…As for phlebotomy : If someone sees an old man, then he discards him, he hears a word from a friend . If it comes out of a blood sweat, it will be rewarded . If no blood came out of it, then it is said that it is right and the separator comes out of sin . If he turns him off paradoxically, then he stops talking about him, and if he stops him lengthily, then he increases the words and doubles them, and if he sees as if he is a young man then he turns him away lengthwise, then he hears from his enemy a stab at him and increases his money . And whoever sees it as if the young man turns him away, then it is the death of some of his relatives . If the young man breaks him long and blood comes out of him, then he hits him from the Sultan and takes money from him as much as the blood that came out of him . If a scholar turns him away and a lot of blood comes out of him in a bowl or plate, then he gets sick and his money goes to the children and the doctors, because the plate is the doctor . If he breaks it and does not see any blood or a scratch, he hears words from his relatives who are attributed to that organ, as much as he suffered from pain . If he despises blood coming out, then he becomes sick and harms his money, and if it is in his conscience that the phlebotomy benefits him and the blood comes out of it in a known and agreed amount, then his religion is valid and his body is also healthy in that year ….

…It is in a dream good news and warning, war and torment, power and imprisonment, loss and sins, and whoever sees fire and has sparks and has sound and commotion, it is a trial in which a world of people perishes . And whoever sees a fire in his heart, that is the love of the victor and the oppression of those who abandon his beloved . And whoever sees two fires, they are military . The higher the fire is with loud smoke, the greater the horror and torment . Whoever lights a fire in a dark night to guide people to the road will receive a flag that guides people, and whoever lights it without darkness, then he is a heresy . And it was said : If you see fire during the day, then it is a sign of war and sedition . And whoever sees that he worships fire, then he loves war, and perhaps he was obeying Satan in his disobedience . And whoever sees that he fires with fire in the winter, he will be rich . And whoever sees that he eats fire, he unjustly eats the money of orphans or eats forbidden money . And whoever sees that he has sold fire and bought a garden, then he sells pigeons and buys a garden, and vice versa . And whoever sees a person entering the fire and being tortured, then he loses his money or commits sins that necessitate the fire . And whoever was hit by the fire and did not burn him, keep his time . And whoever sees the fire burning something of the grain, its price is higher . And the burning fire is a calamity of Sultan . And whoever among the governors sees that he lights a fire while it is extinguished, he shall be isolated and his fire extinguished . And whoever sees a flame of fire on his door without smoke, it indicates Hajj . And the fire in the fingers indicates the injustice of the scribes . And fire in the palm is an injustice in workmanship . And whoever sees a fire that will eat all that has come . On him and it has a tremendous voice, because it is war, plague, smallpox, or death that occurs there . And if he saw that it ascended from a place to heaven, then the people of that place have fought God Almighty with sins . Whoever sees a fire burns some of his clothes or some of his organs, and calamity befalls him . And whoever sees that he is struck by a glow of fire, he will fall into the tongues of people and backfill . And the useful, shining fire is a security of the fearful and nearness to the Sultan . And whoever saw a fire emanating from his home would obtain a state or trade . And whoever saw that a ray of his fire shone from the east to the west, then he will know that he will be mentioned in the east and the west . And if he saw a fire shining from his head, and it had light and rays, and his wife was pregnant, she gave birth to a boy who would prevail and have a great male . And whoever sees that he lights a fire at the top of a mountain, he will draw close to God Almighty or fulfill his needs, and if he is absent, he will return safely . And whoever sees in his skirt a burning fire and is married, then his wife gets pregnant . And the fire in the desert is war . And if he takes a coal from the midst of the fire, then he hits forbidden money from the Sultan . And whoever sets fire to people, I will cause enmity and distaste among them . And whoever has a fire shining from his head, he will be seriously ill . And whoever sees that he is in the midst of the fire and does not find its freedom, then he will obtain truthfulness, certainty, and victory over his enemies . And whoever sees fire is extinguished, and discord dwells . If the fire is in a country, then it is the death of its ruler or its scholar, and if it is extinguished in its garden, then it is his death . And the fire may be indicative of the reckoning because they were created from the fire of poisons, and perhaps it indicated drought and locusts . And whoever saw fire talking in a jar or near it, he would be struck by a jinn . Harmful fire indicates unjust authority, and if people benefit from it, it indicates just authority . And the fire in winter denotes the fruit, as they say : Fire is the winter fruit . Eating fire indicates eating and drinking in forbidden vessels, such as gold and silver . Perhaps she indicated her worshiper . As well as light and darkness ….

…It is in a dream that it falls on the foolish, so whoever sees that it is ignorance is foolish . Ignorance in a dream about false speech is evidence of rejection, insulting, or prayer speaking without purity . Perhaps ignorance in a dream indicated talking about symptoms and immorality ….

…Al-Baker : The owner of words and riots in his livelihood, and every workmanship that is touched by fire is talk and quarrel . And it was said that the baker Sultan Adel, whoever saw in his dream that he was a baker, was blessed with goodness, fertility and wealth, if he saw as if he was baking an apostrophe, he would have a good life and he showed people a way in which they benefit from wealth and wealth . If he sees as if he bought bread from a baker without seeing the price, then he is afflicted with a good life in pleasure, and a donation for granted . If he sees as if the baker took a price from him, then he is talking about need . And whoever sees himself as a baker baking and selling bread in common people with broken dirhams, then he brings people together in corruption, and the baker and if people say that he is a just authority, then he has a bad morals, because fire is the origin of his work, and fire is a malicious power, and it is kindled with firewood . As for bread : it indicates knowledge and Islam, because it is the pillar of religion, the foundation of the soul, and the life of the soul . Perhaps it indicates life and money that contains the strength of the soul, and perhaps the loaf indicates the Book, the Sunnah, and the knot of money on the destiny of people, and perhaps the loaf indicates the mother who nurtures and nurtures, and the wife with whom is the goodness of religion and the preservation of one . And pure of it indicates pure living, pure knowledge, and a beautiful white woman . The gossip of it is against that, so whoever sees it as if he is separating bread among the people or the weak, if he is a student of knowledge, then he will obtain from knowledge what he needs . And if he was a preacher, those were his preaching and commandments, except that the people who took his charity over him or did not need what he had, then it is a favor on them and good deeds that he receives for their sake, and in that they are luckier because the upper hand is better than the lower hand, and charity is the dirtiest of the people . As for whoever sees a dead person who has given bread to him, it is money or livelihood that comes to him from the hand of someone else, and from a place that he did not leave, and as for whoever sees the bread above the clouds, or on the roofs, or on the tops of the palm trees, then he is boiling, as well as other varieties and foods. The earth is being trampled upon by the feet, for it is a great prosperity that bequeaths mourning and joy . As for whoever saw a dead person who took a loaf for him or saw him fall from him in the fire or in the open or in tar, then look at his condition, if he was a hero or that was in the time of a heresy to which people call, and a sedition in which people thirst, because the loaf loses his religion or corrupts him . And if there was none of that, and there was no evidence in the vision, and he had a sick woman who perished . And if it was weak in debt, it is corrupted . He who wears bread, he will marry a woman who is forbidden ….

…Seeing al-Jasas in a dream indicates talking about people’s symptoms . It may refer to the spy ….

…Seeing a parrot talking in a dream indicates the occurrence of trivial rumors and problems between friends . And if you see silent parrot, this means calm and the cessation of family quarrels . If a girl dreams that she has a parrot, it means that her lover believes that she is a troublemaker and loves gossip . If you dream that you know a parrot, this means your own problems . Dead parrot losing friends ….

…Good, O Commander of the Faithful 102 – Harun Al-Rashid saw a vision that you understood, so he directed a letter to Al-Kirmani, and when he came to him and a parable in his hands he was empty with it and said : I sent you a vision that I saw, and he said : What is it? He said : I saw two dogs being bitten by a slave girl from my neighborhood. Al-Karmani said to him, “I have seen nothing but good, O Commander of the Faithful.” Al-Rashid said to him : Say what you see and what you have? Then he said to him : This is a maid who went with her for her intercourse, and you had no relationship with her, and she was a woman with hair. She thought to shave and found the trail of the mousse and she hated to stay in her shape, so she took a clog (1) So she shaved some hair and left some. Asking her about this, then she acknowledged it and believed Al-Kirmani, so Al-Rasheed went out to him, and said to him : You were happy and pleased with me, and he ordered him to have a Sunni connection, beware of talking about it when you were alive, he said : By God, what happened to it as long as Rashid is alive ….

…The corner of this dream is not positive if the dreamer is afraid and surrounds himself with secrets inside a corner seeking safety . If you see people talking in a corner, enemies are looking to destroy you . Chances are that someone you considered a friend will prove to be a betrayal of your interests ….

…A nymph Seeing a nymph bathing in a dream in clear water means that your emotional aspirations will find a way to achieve . You will be happy and live happy times . If a girl dreamed of seeing a nymph bathing, this indicates that her star is rising and she will be happy in her future . If she dreams that she is talking to a nymph, then this means that she is using her attraction to reach her personal purposes, and thus she will seek to destroy men ….

…Seeing a phone in a dream indicates that you will meet strangers who will annoy you, confuse you, and hinder your business . If a woman dreams that she is talking on the phone, this means that she will find a lot of competition from others, but she will overcome all the evil influences . If she is speaking on the phone, but she cannot hear well, she is threatened by malicious rumors and the loss of a lover ….