Gold is an objectionable thing in a dream . It was said : It is cloudiness . And whoever sees that he wore something of gold, he will marry a people who are incompetent for him . And if he struck a gold bar, they would hit him as much as he struck gold, or the Sultan was angry and fined him . If he sees that he is dissolving gold, he is set aside in a hate matter and falls into the tongues of people . And whoever saw that he was given a large piece of gold, he would gain authority and rule . And whoever sees that he has found healthy dinars, he will see the king’s face, and he shall return from it safely . If he saw that he had cast gold, he would have suffered evil and destruction . And whoever sees that his house is of gold, he will be hit by a fire . And whoever sees that his hands are of gold, and they become immobile . And whoever saw that his eyes were of gold, my uncle his eyesight . Whoever thinks that he has a necklace of gold, silver, beads, or essence, he is the guardian of the state, and he takes on a trust . Seeing gold indicates joys and livelihoods, good deeds and relieved worries, husbands and children, knowledge and guidance . If gold in a dream became silver, it indicates a change in the situation of the women, money, children and servants, from an increase to a decrease, just as silver, if it became gold in a dream, indicates the good condition of the husbands, family, or clan . Those weaved with gold and other like offerings to God, may He be glorified, and as for those that are plated with gold, it indicates an imitation of the children of this world or the deeds of the people of the hereafter . The pure gold and silver indicates sincerity, purity of intention and the right covenant, and the spun of gold and silver continued livelihood, as well as the stretched out of copper and iron ….

Gold is not praiseworthy in the interpretation of the disliking of its word and its yellow color, and its interpretation of grief and a fine of money, and the bracelet from it if he wears it is an inheritance in his hand, so whoever sees that he wears something of gold then he intermarries with an incompetent people, and whoever strikes a gold bar, his money is gone or they are struck by them as much He struck gold, or Sultan was angry with him and fined him, and if he saw that the gold was going, he argued in a hate matter and it fell into the tongues of people, and whoever saw his house with a madhhab or of gold, the fire occurred . And whoever sees on him a necklace or silver or beads or the essence of a guardian and imitates a trust, and whoever sees two bracelets of gold or silver on him, something bad will happen to him from what his hands possess, and silver is better than gold, and there is no better in the bracelet and the dull, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “ I saw It was as if there were two gold bracelets in my hands, and I blew them up and they fell, so Mosaylimah, the liar, and al-Ansi, the owner of Sanaa , took them. And whoever thinks that he has an anklet made of gold or silver, he will experience fear or confinement and restraint . And it is said that men’s anklets are their chains, and nothing of jewelery is suitable for men in a dream except for a necklace, necklace, ring and earring . All jewelry for women is adornment, and perhaps the interpretation of the bracelet and anklet for the husband is special . If gold is not jeweled then it is fined, and if it is jeweled, then it is weaker in evil because another name has entered it . And it was said that women’s jewelry denotes women to their children, so gold is for their males, silver for their females, and the male may refer to males, and the feminine to females . And it was narrated that a woman came across and said : I saw as if I had a bowl of fine gold, and it broke and rushed into the ground, so I asked for it, but I did not find it, so he said : Are you a sick slave or a slave? She said yes, he said : He’s dying . A person saw as if his eyes were of gold, so he wanted his eyes to go away ….

…And whoever sees as if he has hit a bowl of gold, a pitcher, or a mug and has a buttonhole, then he is a servant who buys it, or a woman marries her, or a maid with bad morals . Some of them said : Whoever sees as if he uses utensils of gold and silver commits sins, and what he sees of that for the dead, the Sunnis, is good news, because God Almighty says : “ They are surrounded by plates of gold and cups .”…

…Whoever sees that he struck gold, he will be hit by them or something he hates, or money goes from him according to what he saw, or the king is angry with him, even if he has a job to isolate and the known amount of cutting gold is better than the unknown and the most worrying about gold is the vision of dust and cast without it and what is done without that and the forged without it and conceal them In the concern of dinars and engraved gold, if it is broken, then it is the equivalent of dinars, and it was said that the vision of gold in terms of the sentence in any way is not commendable ….

Whoever sees that he has struck gold, then he will be hit by them and something he hates, or his money will go to the extent that he saw that he struck gold, and the known number is better than the unknown number, and whoever sees that he has hit known dinars, he will be afflicted with concern as much as that, and if they are unknown he does not know their number, then his concern will be stronger and stronger. He saw that a man gave him dinars, he was a wronged man, and if he saw that he paid it to someone, then he is unjust and perhaps the dinars were if it was five of the five daily prayers, and if something is lost from it, then he wastes some of the five prayers, and whoever sees that he has hit one dinar then he will hit a child and may be entrusted with money, so he is a traitor And whoever sees that a dead man gave him dinars, then he is safe from oppression and dinars are less than dust, and whoever sees that he has struck gold made like a vessel and jewelery and the like, then he will be hit by them more than dinars, and whoever thinks that he melt gold, he is told bad words and he is free from what is not in it

Gold If you hold gold in your dream, you will be unusually successful in all your projects . If a woman dreamed that she received gifts of gold, whether they were cash or golden jewelry, then she will marry a rich but greedy man . If you find gold, this means that your sublime capabilities will easily put you in the forefront of the race for honor and wealth . If you lose gold, you will lose the greatest opportunity in your life due to neglect . If you dreamed of finding a gold race, this means that an uneasy privilege will be imposed on you . If you dream that you are thinking of running a gold mine, then you will try to usurp others’ rights, and it is imperative that you beware of family scandals ….

…Whoever sees that he has struck gold, almost instantaneously or otherwise, then he will be struck by them, and he stays and jewelry is better than others ….

…Abu Saeed, the preacher, said: ~Whoever sees that he has a bracelet of gold in his hand, then it is interpreted as an inheritance, and perhaps the people of righteousness will have an increase in his obedience and good deeds, because God Almighty says they will be made of gold bracelets .~…

…Contracts if they are of gold and they are crowned or of gold and they are forbidden and stuffed, then they are interpreted with a covenant, trust, pact, or will. Whatever good and beauty he thinks about that, then he is a fulfillment of the covenant, and if he sees otherwise, then his expression is against him and he cited his saying, O you who believe, fulfill the contracts . And whoever thinks that he owes many contracts, then he is weak from what we mentioned above if he thinks that carrying her is a burden, and the contract is devolved to the woman in marriage ….

…And some of those expressing the vision of the gold bracelets, if they are placed in the hands and grow old on it, then they mean that they will happen, and it was said of lying people, according to what was mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that he said : “ We were asleep when I came with the treasures of the earth, and he placed two gold bracelets in my hands. Until I blew them, then I blew them, and they left, so the first of them is the two liars between whom I am the owner of Sanaa and the owner of the dove ….

…Al-Kirmani said, “Pots of silver and gold are used for women, and silver is good, and gold is against that .”…

…And whoever sees that he struck a sheet of gold or alloys, then he will be struck by them, and the vision of gold is a fine and sorrow for men and women are praiseworthy if he wears ….

…And whoever sees that he has hit a bar of gold of gold his money, or the king will be angry with him, and perhaps grief ) from a fine or sickness or something else ….

…About Wahab bin alarm that Nebuchadnezzar after the ruins of Jerusalem and argued the children of Israel in seven years , the opinion in a dream , a great vision of his aura gathered priests and Alhzar and asked them about his vision that , they said : to Iqsa king even tell him Ptooelha , he said : I have forgotten but did not tell me it to three days people who killed you for Akrkm went scared and Glenn from his festival heard that Daniel – peace be upon him – and is in prison , said the jailer : Go to him , tell him : that here a man who has knowledge of your vision and interpretation went to him told him Aftlbh when he entered it did not bow down to him and said to him : what prevented you from prostration Mine? He said : God gave me knowledge, taught me, and commanded me not to prostrate to anyone else , so he told him shortly : I love those who fulfill their covenants to their lords , so he told me about my vision , so Daniel said to him : I saw a great idol with his feet on the ground and his head in the sky , above it of gold, its middle of silver, and its bottom of copper And his leg of iron and his feet of clay, so while you were looking at him, you liked his beauty and the tightness of his making, God tossed him with a stone from the sky, and he fell on the top of his head until he crushed it and his gold, silver, copper and iron mixed in until you imagined that if people and jinn met to distinguish some of them from others they would not be able to do that To the stone that he was thrown, it was raised, magnified, and spread until it filled the whole earth , so that you saw nothing but the stone and the sky , so he said : The vision that I saw was true, so what is its interpretation? Daniel said : As for the idol, there are different nations at the beginning of time and in its midst and in its midst and at the end , and as for the stone with which an idol was thrown, it is a religion that God throws at these nations at the end of time, then he will show it to them, so God sends an illiterate prophet from the Arabs, so that the nations and religions will be thrown into it as I have seen the stone dizzying the types of idols And it appears on the religions and nations as I have seen the stone appeared all over the earth , so God examines the truth with it, the falsehood is lost with it, guides the people of misguidance by it, teaches the illiterate by it, strengthens the weak, strengthens the humiliation with it, and supports the weak . In another novel : about Wahab bin alarm , and in which that Nebuchadnezzar the opinion of a vision while he had liked what opinion as the opinion of something injury Vonsah who was called Daniel and Ananias and Azaria and Mahil of the strains of the prophets , he said : Tell me about the vision I saw and then I’ve become something Vonsaneha was I liked , what she ? They said to him : Tell us by Ptooelha let you know , he said : What did not mention them if you tell me to Ptooelha Onzaan Octavkm , they went out from him , they called God and Astgathua , and pray to him and asked him to teach them Voalmanm , who asked him Fjah they said to him : I saw a statue? He said : You are right . They said : His feet and legs are of clay, his knees and thighs of copper, his stomach of silver, his chest of gold, and his head and neck of iron? He said : You have believed . They said : While you are looking at him, he has liked you, and God sent a rock from the sky upon him, so he met him. He said : You are right , so what is its interpretation? They said : interpretation you saw the King of Kings was some Allen king of some , and some of them was the best king of some , and some were more king of some was the first king of pottery , a weakened and Olinh , then it was above the copper is the best of it and more , and then it was above the copper silver which is Better than that and better , then there was over silver, gold, which is better than silver and better , then iron was yours, because he was more powerful and dearer than he was before him , and the rock that you saw was God sent to him from heaven, so his accuracy was a prophet whom God sold him from heaven, so that all of it knocked and the matter came to him. . And in another narration : Daniel and his companions said to Bakhtasar : I saw such-and-such and they told it to him , so he said : You are right , they said : We cross it for you . As for the idol whose head you saw of gold, it is your possession as good as gold , and it possessed the whole earth , and the neck is similar to it. The king of your son after you owns, so his possession will be good and not like gold , and as for his chest that is of iron, it is the king of the people of Persia, who possesses after your son, so their possession will be strong like iron , and as for his humours, he goes to the king of the people of Persia and the people dispute the king in every village until the king will reign for the day and two days month and two months , and then kills do not people have the strength on it as it was not the strength of the fetish on the two men of pottery , while they are as well as God sent – the Almighty – a prophet of the land of the Arabs Vozarh on the rest of the people of Persia and the rest of the king of your son , and thy and destroyed and Ohlkh so as not to keep him anything as The rock came and destroyed the idol ….

…And whoever sees that his donkey has been stolen, it indicates the corruption of his wife and her divorce from him ….

…Whoever sees that his quilt is stolen or burned, he shall be interpreted as a quarrel with his wife, divorce, or her separation in any way ….

…And whoever sees that his parsimony has been stolen, he will become very sad and will be poor and need people ….

…Whoever sees that his pen is lost, stolen, sold, or broken, there is no good in it, and the expression will be according to the viewer ….

…And if she saw that her mask was stolen, then it indicates that her husband had intercourse with a woman, whether permissible or forbidden ….

…And whoever sees that his horse has been stolen, died, or gone with him where he does not know, then he shall interpret the death of his patient ….

…Whoever sees that his sole is stolen or worn by someone else, it is interpreted that someone assassinates his wife ….

…And whoever sees that he drank of gold or the like, then it is interpreted by a woman of low debt, and there is nothing wrong with his vessels of silver ….

…It was said that he who saw that he gave a gold ring in the form of rings without an increase or decrease has befallen an objection in religion, and if it had an inscription praising it, its consequences are good, and if it is different from it then its expression is against it ….

…The earring of gold denotes a singer man . He told that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said, “I saw an earring in one of my ears,” and he said, “How are you singing?” He said the sound is good, and he said it is that. If he sees the earring of silver, then he memorizes the entire Qur’an. He has a daughter, even if the visionary woman was pregnant, she had a son . And whoever sees in his dream a woman whose ear is an earring and a sword, then he has a trade in a well-to-do town with many slave women and slave women, because in interpretation a woman is a business, and so is the slave girl ….

…If you have the idol that he worshiped of gold, then he is close to a man whom God Almighty hates, and what he hates befalls him, and his visions indicate that his money has gone with the weakness of his religion ….

…Al-Kirmani said: ~If a king gave him a bracelet, then he will have a son or provide for his brother .~ And whoever sees that he has two gold bracelets in his hand, then he will be stuck in what he has in his hand and he is loathed for what he possesses ….

…And navigation, whether it is of gold or silver, it is interpreted by a fine woman, and silver may be more distinguished ….

…Clothes woven with gold and silver : Salah in religion and the world, and attainment of death . And whoever thinks that he owns a garment of silk or stabraq or wears it as a crown or a wreath of ruby, then he is a devout, religious, conqueror, and nevertheless attains his presidency . And Ibn Sirin came to a man and said : I saw as if I had bought a folded brocade and spread it out, and there was rotten in the middle, and he said to him : Did you buy an Andalusian slave girl? He said : Yes . He said : Did you university? He said : No, because I have not yet healed her . He said : Do not do that, for she is pardoned . Then the man went and saw her the women, if she was spared . A man saw that he was wearing a brocade, so he asked an expressive and said : A maid will marry a beautiful virgin of equal value ….

…And whoever sees as if he is melting gold, then he is arguing about an unpleasant matter that has long been subject to people’s tongues ….

…And whoever thinks that his ring is of gold, then all that he owns is disliked and forbidden, and if it is of silver, all that he owns is permissible and good, and if it is of iron, then what he owns is a humble and humble one, and if it is, Jaber al-Maghribi said, Whoever saw on his finger an iron ring, it indicates strength and wealth If it is of brass, then it indicates that there is a benefit from a person of low origin ….