Small Tweezers If you see a small tweezers in a dream, this foretells that you will live in distress and hardship . You will feel sad and sad and your friends will abandon you ….

…And whoever thinks that he is sitting on a small rug and under it is a large and wide rug, the interpretation indicates the great, not the little, but rather the little one ….

…And it was said that he who saw that he carried a small in his swaddle, that he would be saved from worry and distress unless the little one was stuck, and it was said that if he was afraid he would be safe ….

…Whoever sees a small good, it will get good and benefit ….

…And it was said whoever saw that he was carrying a small child, then it is better than that of a young child, or it was said whoever saw that. If he was sick, he would wake up, and if he was distressed, God would relieve his concern, and if he was imprisoned, God would let him go ….

…And whoever sees that he is in a small bed while he is shaking in it, he will aim and commit what the little ones commit ….

…Al-Kirmani said: “Whoever saw a small bed, if he had a wife, she should be pregnant, and if she was pregnant, she would have a male remembrance of being male .”…

…And whoever thinks that he sold wheat for a small price, then it is good for him, and if he sells it dearly, then he will lose his debt ….

…If the vagina was small, his enemy prevailed, and if it was large, his enemy prevailed ….

…And it was said that he who saw that he carries a small, it is they and grief ….

Young If you see young people in school, this foretells that success and benefit will bestow gifts on you ….

…And whoever sees a narrowing or smallness in his chest, it indicates the lack of his religion, because God Almighty says, ~He makes his chest narrow and embarrassing .~…

And whoever sees his remembrance of him being young, or becoming loosened, or losing it while he conceals that and conceals it from people, then he is poverty and a need for it ….

And whoever sees that he is young or short, then he sells his house or his livestock, even if he has a function of isolation, and it was said that he was oppressed and bankrupt, and he may fear death, and an explanation of that will come in the section of anecdotes ….

…Whoever saw that his head was smaller than it was, his honor decreased ….

And whoever saw that a little child was calling, then it was false words against his parents ….

Whoever sees that a young person with a good face is presented to him, then he shall interpret on two faces as a king and a good tidings, since he was not carried on his arms ….

And whoever sees a boy who is well-known and sees in him something that pleases him, then it is good and a blessing, and if he sees in him what he is disgraceful of, then his silver, and if he is unknown, then there are two faces in it it was said an enemy or good news and whoever saw it as if he became a young man it was said that he has a great deficiency in his religion or world and it is said that he dies and who He saw that a young man with a good face was presented to him, for it is interpreted on two faces of a king and a good tidings. If he was not carried on his arms, and it was said that he who saw that he was carrying a small in a swaddle was said to be saved from them and distressed what the little one was not stuck with, and it was said that if he was afraid, he would be safe. He shouted for a child, for they were gone, and it was said that his sins were upset, and whoever saw a small good, it would be good and benefit, and it was said that he who saw that he was carrying a small child is better than he who carries a small one.

…A small church If you dreamed of a small church, this indicates disagreement in social circles and troubled work . If you are in a small church this means disappointment and a change of business . If young people dream of entering a small church, this includes false emotions and enemies and may confuse them with a failed marriage ….

…The rug : is a worldly life for its owner, its breadth is the breadth of the world, its breadth is the breadth of sustenance, and its friendship is longevity . If it is seen as if it was laid in an unknown location or by a people whom he does not know, then he attains that in a book . And the smallness of the rug and its paper the lack of life and short life . Fold folding of bliss and age . And whoever sees himself on a rug gains safety if he is in war, and if not in war, he will buy a farm . Spreading the rug among known people or in a well-known location indicates the sharing of blessing among the people of that place . And it was said that the rug is a tribute to its owner, who is spread out for him, and his land on which he will be affected . All of this is as much as the breadth, thickness, delicacy and essence of the rug . If he sees that he has a new, cheeky rug for him, then he attains in his world the abundance of sustenance and longevity . If the rug is in his home, his country, his locality, his people, or some of his gatherings, or with those who know him with his affection or by addressing him, so that nothing of that is unknown, then he attains that worldly life as described . Likewise, his age is in it in his country or place in which he is, or among his people or his mixtures . And if that is in an unknown place and an unknown people, then he is estranging and he attains that in estrangement . If the rug was small and thick, it would attain comfort in its worldly life, and a small hand . And if he is thin as thin as the rugs are wide, then he attains a wide world and his life is little in it . If thickness, breadth and essence are combined, longevity and sustenance will be combined for him . And if he sees that the rug is of a small character, then there is no good in it . If he sees his rug folded upon himself that has been folded or folded for it, he is moving it from place to place . If he moved also to an unknown location, then his life has run out and his worldly life is closed from him, and his consequences are like that in his neck . If he sees in the place to which one of the dead has moved, then he will achieve that . If he saw a folded carpet, he did not fold it, nor did he see it folded, nor saw it published before that and it is his own, then his world is folded from him while it is kept in it, and he gets some distress in his livelihood . The extension to him expanded his livelihood and released him . And the rug indicates sitting with rulers and presidents, and everyone who steps in the rug . Whoever folds his mats, his rule will be suspended, or his travel is not possible, or his world is kept from him . And if it was kidnapped or burned by fire, its owner died or was not allowed to travel . And if his amount narrowed down his life . If the rug’s body is slain near its deadline, or its body is emaciated, or it is overlooked . And the pillow and the accompanying maid, what happened in it, it is in them ….

…A certain dream foretells success in small matters . If a certain woman ate or threw her, this foretells that the envious will disturb her with small nibbles . ~ Designated : a piece CARAMEL usually small medical material include ~….

…Spider Seeing a spider in a dream suggests prudence and vitality in managing your business . You will be lucky and you will accumulate a great fortune if you see a spider weaving its own tissue, this predicts family happiness . If you kill a spider, this predicts a quarrel with your beloved wife. If a spider bites you, then you will be a victim of the misfortunes and intrigues of the enemies in the vicinity of your work . If you see several spiders hanging in their tissues around you, this is a good omen and foretells of luck, wealth, good health, and loyal friends . If you see a big spider attacking you, you will quickly reach wealth unless the dangers impede you . If you see one very large and another small spider heading towards you, you will have good white days and you will feel mature in your life . If the big spider stings you, then this means the envy of your wealth steals, and if the small spider stings you, you will be annoyed with some small intrigues and minor problems . If you run away from a large spider you will lose quite a bit of money . If you killed a spider in the dream, your condition will eventually improve . If the spider comes back to life and catches you, you are threatened by disease and poverty . If a woman dreams of seeing a spider or golden spiders dancing around her, this predicts improvement in her family circumstances and more friendships ….

…Al-Kirmani said: ~Whoever thinks that his rugs are small indicates his short life .~ And whoever thinks that his rug is small but wide, then it indicates his short life and breadth . And whoever thinks that his simplicity is small and old, it indicates his lack of life, livelihood, bad living, and he may have been walking other than the good path ….

…Harvesting a dream at the time of harvest foretells success and fun . If the harvest crops are abundant, then this bodes well for the country and the state, as the political mechanism will do its utmost to push all the situations forward . A small harvest indicates small profits ….

…It was said that the crossing needs to ask someone who sees a vision and forgot it when he woke up from his sleep how he found his condition. If he finds his hand on his fingers, then he will have seen small trees and if he finds them on his back, then he will have seen an evident, and if he finds them on his side, then he will have seen someone lying down, and if he finds them on his ribs then he will have seen If a woman finds it on his face, then he will have seen a dustbin, and if he finds it on his head, then he will have seen a huge pillar or a large tree, and if he finds it on his thigh, then he will have seen a tall tree and if he finds it on his knee, then he will have seen a river, and if he finds it on his toes, then he will have seen a small forest ….

…A little little thing after a lot in a dream denotes a forbidden gain, usury, or the wronged . And perhaps a small thing indicates an increase in it, because it is against many. God Almighty said : ( How many of a small group has a large group, God willing .)…

…And Ibn Sirin said, if the number of dinars is five, then it indicates doing something that is acceptable, and if he has one dinar, a search is neither large nor small, then it is interpreted with a small house of good deeds. If he has a hundred dinars or a thousand dinars, then it is interpreted by obtaining the knowledge of the test, but if the number is a pair, it is not Individuals ….

…As for seeing snakes and scorpions, whoever sees that he is fighting a snake, then he treats an enemy, and the victor over them is the victor over his owner, and the life of righteousness is stronger than the life of water, and its blackness is stronger than its eggs. And whoever sees that a snake bites it, his enemy gets him with hatred as much as a sting, and whoever sees that he killed a snake, he will gain an enemy. He is dead, because God suffices his command, and whoever sees that he is the king of a serpent he does not fear, then he strikes power as much as that serpent in serpents, and if the serpent is of gold or has images on it, then he has great authority, and if it is small white and he owns it, then he is his grandfather who seeks him, and if he does not own it then he is a weak enemy And the small snake is an enemy of the family and others, and whoever sees in his hands a snake seeking and catches it in his hand, he is safe from what he fears and whoever sees that he fears a snake and does not see it, then this is safe for him from his enemy. If he inspects it, then he will be affected by fear of his enemy and without harm from him. He sees something that wonders about him and gets a lot of good, and whoever sees life in the hollows of houses, they are enemies of women and relatives, and if he sees snakes outside the houses, they are enemies from the far-flung, and whoever sees a snake in his house or on his bed, then his wife is an enemy to him, and whoever sees that a snake comes out of his nose or his back or His urethra, it gives birth to a boy and I If it comes out from his ear, belly, or anus, then there is an enemy in his family that comes out of him….

…Limp If you dream that you are limping while you are walking, this means that a small worry will confront you unexpectedly, greatly reducing your enjoyment . If you see others limping, this indicates that the behavior of a friend will naturally hurt your feelings . Small failures accompany this dream ….

…The Cow : A year, and Ibn Sirin used to say that the cow’s quail is to the one who owned it, dearer to me than the Mahazel, because the quail is fertile years, and the mazel are years of fertility, according to the story of Joseph, peace be upon him . It was said that the cow is high and has money, the fat one is a wealthy woman, the meager is poor, the cow is good and useful, and the horned woman is an outcast woman . Whoever thinks that he wanted to milk her and she forbids him with her horn, she is angry about him . If he saw that someone else milked her and did not prevent him, then the ureter betrayed him in his wife . And her pile is worthless money . His wife’s conception of her, and her loss indicates the woman’s corruption . Some of them said that the foreclosure in the face of a cow is a hardship at the beginning of the year, and it is bad for it in the middle of the year, and its miracle is severity at the end of the year, and the slaughtered of the cows is a calamity among relatives, and half of the slaughtered is a calamity for a sister or daughter, because God Almighty says : “ And if it is one, then it has Half ~. A quarter of the flesh is a calamity for a woman, and a small portion of it is a calamity occurring elsewhere . Some of them said that eating beef is halal money in the year, because the cow is Sunnah . Cow horns were said to be fertile years . Whoever buys a fat cow will strike the wilaya of the town of Amra if he is qualified for that . And it was said that whoever hit a cow hit an estate from a great man, and if he was a celibate, he married a blessed woman, and whoever saw it as if he had ridden a cow and entered his home and tied it, he would gain wealth, pleasure and relief from worries . And if he sees her slashing him with her horn, he indicates a loss, and his family and relatives are not safe . And if he saw that he had intercourse with her, he would have become a fertile year without her face . If the colors of the cow are what is attributed to women, then they are like the colors of the horse . Likewise, if it is attributed to years, and if he sees in a draa a cow sucking milk from her calf, then it is a woman who leads over her daughter . And if he sees a slave milking a cow of his master, then he marries the wife of his master, and whoever sees that he has scratched a cow or a bull, he will get sickness as much as it is scratched . And whoever has a cow or an ox against him, he will receive hardship and punishment and I fear being killed . And the cow was said to be a good sign of the ball, and whoever saw it together indicated a disturbance . As for the cows entering the city, if some of them follow one another and their number is understandable, then they are years that enter the people, if they are fat then they are prosperity, and if they are lean then they are hardships, and if they differ in that, then the advanced is fat, the prosperity progresses, and if he is lean, the distress progresses, and if They came together or uneven, and the city was a city of the sea, and that was during the journey and ships were presented according to their number and condition, otherwise it was a synonymous temptation, as if they were the faces of cows as well as in goodness resembling each other, except that they are all zero, because they are diseases that enter people . If the horns are of different colors, or they are averse to it, or if fire or smoke comes out of their mouths or noses, then it is a military, raid, or enemy that strikes them and descends on their yard . A pregnant cow is a fertile year . And whoever sees that he milks a cow and drinks its milk, he will be rich if he is poor, and he will be proud of his status, and if he is rich, his wealth and pride will increase . And whoever gives him a small calf or heifer, he struck a child . And every minor of the races, the chief of which is attributed in interpretation to a man and a woman, then a child is a child . And beef is money, as well as meat . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I were slaughtering a cow or an ox . He said : I am afraid that you will cattle a man, and if you see blood that came out, it is more severe. I fear that it will reach the dead . If you do not see blood, it is easier . Aisha said : I saw as if I was on a hill around me, slaughtering cows, so Stolq told her : If you believe your vision, there will be an epic around you . It was so ….