…The pyramids seen in a dream indicate strange news from earlier nations, sermons and thought . Perhaps her vision indicated marriage to unmarried people with polytheism or non-Arabs, or cohabitation with those, or adherence to the doctrines of the people of heresy, or interest in seeking arts or academic sciences . Perhaps seeing this indicated a long life, places of entertainment, play, musical instruments, dancing, alcohol, and places where there are many images, such as churches, or places of weaving and weaving ….

…If you dreamed of seeing the pyramids, this means that the future will bring you a lot of change . If you dream that you are climbing it, this foretells that you will wander a lot before your desires and dreams are satisfied . As for the girl, this dream means that she will find an inappropriate husband for her . If you carry that you are studying the secrets of the ancient pyramids, this indicates that you will be fond of revealing the secrets of the universe and nature, as your knowledge and culture will increase ….

…Khuff : If he sees it in his leg, and if he has something with him from a weapon or he has died with it, an objectionable thing that he stepped on, such as earth animals, pyramids, mud, thorns, or anything similar to that, then the slipper is then a weapon as a protection for its owner . And be from the nasty . If there is nothing with the slippers from the weapon or from the shamefulness, then the slippers are the ones that afflict the owner . And if he is long and narrow in his leg, he is more anxious and stronger . Whoever sees new clothes on him is good enough ….

Pyramids : They may indicate attachment to graves, and they may indicate that the visionary has committed an act that involves shirk, and it may indicate a journey for tourism ….