Telephone : indicates the presence of the absent, and reconciling the litigants ….

…And whoever sees that a horse is talking to him, he will marvel at his command ….

…And whoever sees that the phoenix is ​​talking to him, he indicates that he has acquired a ministry with the Sultan ….

Whoever uses a cell phone in a dream : he undertakes a tour, either external, so it is a travel, or internal, so it is a visit to friends or relatives ….

…Visions of some of the Companions : Perhaps one of the most prominent visions of the vision of the great companion Abdullah bin Zaid Al – Ansari and the legitimacy of prayer and detail of this vision in the following account : ( b – 1) Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Zaid from his father said : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him they may trumpet and ordered Bnaqos he hewed , Varta Abdullah bin Zaid said in a dream : I saw a man carrying it Thawbaan Akhaddran a bell , I said to him : O Abdullah sells bell? He said : What do you do with it? I said : Call him to prayer . He said : Should I not show you better than that? I said : What is it? He said : says : Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar . I bear witness that there is no god but God . I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God . Come to pray . Come to pray . Live on the peasant . God is great , God is great , there is no god but God . He said : went out Abdullah bin Zaid until he came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and told him what he saw » He said : O Messenger of Allah , I saw a man carrying it Thawbaan Okhaddran a bell . . . Tell him the news . The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “ Your friend saw his visions , so he went out with Bilal to the mosque and threw it to him and called Bilal , for he . He made a voice from you. ” (1) What is meant by a voice from you is : stronger and more able than you to vote , and the panda is after the vote has gone , and I do prefer it . To go back to the story . . Abdullah bin Zaid said, so I went out with Bilal to the mosque, and made me throw it to him while he called for it . He said : heard Omar ibn al – Khattab sound , went out , he said : O Messenger of Allah , and Allah I have seen like the one he saw . The secret of this companion much of what he said in that : Ahmed God The glory and The Glory Praise the software so much as it came to me by al – Bashir of God Vokrm him I have glad tidings in the nights and to them three more made me of courtesy came ( b – 2 ) as well as examples visions companions what came from Abdullah ibn Umar , may Allah be pleased with him : the man in the life of the Prophet peace be upon him if he saw a vision Oqsa the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him , said : I was a boy , a young Azba – and lone from did not have a pair is said Him : celibate and singles Friday – he said . . I slept in the mosque at the time of the Messenger of Allah is Knowing him and I saw in sleep ka n kings Okhaddana They went me to the fire , if the country Kti well and if you have two horns Kqrna well and the meaning of this : centuries the well aspects that build from the stones placed on the gallows that The reel is attached to it , and usually every well has two horns , and we go back to the hadith. Ibn Umar said : And if it has two horns like the two of the well, and if there are people in it that I know, I have said : I seek refuge in God from the fire , I seek refuge in God from the fire , I seek refuge in God from the fire . He said : Then a king met them, so he said to me : You did not ravage so that there is no fear on you or harm . Her story on Hafsa . Vqstha the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him said the Prophet , peace be upon him : Yes Man Abdullah if he prayed the night . Salem said : Abdullah was then not sleep at night except a little ( agreed upon , and the word for peace ). In the novel Bukhari : said : I said to myself : if you good to see what I saw like these , when he crouched night I said : Oh God , if you know in good vision Varney . . . Agreed talk and word of the steam . (2) These brief examples of some of the visions of the Messenger of Allah and the best of creation after him and they are companions E and publicly after this brief presentation , we turn to the sections of the visions which we will talk about in the next part of this book . _______________________________________________________ (1 ) Narrated by Ibn Majah in his Sunan in the Mobile Book , and the word , the door of the start of Mobile – op – and Tirmidhi narrated in the book of prayer door what came to start Mobile – op Abu Dawood in the prayer book door : How Mobile – Previous reference – and it was included by Ahmad in the beginning of the Musnad al-Madani, may God be pleased with them, the hadith of Abdullah bin Zaid, may God be pleased with him, and it was included by al-Darami in the Book of Prayer, chapter on beginning the call to prayer – previous reference -. (2) See Fath Al-Bari (12/418) – previous reference – and Al-Nawawi Ali Sharh Sahih Muslim (38/16) – previous reference ** Quoted from Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi…

Telephone Whoever hears in a dream the sound of a telephone with an order, prohibition, warning, rebuke, or gospel, then he is as he heard it without explanation . And so are all sounds . See also the sound ….

…Expressions and expressions apply the word ( expression ) to the interpretation of the vision in particular . The expression is : the passage from apparent vision to its interior . This is Ragheb’s opinion . It was said : the consideration of the thing is considered some of it even gets some understanding of this is narrated by al – Azhari . The origin of the expression is derived from : lessons , which is overtaking from the event to event , and teams of linguists between water and non – water bypass, they said : the water exceeds a swim or a ship or other so- called : transit . They said : mind the lesson is the case that reaches out from the viewer to know what is not the scenes . It said : crossed any mitigation interpreted the vision . And : crossed by stressing the exaggeration in it . In the download : ~ If ye pass over to the vision of ~ (1) which you pray to an end and you will remember her money . The crossing : the name of an actor from the act through , said : through the vision and crossed any words interpreted . Abu Bakr was may Allah be pleased with him of the most prominent companions renowned interpretation of visions and expression , and how does his teacher is the Messenger of Allah , the teacher of the nation all , has been described as one of the Companions , as in the ~ conquest ~ (2): ~ One of the express people ‘s vision after the Messenger of Allah upon him ~ . It is also notorious for their words , visions of Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Sirin Ansari Basri loyalty , born in 33 of the deceased in 110 of and attributed to him a book ( expression of vision ) , a printed and mentioned by Ibn al – Nadim in the index , which is the book rolling between his people on behalf of : ( team talk in the interpretation of dreams ), and see the flags button total (25 \ 7 ) find adequate translation pursuant to a mighty Zrcelli and ended in which the proportion of non – validity of the books of Ibn Sirin . Another world is : Abdul Ghani bin Ismail Nabulsi , one of the Sufis , and has many publications including : ( perfuming creatures in the expression of a dream ) contains things and perceptions and the names of women and women may not occur only rarely as it may be impossible to see some of the afterlife and this and that it was the Sufis is It is true that it is said that it has been fulfilled and increased in this field , and many writers have praised his work, such as Professor Muhammad Qutb , then I say : In this part I will talk about the methodologies of the expressers and the necessary matters that must be provided in the crossing , and before this I point out that there are many modern and old expressers , I am not looking for this in their names, but I will talk about the approach that many of them follow through my follow-up on this topic . . I say : Mabro visions recently divided into three sections : 1 – Section I : The owners of this section does not reflect only a little shy away from the expression and closes the door of learning expression , and that he was told a question about the expression and quality replied : that insight breed with one and prevents learning , and destination this matter we’ve heard from some old Mchaikhana esteemed God have mercy on those who died , and bless us in the present age . B – Section II : The Hola Unlike the first section , expanding the expression , and the rhetoric of the question of visions in each council , Palmchaffhh, transportation , and even by writing to the owner or others , and some of Hola find tells you challenged through construing and how the interpretation of the vision responsible for them . C – Section III : section between Hola and Hola crosses but Palmchaffhh only , and requires that the owner of the vision is fluid and prevents the transfer only narrowly , and Hola , so much uninhibited expression : and tell you about how the interpretation sometimes . Perhaps the indulgence in the expression of visions , and open the door at each board and a lecture something accident in these days , and here I am not against the expression of visions as a science , but against leniency in the expression of visions , and open the door at all the board and lecture anything accident in these days and here I am not against the expression Visions as a science, but against indulgence in expression, not investigating, not asking about the state of the visionary, and asking about the vision, its wording, and its time. These are things that are required for the crossing to enable the optimal expression , and therefore you find among the expressers who tolerate hearing visions stating that the degree of correctness in his expression by reading it does not exceed fifty in Cent !! I do not say that only Almtsahlain are to blame , but that the first section as well as the owners are wrong – in my humble opinion – The term visions not only discernment , but discernment and learn and practice the skill of gaining and develop and mastered , they differ from one person to another ; Yes , it is discernment when Joseph son of Jacob them peace and blessings of the Almighty said ~ Ijetbik as your Lord and teach you the interpretation of conversations and the grace of you and all of Jacob , as completed by the parent by Abraham and Isaac that your Lord is Knowing , Wise ~ ( Yusuf : 6 ). Ibn Abbas said in his interpretation ( and teach you the interpretation of conversations ) any of the expression of vision , and teach you as well as knowing what people interpret him talk (3)). Yes , it is discernment when Jacob , and when Abraham and Daniel and Muhammad upon them that prophets and peace , as well as companions when Abu Bakr , may Allah be pleased with him and Omar ibn al – Khattab and Othman bin Affan and Ali ibn Abi Talib and Abdullah bin Abbas and Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al – Aas and Anas bin Malik Salman Al-Farsi, Huzaifa bin Al-Yaman, Aisha bint Abi Bakr Al-Siddiq, may God be pleased with them all , and others . But when others do not . . . , Not all of it is a firaasa , but it contains firaasa , inspiration , and deduction from the Qur’an, Sunnah, language , proverbs , and other things that are known to anyone interested in this art . Came in the right agreed to talk about Abu Hurayrah , may Allah be pleased with him said : I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him say : ~ not only prophecy left of the missionaries ~ , they said : What missionaries? He said : “The Righteous Vision ” (4) and this is Bukhari’s wording . The datum of Imam Ahmad peace be upon him , he said : ~ dreams are seen by the Muslim or see him ~ (5). Meaning : that the revelation interrupted by his death peace be upon him and remains what it teaches him what will be only the vision seen by the believer , as well as inspiration, the the news as it will be located not prophets also told the Prophet peace be upon him at the age of the saying has been in the United Nations before you Mahdthon – any visionary and it was said : are right and Bukhari said : being right on their tongues . It was not in my nation , including one of the Omar bin al – Khattab were ~ agreed upon (6). He told many of the saints about Omowo absent , were also told this inspiration , we might ask , what inspiration and why say today? I say : Imam Ibn Hajar said in Al-Fath : The secret was in the cycle of inspiration in his time, may God bless him and grant him peace and its abundance after him , the predominance of revelation to him, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, who was awake and wanted to show miracles from him , so it was appropriate that nothing happened to him in his time , and when the revelation was interrupted by his death the inspiration fell For whom God has singled out for security from confusion in that .. and in denying that this happened despite its abundance and his fame is arrogance of those who deny it . Ibn Hajar detailed in al-Fath the difference between inspiration and vision and mentioned that inspiration is : what moves the heart to a science that he is tempted to act upon without inference. Abizaid Dabbousi of the imams of the tap , said that the public that it is not permissible to act only when it has all of the arguments in the door is permissible , and said words last Shinar . he was the Prophet peace be upon him sometimes cut vision companions Viabbarha one it either on his words , And this is from the matter of education from him, may God bless him and grant him peace, and what is narrated about this is what was reported by Ibn Sh Wahab said : saw the Prophet peace be upon him a vision Vqsa to Abu Bakr said : ~ O Abu Bakr , I saw as if I preceded you and I Vsbaktk degree Bmrqotin and a half ~ and hemostats : class . Abu Bakr said : O Messenger of Allah , Allah Iqdk to His mercy and forgiveness , and I live after you two years and a half . This hadith was mentioned by al-Suyuti in the major characteristics and attributed it to Ibn Saad, but it is mursal (7). This is a firaasa from Abu Bakr . Ibn al- Qayyim said his book ( runways ) (8): ~ The physiognomy was and will remain the status of homes :~ Beware of worship and you are we ~(9) , and that only because it is the light of God hurls in the heart of his servant differentiates him between right and wrong and the current unemployed and sincere and false . the current unemployed and saying : the current is adorned and analysis, the unemployed against him , said : women disrupted any empty ornaments are unemployed , and meaning that he differentiates between one thing and against him , and this physiognomy according to the power of faith on , it was stronger faith it is one of discernment . Ibn Masood may Allah have said about him : Avars people three : Aziz Yousef , where he said to his wife : ( he said that he bought from Egypt to his wife Akrami resting place may be Infna or our son ) ( Yusuf : 21 ). the daughter of Shoaib when she said : ~ Astijrh ~( stories : 36). Abu Bakr in Umar , may Allah be pleased when Astkhalafh . it was a lot of companions , God bless them Athlon them , and the friend may Allah be pleased with him in the forefront of it is the greatest nation discernment and after Omar ibn al – Khattab may Allah be pleased with him , it is what he said to something : I think as well , but he also said , and enough in Frasth OK Te Rabbo in positions known – which is not the field of our conversation (10), and as I also said : discernment companions believe physiognomy , and out of this kind of physiognomy of life and light , which Ahbhma God for whom He wills of His slaves , and live heart so and enlightened can hardly Frasth wrong , this confirms the verse : ~ I believe it was dead Vohieddinah and made him Nora walks in people like him in the darkness is not outside of them as well as Zain for the unbelievers what they were doing ~ ( Anaam : 122 ). If the expression of visions Balfrash there is a lot when Ancestors does not mean that it refrains when others , but I have the difference in terms of the few and the multitude only , there may be in this age of God grants him physiognomy , was Jah in the talk : ~ Fear the insight of the believer , it is seen by the light of God (11). According to the divine hadith narrated via Abu Hurayrah said Abu Hurayrah said : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : that God said : It is unusual to me and Leah was Aznth war , and closer to my servant , something I like to than assumed by him , and still Abdi draw near to Balnoavl until I love him , if I loved you heard that he hears , and his sight with which he sees , his hand with which he strikes , and his foot with which he walks , and asked me to Oattiynh , and while my seeks refuge to Oaivnh . What I hesitated about something I am an actor hesitation about the same believer hates death and I hate Madsth ~(12), and to be that it makes him benefit from what they hear from science, wisdom and preaching the good experiences useful and makes it also sees the light of God is in the heavens and the earth from the states of standing , his faith and his belief . He said mark Mnari in his book , commenting on the talk that preceded : ~ fear the insight of the believer .~ physiognomy : the inference bodies of human and forms , and colors and his words , on his morals and virtues , and vices , God has Tepe on sincerity , saying : ~ if the verses of Mtosameen ~ ( stone : 75 ), and said : ~ you know Besimhm ( Baqarah : 277 ), which is the derivative of saying the mare seven language ewe , and called on the seven he preys distances in keeping , was physiognomy embezzlement of Arif consider , for example , the person and identify the case , which is of two types : The first : A type that occurs to a person from a mind that he does not know its cause – and it is a kind of inspiration, which is called the updated owner, as in the news : “ If there is a modernist in this nation, then it is Omar. ” (13) This inspiration may be in a state of waking or dreaming , this is the first type And its truth is that it is : a thought that attacks the heart and bounces upon it like a leap The lion is on its prey, and this firaasa is according to the strength of faith . Second : be industry educated , which is to know what the colors, shapes and between temperaments and ethics , natural acts , and knew it was a constant understanding , strong on physiognomy (14). . . The conclusion I Come to it after all this talk . . . There is someone who crosses the vision with inspiration, there are those who cross it with inspiration, and there are those who cross it with industry and education, but it must be pointed out here that it is better for a person not to say about himself that his expression comes under the heading of physiognomy or inspiration, because this is the purification of the soul, and God Almighty says : “ Do not purify yourself. you know is warded ~( star : 32 ). The term visions is not based only on physiognomy but it is based, and on the other inspiration, and ingenuity in the science – based expression on the knowledge of the Koran and the Sunna and knowledge of the origins of this art of interpretation in the sense or the derivation of the names and an example of this is narrated in Saheeh Muslim from Anas ibn Malik He said : The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “ One night I saw the sleepers as if I was in the garrison of Uqba ibn Rafi, and we came to Rutab from Rattab Ibn Tabab – a man from the people of Medina attributed to him this kind of good wet – He said, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him : So I turned greatness for us in this world and the consequence for us in the afterlife, and that our merry ~(15) , which is fulfilled and settled its provisions . Messenger peace be upon him the first hurdle : a consequence, Rafie : seniority, and merry : the stability of religion and the completion of its provisions . Something other than hermeneutics Balostakkak : interpretation which hit the proverbial and likeness : narrated by Bukhari in his Saheeh from Abdullah ibn Umar that the Prophet , peace be upon him , said : ~ I saw as if the rebel head , a black woman came out of the city – until the Bmhaah was said : Mhaah Of great weight, which is al – Juhfa – which are the names of places in the city – so I stated that the city’s plague was transferred to it ”(16). Muhallab said : This vision of the Department of vision expressive . It was hit by the ideals, and the face of representation that is derived from the name of the ( black ) , two words : bad, and the disease if installed two words with each other to the left word to you : black, Valrcol holy peace be upon him exit , including A collection of her name, and the eruption of her poetry also interpreted, that what stirs up evil comes out of the city . She noted here that not all the blackness frowned upon in a dream as the visions as I told you : you should consider several things, including the time of Revelation, and the city was that time land infested, so proven Aisha , may Allah be pleased , said : ~ We made the city a Oba land God ~(17) . The Prophet called holy peace be upon him to convey God Abaha to the handsome said :~ Oh dear to us , the city and move protected by the handsome ~(18), so you may see behind the vision and the color of black , thus expressed his derived from Sovereignty is not from bad , and so what is important here is the diversity of expression and its methods , and the diversity of the expression of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, for visions, and the Messenger of God was with his companions who would express the vision and tell them the reason for his expression as the previous example . . . Take this example also : On the authority of Abu Musa on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said : I saw in a dream that I was migrating from Mecca to a land with palm trees, so he and I went to the point that it was Al-Yamamah or Hajar. So if Madinah is smacking, and I saw in my vision that I shook a sword, then his chest was cut off. He was injured by the believers on a Sunday, then another shook him, and he returned the best that was. So, it is what God brought with him from the conquest and the gathering of the believers, and I also saw in it a cow, and God is good. So if they are a group of believers on a Sunday, and if goodness is what God has brought with it after the reward of honesty that God has brought to us after the day of Badr ~ . this is the text of a Muslim (19). Valmlahz here that the Prophet peace be upon him tell companions the vision and he put it , and this education from it , and which is also narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad narrated from Anas that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , he said : ~ I saw while sleeping see if I Mirdif ram was Zbh my sword broken , has been placing I kill the owner of the battalion , and a man of the people of my house kills ~ (20). , killing the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Talha bin Abi Talha owner of the banner of the infidels , and killed Hamza bin Abdul demand may Allah be pleased with him . Al- Nawawi said in explaining the true Muslim Commenting on the hadeeth of Ibn Abbas : that the Messenger of Allah was making me Saying to his companions : “ Whoever among you sees a vision, let him tell it, pass it to him . . . ~ Etc. (21), the judge said : the meaning of the term they often do as well, as if he said : would . In modern induction aware of the vision , and the question about the interpretation, the scientists said : a laptop and ask that God bless him and teach them interpret the virtue and include According to what God Almighty wills of informing the unseen, and it came in the authentic hadith of Al-Bukhari. He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : While I was asleep, I came with a cup of milk, and I drank it so that I could see the water . ”(22) The hadith has already been mentioned and it was the first of the Messenger, may God’s prayers be upon him. He gave the milk to the knowledge , and it is important to us here when we are talking about the legality of teaching the vision and asking about it what came from the narration of Abu Bakr bin Salem that God’s prayers and peace be upon him. He said to them : “ Give it. ” They said , O Messenger of God, this is knowledge that God gave you , so He filled you with grace , so I preferred a bounty and I gave it Omar He said : “You were injured. ” Here , may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, from the Companions ’news of lending visions to their questioning of them . He, may God bless him and grant him peace, as Ibn Hajar says in Al-Fath : He was fluent in the expression of the vision, and he had a participant in that among them because the multiplicity of this saying is not issued to those who trained in it and trusted with a woman . Commenting on the hadith, he said : In the hadith, the legitimacy of the scholar to question questions and test his companions in their interpretation . He said in another place : the virtue of expression of vision , what it involves access to some of the unseen and the secrets of organisms (23). The crossing also needs to be familiar parables in the Koran and its meanings , and to consider the notification and proverbs and derivation of the language and their meanings and be a world of what is happening on the tongues of the people , and it needs the crossing as well as to learn a lot about the state of the seer , there is no defect to ask him about his work or his job , age , social status and all What he deems necessary is what is evidenced by the knowledge of his issue or his vision , and the crossing here is like a doctor. If the patient withholds information about his illness, he may make a mistake in the diagnosis and may prescribe a wrong medicine for him, and it is necessary to not rush to the questioner and the responsible, and it was reported from Ibn Sirin, may God have mercy on him, that he was If there is a mechanism of a vision issue in which he stayed full of the day, he asks its owner about himself, his industry and his people, and this of course may happen to the able crossing and it is not a shame for him to quench such a time, and there is no doubt that most of what was narrated on the authority of Ibn Sirin does not need a long time when expressing it and contemplating it. But I mentioned him because the presence of this from him despite his scarcity and his skill in expression is evidence of the importance of narration, and narration is useful for verifying the narrator’s words and getting to know his condition in terms of righteousness, truthfulness, justice, and the time of vision . . And other things that may be needed by the crossing, and should not be bored or angry questions crossing – especially – when you do not know any way liquid as much falls in this age as a result of telephone calls from people – male or female – do not know them the crossing, it needs to question His questions about them may be rejected by some of the questioners and interpreted by interfering with his privacy . As well as the question of an important religion of the crossing, and the administrator must honesty in the answer Vslah man or evildoers, with a strong relationship , art said : to eat honey for a Muslim interpretation sweetness of the Koran and the male in his heart, which is the infidel sweetness of the world and the Gnimetha, Valray contrasting by religion, creeds and countries must – when transferring vision – proficiency transferred to the crossing, and to tell him about its owner , male or female, his social age . . . Etc., and all what he sees as the crossing is necessary to express the vision transmitted was mentioned by Ibn Hajar interest on the words of the Prophet peace be upon him : ~ From the vision of Vliqsa Oabbarha him ~ (24) verse said : ~ Vliqsa ~ to remind her story and follows the fractions until nothing left of them Cut the effect if you follow it . The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, asked and inquired, and he is the Messenger of God . It came in the hadith : A man named Muti’a ibn al-Aswad saw in his dream that he gave him a pouch of dates , so he mentioned that to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and he said : “ Has any of your daughters been pregnant? ” He said. : Yes, with a woman from my son . Laith . . She is the mother of Abdullah. He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him , said : “ She will give birth to a boy. ” And she bore a boy , so the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, called him Abdullah and Hanakah with a date and called him blessing . . This hadith was mentioned by al-Haythami in Majma ‘al-Zawaid (25) and attributed to al-Tabarani, and it was not included in one of the nine books . 77 ________________________________ (1) Yusuf : 43 (2) Ibn Hajar . Op – (434 \ 12) (3) Elvir and Zabadi – interpretation of Ibn Abbas . Op . Cit . P . 193 (4 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the book of expression door missionaries , see the opening (12 \ 375 ) – op – narrated by 0 Ahmad in Musnad Abu Hurayrah – a reference earlier . (5 )) Narrated by Muslim in the prayer book door is forbidden to read the Koran in the bowing and prostration as in the nuclear (4 /196 ) – op -. (6 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the Book of Virtues of the Companions door of the virtues of Umar ibn al – Khattab , as in the opening (7/42 ) – op -, and Muslim in the book of the virtues of the Companions door of the virtues of Umar ibn al – Khattab , as in the nuclear (15 /166 ) – previous reference -. (7 ) Jalaluddin Suyuti – Major characteristics – (2 /115 ). (8 ) runways between the homes beware of worship and Thine aid we seek to Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Ayoub Zorai – Arab Book House – Beirut , i 2, in (1393 – 1973 ) to achieve : Mohammed al – Feki . ( P . 115 ). (9 ) light : 5 . ‏ ( 10 ‏ ) جاء في الحديث الصحيح الذي أخرجه مسلم من طريق ابن عمر عن عمر قال : قال : عمر : ( وافقت ربي في ثلاث : في مقام إبراهيم وفي الحجاب وفي اسارى بدر ) انظر : النووي شرح صحيح مسلم ( 167\15 ‏ ) , ولا شك في فضله رضي الله عنه كما قال حين احتج نساء النبي عليه في الغيرة : عسى ربه إذ طلقكن أن يبدله أزواجأ خيرا منكن فنزلت الاية بذلك , وجاء في الحديث الذي ذكره مسلم أيضأ موافقته في منع الصلاة على المنافقين ونزول الأية بذلك ( 167\15 ‏ ) وجاءت أيضأ موافقته في تحريم الخمر , قال النووي : فهذه ست وليس في لفظ الحديث السابق ما ينفي زيادة الموافقة , والله أعلم . ‏ ( 11 ‏ ) رواه الترمذي في كتاب تفسير القران باب تفسير سورة الحجر . ورواه الطبراني والبخاري في التاريخ , ‏ وحكم عليه الألباني بالضعف . ‏ ( 12 ‏ ) أخرجه البخاري في كتاب الرقاق باب التواضع ( 11 ‏ / 341 ‏ ) كما في الفتح – مرجع سابق – . ‏ ( 13 ‏ ) يشير إلى الحديث الذي سبق ذكره في فضل عمر وسبق تخريجه ص 58 ‏ .(14 ) Mohammad Razi Almsthr Bouktaib illiterate – physiognomy guide to the knowledge of the ethics of the people and their natures as if they were an open book – the achievement of Mustafa Ashour – published the Koran r Library 21-22. (15 ) Narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh in the Book of Revelation , as in the nuclear (15 / 31 ) – op -. (16 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the book of expression if the door saw that thing out of Keh and live here last subject (12 /425 ) and in the door : black women (12 /426 ) – op -. (17 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the book of the virtues of the city gate of hatred of the Prophet peace be upon him that the city naked conquest (99/4 ) – op – Muslim in the Book of Hajj and the door of the city favored the carrot in a residential city to explain nuclear (9 /0 15 ) – op -. (18 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the book of the virtues of the city , the door of the hatred of the Prophet peace be upon him that the city was uncovered as in the conquest – the previous reference . (4 /99 ), as explained in the nuclear true Muslim . Previous reference . In the book of Hajj and the door of the city favored the carrot in a residential city (150 \ 9 ). (19 ) Agreed and pronunciation of Muslim See : Fath Bari , a book in the virtues of prophecy talk of signs (627 \ 6 ) – op -. And to explain nuclear Muslim in the book of Revelation (31 \ 15 ) • op .. (20 ) Narrated by Ahmad in the rest of the palm Almktherin in the palm of Anas bin Malik . (21 ) Narrated by Muslim in the Book of Revelation , as in the nuclear (30 \ 15 ) – op -. (22 ) while I was sleeping , I came Bakdh milk and drank from it until I see irrigation . . Offers discharged p . 30 . (23 ) Ibn Hajar Fath al – op – (440 437 394 \ 12) 0 (24) provides alumna, p . 65 . (25) Al -Haythami – previous reference – (7/184) ** Quoted from Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi…

…Psychotherapy Some sleep disturbances, such as nightmares, disturbing dreams, walking during sleep and talking during sleep, are caused by unresolved problems and conflicts and surrounding experiences. Therefore, the individual should undergo psychological treatment, as it is done through the process of emotional discharging and free association to identify such conflicts and try to explain them to the patient and then increase Astbesarh by which helped him to return to normal sleep and see : ~ Encyclopedia of Psychiatry ~ – Volume I – d . Abdel Moneim El Hefny . ~ Behavioral disorders and their treatment .~ D. Jumu’ah Syed Yusuf c : The Jathoom : It is derived from our saying : The person or animal perched perched , and its meaning remained in place and did not leave , or what it means is : sticking to the ground, so he perched . A nightmare and called Word in Jathaam or al Koran 🙁 they became in their house Jtman ) ( usages : 78 ) This Arabic word is called baroque Alnidlan , may be located in a pressure on the chest of the sleeper is not able to move with him (1). To illustrate this , I explain to you as to whether he saw a man in a dream of so – called Paljathom described to sense the sleeper Bshi E mutes himself , nor can it salvation , and trying to wake up , can not only after strenuous attempts, Vistiqz has reached its fatigue severe amount sweats and hand , and troubled himself , and the feel of this case came to him before he Kalmchlol waking up , and hopes that one slide , no doubt that this case that man hit the sleep of panic . The peace be upon him know when his companions dread this prayer : ~ I seek refuge in the words of God , full of anger and from the evil of His slaves and from the evil demons Bibliography , and attend ~ (2). As stated in the isti’aadhah of intimidation in a dream narrated by Malik he said : Khalid bin Walid said on sale! : O Messenger of Allah , I am in a dream . He said peace be upon him : ~ Say : I seek refuge with Allah ‘s perfect Ichaelmat from the evil of anger and torment and evil cult , and Bibliography of demons , and attend ~ (3). Here meditator in these conversations noticed that the Prophet peace be upon him directed the servant when you see such disturbing dreams , nightmares , guided by the recourse to God and seek refuge with him from the evil of anger and anguish , and Bibliography of demons and annoyance , in order not to attend him , and staged a sit -in God Esme God . There is no doubt that the reflection of the state of people today notice when most of them away from God and to rely on the world and the pleasures and distance from the Book of Allah and wird Sayings , and replace it by listening to musical instruments and songs, so that some young people sleep and headphone music in his ears and whether such attend him Mullah Ikh and descend upon him mercy ? But today that mosques have become infested by music , became like her to deprivation ; This is because of the mobile devices, most of whose tones have become musical pieces that harm the hearing of the worshipers during their prayers , and whose owners may prevent the descent of mercy and the presence of the angels , according to Abu Bakr bin Musa who said : I was with Salem bin Abdullah bin Omar , so I passed the companionship of the mother of the boys in it bells , Salem came to pass his father from the Prophet peace be upon him , he said : ~ angels do not accompany them Rkpo jingle ,~ and Algelgel : small bell attached to the necks of animals (4). Many have chosen people today are far from God , and the distance from the Koran , and the distance from the male , and therefore replaced by the choice of good companionship bad Balrvqh , Is not God in his book says : )omn live mention Rahman antithesis of his devil he is his spouse ) ( Zukhruf : 36 ). What is meant : displays for Rahman and his unification Contrary to any make his companion of the devil he is his companion in this world and in the Fire (5). And this devil adorns him with falsehood and evil , bored him with dhikr and obedience, and makes his happiest times with amusement, music and singing , and like this it is necessary for him to hold himself accountable and correct for it , and to resemble the righteous and the last who remember God standing and resting and on their side , the remembrance is not separated from their tongue , people in Gflathm cut Flathm . It is also felt like this kind of visions desolate and afraid of them , explain to him to seek refuge with them , stone son said in al- Fath was mentioned in the recipe seeking refuge from the evil vision effect is true , narrated by Sa’eed ibn Mansoor and Ibn Abi Shaybah and Abdul Razak isnaads correct Ibrahim Nakha’i said : ~ If you saw in a dream what he hates , let him say if he woke up : I seek refuge with Aazt by God ‘s angels and messengers of this evil that strikes me where my vision Maol in religious Dnaaa ~(6). I advise all sleep here wanted to read wird before Sayings sleep and can be found more easily than many leaflets in mosques and libraries , and the most important of these wird : 1 – State of the chair . 2 – “ Say, He is God is one ” 3 – Al- Mu`wadhatan : ( Say I seek refuge in the Lord of people ) , ( Say I seek refuge in the Lord of people ). 4 – I seek refuge in the complete words of God from the evil of what He has created . 5 _ I seek refuge in the words of God full of every devil and every eye is important for the nation . 6 _ In the name of God , who does not hurt anything with his name on Earth nor in the Heavens and He is the Hearing , the Knowing . 7 _ Your name Lord put my side and your Lord wear it up , if I grabbed myself Varahmha , and sent him save it, including reservation righteous slaves . 8 _ Oh God , I submit myself to you and directed me to you and authorized my order to you , and my back to you desire GATT and the awe of you , not a refuge nor spared you only to you , secured your book , which was revealed and Npik that you sent . 9 _ in your name Oh God , I die and live . 10 – verses of the three days of Sura starting verse . : “ God is what is in the heavens and what is on the earth, and that you manifest what is in yourselves …” the verses . These Awrad be – God willing – Caldra , which protect you from PROD accursed Satan and his harm , and this is exactly like the battle entered and the dress of war, The arrival of the spears and swords to him have difficulty , and up to him and hurt him to prevent it her of dress and so too , who sleeps and shelter before sleep this wird The legend does not reach Satan with the help of God (7). ________________________________ (1 ) lexicon mediator – op – r (107 ). (2 ) hasan hadeeth narrated by Imam Tirmidhi in the book calls the door of what Gah held in praise by hand – op – 0 narrated by Imam Ahmad in the palm of Almktherin companions, palm Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al – Aas , may Allah be pleased with them – op – And it was narrated by Abu Dawood in the Book of Medicine, Bab How to Raqqa – previous reference -. (3 ) visions of the Prophet peace be upon him ( p . 19 ) – op – and reported by Imam Ibn Hajar in al- Fath (371/12 ) and attributed to Imam Malik and women, different Bosanao, said originally Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi and classed as ruler And correct it . See : Zaad for the son of values (2 /468 ) – op -. (4 ) Narrated by Imam Women in the door decorations Algela Gel book , Imam Ahmad in the palm of Almktherin companions , palm Abdullah ibn Umar ibn al – Khattab may Allah be pleased with him , a director in the right chain of Albany (4 \ 493 ) – a reference earlier -. (5 ) interpretation of Ibn Abbas – op – ( p . 413 ). (6 ) See : Ibn Hajar – Fath al – Bari , (12 /371 ) – op -. (7 ) See : Zaad Ibn values – op – (365 \ 2 ) , I said : proved a lot of scientists have the effect of modern jinn human beings, and they said : is the real effect if the phenomenon is not visible ; And they inferred the entry of air, microbes and others into the human body . This confirms the possibility of entering the jinn to the human body as well . ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi…

…Satan is in a dream an enemy in religion and the world, deceitful, eager, arrogant, indifferent and indifferent . The vision of Satan is joy, excitement and lust . And whoever sees the devil floundering him, he consumes usury . And whoever sees that Satan follows him, then his enemy deceives and seduces him . And whoever sees that he is talking to the Devil, then he is talking to one of his enemies . And whoever sees that Satan has descended on him, he will obtain redemption and sin . And whoever sees that he presides over the demons while they are obedient to him, he will receive leadership, honor, prestige and honor . Whoever saw that he had bound the demons, he won victory and power . Whoever sees that he is hostile to Satan, then he is a believer, honest, and obedient to God Almighty . And whoever sees Satan with joy and happiness, he will work with desires . And perhaps the vision of the devil indicated spies and the intending of hearing, or the whisper and the glancing . And whoever sees that he has become a demon, he frowns upon people and hastens to harm them ….

…A horse If you dreamed of seeing or riding a white horse, this indicates that the indicators are favorable for success and enjoyable mixing with harmonious friends and beautiful women . If the horse is dirty and emaciated, your confidence will be betrayed by an envious friend or woman . If the horse is black, you will get rich, but you will cheat, and you will be found guilty of wrongful dates . This dream means for a woman that her husband is not loyal to her . If you dream of dark horses, this indicates refreshing conditions, but with a great deal of discontent . Fleeting pleasures often follow this dream . If you see yourself riding a beautiful horse in a chestnut color, then this means an increase in wealth and fulfillment of emotions . For a woman, this dream means a yearning for urgent improvements, and she will enjoy material matters . If you see horses passing in front of you, this means ease and comfort . If you ride a horse that speeds up, the folly of a friend or user will harm your projects . If you see a horse running away with other horses, this means that you will hear about friends ’illness . If you see beautiful horse stallions this indicates prosperity and lavish living and you will be dominated by an excessive feeling . If you see a foal, then this means harmony and lack of jealousy between married couples and lovers . If you ride a horse and drive a stream, you will bring great wealth into your hands and enjoy luxurious delights . If the stream is turbulent or foggy, the expected pleasures will be disappointed somewhat . If you swim on a horse in a clear and beautiful river, you will easily realize your idea of ​​emotional bliss, and that foretells the businessman of a great profit . If you see a wounded horse, it speaks of trouble for friends . If you dream of a dead horse, this indicates various disappointments . If you dream of riding a wild horse, this means that it is difficult to fulfill your desires . If you dream that he throws you down, you will face a strong competitor and your business will suffer from weakness due to the competition . If you dream that a horse has kicked you, someone you love will alienate you . Your poor health will confuse your fortune and wealth . If you dream that you catch a horse in order to tame it and brake or to harness it for riding, then you will see a great improvement in work in all fields, and people will prosper in their professions . If you fail to catch him, luck will let you down . If you see spotted horses, this foretells that various projects will bring you profit . If you dream that you have a horseshoe, then your success is certain . This dream promises the woman a good and loyal husband . If you dream that you put a horseshoe on a horse, this means that you will try to obtain, and you may get, suspicious wealth . If you dreamed of a horse race, this means that you will be overwhelmed with a weak life, but this dream means prosperity for women . If you dream that you mount a horse in a race, you will succeed in life and enjoy it . If you dream about killing a horse, you will hurt your friends because of your selfishness . If you mount a horse without a saddle, you will gain wealth and ease, but through hard struggle . If you mount a saddle horse in the company of men, you will meet honest men who will help you and your success will be well deserved . And if you are in the company of women, then your desires will be free and your success will not be as abundant as it would have been if women had not filled your heart . If you clean a horse, you will not neglect work projects at the expense of being a man of money or a good farmer . Writers will be very diligent in their works, and others will take great care of them . If you dream of a horse, you will accumulate wealth and enjoy life to the last drop . If you see horses pulling carts, then this means wealth with some obstacle, and love will face obstacles . If you climb a hill on a horse and the horse fails to reach the summit while you succeed, you will gain a fortune although you will fight against enemies and jealousy . If you and the horse arrived together to the top, then your ascension is certain, but it will be a material one . If a girl dreams that she is riding a black horse, then this means that she will deal with a wise authority, and some wishes will come true at unexpected times . Black color in horses indicates a delay in expectations . If you see a mare with weak legs, this means that an unexpected distress will thrust himself into your auspicious position . If you try to fix a broken, very small shoe on a horse’s list, you will be accused of doing fraudulent deals with unaware parties . Going downhill from a horse, your business will undoubtedly disappoint you . If a girl dreams that a friend is riding behind her on a horse, then this means that she will be the focus of attention of many prominent and successful men . If she is frightened, it will arouse feelings of jealousy . If the horse turns into a pig after it abandons it, it will not be indifferent to honorable marriage proposals, preferring freedom until it loses all desired opportunities for marriage . If she subsequently sees the pig slipping on the lightning and telephone wires, she will push its center forward by the deception . If a girl dreams that she is riding a white horse going up or down a hill and she is constantly looking back and seeing a person on a black horse chasing her, this means that she will face a period of success mixed with sadness, and her enemies will, within this period, seek to disturb her description with depression and disappointment tirelessly or Boredom . If you see a horse with a human body descending on a hammock in the air, and when it approaches your house, it turns into a human form and approaches your door and throws something that looks like a piece of rubber at your door but soon becomes impossible into big bees, then this means disappointment and useless efforts to recover lost benefits . Seeing animals in human forms indicates a great improvement for the dream and he will make friends by acquiring the virtues of honest profit . If this human body appears sick or stained with freckles, then this means the failure of carefully and carefully drawn plans ….

…As for al-Ma’idah : It was narrated that some of them saw as if a telephone was heard hearing his voice and not seeing his person reciting this verse : “ O God, our Lord, bring down a table on us from the sky .” He recounted his vision on the crossing, and he said : You are in difficulty and pray to God Almighty for relief and ease, and he will answer you . It was as he said . The expressers differed in the interpretation of the table. Some of them said that the table was an honorable and generous man, and sitting on it was his company, and eating from it would benefit from it . If there are men with him at that table, then he frustrates a people with pleasure, and between him and them there is a dispute over a matter of living for him, and the many pure fluffs and good food on the table are evidence of their great affection, and some of them said the table is religion . It was narrated that a man came to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and said : O Messenger of God, yesterday I saw a green lawn with a set table, and a pulpit with seven steps, and I saw you, O Messenger of God, you rose to the seventh, calling for it and calling people to the table . He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : As for the table, Islam, and the green lawn is heaven, and the pulpit is seven degrees, so the world remained seven thousand years, of which six thousand years passed, and I became seven . And the appeal, I invite creation to Heaven and Islam . And some of them said : Al-Ma’idah is an advice on it that needs helpers from a town building or a village building . And some of them said the table is a man’s woman . And he said that some of them saw as if they were eating at a table . Whenever he extended his hand to it, the hand of a blond dog came out from under the table, and he ate with him . He recounted his vision on a crossing and said : If your vision is true, then a young Saqlabah boy will share with you with your wife . He searched for the matter and found it as he said . And if he sees loaves spread on the table, then an enemy appears to him . And if he saw that he was eating from it, a dispute would arise between him and his enemy, according to the saying of some expressers . And it was said that he ate at the table he ate a lot more than his habit of like it, this indicates the length of his life as much as he ate . And if he saw that that table had been raised, he would have run out of life . And it was said that if he sees one or two colors of food on the table, then it is provision that he can reach . And to his children, based on what the Almighty said: ~ Bring down to us a table from heaven .~ And it was said that the table is a spoil in danger, and that spoil has passed away . It was said that it was the food and the subsistence of those who had and ate from it . If it is on her alone, then it is not contested . And if she had someone else, that was the brothers involved . And the frequent fluttering of their affection, and the lack of their lack of affection . A loaf of love is Sunnah, and if he sees that he is spreading food, then it is his disregard for the grace of God Almighty . And Mamlouk saw as if his master’s table had gone out and fled as the animal ran away. When she came to the door, she was broken, so he suggested to him that the wife of his master had died from that day and destroyed all that she had, and that was a duty, because he saw the table on which he was served was broken . As for the trip : a great journey that attains capacity in it, and it was said that it is a journey to a king of great significance, and gaining capacity and comfort for those who find it, because it is the mineral of food and eating ….

…And whoever sees that someone has killed a person and puts it on his neck, he will demand that he be in love and get him from that damage according to the weight and lightness of the mobile ….

…Pregnancy of a person If a person is carrying a burden in a dream, this indicates a bad neighbor . The heavy burden may be guilt . And the heavy burden of a woman is an evil rope or husband . And whoever sees that he is carrying a heavy burden, then he can bear harm from an ill neighbor . And pregnancy on the neck or shoulder sins . Pregnancy for the newborn is a comfort for the mobile and fatigue and fatigue for the pregnant woman . Whoever sees that he carries wood, then he carries backbiting and gossip, and transmits falsehood ….

…The second type of visions of what would be self – talk , and the work of vigilance , and may help them psychological concern, , and stress intellectual . An example of this many occurrence especially in this era abounded in which concerns and overwhelmed the article sometimes , and the pressures of life at other times , we find some before sleep thinks business Besvqath and some think about a new career , and some Bamthanh early in the morning , do not forget the women who frequently overnight with this type also Vtjd Some of them think about their problem with their husbands before sleeping , for example , and so each of them sleeps, and then these thoughts and worries or hopes and pains within each one of them turn into dreams or visions and this is very likely , and then this follows the question of many of them about these visions , which As I mentioned, it is nothing more than pipe dreams . And pressure in the language , the singular of it : compression, which is all that was gathered and seized by collecting the palm and the like, and in the revelation : “ Take a pressure in your hand, and I will strike with it and not perjury. ” It is said : He brought us with pressures of news , that is , with mixed strokes of it . Confused dreams : What was confusing them confused difficult interpretation , and called for mixing Odgatha Vhbht Bodgat plant which is : the package , which takes man from the ground where the small green and the ground and the big and so (1). It can be through the previous offer to note that these Alodgat are not disciplined , but are mixed equivocal , and this also sees some scientists come behind me for one of two reasons ( physical ) or ( myself ) One can either be in a healthy position physical oblique , or in the mood myself troubled , this is reflected on the man and his visions Vtakhtl sputtering and be Odgato divided into two sections : section I : pipe special dreams ; Any private owner only these abound in some categories at certain times Kalmrdy and Kaltalbh and students , such as exam or before a personal interview with one of the educational institutions such as universities , for example , and Kalmqublan to marry the next two employees to upgrade , and so on , and Hola by asking them before crossing Subtle facilitates the discovery of the type Their visions and they are nothing more than pipe dreams . Sayyid Qutb said in the shadows of the Qur’an : Dreams are a mixture of troubled dreams and not a complete vision that bears interpretation , as it does not refer to anything . A . A simple behavior , (2) and her example is the companion who saw his head cut off , and as if he saw the angels ordering him to do something forbidden . . . And other examples (3). Section II : pipe General dreams , and I mean the common folk here are significant for the whole nation as though where – in thought its owner – Bishara general , or public alarm or public event , CA NEWS policy , budget, salaries , vacations , and wars especially if these events or one of them has dominated and accounted for the atmosphere , you will find visions abound about this , see , for example visions after the events of September atheist , and plentiful during the US campaign in Afghanistan and noted the power of the media dominant and path for this campaign, ask yourself : Do you impact on the strong human Sharp or easy? These events have dominated the arena, so there is no voice louder than her voice, so her power becomes permeable to the minds , so if she succumbed to sleep she transformed into visions whose owner may think that they are good news or good news , specific to him or general to the nation , and it is not hidden today for everyone who has the predominance of passion, ignorance and intolerance for opinion Or group and lack of piety, religion, and piety among many people , then the example of someone who sees these visions is looking for someone who will express them to him , and he may anticipate the event and send them before asking about it via his e-mail or his mobile phone , so it becomes the talk of the hour , and the fruit of the councils in a short time ! Here I am not against a class or a particular group, but I am against ignorance, yes ignorance that may go a group or sect or Ani individuals claiming visions , and sedition campus and broadcast some of the interviews and confessions of some of those involved by , in favor of what I said and they were under the dominion of illusions and dreams , This applies to some of the Sufis who have always inferred visions in which the Messenger of God came to them, commanded them and forbade them , or favored a deed for them , and thus they put it in the degree of revelation that the Companions lost with the death of the Messenger of God , and they found him , Ibn Hajar said in (4): If the sleeper saw the Prophet, pray May God be upon him and grant him peace, commanding him to do something , is he obliged to comply with it and must : or must he present it to the apparent Sharia , for the second is the approved one . There is a difference between the rich and the chandeliers , yes . Visions of which have missionaries to an individual or group , or even a nation , but this is conditional on two conditions : First : there is a reference reliable exposure it this Alrai also presented a group of companions visions about much of the night on the Messenger of Allah , he said : ~ I see your vision connived in the seven nights , it was Mthariha Flethrha in the nights of the seven , ~ agreed (5), was Bukhari titled in his Saheeh ( door : collusion on the vision ), and Hafiz Ibn Hajar said commenting on the hadeeth : it follows from the talk that the consensus group on the vision of one D on sincerity And its health , as the power of news benefits from reporting on news from a group . Of . (6) The second : is the fairness of the seer and sincerity and not being a Hui , or a goal , or reckless , lived a case or convinced of the idea , Vsitrt his thinking , Vtmthelt his vision in a dream , and here distinguish between visions before the event , and the visions of case or after , And it is no secret that it is in the event of the event or after it, or weaker and weaker than it before it – just as it is not hidden for everyone interested in this art , so there is no lesson in the vision of a passionate , just as there is no lesson in the expression of Hui as well , so where is the reference that approves the visions as the Messenger of God? Wayne of similar companions honored the pure? _________________________________________ (1 ) ( glossary Intermediate 540 material : Dgt ( a group of authors published Dar Al Dawa 1980 – Cairo . (2 ) Sayyid Qutb – op – (4 /1993 ), and Muhammad Qutb – op – p . 6 . (3 ) Ibn Hajar opening 354 \ 12, op . cit . (4 ) see Fath al – op – (12 /389 ). (5 ) Narrated by Bukhari as in the opening (4 / 256 ) in the book Taraweeh prayers door petition for much of the night – op – – Muslim , as in the nuclear (8 /58 ) in the book of fasting door preferred night of treachery and urge their request – a reference earlier . (6) see Ibn stone – op – (12 /380 ) ** quoting Dr. Fahad Al – Osaimi…

…** Revelation Mobile from Abu Amir ibn Anas from his paternal uncles of the Ansar said : care of the Prophet peace be upon him how people collect them and was told : focused the banner for the presence of prayer . If they saw permission each other did not like, he said : he recalled his Alguena – means Alhbor – Shaboor the Jews did not like that and he said : ( He is from the command of the Jews. ) He said, so he mentioned to him the bell, and he said (It is from the command of the Christians ) . Then Abdullah bin Zayd left while he was interested in them, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and I saw the call to prayer in his sleep. He said : So tomorrow the Messenger of God prayed God be upon him and he told him, and he said : O Messenger of God, I am one who is asleep and awake, as he came to me, and he showed me the call to prayer. He said : Umar ibn al-Khattab had seen him before that, so he kept it for twenty days. Then he told the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, then he said to him : ( What prevented you from telling me ) He said : Abed preceded me God bin Zaid, you were ashamed, so the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said : ( Yabal, stand up and see what Abdullah bin Zaid orders you to do ) He said : Then Bilal gave permission . And on the authority of Abd al-Rahman bin Abi Laila, he said : The companions of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, told us that Abdullah bin Zaid al-Ansari came to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and said : Oh Messenger of God, I saw in a dream as if a man rose and against him were two green against a wall ridge, so he made an ear bending over and sitting down. Kada . He said, then Bilal heard that, so he got up and called a second ear, and he stood by two and sat two feet ….

…Hama If you see your mother-in-law in a dream, this means reaching an understanding about some big differences . If a woman dreams that she is talking to her mother-in-law, this means that there is someone who harbors hostility to her and is causing her trouble ….

…Is there a place in the brain that makes the dream curse? As for the vision that is from God, it has nothing to do with the body and matter, as I said, rather it is related to the soul, as it is a divine revelation that God guides with his will and will as he, glory be to Himself, as well as the dream. He is from Satan, as we have discussed, a fact, not a metaphor . This viewpoint is legitimate for the meditator, but there is another point of view that – after conducting many laboratory experiments – in which the brain was examined in some animals, such as cats, the presence of a group of neurons somewhere in the brain that controls the animal’s movement, or its rigidity during sleep, And because experiences reinforce each other, and because some animals are seen sleeping making some movements or crying, which made these scholars judge the possibility of dreaming in these animals, and this may be acceptable. I mean the possibility of her dreaming, and the possibility of it being emanating from some nerve cells, but then it is of the type of compote, as we decided when talking about : animal dreams, as for the vision and the dream, their place is what we decided, and his starting point is legitimate for the fair meditator, and I hope that I clarified this information . And God knows best ….

…Halawi his vision in a dream indicates a dream, the conclusion of marriages and the renewal of positions and children . Al-Halawi is a righteous and kind man if he does not take the price, and if he takes the price, then talking affects money . Halawi has sweet words and nice manners . It was said : It is the work of knowledge . And it was said : He is a man who longs to cause enmity between people and gossip ….

…The cob is in a dream a maid, servant, or talking, so whoever drank from the cob will benefit from money on their side . And if he saw that it was broken, it is the death of the servants and slave girls ….

…If you wandered in a dream in a palace or admired its luxury, this foretells of increasing your capabilities and good reputation, and you will receive a prestigious position . If you see and hear beautiful men and women talking and dancing in a palace, this foretells of being consumed by a new useful and happy company . If an average girl dreams that she participated in a party with people of her class in a palace, this foretells that she is about to marry and that relatives will be generous and kind to her . For a girl who comes from a humble environment, this dream is confusing and does not carry a clear meaning, as her frivolous, lazy mind is stuffed with frivolous daydreams, and when she saw this dream, she should start serious honest work and curb her deceptive ambitions by resorting to the advice of mother and friends . If you dream that you are in a palace with a room inhabited by ghosts, this foretells that your coming days will bring you misfortune and disappointment . If you dream that you are in a big palace, this predicts success in your coming days and wealth . If you dream of a mansion that you see from a distance, this foretells of successes in your future ….

…If you dream that you are talking with a dumb person, then it means that unexpected events in your life will raise you to a higher position . If you see in a dream that I am silent, then its interpretation exposes you to disaster and great distress ….

…Hadith If you hear a hadith in a dream, you will soon hear about the illness of one of your relatives, and you will be worried . If you hear others speaking loudly, you will be accused of interfering with others’ privacy . If you think other people are talking about you, then you are threatened with illness and misfortune ….

A man came to a transient, and he said, “I saw two dogs talking on my woman’s vagina.” He said, “This is a woman who wanted to challenge her.

…And if he saw that the hyena was talking to him, he was referring to a woman with a long tongue who ruled over him, and he had no control over him. Abu Saeed said the preacher to the hyena is an unjust and bloodless enemy ….

…And whoever sees a good woman talking to her, mixing with her, laughing with her, playing with her, or entering him in his house, then it is fertile year, good and pleasure, and if he is poor, he gets money and livelihood, and if he is imprisoned, God bless him ….

…A crow is in a dream a great, huge, patient man, or an admirer of himself stingy . And whoever became a raven got forbidden money . And the doomed crow . And whoever sees a raven talking to him, he will obtain an immoral child, and Ibn Sirin, may God Almighty have mercy on him, said : Rather, he pours a severe misfortune and then releases him . And the crow indicates the separation of loved ones and strangers . And whoever saw that he ate crow meat took money from thieves . And whoever sees a raven that scratches it, he will perish in the extreme cold and will suffer pain . He who gave a raven was pleased . And the Hooded Crow denotes the longevity of the crow . And whoever sees a raven fall on the Kaaba, it is an immoral man who marries an honorable woman . And whoever sees that a raven was born to him, then he is the apple of his eye . And whoever saw crows in his house would gain money and dearness to the end of his life . And the crow is a treacherous warrior, and perhaps a sign of eagerness in the pension . And perhaps he indicated hidden hidden things in the earth and buried the dead, the Almighty said : ( So God sent a raven searching the earth to show him how to hide his brother’s affliction ) , and perhaps the raven indicated alienation and pessimism with news, worries and insults . And the planting crow denotes the man mixed with good and bad . And the crow is a liar, lascivious person . And whoever sees a raven in his house, there is an immoral person in that place . And whoever sees a camouflaged crow sees something that he marvels at in waking life . And whoever sees a raven in a place, a stranger dies . See also the magpie ….

…In a dream, it is indicative of returning deposits, or salvation of the patient from his illness, or the prisoner from his prison, and perhaps this indicates meeting with the absent . And death in a dream is a deficiency in religion, corruption in it, and a height in the world if it is accompanied by crying and screaming as long as it is not buried in the dirt, and if it is buried it does not hope Salah . And whoever saw that he died and there was no dead body, this indicates the demolition of a house from his home, and it was said : Rather, that is blind in his vision and long in his life . And it was said : Death is a journey or poverty . It was said : Death is absolutely marriage, because the dead person needs perfume and washing like a married one . And whoever sees that he died and is pregnant and not buried, he will defeat his enemies . And whoever sees that he lived after his death, he will be made rich after his poverty or repent of his sin . And whoever is dead told him that he has not died, he is in the shrine of martyrs . And whoever sees the dead person is sick, he is responsible for his religion . If the people of the graves go out and eat all the people’s food, then the price of the food goes up . What the dead person tells about himself or someone else in a dream is true and truthful . And whoever sees a dead person in good shape while laughing, this is so . And whoever sees that he prays for the dead, he preaches to a heartless man . And whoever sees that he is walking on the track of a dead, he should follow his path . And whoever saw that the imam died, the country would be ruined, and vice versa . Death is remorse from a great sin . And whoever sees that he died while naked, then he will be poor, and if he is on a rug, the world will be simplified for him . And whoever sees that his son has died, he will be saved from his enemy . And whoever saw that he had died and was buried, then a slave indicated that he had been freed, and if he was not married, he indicated that he had married, and if the patient saw that he had married, he would die . And death is a good guide for those who are afraid or sad, and the death of brothers indicates the death of the enemies . And whoever sees that he is among a people of the dead, then he is among a people of hypocrisy . And whoever sees that he accompanies a dead person, he will travel far away . And whoever sees that he is in the bath, his command will be exalted, and he will be saved from sins, worries and debts . And whoever sees a dead person that he is alive, he will live for him a dead matter . If he sees the dead person busy or tired, then that distracts him with what he is in, and if he is sick, he is responsible for his debt . And if he saw that his face was blackened, then he died on disbelief . And whoever sees that he has resurrected the dead, a Jew or Christian, or a heresy, greets them on his hands . If he sees that he brings the dead to life, then he is guiding a lost people . And whoever is seen alive gives the dead something that may be eaten or drunk, so it is harm that befalls him in his money . If he sees the dead person and gives him food, he will gain an honorable livelihood . If he sees that the dead person has taken his hand, then money will fall into his possession from a hopeless side . Talking with the dead is a long life, and taking from the dead is provision . And whoever sees that he speaks to the dead, then there will be denial between him and the people . And whoever sees that he accepts a well-known dead, he benefits from the deceased with knowledge or money he left behind . And it was said : Whoever sees that he receives a dead person and the person of the vision is sick, then it indicates his death . And whoever sees that he marries a dead woman and sees that she is alive, then the living will die . And whoever sees that the dead person gives him his worn or dirty shirt, then he will be poor . And whoever sees that the dead is struck alive, the living has brought corruption into his religion . And whoever sees a dead person beating him, he will get better from traveling . And whoever sees a dead person asleep, his sleep will rest in the Hereafter . And if he sees a living person sleeping with a dead person, his life will be long . And whoever sees that he is alive among the dead, he travels far away and corrupts his religion, and if he sees that he is with the dead while he is alive, then he mixes with people in their religion, corruption . And whoever sees the deceased among the infidels wearing old clothes, then he will be in poor condition in the Hereafter . And whoever sees a dead person and tells him that he never dies, then he is in the shrine of martyrs and he is blessed in the Hereafter . And whoever sees that his mother dies, then his world goes away and spoils his condition . And whoever sees that his brother has died and is ill, then he is his death . And whoever sees that his wife dies, his industry in which his livelihood becomes depleted . And whoever sees that he prays for the dead, he will intercede for a corrupt man . And whoever sees that a dead person drowns in a sea, then he is drowning in sins . And whoever saw that the dead came out of their graves, those in prison would be released . Perhaps death suddenly indicated the speed of wealth for the poor . The death of the prophets, peace be upon them, in a dream is a weakness in religion, and their lives are the opposite . Perhaps the death of the scientist indicated the emergence of a heresy in religion, the death of parents in short supply, the death of the wife is a world leaving, and the death of the child a male interruption . And the dead’s prayers for the dead are invalid acts . Seeing the dead polytheists in a dream are enemies ….

…Yusuf, peace be upon him, seeing him in a dream is indicative of the king and the succession, and perhaps in his time was the high price, drought, and the loss of family, relatives and children . His vision indicates imprisonment and salvation from it, luck from women, or knowledge of vision and interpretation of dreams, and perhaps victory over his enemy and pardoned him . Perhaps a great miracle appeared to him, such as the return of his father’s eyesight, peace be upon them, and if the woman saw Yusuf, peace be upon him, and she was single, she got married and became rich, and if she was poor, she improved her condition in this world and the hereafter . And whoever saw Joseph, peace be upon him, the guardians and relatives submitted to him, and he would be a lot of charity and charity, and it was said : Whoever sees Joseph, peace be upon him, will afflict him with affliction and affliction from his brothers, then he escapes and gains victory over his enemies . And whoever sees Joseph, peace be upon him, talking to him or giving him something, then he will become a porter of dreams, knowing the knowledge of dates . And whoever saw him gained good in his exile, and if he was a prisoner, he would get rid of his imprisonment, and his enemies subjugated to him, and if he was absent he would return to his homeland safely, and if he was a student for the presidency, he would have it ….

…Visions in terms of the definition of the term ** First : the definition of visions when Muslim scholars : Muslim scholars set out in the definition of the vision of a special legitimacy of those texts that Vq Guet between vision and other than man sees in his dream and E of these texts , which began scientists in their definitions through which modern Abu Qatada agreed upon : ( true dreams of God and the dream of the devil ) (1) and the doctrine of the year in that vision : a set of beliefs and INSERTED Cat God delivered in the heart of the slave at the hands of a king or a demon . Either by their names any truth . Either we intend it, or it is wrong . Ibn al- Arabi said : This is similar in the case of vigilance contained thoughts on the human heart and thought it E ) T on the format . Ie on one system . Otherwise, it may come in an uncollected extract . And defined forward , she said al-maziri : the doctrine of the Sunnis in the truth of Revelation . That God Almighty creates beliefs in the heart of the sleeping person just as He creates them in the heart of the awakened, and He, Glory be to Him, does what He wills that does not prevent him from sleep or awakening, so if He created these beliefs it is as if He made them a science on other things He creates them in the second case, or He created them . And I knew that they are : beliefs that God creates in the heart of the sleeper – just as He creates them in the heart of the awakened, so if he creates them, it is as if he made them a flag on other things, then he creates them in the second case, and those beliefs sometimes fall in the presence of the king, then what is easy falls after . And sometimes the devil is in the presence of falls beyond what hurts . (2) In fact , the meditator in tariff notice that they are similar to a large extent as observed signal to differentiate between the two types of what man sees in his dreams . Which I will talk about in the next paragraph . Anne Alhadit also noticed Acar by saying : ( true dreams of God , and the dream of the devil ) that God creates the vision and beliefs that make them pleased to note that without the presence of the devil . And he creates what is knowledge on what harms the presence of Satan, so he attributes a reward to Satan for his presence with her, even if he has no real action . This is the meaning of saying ( peace be upon him ) (( Revelation of God and the dream of the devil )) is not on the devil to do something . Some scientists : that the devil has done and the impact of direct evidence of the hadeeth Jaber may Allah be pleased with him said : A man came to the Prophet , peace be upon him , said : (( I saw as if my neck hit, he said : ( one of you Btalb the devil did not happen? ) Narrated by Muslim and Imam Ahmed, and this term of Imam Ahmad . in the word when Imam Muslim : he said : O Messenger of God : I saw in a dream as if my head hit Vtdhrj Vachtddt on its impact . the Messenger of God inflectional : ( not speaking people Btalb the devil to go to sleep ) Jabir said : I heard the Prophet peace be upon him after a sermon he said : Hala making a one of you Btalb the devil in his sleep . (3) Imam Muhammad Safaareeni mercy of God said : to be Btalb the devil that he sees in his dreams what saddens him . it enters worry and anger and confuse him in his vision . he manipulated 0 said to each action that does not work it useful : but you are a player . he said in an interview , istinja said , peace be upon him ( that Satan plays the seats in the sons of Adam ) (4) ie it attends ‘s locations , istinja and monitors hurt and corruption? because it places deserted where Allah reveals where he commanded awrahs Bstrha and to refrain from exposure to the eyes of viewers and Mohab the wind and Rchata urine . all this Satan played and this opinion is correct, so the dream from Satan becomes reality . He is the one who portrays him as a reality, not a reward . This is from his permanent and declared hostility to humans . The act of the devil if Napata fact . No metaphor . Sayyid Qutb , may Allah have mercy on him , he said : above all . We decide that knowing its nature or not knowing it has nothing to do with proving its existence and the veracity of some of it . . . Until he said . . . We perceive the nature of these visions in this way that the barriers of time and space are what prevent this human creature from seeing what we call the past and the future . Or the hidden present . And that what we call the past or the future is obscured by the factor of time . The distant present also obscures the place factor . And that the sense of what is in a person, we do not know its nature, is awakened or strengthened, so it overcomes the barrier of time and sees what is behind it in an ambiguous form . Not a science, but a trace . Etc. his words . Then he said : And I can lie everything before I lie, an accident that occurred to me while I was in America and my family in Cairo . And I saw when the sleeper saw the son of a sister to me as a young man, with blood in his eye that kept her from seeing . So I wrote to my family inquiring about his own eye . The response came to me that his eye had internal bleeding and that he was being treated . It is noticed that the internal bleeding is not seen from the outside . It was a sample view of those seen by the naked eye normal sight, but was hidden from sight of internal bleeding at the bottom, either vision has revealed that Mahjoub blood inside (5) ** Second : the definition of visions when scientists non – Muslims : For scientists , non – Muslims , they have There are many reprehensible stories on this subject, and the reason for this is that they tried to find facts that are not aware of the mind to which they appeal in this and many other aspects . They also do not believe or believe in revelation or hearing, and therefore their words were disturbed . Whoever belongs to medicine attributes all the vision to the four mixtures, which are phlegm, bile, blood, and black, for example : They say that whoever is overwhelmed by sputum sees that he is swimming in water, because of the water’s suitability for the nature of the sputum, and whoever is overcome by yellow sees the flames, and this is not evidenced by it nor is it usually done. And what they said is a type of vision and the vision is not limited to it , for we know that some of it is from the soul , some of which is from Satan and some of it is from the Most Merciful . And philosophers claim that the pictures of what is going on in the earth is the world’s top Kalnicoh what adjoin some of them Antakec in the heart of the sleeping , and this Plato ‘s theory known as the theory of the ideals that most opinion corrupt than its predecessor , because Alantqash of the qualities of objects and what is going on in the upper symptoms of the world , and symptoms Do not discuss it . Some non – Muslim scholars have to try to unravel the mystery of dreams and access through which to judge the human psyche, motives and tendencies and trends and even held . He has published the world of Sigmund Freud named author ( analysis of dreams ) in 1899 AD , and sees that as the ( ego ) in the event of vigilance is the one who controls the strength of the movement, this function disrupted during sleep , and then fades a large censorship imposed on the part The ( is ) or subconscious said : The withdrawal of psychological shipments that the function of control or weaken it allows some freedom now seems . Intended dream state • Harmless . It has been used ‘ Freud ‘ analysis of dreams as a means to reach the depths of the unconscious and Akoshvh for his secrets . Freud ‘s Anne is dreams as a ~ Royal Road ~ ( to the Subconscious containing the contract and the motives and repressed desires . And cared scientist ~ Karen Horney ~ analysis of dreams . They see that dreams increase insight about the situation and reveal some trends of the patient towards the world . It is believed ~ Aaark from ~ that dreams reflect the reasonable elements and elements unreasonable personal at the same time (6). It is noticeable from this brief presentation to their point of view these include : _ focus on the use of dreams as a means to enter the patient ‘s world and find out the cause of his illness , or condition . . they focus only on the so – called Bodgat dreams , which thinks about the man before his sleep and then see after his sleep , or focus on something that has nothing to do with dreams , but is what they do with patients in psychiatric clinics after making it relax in the clinic and leaves talking about himself and for his work and his wife and those around him , and the doctor to monitor this talk , and enter through this personal patient , and this is quite different from the visions that man sees in a dream by the king of vision . Sayyid Qutb says : says a school of psychoanalysis about the nature of vision : it Photo Dreams breathe in pent-up desires in the absence of awareness, and this represents a part of dreams . But not all represented . And Freud himself . On all his unscientific control over his theory, he decides that there are prophetic dreams . (7) says Mohammed Ali Qutb supporter of Sayyid Qutb : I have adopted ~ Ofroed ~ in more analysis and conclusions on Alrai and then sat through which the rules and the foundations on which he built his theories in psychology , but • unfortunately – it was heading in the symbols and meanings direction physically, or It is a decadent animal, so the person does not do justice to his humanity , and the vision – no doubt – is partial in a person’s daily life , but it is in a framework of the occult from the world of revelation, life coexistence and sensory practice , a vision that is not a vision but an insight , and a movement that is not with the limbs and organs, but only in the emotional sense . (8) Perhaps the best of us to explain the reason for this shortcoming of the psychologists in understanding the visions and give it the right of Imam al – Qurtubi said : cause confusion illegal reluctance of what came prophets from the straight path and enough remarks in response (9). ________________________________________ (1 ) Agreed , Al – Bukhari narrated as Fath al – Bari (369 \ 12 ) forward Ibn Hajar . Riyadh published a modern Muslim library as in the nuclear explanation (17 \ 15 ) published the Egyptian printing press and Stationers (2 ) Mohammed Safaareeni . Explanation of triplets Musnad Ahmad (1 /169 ) to achieve Zuhair Shawish i : Office of Islam 1392 e . (3 ) Narrated mm as in the nuclear explanation (15 /27 ) in the Book of Revelation – op . Cit . ) And narrated by Ahmad in the rest of the palm Almktherin 0 in the palm Jaber bin Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him published Cordoba Foundation in Egypt . (4 ) Narrated by Abu Dawood in the Book of Purity . Bab occultation of the open publication of Dar thought the achievement of Muhammad Muhyiddin Abdul Hamid . And prizes in the book Purity and Sunnahs door Alarataad of urine and faeces . Publishing House of Thought . Achieve Mohamed Fouad Abdul Baki and Ahmed in the rest of the palm Almktherin in the palm Jaber bin Abdullah – op – and see the words of Imam Safaareeni to explain trios Imam Ahmad • op • (170 \ 1 (5) Sayyid Qutb – in the shadows of the Koran – published Dar Sunrise i 1402 e (4/1972) (6 ) expansion see : Dr . Hamed Zahran . Mental Health and psychotherapy . (7) Sayyid Qutb op (4/1972) (8) Mohammad Ali Qutb – Hieran guide in interpreting Dreams – Published by the Quran Library – Cairo, p. 5 (9) Ibn Hajar – Fath Al-Bari – previous reference ) (12/353) * Quoted from Dr. Fahd Al-Usaimi ….

…And with regard to the beard : Whoever sees that it has grown too long, his visions indicate debt and distress . If it goes on until it falls to the ground, it indicates death, because God Almighty says : ~From it we created you, and in it we will return you .~ If it lasted until it stuck to his stomach, he struck money and the face with which he would tire as much as it was on his stomach . If he saw that her length was of a good measure, he would have earned money, dignity, and a good life . And it was said that if it was prolonged until it reached the navel, it indicated that it was not in obedience to God . If he saw that its sides were long without its waist, then he would get money that others would enjoy, and Ibn Sirin came to a man, and said : I saw my beard reached my navel, and I looked at it . He said : You are a muezzin looking at the neighbors ’role . The beard is not praised in the interpretation of the boy who is not an adult, and if he sees that he took a beard other than him in his hand and pulled it, then he inherits his money and eats it . The loss of the beard if it does not increase is evidence of ease and the elimination of debt and vagina . And if its decrease is greater, it indicates humiliation and money and prestige . If he sees as if a cushion is speaking to his wife, his matter is confused by his destiny, and he separates between him and his loved ones, because the devil, God cursed him, spoke to Eve in the form of a cosmetic . And the blackness of the beard’s hair indicates dispensing if it was dark, so if it was blackened to green, he would gain a lot of possession and money, but he would be a tyrant, because it is a characteristic of Pharaoh’s beard . Its yellowishness is a sign of poverty and scarcity, and the red one is a sign of piety . And if he saw that he took his beard and had her hair scattered in his hand . He grabbed it and did not throw it to him, because money goes from his hand and then returns to it. If he sees as if he threw it, money is gone from him and it is not returned to him . Increased mustache hair is detestable . And its incompleteness is praiseworthy, and the interpretation of plucking the beard for the rich man is his extravagance of his money, and for the poor indicates that two people meet him together, and indicates that he borrows from a person something and lends it to another . And shaving the beard, financial and prestige go . If he sees as if he has cut off his beard what is left over from his grasp, then he is paying zakat on his money . And gray hairs in the beard and dignity and prestige . And Hemoglobin : Lester, if Hb Balhina, indicated his commitment to the year . If he saw as if he had shaved his head without his beard, he would keep the secret of his boss . If he sees as if he afflicted them all, then he strives to hide his poverty, and he seeks fate with the people . And if poetry accepted its pigmentation, then it will return to its direction and not remain for much . If he sees as if he is dying with mud or plaster, then he is asking for shops and his matter is well known . A woman’s beard indicates that she never gives birth, and it was said that it indicates her illness. It was said that it was interpreted as the increase in her husband’s money and her son and the honor of her son, and it was said that if she was married, she indicated her husband’s backbiting . If she sees that she is pregnant, she will give birth to a son and his affairs are fulfilled . And it was said that he who has a long beard and a lot of hair will have a long life and more money . And it was said that something that occurs before its time indicates evil, such as when male boys see a beard or white in the feeling, and female young boys have a wedding or a son . Likewise, all that is outside his time except for speaking, for speaking is a good guide, because man is by nature a talking animal . If a young man who has not yet reached the dream sees that he has a beard, then he dies and does not reach the dream, and that is because the time has preceded when he should have had a beard . If the boy is not far from the time of the beard plant, then that is evidence that he is alone and doing his own thing . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin, and said : I saw as if my beard was getting longer and Sabalai did not grow long, so he said : You hit money that others can congratulate on . And the hook is the aid of the man who flaunts it and lives with it among the people, so what he saw in it happened so he interpreted it as you mentioned . And whoever sees half of his beard shaved, then he is lacking and he goes towards it, so if he shaved it an unknown young man, he went towards the hand of an enemy he knew, or his name or his counterpart . If a sheikh shaves it, then he goes with his estimated limit, and if it is unknown, then he goes in his direction by the hands of an oppressive exploiting chief, who has no basis, and if he sees that it is cut off, then he should be cut from his money and go from his side as much as he cut from his beard . If he sees that they have flown, then he is going to his family, and his ability is from his money . Shaving is easier than plucking, and plucking may be good for some of his affairs if the face is not suspicious, but that goodness is difficult for him ….