And whoever sees that his nail has returned to a mess or ours, then he is superior to his enemies and opponents ….

And whoever sees that he has entered his nail with a thorn, or something similar to that which is causing him pain, then this is not Mahmoud and may indicate a weak ability ….

…Surat Al-Ahzab Ibn Sirin said that whoever reads it may throw something lost to someone and return it to its author . He said Kirmani may see a prophet of the prophets in a dream or pleased expression of that vigilance was said for a fingernail and relief where he does not know and is not in hope . And Jaafar Al-Sadiq said, ~To obtain success from God Almighty and pursue the truth .~…

…Scratching the head If you dream that you are scratching your head with your fingernail, this means that strangers will annoy you with their hypocrisy and falsity . You realize their false sincerity and their quest to take advantage of you ….

…Zakat : In a dream, he is one of the wealthy, because his money is fruitful and his left increases, unless he owes a debt or has a deposit, then he makes up for that and pays it to his owed . If the obligator is a dead person or a righteous man, then he has succeeded with God and his remembrance rose and paid zakat on his work, so how about if he prays with the effect of that or remembrance of God, then if he gives permission for that at a time other than during Hajj, then perhaps he will testify and pay zakat on it ? If that is during the months of the Hajj, then he is doing Hajj, God willing . And if a poor person sees that, if he shaves his head, cuts his mustache, pluck his armpits, trim his fingernail, or shaves his pubic hair, unless he is stripped of clothes or washed with water, or he does that in a mosque, or prays after that, then he goes out of his condition and repents from his sins and rises up About him, and succeeds with apparent prayer or witnessed witness ….