…Slices of meat, if a person sees them in a dream, is an evil evil or a smell . Perhaps it indicated contentment, rapid livelihood, the rise of desire, and showing what a person intends to conceal . Pounded meat indicates what follows the pounding and beating . It may refer to the celibate to the wife, and to the pregnant woman to the son . And perhaps indicated by the mixing of money with the partners and the emergence of interest among them . If the meat was cooked in a dream, then it is money. As for raw meat, it is all or hunger and diseases, and buying it from the butcher is good . And tender flesh is death . And whoever sees that he eats human flesh, he will backbite him . And if a woman eats the flesh of herself, she commits adultery . And lean beef indicates disease . And snake meat is money from an enemy . And meat of the seven money from Sultan . Meat of prey from birds and pork is forbidden money . And the old flesh is a revenge for the dead . And camel meat is money from a huge man, a strong enemy . And it was said : Whoever eats camel meat gets benefit and money from the king . And beef indicates fatigue and a lack of work . If someone sees slaughtered mutton in his house, he will contact someone he does not know . If he sees in his house the slaughtered lamb is not cut, then it is a misfortune that surprises him, and if the slaughtered is fat, then he inherits money . Whoever sees that he eats raw meat is good, and if he sees it and does not eat it, then it is bad . And if he eats cooked meat, his money increases . And if he ate it with a sheikh, it would be high . Roast beef is a safety from fear, and it was said : It is fertile and rich . And chicken meat indicates the benefit of women . Perhaps meat indicates the dream for those with anger, and the disappearance of worries and anguish indicates the cure of diseases . And meat unanimously forbidden money forbidden . And bird meat is a benefit from travel, and eating bird meat may indicate heaven, because God Almighty says : (And fruit from what they choose, and fowl meat that they desire ). The meat of the beast is a permissible livelihood, and it may be dangerous and difficult . And fish meat is a happy, urgent and halal livelihood, and it may indicate the benefit of the sea or the Sultan . And human flesh won over the enemy . Seeing unknown flesh and blood is evidence of strife and victory, and if he eats fowl meat that is not permissible to eat, then he eats from the money of a malicious wrongdoing people . And goose meat indicates a benefit from the owners of religion, and bird chick meat money in fatigue and hardship . And human flesh consists of his earnings, health and sickness, or his wealth, religion, and piety . And the unknown flesh indicates the legacies of the lost . And if he buys human flesh, he buys broken goods . And whoever eats the extra flesh of himself, he will eat the interest and keep the capital, and if he eats anything other than the extra, he will surpass his capital, or regret an act he does . In a dream, cooked with meat is richness for the poor, and cooked with meat is poverty . If he cooked good food himself, he won the position, or dispensed after his paragraph . I cook . He has another, perhaps cunning . Meat with vinegar, see Al-Skbaj ….

…And it is interpreted in many ways, and the expressions in his expression are many words and differences. Daniel said the vision of meat, if it is cooked, it is interpreted with goodness and benefit easily, and it is easily roasted with fatigue and hardship, and raw pain and sickness and fatigue, selling it and buying them are sorrow and calamity, and eating the flesh of himself indicates backbiting and gossip in the rights of his family and relatives and may come from it A matter that he regrets, and human meat is interpreted by absence, especially for those who eat it, and the meat of the crucified is devolved with forbidden money from a person of high energy of great destiny, and sheep meat unless it is cut. If he enters a house, it is devolved by the death of someone from that house, it will be from the notables and the cut is below him. It is advanced that the butcher devolves to the king of death and taking the meat from it devolves With death .)…

…And whoever sees that he eats cooked or grilled meat, he will gain a livelihood with fatigue and perhaps he will suffer from eating the barbecued fear and it was said that grilling is their sadness and money is forbidden. His servant is smallpox, and if he roasts a calf, if he is one of the one who seeks the boy, he will give good tidings to him, otherwise he will be afraid of his enemies. Meat comes to the house because it is a disease that afflicts it, then it escapes. And whoever sees that he eats dead meat and leaves good in his hands, then he comes forbidden and leaves his family and whoever sees that he eats the meat of a camel or a camel, then he becomes ill and whoever sees that he eats the meat of a ram he eats from an old man and whoever sees that he eats Goat meat, it gets sick a little, then it is recovered. And whoever sees that he eats mutton, then he gets a little good. And whoever sees that he eats from goat meat, he gets a little good from a boy, and whoever sees that he eats chicken meat, then he hits money from captivity and forbidden, and whoever sees that he eats the meat of a bird, then it He eats a large man’s money, and whoever sees that he eats any of the water beasts, he will be hit by a mighty man It is seen in people as much as that animal in water beasts, and whoever sees that he eats the head of something from the animal, it affects what he did not hope for, and his life is prolonged. And whoever sees that he eats from its stomachs, it is an inner money that afflicts him and whoever sees that he eats from his own head, he eats from his capital. He eats from his own eye, for he eats from the eye of his money, and whoever sees that he eats from his liver or his heart, then it is buried money, he eats from it. And whoever sees that he eats human flesh, he will backbite him and whoever sees that he eats leper meat or a leper, then he will hit the Sultan with money and clothing, and if he sees that he eats crucified meat, then he He eats forbidden money from a dominated person, and whoever sees that he eats the flesh of himself, then he hits a great authority. And whoever sees that he eats dead meat or blood and pork, then he hits unlawful money and commits sin, and whoever sees that he eats lion’s meat or dog and the like of lions, then the interpretation of that comes in its door, God willing come…

…Poultry meat : if it is cooked or grilled, a livelihood and money from deception and treachery on the part of a woman . If he is immature, then he is backbiting and abusing a woman . If he sees as if he is eating fowl meat that it is not permissible to eat, then he is eating from the money of a people of dark and cunning . And it was said that eating chicken and goose meat is good for all people, because chicken meat indicates a benefit on the part of the women who are special to it, and that chicken is similar to women in childbirth and walking, and geese indicate a benefit that is made by men who are mortgaged . And chicken birds grilled or fried money in fatigue . Whoever sees that he eats raw chick, he is backbiting the household of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, or the noblest of people . If the chicks of birds are of various kinds that are not eaten from bird lions, then he offends the children of Sultans or commits immorality from them . And birds whose meat is eaten, they benefit from the estate of one thousand dirhams to six thousand dirhams, because they have six members : a head, two wings, two legs and a tail ….

…And whoever sees that he has meat in his hand, whether it is in a broiler or something else while it is roasting, then it is devolved with the forbidden money and perhaps it is grief and the meat of the ram if it is roasted will be devolved by disease and the meat of the sheep is the sickness of the wife or the mother or who takes its place, and the meat of the lamb or the kid if it is roasted will be interpreted in two ways, either the weakness of the children or Weakness of slaves ….

Meat : then pains and sickness, and buying it is a calamity, and soft from it is death, and eating it is backbiting by that man to whom the animal is attributed . Salt is one of the meat of the want, if it enters the house, then it is better for its people to come after a calamity that was before, as much as its amount . Fattening is better than lean meat, and if it is not flesh, it is a livelihood whose memory has subsided . A lean man was said to be poor, and he was said to be a loser . Al-Qadid : Spoil for the dead . And it was said that from eating the scant salted meat, he received a decrease in his money ….

…As for every type of meat whose meat is eaten, each of them was presented in its chapter and its interpretation, but I mention these types because of the difference in them and their relevance. As for what the passersby mentioned, which enriches the detail of each animal and its gender, and it was said that all animal meat is from the sevenths of monsters and prey birds, they are devolved with forbidden money by the kings ….

…Ground meat If you dream that you are eating ground meat, this predicts many sorrows and upsets . You will likely suffer from a few different symptoms of jealousy, and from quarrels due only to trifles, and your health will be debilitated . If a woman dreams that she is cooking minced meat, then this means that she will be jealous of her husband, and her children will be a stumbling block on the path of her pleasure ….

…And whoever sees that he eats the meat of a ram, it is interpreted by the acquisition of money from Majestic Al-Qadr, and the meat of the goats will be interpreted by a minor illness and be cured after it ….

…And whoever sees that it is a camel, camel meat : or a camel, then he will be ill . If he sees that he struck from their meat without eating it, then he hits money from the reason that camels are attributed to him in the interpretation ….

Meat If a woman dreams of raw meat, this foretells that she will encounter many frustrations and discourages that hinder her progress ….

…Salty, broken, and slaughtered meat, if it enters a house, is a good thing that brings them into a calamity that has already been mentioned and dies down, as far as the meat has reached ….

…As for the meat of other birds, what is mentioned in it is forbidden with the money of men, and what is feminine, then it is devolved with the money of women, and what was eaten of its meat is permissible money, and what is not eaten is money, then it is forbidden, and so is all animals ….

…And Abu Saeed, the preacher, said: Meat is interpreted by pain and sickness, and the unknowns of it are misfortune, and freshness is death, and it may be backbiting if he sees evidence of a disagreement with death, salted sustenance after a calamity, and molten meat is lost, and the old is money to be stored and hardship from backbiting ….

Meat broth sauce If you dream about meat broth sauce, then this predicts ill health and disappointing business ….

…Al-Kirmani said: The cooked meat is blessed and blessed, and the grilled meat is also blessed with fear, because the Almighty said, so he was afraid of them, and that was when he saw the barbecue ….

…Duck meat denotes money and grace ….

…Camel meat devolves the enemy’s money ….

…Ostrich meat devolves the money of the people of the desert ….

…The meat of the Persians with money from the elders, the glory and the sublime, especially for those who eat it ….

…Quail meat and the like devolve with the money of a treacherous man ….

…And whoever sees that he bought meat from a butcher and did not bring it to his house, then he will get sick and be cured ….

…And the meat of the snake devolves from the enemy’s money, and eating from it conquers it ….

…Jaafar al-Sadiq said a vision of meat depended on five aspects: money, inheritance, wealth, sadness and calamity ….

…Mule meat spells with disease and sickness to those who eat it, and beef spells health and sunniness ….

…And whoever saw that he brought my grandfather’s meat, he got money ….

…And whoever sees that he brings him with lion’s meat, then it shall be devolved with money from a king, and if he ate from it, he was more and more powerful, and so is his milk ….

…And whoever sees that he brings sheep meat, it is money from a huge man and he eats it more ….

…And whoever sees that he eats the meat of a bird roast, it indicates that money is obtained through deception and trickery ….

…Albulbul meat devolves Ghulam money ….