…The old woman is in a dream an impotence, and perhaps she indicates the world that is gone, and perhaps she refers to the Hereafter because it is against the world, and she refers to the wine because it is one of her names, and she refers to the cow because it is one of her names too . Perhaps the old woman in a dream indicated pregnancy after despair of it . Perhaps seeing the old woman indicated deception, deception, whispering and touching . The sick old woman is helpless, and the thirsty is drought. If a girl returns, the drought will be removed, and if the unknown old woman enters a patient who fears death, this is a good evidence for the pregnant woman . And the old woman indicates the land of his sabkha that does not grow . And whoever sees an old ugly look, it indicates sedition and war . The infidel old man is forbidden money, and the armed old woman is permissible money with pleasure for those who see it . And whoever turns old will attain reverence . And the unknown old woman indicates the infertile year . The ugly old man may be a harbinger of the end of war and drought, and the meager old man may be a year of drought, and if it gets fat, the year will come . And the dark-faced old man is in the world with them and goes to Jah, and if she is naked, then it is a scandal in his world . And whoever sees an old woman who enters his home, his world comes to him, and if he sees her she leaves him, his world is gone . And if a woman sees that she has become old, then it is the goodness of her world ….

…As for the old woman : it is his worldly life . If he sees her adorned and uncovered, he attains his worldly life with urgent good news, and if he sees her frowning, it indicates the departure of honor for the sake of this world . If he sees her ugly, things will turn against him, and if he sees her naked, then it is a scandal . If he sees her veiled, it is a matter of regret . If he sees that it is as if an old woman entered his home, his worldly life has come, and if he sees her leaving his home, his world is removed from him . If the old woman is a Muslim, then she is forbidden . If she is a Muslim, then she is a permissible world . If it is ugly, there is no good in it . And the unknown old man in interpretation is stronger . If a young woman sees in her dream as if she has turned old, her vision indicates the goodness of her religion . If the man sees an old woman, you cannot obey him while he is interested in her . It is an impossible world . The obedience he received from the world as much as its compliance ….

…The old woman : the ugly or imperfect one with an unknown defect, for it is the world that is the head of all temptation, because a woman is sedition, and the world was represented by the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, on the Night of Good Night in the image of a woman, and she imagined for many people the image of an old woman with a defect, and it may indicate if she is good pretty clean as Aveda Zahida, and the Hereafter , and about them and works for them work and money Halal, because the world and the Hereafter Dhartan, one of the greatest and the best other than .. and perhaps indicated minimum and destination dead, land and house desolate, known are the same or toxicity or Hbehtha or its counterpart, If someone sees an old old woman who has fallen into disrepair in a dream, I will look at his condition if the vision is his own, if he is poor and he is rich, and if it was among those who managed his world he returned to him, and if he was a plowman or he had a place that indicates women, such as the orchard, the feddan, the pigeon, and the like, then he returns To its architecture, its construction and its appearance, and if he was sick, he recovered from his illness, and if he was distracted from his end, he returned to him, and if the general public looked, and if the Sunnah had given up on it and its goodness, they followed it with fertility and came with sustenance, and if they were in a war that had branched out and grown up and cunning, its matter was evacuated and returned in Their condition at its beginning ….

…And whoever sees that he is practicing an old woman or giving it to her, then he will be seeking the world and urging it and obtaining it from it as much as he is favorable and the unknown old woman is stronger than the well-known old woman. If she is of good appearance and pure will in the form of people who met it is a minimum forbidden or hated in religion. If it is an ugly shaggy looking bad, there is no religion Neither religion nor Zain ….

…An old man Seeing an old man or an old woman indicates that the dreamer will go through troubles, upset and nervous periods ….

…And the new and the old in all things are interpreted in two ways, everything that is new and its kind is praiseworthy. If emancipation becomes against it, and everything that was old and it is praiseworthy, if he sees it as new it is against it ….

…And whoever sees that he is visiting one of the Companions, then he follows his will, and it was said that the vision of the noble city is based on seven aspects of security, mercy, forgiveness, salvation, relief from worries, troubles, good living, the necessity of paradise and guidance to the path of rationalization ….

…And some of the expressors said, whoever saw that an unknown old man had died, it indicates that his grandfather did not produce anything from him that he intended and found in him ….

…And whoever sees that an old man is crucified and the people are looking at him, he will prevail over the people of that place ….

…And whoever sees his shirt torn, dirty, or old, it indicates poverty, distress and hardship, and it may indicate the destruction of its owner, and it may indicate the corruption of his creation in this world so that he has no money, earnings or livelihood ….

…And whoever saw that he had descended from an old ladder, a degree, his trade would have stagnated ….

…And whoever sees a dead person who has given him an old garment, it indicates the lack of the seeker, and if the garment is new, then it indicates his wealth and his worth ….

…Whoever sees an old man, it is a world that has been managed, especially if there is a deficiency, then it is disgraceful and ugly ….

…And whoever sees that his wife has returned to an old man, there is no good in him, and if he sees that his wife has increased in goodness and beauty, then it is an increase in his religion and worldly life and the obtainment of good and benefit ….

…And whoever thinks that he is an elderly sheikh, but he is not like that, then he is righteous in his religion, dignity and an increase in his honor, and if he is an old man and he thinks that he is a boy, then he aspires and is ignorant, then there is no good in him, and so is the woman ….

…And whoever sees that he has given him a gift from an old man or woman, then he is praiseworthy, and if it is from a young man or a young woman, unlike him ….

Likewise, if a woman sees that she is half or old while she is young, that indicates her dignity

…And whoever sees that he is in an old room, and if he is poor, he becomes bankrupt and his poverty increases, and if he is rich, then the increase in wealth and happiness, and if it is religion, then the increase of goodness in his religion, and it was said that the room is a woman ….

…And whoever sees that he has climbed an old ladder will be rewarded with something better than trade, and if he contests with anyone, then he is a farmer and is victorious with his opponent ….

…And whoever sees that he is the owner of an old man, then it indicates his illness and his tendency to the world ….

Whoever sees that he wants to visit the graves, then he will visit the people of prison,

…Cemetery If you dream that you are in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery, you will receive unexpected news of the healing of a person whom you mourned, considering him dead, and you will find your appropriate legal right in lands occupied by usurers and usurpers . If you see an abandoned cemetery and a blackberry plant has grown in it, you will live to witness all your friends who have left you, and you will be left in the custody of strangers . If young men dream of wandering among the paths of the silent dead, this foretells that they will encounter sympathy and an intimate response from friends . But they will have to meet sorrows because friends cannot avoid them . If a bride dreams about crossing a cemetery on her way to the wedding ceremony, she will be deprived of her husband due to violent events that take place during the travels . If a mother dreamed that she was carrying ripe flowers to a cemetery, this indicates an expectation of continuing good health in her family . If a young widow dreams that she is visiting a cemetery, this means that she will throw aside the mourning clothes for the sake of marriage ropes . If she feels sad and hopeless, she will encounter new worries and regret . If the elderly dream of a cemetery, this indicates that they will soon make other trips to where they will find complete rest . If you see young children gathering flowers and chasing butterflies between the graves, this indicates successful changes and you will not cry over any of your friends’ graves . The joyful masquerade parties will be healthy ….

And whoever sees that he is marrying an unknown sheikh, and he agrees with him as he hopes, then he is very good ….

…And whoever sees an old woman, it is a world that has been set in motion, and whoever sees that he is practicing an old man and gives it to her, this is the deliberation of the world and his attainment from it to the extent of that favorable and unknown old man is stronger than the known, and if it was of good shape like the people of Islam, it was a permissible world, and if it was like a body of hypocrisy it was a minimum forbidden or hateful in religion If it is like this, and it is a hairy, hairy, ugly look, there is no religion or world, and whoever sees a good woman talking to her, laughing at her, playing with her, or entering him in his house, then it is fertile year, good and pleasure, and if he is poor, he gets money and sustenance or a prisoner, God bless him and whoever sees a woman who disputes him and gets him Including extreme aversion, the demise of a blessing, and whoever sees an immoral or adulterous woman, if he is a righteous woman, then he is a good person and an increase in blessing, and if he is among the people of corruption, then he is a lack of debt, committing incest, and harm and whoever sees that he is his wife with someone else, his money or dignity will not be good in his religion. And a vast world, and whoever sees that his wife has given him another wife or a woman, then he leaves her or quarrels with her, and whoever sees that his wife carries it, then wealth and goodness will come to him, and if he sees that he is carrying a good woman, if he is sick, he is awakened or imprisoned, he is released or worried. If it was right If she comes to a boy, even if she is not pregnant, then it is a benefit and goodness and whoever thinks that his wife has become old, there is no good in him, and if he sees her increase in goodness and beauty, then it is an increase in his religion and worldly, and whoever sees that his wife commits an act of immorality or hate, then she is against that and whoever sees that his wife is an ascetic, worshiper, then he It is good and there is nothing wrong with it. And whoever sees a woman who has never seen her while she is unhappy, something must be removed from it. If it is good, he will find after that and it was said that he saw that before a woman something went away, and if he had intercourse with her, there is no good in it. And whoever sees a group of women in a place while they look at him or one of them calls him then he He is disgusted by him while he is innocent, and his purpose may happen to him later, and his enemy will not be able to him, and if he sees many women who quarrel, then the occurrence of wonderful things in the world will cause confusion for some people, and if he sees them against that, his expression is against him and it is said that seeing women in terms of the sentence is good, especially if they are coming to him or Giving a shot in the face, and if the woman sees a young woman then she is her enemy anyway, she sees her, and there is no good in seeing the old woman unless she is adorned and exposed…

Goodness is humiliation in a dream, so whoever sees that he is dear is humiliated ….

…A horse If you dreamed of seeing or riding a white horse, this indicates that the indicators are favorable for success and enjoyable mixing with harmonious friends and beautiful women . If the horse is dirty and emaciated, your confidence will be betrayed by an envious friend or woman . If the horse is black, you will get rich, but you will cheat, and you will be found guilty of wrongful dates . This dream means for a woman that her husband is not loyal to her . If you dream of dark horses, this indicates refreshing conditions, but with a great deal of discontent . Fleeting pleasures often follow this dream . If you see yourself riding a beautiful horse in a chestnut color, then this means an increase in wealth and fulfillment of emotions . For a woman, this dream means a yearning for urgent improvements, and she will enjoy material matters . If you see horses passing in front of you, this means ease and comfort . If you ride a horse that speeds up, the folly of a friend or user will harm your projects . If you see a horse running away with other horses, this means that you will hear about friends ’illness . If you see beautiful horse stallions this indicates prosperity and lavish living and you will be dominated by an excessive feeling . If you see a foal, then this means harmony and lack of jealousy between married couples and lovers . If you ride a horse and drive a stream, you will bring great wealth into your hands and enjoy luxurious delights . If the stream is turbulent or foggy, the expected pleasures will be disappointed somewhat . If you swim on a horse in a clear and beautiful river, you will easily realize your idea of ​​emotional bliss, and that foretells the businessman of a great profit . If you see a wounded horse, it speaks of trouble for friends . If you dream of a dead horse, this indicates various disappointments . If you dream of riding a wild horse, this means that it is difficult to fulfill your desires . If you dream that he throws you down, you will face a strong competitor and your business will suffer from weakness due to the competition . If you dream that a horse has kicked you, someone you love will alienate you . Your poor health will confuse your fortune and wealth . If you dream that you catch a horse in order to tame it and brake or to harness it for riding, then you will see a great improvement in work in all fields, and people will prosper in their professions . If you fail to catch him, luck will let you down . If you see spotted horses, this foretells that various projects will bring you profit . If you dream that you have a horseshoe, then your success is certain . This dream promises the woman a good and loyal husband . If you dream that you put a horseshoe on a horse, this means that you will try to obtain, and you may get, suspicious wealth . If you dreamed of a horse race, this means that you will be overwhelmed with a weak life, but this dream means prosperity for women . If you dream that you mount a horse in a race, you will succeed in life and enjoy it . If you dream about killing a horse, you will hurt your friends because of your selfishness . If you mount a horse without a saddle, you will gain wealth and ease, but through hard struggle . If you mount a saddle horse in the company of men, you will meet honest men who will help you and your success will be well deserved . And if you are in the company of women, then your desires will be free and your success will not be as abundant as it would have been if women had not filled your heart . If you clean a horse, you will not neglect work projects at the expense of being a man of money or a good farmer . Writers will be very diligent in their works, and others will take great care of them . If you dream of a horse, you will accumulate wealth and enjoy life to the last drop . If you see horses pulling carts, then this means wealth with some obstacle, and love will face obstacles . If you climb a hill on a horse and the horse fails to reach the summit while you succeed, you will gain a fortune although you will fight against enemies and jealousy . If you and the horse arrived together to the top, then your ascension is certain, but it will be a material one . If a girl dreams that she is riding a black horse, then this means that she will deal with a wise authority, and some wishes will come true at unexpected times . Black color in horses indicates a delay in expectations . If you see a mare with weak legs, this means that an unexpected distress will thrust himself into your auspicious position . If you try to fix a broken, very small shoe on a horse’s list, you will be accused of doing fraudulent deals with unaware parties . Going downhill from a horse, your business will undoubtedly disappoint you . If a girl dreams that a friend is riding behind her on a horse, then this means that she will be the focus of attention of many prominent and successful men . If she is frightened, it will arouse feelings of jealousy . If the horse turns into a pig after it abandons it, it will not be indifferent to honorable marriage proposals, preferring freedom until it loses all desired opportunities for marriage . If she subsequently sees the pig slipping on the lightning and telephone wires, she will push its center forward by the deception . If a girl dreams that she is riding a white horse going up or down a hill and she is constantly looking back and seeing a person on a black horse chasing her, this means that she will face a period of success mixed with sadness, and her enemies will, within this period, seek to disturb her description with depression and disappointment tirelessly or Boredom . If you see a horse with a human body descending on a hammock in the air, and when it approaches your house, it turns into a human form and approaches your door and throws something that looks like a piece of rubber at your door but soon becomes impossible into big bees, then this means disappointment and useless efforts to recover lost benefits . Seeing animals in human forms indicates a great improvement for the dream and he will make friends by acquiring the virtues of honest profit . If this human body appears sick or stained with freckles, then this means the failure of carefully and carefully drawn plans ….

…Aging A dream about old age denotes failures of any kind of undertakings . If you dreamed of your own old age, then this indicates that foolishness in opinion will draw the resentment of relatives on you . If a girl dreamed that she was accused of being older than she was, this indicates that she will go through bad company, and her denial of certain things will arouse ridicule . If she sees herself looking old, then this indicates possible illness or unsatisfactory risks, but if she sees her lover old, she is at risk of losing him ….

…Snake If you dream of seeing a snake biting, and a dead friend who appears to be lying down and breathing, then rises to a sitting position when the snake attacks him, and then the two of them disappear inside some nearby bushes, this indicates that you will grieve deeply over the misfortune of friends and the loss that threatens you yourself . If you see a girl with a snake, this foretells that a deceitful person will cause her trouble . If the snake escapes from it, it will be able to defend its character from attacks against it . If a woman dreams that a dead snake is biting her, then she will suffer from the intrigues of a false friend . If you dreamed of seeing snakes, then all the evil, misery and bad money can be interpreted . And if you dream of snakes fighting and falling over each other, its interpretation is a bitter struggle with bad luck, sadness and pain . If you kill a snake in flesh, its interpretation is that you will feel that you have used and taken advantage of every possible opportunity to achieve your interests or respect the interests of others . You will rejoice over your victory over the enemies . If you walked on snakes in the dream, then explain it to you that you will live in constant fear of disease, as selfish people will seek to compete with you for your position in society . If the snake bites you it means that you will surrender to the ropes of Satan and the enemies will cause you losses in your trade . If you dreamed that a speckled snake is approaching you outside a green jungle, but you jumps away from it when it jumped on you, and after you forget the incident, you see it again approaching and increasing in size as it approaches you and then appears in the form of a quiet snake in size, if after great effort you managed to escape from it, then it is Disappear from before you, all of this is explained by the fact that you imagine that others betrayed you and rebelled against you and that things will go from bad to worse . You will become increasingly obsessed with illness and anxiety, but after breaking free from fearful illusions and performing duties aggressively, you will feel satisfied and at peace . If you dream that a snake wraps itself around you and extends its tongue to you, its interpretation that you will occupy a position in which you will be powerless and playful in the hands of the enemies and you will be ill . If you see in a dream that the hair of the head has turned into snakes, its interpretation of the occurrence of accidents that cause you sadness and anxiety . If snakes in a dream take unnatural shapes, they will run into problems and dangers that will disappear if you do not pay them attention and confront them with will and self-control . If you dreamed that you stepped on or saw a snake picking flowers or bathing, its interpretation of getting into trouble at a time when you were expecting happy events . If you see the snake biting another person, his explanation is that you will attack some friends and harm them . If you see small snakes, his interpretation that you will honor someone and improve him, then he deliberately offends you, discredits you and harms you . If you see children playing with snakes, explain that you can no longer distinguish your friends from the enemies . If a woman dreams that a child has placed a snake behind her head and that she hears the snake’s rustle and breath, its interpretation is that she will be persuaded to give up some of what she possesses for her benefit, but she will discover later that she has fallen into a plot where the enemies harm her . And if you see snakes raising their head over your friend’s head, his interpretation is that you will discover a plot to harm you and your friend . If you see a woman in a dream and the snake has fallen asleep, its interpretation is that someone will usurp your rights, but the law and influential friends will protect you ….

…Friend If you dreamed of pleasant and happy friends, then this means good news about them, or that you will see them soon or see their relatives . If you see your friend tired or exhausted, this indicates that illness or misfortune has followed him . If you see your dark-colored friends, this means an unusual illness for you or them . If you see them taking on animal shapes, this means that the enemies will separate you from your closest relatives . If you see your friend wearing dark colors with red flames, this foretells that abominable things will happen to you, causing you anxiety if not a loss and that your friends will be concerned with that . If you dreamed that you saw your friend standing like a statue on a hill, then this means that you will advance in your current situation, but you will restore previous impressions of justice and knowledge, searching for them through every change that occurs . If the boyfriend statue is low, you will ignore the old friends when things get better in the future . If the statue is above a plain or at a level where you are away from it, you will force yourself to search for change despite ties of friendship or self-love . If you dreamed that you saw a friend with a white cloth tied over his face, then this means that you will be hurt by someone who will try to preserve the friendship with you . If you dreamed that you shook hands with a friend who had offended you and that he left you and he seemed sad for him, then this foretells that you will face a quarrel with a raised friend, and a reconciliation may follow . You sure are about to lose someone ….

…If you dream of visiting your old home, you will hear good news that you will rejoice in . If you see your old house in ruins, this warns you of illness or death of one of your relatives . For a girl, this dream is a sad dream . You will lose a dear friend . If you go home and find everything comfortable and pleasant, this means harmony in the current home life and convincing results at work ….