…And if she saw that her mask was stolen, then it indicates that her husband had intercourse with a woman, whether permissible or forbidden ….

…And whoever sees that his horse has been stolen, died, or gone with him where he does not know, then he shall interpret the death of his patient ….

…Whoever sees that his sole is stolen or worn by someone else, it is interpreted that someone assassinates his wife ….

…And whoever sees that his donkey has been stolen, it indicates the corruption of his wife and her divorce from him ….

…Whoever sees that his quilt is stolen or burned, he shall be interpreted as a quarrel with his wife, divorce, or her separation in any way ….

…And whoever sees that his parsimony has been stolen, he will become very sad and will be poor and need people ….

…Whoever sees that his pen is lost, stolen, sold, or broken, there is no good in it, and the expression will be according to the viewer ….

And whoever sees that he wears something of jewelery or carries it, and if it is of engraved silver, then it is a blessing, and the naive person without that, and the coating is okay, and if it was pierced, it was better. Perhaps the jewelery made of engraved and pierced gold is better than others, and all the jewelery for women is a good life and the husband’s loyalty to her. For men it entails obtaining a pension and earning ….

Al-Kirmani said: “Whoever sees something made of silver or gold, and if its type is known, then its interpretation is while that type is in the origin of the expression, and if its type is not known, then gold is they and silver is better .”…

And whoever sees his horse stole, it indicates the destruction of his family ….

…Oh Ahmed, take the first navigator 68 – Ibn al-Jawzi narrated on the authority of some of the servants of al-Mu’tadid who said : Al-Mu’tadid was asleep at the time of saying (2) As we turned his bed, he woke up in panic, then he shouted at us, so we came to him and said : And judge, go to the Tigris, and the first ship you find is empty and descending, so bring me its navigator and keep the ship . So we went quickly and found a navigator in Samaria (3) empty and sloping, so the Caliph brought him a great shout, and the spirit of the navigator almost went out, so the Caliph said to him : Woe to you, you cursed, believe me about your story with the woman you killed today, otherwise it struck your neck. He said : So sinned then he said : Yes, Commander of the Faithful, you were Today is magic in my so-and-so law, so I went to a woman like her, wearing luxurious clothes and many jewelry and essence, so I looked at her and occupied her and tightened her mouth and drowned and took all the jewelry and cloth that she had on her, and I was afraid that I would return him to my house so that her news would become known, so I wanted to go with him to Wasit, so they met me. The servants took me . He said : Where is her jewelery? He said : In the chest of the ship under the moorings . The caliph then ordered to bring jewelery, so he brought it, and if there is a lot of jewelery worth a lot of money, then the caliph ordered the navigator to drown in the place where the woman drowned, and he ordered that he call upon the woman’s family to come until they receive the woman’s money . So he called for that for three days in the markets of Baghdad and its alleys, and they came after three days, so he paid them what was from jewelry and other things that were for the woman, and nothing went from it . His servants said to him : O Commander of the Faithful, where did you know this? He said : I saw in my sleep that hour a white-headed, beard and dressed old man calling : Oh Ahmed, take the first navigator to descend the stalk and arrest him and decide on the news of the woman he killed today and robbed her, then set the limit on him and it was what you saw ….

…Ornament If you dreamed of broken jewelry, this means severe disappointment in the fulfillment of the highest desires . If the jewelry is worn out, trusted friends will let you down and you will bear the worries of work ….

…Gold is not praiseworthy in the interpretation of the disliking of its word and its yellow color, and its interpretation of grief and a fine of money, and the bracelet from it if he wears it is an inheritance in his hand, so whoever sees that he wears something of gold then he intermarries with an incompetent people, and whoever strikes a gold bar, his money is gone or they are struck by them as much He struck gold, or Sultan was angry with him and fined him, and if he saw that the gold was going, he argued in a hate matter and it fell into the tongues of people, and whoever saw his house with a madhhab or of gold, the fire occurred . And whoever sees on him a necklace or silver or beads or the essence of a guardian and imitates a trust, and whoever sees two bracelets of gold or silver on him, something bad will happen to him from what his hands possess, and silver is better than gold, and there is no better in the bracelet and the dull, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “ I saw It was as if there were two gold bracelets in my hands, and I blew them up and they fell, so Mosaylimah, the liar, and al-Ansi, the owner of Sanaa , took them. And whoever thinks that he has an anklet made of gold or silver, he will experience fear or confinement and restraint . And it is said that men’s anklets are their chains, and nothing of jewelery is suitable for men in a dream except for a necklace, necklace, ring and earring . All jewelry for women is adornment, and perhaps the interpretation of the bracelet and anklet for the husband is special . If gold is not jeweled then it is fined, and if it is jeweled, then it is weaker in evil because another name has entered it . And it was said that women’s jewelry denotes women to their children, so gold is for their males, silver for their females, and the male may refer to males, and the feminine to females . And it was narrated that a woman came across and said : I saw as if I had a bowl of fine gold, and it broke and rushed into the ground, so I asked for it, but I did not find it, so he said : Are you a sick slave or a slave? She said yes, he said : He’s dying . A person saw as if his eyes were of gold, so he wanted his eyes to go away ….

…Al-Bustan : refers to the woman, because it is watered with water, and it conveys and gives birth . And if the garden was a woman, then it was a tree of her people, her family, her son, and her wealth, as well as its fruits, and the unknown garden may refer to the noble Qur’an, because it is like the garden in the eye of the beholder and in the hands of the reader, because he always reaps from the fruits of his wisdom, and it remains with its origins, with the mention of people in it. It is the ancient and modern tree . And what it contains of promises and warnings as sweet and sour fruits . Perhaps an unknown orchard indicated heaven and its bliss, because the Arabs call it paradise . Likewise, God Almighty called it by saying : “I would like one of you to have a garden of palms and grapes flowing from underneath rivers. ” Perhaps the orchard referred to the market and the wedding house, so his trees are its tables, and its fruits are its food, and perhaps he indicates every place or animal that can be used and used in it. Such as the groves, khans, pigeons, molars, Mamelukes, animals, livestock, and all other crops, because if the orchard tree is, it is like the knot for its owner, or like the service and various livestock for its owners . And the orchard may refer to the abode of the world, the ruler, and the ruler, who is the one who collects people, and is composed among all other races, so whoever sees himself in a garden will look at his condition and increase his sleep. It is unknown, and if it was a mujahid who obtained martyrdom, especially if there was a woman in it who called him to herself, and he drank milk from honey from its rivers, and its fruits were not similar to what he had known, and if none of that, and the vision did not indicate testimony, then I looked at his condition. He is celibate or who has entered into a marriage or entered into his wife and obtained from her, and he saw her in the manner that he had seen in the garden of him in a dream of good or evil, according to time . If the vision was in the middle of time and during the fall of leaves from the trees and the loss of fruit, then he overlooked from it what he did not like, and he saw in it what he hates in terms of poverty, caring for possessions, or sickness of the body . And if that was in the coming of time and the flow of water into the sticks, or the emergence of fruits and their prevention, then the matter is against the first, and if someone who has a wife sees that who desires her money or is keen on her beauty, she also considered it in the two times and by what was made in a dream of saying, watering or eating Fruit or collected . If someone sees that he has a need with the authority or a quarrel with the ruler, then I also express the consequences of his command, its impropriety and deprivation of its time and time, and of what he gained in a dream from its fruits that indicate good or evil, according to what he sees in the interpretation of fruits . As for those who see a group of people with him who share with him in his market and industry, then the garden is the market of the people, and it also indicates its hypocrisy and its depravity in time and two times . Likewise, if his eye fell at the time of his entry into it at the entrance to his bathroom, hotel, or oven, then the indication of the orchard belongs to that place, so what he saw in it of good or evil returned to him, unless the one who saw it in it was an employee or a slave who urinated in it or watered him from other than his drivers Or from a well other than his well, for he is a man who betrays him in his family or goes against him to his wife or his ummah, if he is the one who does that in the garden, and his urine is blood, or he watered it from other than the sea, and he intercourse with a woman if the garden is unknown, otherwise he comes from his wife what is not It is permissible for him if the garden is his garden, such as for him to step in with her after he has broken it, or to marry her in the anus or during menstruation . And it was said that the garden, the vineyard, the garden is to seek forgiveness, and the garden is a man’s woman as much as the beauty of the generosity, its goodness, strength and its fruit, her money, brushes, jewelry and gold . His tree, the thickening of his leg, the fattening of it, the length of its life, its capacity in its world, and if he sees a fruitful vineyard then it is a broad world, and whoever sees that it is watering his orchard, his family will come, and whoever enters an unknown garden has scattered its leaves, they are struck by them, and whoever sees its orchard is dry, he will avoid Etienne is his wife ….

…Wearing gold and silver : Women are good anyway . And if a man sees that he has struck gold, he will be fined, or he will have money as much as he saw, and yet he will be angry with an authoritarian . Whatever is made of gold is like a vessel or jewelry or the like, it is weaker in interpretation and easier . Whatever is a plate or ingots, it is more powerful and eloquent in evil ….

…And whoever sees that he is in heaven, he commands and finishes . It was said that the lower sky is a ministry, because it is the location of the moon, and the moon is a minister, and the second sky is literature, science, intelligence, leadership and sufficiency, because the second sky is for Mercury . And whoever sees that he is in the third heaven, he will receive grace and pleasure, and my maid’s servants, jewelry and bedding clothes, and he will be rich and blessed, because the life of the third heaven of Venus . And whoever sees that in the fourth heaven, he attains a king, authority and prestige, or enters into the work of a king or authority, because the path of the fourth sky is the sun . If he sees that he is in the fifth, then he attains the mandate of the condition, or a fight or war, or a craftsmanship that is attributed to Mars, because the fifth sky is for Mars, and if he sees that he is in the sixth heaven, then he gets better than buying and selling, because the sixth heaven is for the buyer, if he sees that he is In the seventh heaven, he will obtain property, land, agency, cultivation, cultivation, and oil in a long army, because the seventh heaven is for Saturn, and if the person of this vision is not worthy of this rank, then its interpretation is to his superior, his successor, his counterpart, or his name…

…In a dream, he is a man with worries, so whoever sees him has been hit by him, they do not know its consequences . And whoever sees that he eats watermelon, he will get out of prison, because God Almighty says : ( So send one of you with your papers to Madinah, so let him see which of them is the best food, so let him bring you a provision from it ). Means watermelon . Ibn Sirin said : Whoever saw that he reached out to heaven and took watermelon, he would seek a king and get it quickly . As for the Indian watermelon, whoever sees it has given it to people, it is heavy and cold in the eyes of the people, or he speaks heavy words . And the cooked one is for men of their own, and watermelon is good for those who want to love another person, and for those who want to circumcise another person, and for those who want to do business, watermelon is bad for him and indicates unemployment . And whoever sees that watermelon is being thrown into a house, he will die from his family by the number of each one of it, and watermelon in the dream is a disease, and the raw green from which it has not ripened is healthy for the body . And the green watermelon is a town, a boy or a wife . Yellow watermelons are women or men who have good praise and goodness, and may indicate a woman with beautiful qualities or poor faults because of the roughness of the crust and the yellow color of the red color indicates the types of jewelry . See the arc ….

…If you see the devil in a dream, then you will take a dangerous adventure and you must keep your appearance respectful . If you dreamed that you killed him, then this indicates that you will move away from the company of bad and evil in the midst of the better and better . If it comes to you in the form of literature, then that is a warning against false friendships, especially hypocritical friendly friends . And if Satan comes to you in the form of wealth or power, you will not be able to use your influence and influence to secure harmony with others or raise their level . If the devil comes to you in the form of music, know that you will kneel before his temptation and magic . If he comes to you in the form of a charming woman, all your sweet thoughts and feelings will be destroyed in order to embrace this hateful person . If you dream that you are immunizing yourself against Satan, you will be able to pull off the bond of self-pleasures and work to give others everything they deserve . If farmers dreamed of the devil, then this means a withered crop and death among livestock, as well as illness in the family . Athletes should see this dream as a warning to take care of themselves as they are likely to risk breaking state laws . As for the preacher, this dream is undeniable proof of his overzealousness . And it is imperative that he not worship God by whipping his neighbors with the whip of his tongue . If you dream about the devil, a huge person who is gracefully dressed, wears a number of shiny jewels in his hands and on his body, and tries to persuade you to enter his home, this warns you of bad people who seek to destroy you by cunning adulation . It is imperative for an innocent girl to search for another place among friends after this dream, and to avoid the strange interests of her, especially those shown by married men . A frail woman is likely to be robbed of her jewelry and money by apparently strangers . Be careful of the company of Satan, even in dreams . Satan is always a harbinger of despair . If you dream that his influence is overwhelming you, you will fall into traps that enemies set up for you as friends . This dream means for the lover that he will lose his loyalty due to fucking fun ….

…If you dreamed of aluminum, this indicates a conviction of luck, no matter how small . If a woman dreams that her aluminum jewelry or utensils have lost their luster and luster, then this predicts a strange and unexpected sadness, and some loss will befall her ….

…A jewel If you dream about jewels, this means great pleasure and wealth . If you dream that you wear it, this predicts a high rank and fulfilled aspirations . If you see others wearing it, you or one of your friends will be in high places . If you dreamed of garments decorated with jewels, this predicts rare good luck . A trading legacy or speculation will lift you to high positions . If you inherit jewels, your recovery will be unremarkable but not entirely convincing . If you dream that you have distributed jewels, this warns you of a threatening social class . If a girl dreams that she has taken jewels, this indicates many pleasures and a desired marriage . If she dreams that she has lost jewels, she will encounter people who flatter her and deceive her . If you find jewels, that means bright and fast progress in business affairs . If you donate jewels, you will subconsciously cause yourself harm . If you buy jewelry, this proves that you will be very successful in dangerous business, especially those related to the heart ….

…And whoever sees that a dead person has a crown, jewelry, rings, or whatever adorns him, or he sees him sitting on a bed, then this indicates that he is well turned ….

…Al-Mu`did : Whoever has a silver band in his hand will marry his son, his brother’s daughter, and if the brace is made of beads, then he receives successive worries from his sisters by a brother or sister, and everything that a woman wears from jewelry is her husband because God Almighty says : ~They dress for you .~…

…Damage Whoever sees that he has destroyed a good thing in a dream spoils the good that he owes, or breaks a testimony or a covenant, or follows a doctrine other than his own, or marries a virgin . If the destroyer was made like jewelry of gold or silver, bad words might have been issued from it to a jeweler . Perhaps the damage is indicative of hatred, because it is the cause of the destruction of the coalition ….

…Al-Wadi : Money does not stay with remorse . As for semen : it is money remaining plus . He who saw as if he had asked him from me, appeared to him . If he saw that he was staining his wife by that, he should give her some jewelry or clothing . If he sees someone else’s semen with him, he has another’s money . And the jar of semen is a treasure that gets hit by those who hit it . If he sees that he is stained with the woman’s semen, he will benefit from it . The discharge of yellow water from the woman’s vagina, indicating that she is giving birth to a sick child . If red water came out, she gave birth to a short-lived boy . If black water comes out, she will give birth to a son whose household reigns supreme . And if fire came out of her vagina, then the boy would have authority and oppression and oppression . If she saw that she gave birth to a fish while she was pregnant, it was said that he was a long-lived boy, and it was said that he was a short-lived boy . If he sees a man as if he is menstruating . It comes forbidden . The same applies to the young woman, if she saw that she had done ghusl following her period, she repented and got relief . But if she is not menstruating and has seen menstruation, then he is born because God Almighty said : “ She laughed, so we preached to her of Ishaq .” Laughter here is the meaning of menstruation, and if she thinks that she is menstruating, then she is in sin and wants to get rid of it, then she cannot ….

…And brightness : a religion in which there is disagreement and painted is a lack of religion and lies and fraud . And it was said that Ibn Sirin used to say : Dinars are books that come, or checks that he takes . If the five dinars are the five daily prayers . Perhaps one single dinar was a child . And all the clothes of jewelry are praiseworthy for women, and they have adornment and beautiful things, and perhaps it indicates what women are proud of, and perhaps indicates their children, the male of which is male and the feminine of it female, and all of it is for men a disgraceful objectionable except for what they do not deny their dress ….

…Maadid, if he sees him in a dream on his upper arm with his silver, then he marries his son, his brother’s daughter . And if the prayer is made of beads, then he will receive successive concerns from his brothers . And everything that a woman wears from jewelry is her husband ….

…Islam Islam man in a dream is righteousness in religion. If a polytheist sees that he has converted to Islam, and sees that he is praying towards the direction of the direction, or he sees that he thanked God Almighty, God guided him to Islam . And if he was in the abode of polytheism, and he saw in his dream that he had converted to the abode of Islam, then he would die sooner . If he sees a Muslim as if he is a second Muslim, he is safe from the horizons . And every polytheist who saw in his dream or someone else saw him as if he was in heaven, or that he was jewelry bracelets of silver, then he is greeted . And whoever sees one of the polytheists as if he were dead, then he will live, and he will greet . Likewise, if he sees his chest, or if he sees himself in a ship in the sea, he gives salutation . And whoever utters the two testimonies among the people of the Dhimma in a dream, he will get rid of his severity, or he is guided after he was deceived, and if his coercion was in the foreground, and if he was an apostate in awakening and saw in a dream that he uttered the two Shahada, he returned to his parents after he abandoned them, or returned to a place he left Or to a reason he used to do it even if he was a Muslim who testified to the truth or was famous for honesty ….

…And the fact that the saddle, bridle, and core are without jewelry indicates the humility of its rider, and the fact that it is in its interior is better than its appearance . And the core of the matter is set . And the steering is money, etiquette, or science that withhold it from incest . And the bridle is good management and power in money and the acquisition of leadership to be guided by it and obey . And if the saddle is separate from the animal, then it is a woman . It indicates the honorable council and the high seat . If it is on the animal, it is one of its tools . If the animal is attributed to the woman, then it is her vagina, and it may be her stomach . And its passengers are her vagina, her belt is her friendship, her harness is protected, and the reins are money…

…Carbuncle is in a dream urgent and required livelihood . Perhaps it indicates the number of dinars or jewelry . Perhaps seeing a carbuncle signified seeking knowledge ….

…The boat : Fmal is an honorable man and his presidency . And the large number of jewelery rising head and male . And the fact that his jewelry is of gold does not harm, and indicates a beautiful slave girl . And being of iron is the power of the visionary . And being of lead indicates the weakness of his matter and religion . And the fact that it is of silver plated with gold indicates good neighborliness and young men ….