without a saddle or a bridle, he marries a woman without infallibility, and the bald eagles of the paradise and the mare of authority . The blond is a war, and whoever sees a saddled horse without riders, they are women who gather for a funeral or a wedding . A Persian in a dream is a man or a child of a knight, a merchant, or a worker who has a knight in his work and trade . And the mare is a partner, so whoever sees that he has a horse who died in his home is the man’s destruction . If he sees that he is a rider on a mare that lures a mujahid, and walks on him slowly in clothes suitable for riding, then he strikes honor, power, authority and chivalry among people, and the enemies do not reach him badly, and if he is a merchant, then he is a trustworthy and he is in a comfortable life . If he is Adham, then he is the greatest of fate and honor, because he is money, authority and stewardship . If it is dead, then it is more in entertainment and rapture, and more in fighting and bloodshed . And whoever sees that he has sold his horse, then he will leave his job by his own choosing . And whoever sees that he slaughters his horse and does not want to eat his meat, then he spoils his livelihood from authority . And whoever sees that an unknown mare enters a land or a house that does not know his owner, then an honest man enters that place, who has danger in people as much as the danger of the mare . And whoever sees that the unknown mare is leaving his position, he is leaving an old man with death or travel . And whoever sees that cavalry run around in the round, and also enter a land or a camp, it will be rain and torrential rains that hit that place . And whoever sees that he is a companion to a well-known man, then he will reach that man to what is required of a religious or worldly matter, or that man will have a follower, partner, or successor after him . If he is an unknown man, then he is an enemy after all . And whoever sees that a horse has trampled or walked on it, then he is isolated from his authority or his work, or he gets something wrong and humiliated, and people bite him with their tongues . And whoever rides a wheelbarrow, or owned it, or bought it, and was a single woman, married an honorable, blessed woman, if she had a dowry, then a son would be hit from her . If the man is married, or someone who is not waiting to marry, then he strikes a village or an estate, which will benefit him in his livelihood . And whoever sees that his wheel is dead, stolen or lost, then that event is with his wife . And whoever sees that his blessing is a result, he will generate his livelihood and increase his money . And whoever sees that he is drinking the milk of the raccoon, the Sultan will bring it closer to himself and obtain good from him . And whoever sees his horse’s hair a lot, his wealth and his children will increase, and if he is a ruler, his army will increase . A eunuch denotes a servant . And the bear without a shackle is an adulterous woman, because she walked however she wanted . And the postal horse is close to those who rode it in a dream . Weakness of the mare may indicate weakness of prestige ….

…Damask rose If you dreamed of seeing a branch of a damask rose lush and in full bloom, this means that a wedding will take place soon in your family, and great hopes will be fulfilled . If your beloved puts this flower in your hair, then this foretells that you will be a victim of deception . If a woman receives a bouquet of damask roses in the spring time, she will find a loyal lover . But if you receive it in the winter, you will search for faded hopes ….

…Ibn Sirin said: Whoever sees a lamp that shines a lot, it is interpreted by the just king and the just judge or an ascetic scholar, and the people of that place will have wedding, hospitality and great activity ….

…Buttermilk cake or pie means that the dreamer’s emotions are in good shape, and that a home will be inherited by him or her . If you dream about delicious cakes, this will be a profit from work and a suitable opportunity to start a business . As for the lovers, they will succeed . The cake is a sign of much pleasure, whether from society or business . If a girl dreams about her wedding cake, it will be like the unique jinx cake . Making a cake is not a good omen as seeing it or eating it . A pound cake : a cake made with a pound of sugar and a pound of butter for every pound of flour, with an ample amount of eggs ….

…If a girl dreams that she is a bride, this foretells that she will come across an inheritance that will greatly please her, if she is pleased with making her wedding showy . If she feels constricted she will suffer disappointments in her expectations . If you dream that you are accepting a bride, then this means a happy agreement between friends . If the bride accepts others, this means for you many friends and joys . If a bride kisses you, this means that you will enjoy good health and that your kind heart will inherit an unexpected fortune . If you accept a bride and find her distressed and sick, this means that you will be upset with your success and the work of your friends . If the bride dreams that she is not in harmony with her husband, this means that several sad circumstances will spoil her pleasures ….

…And whoever sees it as if an unknown people dressed him up and wore him luxurious clothes, without a necessary reason for that from a feast or a wedding, and that they left him in a house alone, that is evidence of his death, and the new white clothes are his renewal ….

…As for body hair : planting it for a man bore his wife . The abundance of body hair for the afflicted increases his distress, and his loss is the remission of his distress . And the abundance of body hair for the happy, the increase of pleasure and richness, and his loss the riches go . Increase the body hair for the rich is money, and the poor have a debt . And whoever is rich in an oven, his money is spent by stealing . And if he was poor, then he should spend his debt seriously, exhausted and demanding . If he sees his body hair white, then if he is rich, you lose his money, and he will oversee the death . And if he is poor, then it is a debt that he can pay off . As for the impossibility of his body hair, the hair of a beast or seven, this indicates his fall in adversity . Narrow chest delusion . If my dhimmi saw that his chest was tight, he would suffer a loss of his money . It was said that man’s chest is generosity, and his narrowness with his miserliness . The abundance of hair on the chest is a debt that he rides, and if he sees his chest turning into a stone, then he will be hard-hearted . Ibn Sirin came, a man said : I saw a lot of hair growing in my chest, and I was knotted . He said : I made a trust and I paid it . And the chest capacity also indicates the flag . As for the breasts, the man’s woman and his daughter, for his beauty is her beauty, and his corruption is her corruption . Whoever saw a woman hung by her breast, then she committed fornication and gave birth to a child of adultery, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “On the night of my captivity, I saw a woman hung by her breast, so I said, O Gabriel, who is this? He said that she was born from adultery . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I had a great breast that had reached the forest, that you are committing adultery with a prohibited one . This is because the breast is from it and from its skin, and that is forbidden . Rather, the righteousness of this vision is a forbidden marriage . And it was said that if a man saw milk in his breasts, if he was celibate, he would marry and give birth to him, and if he was righteous, he indicated to his left, and if he was a young man, he indicated his longevity . As for the young woman, if she sees this, it indicates her pregnancy and childbirth, and as for the old woman, if she sees it, it indicates her poverty and the loss of her money, for a virgin if she sees it indicates her wedding, and the young woman if she sees it indicates her death . And the length of the man’s breast until they hit his chest, is evidence of a whim that is not satisfied by God Almighty, and it was said that it is evidence of a children’s voice . If he did not have a son, it indicates poverty and sadness . And the length of the woman’s breast is beyond the limit, evidence of the purpose of sadness . If women were afflicted with grief, they would pull and scratch their breasts . And whoever sees it as if he is nursing a woman, he will get sick, unless his wife is pregnant, then she will give birth to a son . If the visionary is a woman, then she will give birth to a girl . The belly : who is visible and from the inside of the man’s owner and his son, or a relative of his clan, or his closet and the shelter of his children . And the smallness of the few of these, and the large number of these . And his smallness without hunger is a lack of money, and if he sees that he is hungry, then he is careful, and he hits money equal to the amount of hunger from it . It was said that the belly bone ate usury, and walking on the stomach became accustomed to money . If he sees that his stomach has become small, then he will be a lot of baggage . Satiety is a wealth of money, and thirst is bad in his religion, and irrigation is good in his religion ….

…The Church : is indicative of the cemetery, the house of the harlot, the wine shop, the house of infidelity and heresy, the house of musical instruments, laments and singing, the house of mourning, blackness and wailing, and on Hell the abode of those who disobeyed his Lord, and the prison, and whoever sees himself in a church, if he is in it remembering God Almighty or weeping Or he prays to the Kaaba, then he enters the cemetery to visit the dead or to pray at a funeral . And if he cried with wailing or was pregnant with signs of worries, then he would be imprisoned . If he sees a dead person in Hell, then he is imprisoned with the disobedient . If he entered it alive as a muezzin or after the Qur’an, if he was in a jihad, he and those with him defeated the country of the enemy, and if he was in a metropolis he entered his people in disobedience or heresy and atheism, then he exhorted them, remembered them, and performed their pilgrimage, and performed the argument of God in them . And if he is someone who sees them and prays with their prayers and does their deeds, then if he was a man who mixed people with disbelief, heresy, fornication, wine, or a major sin, such as singing, banding, and beating the tie and drum, especially if he had prostrated with them to the cross because it is of wood . And if a woman attended a wedding that had harps and drums, then she mixed up with them, or at a funeral with cracks, blackness, mourning and wailing, so she shared with them ….

…If he sees a well-known dead person : He died again, his death would have cried without mourning or screaming, because he would marry some of his family and have a wedding, otherwise a person would die from his heels . Likewise, if his death had a screaming, mourning, or ringing, which was detested by his origin in interpretation ….

…The breast is in a dream the woman of a man or his daughter, so her beauty is her beauty, her corruption is her corruption . And whoever sees a woman hanging from her breast, she commits adultery, and gives birth to a child other than her husband . If a man sees milk in his breast, then if he is poor he is rich, and if he is not married, he indicates that he will have children . And if a young woman sees that, it indicates that she will become pregnant and that her pregnancy will take place, even if she is a rich garment that lacks and spoils her money . And if she was an aware virgin, that indicates her wedding . If she was young, far from the time of marriage, that indicated her death . And whoever sees that he is nursing a woman who knows him and does not know her, this indicates that he will become ill for a long time, unless he has a pregnant woman, then that indicates that he has a son . And if a woman saw this vision, she would give birth to a girl . If he sees that his breasts have grown in moderation and look good, then they are indicating to his children and things that he owns . And if he sees them fallen, then it is evidence of the death of his children . And whoever saw that and did not have children, this indicates his lack and his sadness, especially with regard to women . In breastfeeding women, it indicates the horizons of the person breastfeeding . A large breast indicates what is indicated by a breast that has been bone . And indicates in women immorality . And whoever saw that his breasts were striking his chest, this indicates that he is very old, that bad news is coming to him from someone who knows him . If men and women are young, that indicates love . And whoever sees as if he has one large breast and has reached the pubic area, he commits adultery with a forbidden marriage, or has a forbidden marriage, and the breasts in a dream are girls, so what happened in them is interpreted in girls . And whoever sees that a breast has grown for him along with his breasts, that is more than a girl . And whoever sees that he has a lack of a breast, that is the death of his daughter . And milk in the breast is an increase in money and it refers to the child, so whoever sees that there is milk in his breasts, he is honored to have a minimum increase that brings him or whoever owns it . Likewise, in women, if the milk produced by a person is breastfed, then he is locked up, and a door is closed over it, and there is no harm in it for the nursing infant, then it is humiliation and grief . And it was said : If a man saw that there was milk in his breast, then if he was celibate, he married and had a son . If he was poor, he indicated Bishara, and if he was a young man, that indicated his long life . And the young woman, if she sees that, indicates her pregnancy and childbirth, and the length of a man’s breast until they hit his chest is evidence of a whim that is not satisfied by God Almighty . And before : It is evidence of the death of children, and if he did not have a child, it indicates poverty and sadness . The length of a woman’s breasts beyond the limit is evidence of the purpose of grief . A man’s breast indicates his quality, position, health and sickness . And a man’s breast may refer to brothers, companions, children and husbands who are of no use to them . A woman’s breast is evidence to the contrary, given the provision of God Almighty . If he sees that his breasts are like a woman’s breast, and milk is dripping from it, he indicates that he is standing on his children, and that he begins to do what the women need in their labor, and this may indicate religion, or he has a disease in which he is ashamed of people, then he saw him famous for that . And if . The breasts became copper or iron, indicating the loss of children and the failure of causes or pregnancy . The breast on the beast is a husband, and the breast on the infertile woman was born after despair from him . And perhaps the breast of the virgin referred to the jihad, clothing, or money adorned with . And the baby or girl has ailments, diseases and sores . A single breast for a single woman is a marriage, so if water or milk comes out of it, she loses her son or sister . And the breast is an adulterous woman . He crossed the breast with ostrich eggs or Altrj . They may be owned by breasts, and were told : they were father and mother . And the breast is indicative of a bottle of wine if it contains milk . It was said : The breast is a generous man ….

…Wailing indicates in a dream the preacher . Hearing the wailing indicates the opening of a kunif from which the stinking scent is smelled . It was said : wailing sounds of dogs . And the sound of the wailing voice is the sound of the fire, the tambourine and the cymbals are wailing . Perhaps it was evidence of the wedding with musical instruments and chants . And effeminate mourners are not to be praised in any case . And whoever sees a place where he is mourning, there is a change, misfortune, and ill-contemplation, which is cut off by the inclusion of his companions . And whoever sees that he is mourning for a dead person, this indicates joy and pleasure . Wailing is to provoke sedition from wailing, and it may be indicative of misguidance from guidance, or apostasy from religion . Perhaps the wailing refers to the flute or the flute to the cry . The mourning of her vision indicates the change of conditions, the devastation of the homes, and the bad deeds, by saying, peace be upon him : ( Wailing is a work of ignorance .)…

…Seeing the building created on the ground, a minimum private or public benefit as far as he saw it . Perhaps the interpretation of the construction was building a man with his family, so if he builds something, it indicates the matter of women . If he sees that his house has expanded a well known amount, then it is his worldly capacity, and if the breadth exceeded its size, then a people will enter that house without permission in a calamity, wedding, or panic . And it was said : Whoever sees that he is building a building, he will gather his relatives, friends, and soldiers . If he is a ruler, that is the return of his state, the completeness of his happiness, and the height of his affairs according to the thickness and tightness of the building . If he uprooted and removed it, then he separated the gathering of his relatives, companions, friends and soldiers, and his state was gone . If he sees that it renews an old structure of a world, then it is a renewal of that world’s life. If the building is for a Pharaoh or an unjust person, then it is a renewal of his life . If he saw that he had started building, then he dug it from its foundation, and built it from his decision, until he built it, then he is in the pursuit of knowledge, state, or craft, and he will obtain what he wants . And whoever sees that he is building in a town or village of Bunyana then he will marry a woman there, and if he builds of clay then he adorns and adorns a hypocrisy, if he builds from clay then he earned from permissible, and if it is engraved then it is knowledge or state, with purity and joy . If he sees that he built a building of plaster and paid a picture for it, then he is going into falsehood, because building with stucco and the wage is hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is building with stucco and wages . And it was said : Whoever does plaster work does what is not permissible for him . And whoever sees that he builds in estrangement, then he marries a woman whose name has not been mentioned to him, or that he resides in estrangement and dies . Building with clay is religion and certainty . And dry mud is an abomination of money . And whoever sees that it is mud in the grave of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, then he should perform Hajj . And whoever sees that his house is muddy and a ton is wet, then he is good . And whoever sees that he eats it, he eats as much money as he ate . And the beautiful construction indicates intimacy, love, offspring, livelihood, venerable clothing, and the firstborn of women . And perhaps the tight construction indicated strength and intensity, or support and assistance, and perhaps the vision of the building indicated a long life, and perhaps the building indicated its builder, and if it was a church it was indicated by a Christian, and if it was a mosque it was indicated by a Muslim, and if it was a school it was It was indicated by its jurist, or Ribat was indicated by an ascetic worshiper . And whoever built in a dream a mosque or a place close to God Almighty, if he was a king who established the truth and enjoined good and forbade evil, and if he was a scholar who compiled a book that people benefited from his knowledge or fatwas, and if he had money he paid the zakat of his money . If he was single, he married . If he was married, he would have a son, and a good male spread to him . And if he was poor, he would be rich, otherwise he would gather people together with good and help them to obey God Almighty, otherwise he will repent to God Almighty for what he committed, or convert to Islam, or die a martyr . If he builds by what is not permissible to build, or deviates from the mihrab, or diverts it to other than its direction, it indicates the opposite of good and evil. If he sees domes or builds them in a dream, this indicates raising his status, or joining the people of destiny . And whoever sees that he built a dome over the clouds, he will gain authority and power for his rule . And whoever saw that he had structures above the sky and earth from green domes, his deeds were good, and he died on the testimony . And whoever sees that he builds a bathroom, he builds it with a woman . If he sees the patient as if he was building his house and does not know when he destroyed it, then his body has returned to health, and the disease in which he is departed from him . And whoever sees that his father has established a structure and raises his fish, then he will complete the deeds of his father, which he had in a religion or a world . And whoever sees that the workers are working in his home, he will quarrel with his wife, or desert a friend of his and the like ….

…And with regard to the beard : Whoever sees that it has grown too long, his visions indicate debt and distress . If it goes on until it falls to the ground, it indicates death, because God Almighty says : ~From it we created you, and in it we will return you .~ If it lasted until it stuck to his stomach, he struck money and the face with which he would tire as much as it was on his stomach . If he saw that her length was of a good measure, he would have earned money, dignity, and a good life . And it was said that if it was prolonged until it reached the navel, it indicated that it was not in obedience to God . If he saw that its sides were long without its waist, then he would get money that others would enjoy, and Ibn Sirin came to a man, and said : I saw my beard reached my navel, and I looked at it . He said : You are a muezzin looking at the neighbors ’role . The beard is not praised in the interpretation of the boy who is not an adult, and if he sees that he took a beard other than him in his hand and pulled it, then he inherits his money and eats it . The loss of the beard if it does not increase is evidence of ease and the elimination of debt and vagina . And if its decrease is greater, it indicates humiliation and money and prestige . If he sees as if a cushion is speaking to his wife, his matter is confused by his destiny, and he separates between him and his loved ones, because the devil, God cursed him, spoke to Eve in the form of a cosmetic . And the blackness of the beard’s hair indicates dispensing if it was dark, so if it was blackened to green, he would gain a lot of possession and money, but he would be a tyrant, because it is a characteristic of Pharaoh’s beard . Its yellowishness is a sign of poverty and scarcity, and the red one is a sign of piety . And if he saw that he took his beard and had her hair scattered in his hand . He grabbed it and did not throw it to him, because money goes from his hand and then returns to it. If he sees as if he threw it, money is gone from him and it is not returned to him . Increased mustache hair is detestable . And its incompleteness is praiseworthy, and the interpretation of plucking the beard for the rich man is his extravagance of his money, and for the poor indicates that two people meet him together, and indicates that he borrows from a person something and lends it to another . And shaving the beard, financial and prestige go . If he sees as if he has cut off his beard what is left over from his grasp, then he is paying zakat on his money . And gray hairs in the beard and dignity and prestige . And Hemoglobin : Lester, if Hb Balhina, indicated his commitment to the year . If he saw as if he had shaved his head without his beard, he would keep the secret of his boss . If he sees as if he afflicted them all, then he strives to hide his poverty, and he seeks fate with the people . And if poetry accepted its pigmentation, then it will return to its direction and not remain for much . If he sees as if he is dying with mud or plaster, then he is asking for shops and his matter is well known . A woman’s beard indicates that she never gives birth, and it was said that it indicates her illness. It was said that it was interpreted as the increase in her husband’s money and her son and the honor of her son, and it was said that if she was married, she indicated her husband’s backbiting . If she sees that she is pregnant, she will give birth to a son and his affairs are fulfilled . And it was said that he who has a long beard and a lot of hair will have a long life and more money . And it was said that something that occurs before its time indicates evil, such as when male boys see a beard or white in the feeling, and female young boys have a wedding or a son . Likewise, all that is outside his time except for speaking, for speaking is a good guide, because man is by nature a talking animal . If a young man who has not yet reached the dream sees that he has a beard, then he dies and does not reach the dream, and that is because the time has preceded when he should have had a beard . If the boy is not far from the time of the beard plant, then that is evidence that he is alone and doing his own thing . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin, and said : I saw as if my beard was getting longer and Sabalai did not grow long, so he said : You hit money that others can congratulate on . And the hook is the aid of the man who flaunts it and lives with it among the people, so what he saw in it happened so he interpreted it as you mentioned . And whoever sees half of his beard shaved, then he is lacking and he goes towards it, so if he shaved it an unknown young man, he went towards the hand of an enemy he knew, or his name or his counterpart . If a sheikh shaves it, then he goes with his estimated limit, and if it is unknown, then he goes in his direction by the hands of an oppressive exploiting chief, who has no basis, and if he sees that it is cut off, then he should be cut from his money and go from his side as much as he cut from his beard . If he sees that they have flown, then he is going to his family, and his ability is from his money . Shaving is easier than plucking, and plucking may be good for some of his affairs if the face is not suspicious, but that goodness is difficult for him ….

…Ash : false speech that does not benefit from it . And whoever kindles a fire at the gate of Sultan, he will obtain possession and power . If he sees a high, bright fire that has a great light for the benefit of the people, then he is a royal man of benefit . If he sees that he is sitting with a saying about a fire that saves its inhabitants, that is a blessing, a blessing and a strength, because God Almighty says : “ Blessed are those who are in the fire and those around it .” And if he saw a fire, you were taken out of his home, he would attain a state, trade, or power in a trade. If he saw a fire that fell from his head or came out of his hand and had light and rays, and his wife was pregnant, she gave birth to a boy, and he would have great news . If he sees a flame of fire at the door of his house and there is no smoke in it, then he should perform Hajj . If he sees her in his home, he is wedding in that house . If he spoils a fire in a dark night, he attains strength, victory, pleasure, grace and authority, according to the story of Moses, peace be upon him . And whoever sees in his skirt a burning fire, his wife will carry it if he is fit . If he saw fire descending from the sky and burned it and the burning did not affect him, then the soldiers would descend his home . If he sees fire coming out of his finger, then he is an unjust writer, and if it comes out of his mouth, then it is a dimple . If it comes out of his palm, he is an unjust maker . And whoever burns a fire in ruin and calls people to it, he calls them to misguidance and heresy, and he answers him from his injury . And whoever sees his house burned, his house will be destroyed imminently . And Ibn Sirin came to a man and said : I saw as if I was praying with my fear with fire, so one of them fell into the fire and it was burned, and the fire hit from another . Ibn Sirin said : You have cattle on the land of Persia, and half of it has been changed and gone, and a little bit of the other half has been hit . It was so . And whoever sees as if he is in fire and does not find its freedom, he will obtain charity, a king, and victory over his enemies, according to Abraham’s story . And whoever sees an extinguishing fire or flame or evil, he will live in riots, strife and distress in the place where it is extinguished . And whoever sees a fire being lit in his house, its people will be lit by it, it is extinguished, for the values ​​of the house will die, and if that is in a country then it is the death of its world leader . If it is extinguished in his garden, it is his death or the death of his family . If the wind goes out and there is a wind in his house and lights it, the thieves enter his house . If he saw that he lit a fire and was awake at war, then if he was put out, oppression, and if he was a merchant, he did not win ….

…If you are in love and your sweetheart wears lace, you will be taken care of, as this dream leads to sincerity in love and an elevation in the position . If a woman dreams of Akhramat, she will be happy to realize her most ambitious desires, and the lover will give her a little ear . They will not be inclined to urgency or arrogance on their part . If you buy perforators, you will run a high-profile commercial enterprise and wealth will be a true friend . If you sell lace, your desires will outweigh your sources of income . If a girl dreams that she makes lace, then this foretells that she will win a handsome and wealthy husband . If she dreamed that she adorned her wedding clothes with lace, fate would bless her with lovers who would bow before her charms, but marriage would be far from her ….

…And it is on its faces, and whoever sees that a great deal of food is stretched out on his tablecloth while he is sitting in his chest, then it is interpreted on eleven faces of glory, honor, guardianship, joy, circumcision, a banquet, good news, wedding, state, goodness and benefit ….

…The planet is in a dream from the nobleness of people . Whoever sees enlightening stars in his house, a number of rulers will gather with him, and if he sees them in his house and there is no light for them, a group of the noble ones will gather in calamity . And whoever saw a planet fell from the sky to a place, a calamity occurred in that place in a man of honor . The planets are common among the sultans, and their supervision is the strongest, among the scholars the most knowledgeable, and among the common people the richest . And whoever sees his status as having many planets, he will have many offspring . And whoever sees the seven planets, the car, it indicates the industries, trade, science and the Sultanate . And whoever sees a bright planet, he will receive pleasure and joy and people are led to him . And whoever sees that the planets have gone from heaven, then his money is gone if he is rich, and if he is poor, he will die . If he sees planets on his head, then he will be mentioned and surpass his counterparts . If he sees that he is riding a planet, then he will gain authority, mandate, power, goodness, benefit, and presidency . And whoever sees the stars under the roof indicates the destruction of his house so that their light will be inside the house, or it indicates the death of the owner of the house . And whoever sees that he eats the planets, he eats of people’s money . And whoever swallowed the stars might insult the Companions, may God be pleased with them . Whoever absorbs the planets, he will learn from scientists . And whoever sees the stars scattered is the death of kings, or it indicates war . And whoever saw the stars falling to the ground from the sky, this indicated the destruction of many people . And whoever saw that the stars of the sky had fallen, he became bald and his hair shed . And whoever sees the planets during the day is evidence of scandals and fame . The morning planet signifies the bride’s wedding . And the small planets with weak light indicate slaves, slaves and common people . Whoever becomes a planet gets rich . And the planets that denote winter are worry and sadness, and that indicate summer life and goodness ….

…And Jaafar al-Sadiq said, the vision of the Sarraj is interpreted on fourteen faces of a king, a judge, a child, a wedding, the guardianship of a great matter, honor, house, pleasure, knowledge, wealth, good living, slave girl, benefit and vision as he saw ….