…The body The body is healthy and strong, the strength of religion and faith . If he sees his body as a living body, then he shows what conceals enmity . If he sees that he has a mechanism like a ram’s mechanism, then he has a marrowed son who lives from him . And whoever sees his body of iron or clay, he will die . If he sees an increase in his body without any harm, then it is an increase in the blessing for him . And whoever sees that he is scratching his body, he shall inspect the conditions with his kinship, and he will suffer from them fatigue . And if he saw that he had rubbed and the itch did not subside, he would get tired of his family, and if the itch subsided, he would receive great good . The weight of the body and its bones indicate an increase in wealth and pride . Wasting body indicates poverty and lack of money and knowledge, and it may indicate his meeting with those who hate him . And the body in a dream is evidence of what a person hides and embodies in him, such as clothing, the wife, the house, the beloved and the boy, and for those who take refuge in him from harm, such as the Sultan, the Master and the Guardian. On it . And if the body in the dream was fat and gorgeous, this indicates the height of fate and victory over the enemies ….

…A vision of her father’s treasure 81 – He said : A man told me that I don’t think of it as a lie. He said : A woman from the people of this world hired me to demolish her house and build it with a known money. So when I took the demolition, she and whoever was with her was obliged to do so, so I said : By God, I have my money in this house, but my father died and was left We did not find much for him, so I was afraid that his money was buried, so I proceeded to demolish the house in order to find something. Some of the people who attended said to her : You have missed what is easier for you than this . She said : What is it? He said : So if you go to a machine and ask him if I will bring you your story tonight, so perhaps he will see your father and tell you where his money is, without fatigue or cost, so I went to him and then returned and claimed that he wrote her name and her father’s name with him. When he came from the next day to work and the woman came from the man and said : The man told me I saw Your father saying the money in the recess , he said : So we made digging under the recess and its sides until a crack came to me, and if the money was in it , he said : We took in astonishment and the woman underestimated what I found and said : My father’s money was more than this, but I went back to him , so she went and I told him then I asked him to return . it was tomorrow came and said : he told her that your father tells you Ahfra under Jabiya quadrangle that in the oil store , said : she opened the store . If Bjabah square the in corner Vazlnaha and dug beneath it and found Cozza great Vokzth then as long as their greed for recidivism and I did so she went back from him , and the gloom She said : He claimed that he saw him while telling him, “I took what was destined for her.” As for what remained, a goblin from the jinn sat on him guarding me from him….

…He found his father’s money through a dream 79 – and from the vision that occurred what Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned is that Umair bin Wahb – may God be pleased with him – came in his sleep and he was told : Get to such-and-such and from the house, then dig to find your father’s money and his father had buried money and died and did not recommend Then Amir arose from his sleep and dig it, and you find your father’s money , and his father had buried money and died and did not recommend it, so Amir arose from his sleep, and he despised him as he commanded him, so he hit ten thousand dirhams and disowned a lot, so he paid off his debt and improved his condition and the condition of his household and this was after his safety, and the youngest of his daughters told him : O Father of our Lord, this one who loved us for his religion is better than Hubl and consolation, and if it were not that he would have inherited this money from you, but worshiped him for a few days. Ibn al-Qayyim said : Ali bin Abi Talib al-Qayrawani said : Ali bin Abi Talib al-Qayrawani said : This hadith of Amir and the extraction of money in a dream is astonishing than what we had and we saw in our time in our city from my father Muhammad Abdullah al-Baganashi was a righteous man, famous for seeing the dead and asking them about absentees and conveying this to their family and their relatives until he became famous for that and a lot of him, so one would come to him and complain to him that Hamima died without a will and has money to not guide him to his place, so he prepares him for good and calls God in his night in order to see the described dead. And he asks him about the matter Re with it ….

…And a vision of the comfort of the body and the health of the body ….

If he sees his body as the body of a dog, then he works with foolishness and meanness

…If his body sees the body of a ram, it shows generosity and fairness . If he had a mechanism like a ram’s mechanism and he licked it with his tongue, then he had a marrowed son from whom he lived ….

…As for body hair : planting it for a man bore his wife . The abundance of body hair for the afflicted increases his distress, and his loss is the remission of his distress . And the abundance of body hair for the happy, the increase of pleasure and richness, and his loss the riches go . Increase the body hair for the rich is money, and the poor have a debt . And whoever is rich in an oven, his money is spent by stealing . And if he was poor, then he should spend his debt seriously, exhausted and demanding . If he sees his body hair white, then if he is rich, you lose his money, and he will oversee the death . And if he is poor, then it is a debt that he can pay off . As for the impossibility of his body hair, the hair of a beast or seven, this indicates his fall in adversity . Narrow chest delusion . If my dhimmi saw that his chest was tight, he would suffer a loss of his money . It was said that man’s chest is generosity, and his narrowness with his miserliness . The abundance of hair on the chest is a debt that he rides, and if he sees his chest turning into a stone, then he will be hard-hearted . Ibn Sirin came, a man said : I saw a lot of hair growing in my chest, and I was knotted . He said : I made a trust and I paid it . And the chest capacity also indicates the flag . As for the breasts, the man’s woman and his daughter, for his beauty is her beauty, and his corruption is her corruption . Whoever saw a woman hung by her breast, then she committed fornication and gave birth to a child of adultery, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “On the night of my captivity, I saw a woman hung by her breast, so I said, O Gabriel, who is this? He said that she was born from adultery . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I had a great breast that had reached the forest, that you are committing adultery with a prohibited one . This is because the breast is from it and from its skin, and that is forbidden . Rather, the righteousness of this vision is a forbidden marriage . And it was said that if a man saw milk in his breasts, if he was celibate, he would marry and give birth to him, and if he was righteous, he indicated to his left, and if he was a young man, he indicated his longevity . As for the young woman, if she sees this, it indicates her pregnancy and childbirth, and as for the old woman, if she sees it, it indicates her poverty and the loss of her money, for a virgin if she sees it indicates her wedding, and the young woman if she sees it indicates her death . And the length of the man’s breast until they hit his chest, is evidence of a whim that is not satisfied by God Almighty, and it was said that it is evidence of a children’s voice . If he did not have a son, it indicates poverty and sadness . And the length of the woman’s breast is beyond the limit, evidence of the purpose of sadness . If women were afflicted with grief, they would pull and scratch their breasts . And whoever sees it as if he is nursing a woman, he will get sick, unless his wife is pregnant, then she will give birth to a son . If the visionary is a woman, then she will give birth to a girl . The belly : who is visible and from the inside of the man’s owner and his son, or a relative of his clan, or his closet and the shelter of his children . And the smallness of the few of these, and the large number of these . And his smallness without hunger is a lack of money, and if he sees that he is hungry, then he is careful, and he hits money equal to the amount of hunger from it . It was said that the belly bone ate usury, and walking on the stomach became accustomed to money . If he sees that his stomach has become small, then he will be a lot of baggage . Satiety is a wealth of money, and thirst is bad in his religion, and irrigation is good in his religion ….

…Astral body A dream about an astral body denotes that your endeavors and plans will culminate in worldly success and distinction . As for the ghost or image of your star body, it will drag you through heart-rending trials . ~ The astral body is an image of the human body and is linked to it and to the etheric body, which is the soul, according to parasychologists .~…

…The father, the father, is what is meant in a dream, and the best thing that a man sees in a dream is his parents, grandparents, or grandmothers . And whoever sees his father in his dream, and he is in need, his livelihood came to him from a place that is not counted, or someone is serious about it, and if he is absent, he will give it to him, and if he was in it he did not get rid of him, and whoever saw that his father inhabited him constructively, and he raised his fish, then he will complete his father’s works She was him in a religion or a world ….

…If he sees his body hair as long as the hair of a sheep, for the hair in the body of the owner of this world is his wealth and the breadth of his worldly life increases in it and his life and length of body hair for the one with worries and fear, his condition is narrow and his affairs are separated and the strength of his grief in that . If he sees that he shaved it with a light or a mousse, then if he shaves that hair off his body, worries and tightness of the situation are separated from him, and turned into broadness and goodness . And if that hair is shaved from the owner of this world and its chastity, then his worldly life will be destroyed and he is cut off from its chagrin, and his condition will turn into unpleasantness and distress . And whoever sees in his morsel of his food a hair or something similar, he will find in his livelihood a shortage, and the clinging is like worms, and lice are children ….

…Rarely, some of the expressers said, I saw as if a man was standing with his eye tied with a blue rag, so I asked him about my father and he told me that he had died and he brought me to his grave. expression of the grave, crying and yelling narrated a few feet , and my father safely Varafna that sidekick , who through it if he put it back was surprised that then traveled gpt for when I came back I passed soil for us and if the door is the list of a woman and her eye strapped blue cloth Vastvhmt of them about ) conditions for being soil value and mark our affairs replied You have longevity, your father has died, so I came to the grave and I embraced him and cried with a shout like I saw without extra, and the vision did not come out as it was passed on to me by that friend, as he had no hand in that ….

…Saw her father die 66 – Abu Alopecia wooden Sahabi Jalil witnessed the pledge of allegiance Radwan and mystery nostalgia and was among those who descended Sham Badarba west of Damascus to the Qiblah, narrated that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – talk and a group of companions, and was among those who Ajala heel inks, was Every night he goes out and looks at the sky and thinks, then raises him to the house and prostrates to God – the Almighty – and used to say : I do not hope that God will not disappear at death, as I see you suffocating, so while it is a night, he prays from the night as his soul seized while he was prostrating . And his daughter saw in a dream as if her father had died, and she noticed in panic and said to her mother, Where is my father? She said : He is in his prayer hall, so she called him, but he did not answer her, so she came and moved him, and he fell to his side, and when he was dead, may God have mercy on him, Abu Ubaidah, Muhammad bin Saad, Caliph and others said : His death was seventy-five years old…

…And a man saw as if his father had fallen ill, and then he showed him a pain in his head, because the head indicates the father ….

…Parent If you dreamed of your father, this foretells that you are about to get involved in some difficulty and that you will need wise advice if you want to get rid of it . If it is dead this indicates that your business is going through difficulty and you will have to be careful in running it . If a girl dreams about her dead father, this foretells that her beloved is deceiving her or will deceive her ….

…The father of the husband or wife If you dreamed of the father of your wife, this indicates conflicts with friends or relatives . If you see him healthy and happy, then this foretells of pleasant family relations ….

…If he saw his father revived, but the vision of the father is stronger ….

…And whoever sees a lot of scabies on his body and innocent at once, it devolves on two sides the loss of money or the salvation of those who are suffering, and if its trace remains on his body, then he collects money. As for urine, it is the occurrence of what a person hates, and it was said that there is a weakness in strength ….

…And whoever sees that in his body there is a place from which blood or pus is coming out, and he stains his body or his garment, then he will hit forbidden money in his measure, and if he does not stain anything, then he is out of sin ….

…And whoever sees that blood comes out of his body from a stab with a spear, then his body is healthy and his money increases, and if he is traveling indicates safety and his return ….

…Head and body hair : money . The nakedness of the body is the nakedness of a female owner ….

…And whoever sees in his body a lot or one, it is money that the owner fears from his demand, and it is said that hubbing in the body is printed words in which there is a deficiency, and it may happen that something hate him, and the health of these people is praiseworthy even if there is no money in it ….

…A corpse If you dreamed of a corpse, then this constitutes pessimism for happiness, as this dream indicates sad news about the absentee and frustrated work projects . The young man will suffer several disappointments and the joy will fade . If you see a corpse placed in a coffin, this means current troubles for the dreamer . If you see a corpse in black, this means the violent death of a friend or desperate business confusion . If you dreamed of seeing a battlefield covered with corpses, this indicates war and general conflict between the country and indicates political functions . If you see an animal corpse, this means an unhealthy situation for work and health together . If you see a corpse for any one of your current family, then this means death for this person, or for one of the family members, Abu means serious sedition for family relationships, and also a brutal and unusual act . For lovers, it is a sure sign of failure to keep important dates . If you put cash on the eyes of a corpse in your dreams, this means that you will see invisible enemies stealing you when you are weak . If you only put it on one eye, you will be able to return a lost fortune after a desperate struggle . This dream means for the girl misfortune and loss due to giving her confidence to cunning people . If a girl dreams that the official in the store in which you work has become a corpse and that she sees it when she sits with a clean-shaven body, then it foretells that she will be below the level of perfection that her lover sees in her . If she sees the head of a corpse falling from the body, this warns her of invisible enemies who will harm her and demean her in the eyes of her employer . Seeing the corpse in a storehouse of news that sadness and misery will affect all those involved in this . There are people who do not do what is right and do not listen to their consciences . There will be a pessimistic view of reassurance and successful work ….

…Whoever saw that he cut his body hair will receive an increase in his worldly life, and likewise every increase in the body if it is taken ….

…He saw that his body was a living body, as it showed what conceals enmity ….

…And whoever sees that he disputes a person about their father’s matter over them, then it indicates that it is a trial according to the noble Sharia, and his matter goes back to the Qur’an and Sunnah because God Almighty said: “ If you disagree about something, they bring it to God and the Messenger. ” And it was said that the dispute with women and young boys is not commendable ….

…It is rare that he narrated that a man had an amount that was buried in a place, so he was weak in his travel and he had some of his debt, so he thinks about himself to inform his companions about the buried amount and what he owes from the debt. Religion is mine in such-and-such place, buried in the amount of his thigh and a lot of it is my debt, so his son said to some of his companions the vision that he saw, and he said these are myths, and he passed it for a while, then he saw it again, so he said I told you about something in which you have a benefit in which a guardian has salvation, so what I did so he woke up and went to that place and dug and found that He benefited from it and fulfilled his father’s debt ….

…And whoever sees that he slaughtered his mother, father, or son, and if he sees blood, then he forbids one of his parents or his son, and if he does not see blood, then it is a connection and mercy between them ….

…And whoever sees that his father came to him in any way, and if there is nothing in it that is dishonorable, then if the seer is in need, may God provide him with provision from where it is not counted ….

…And whoever sees that his father has lived when he was the ancestor of the clothes, he was divorced, then it is the occurrence of a state, a lot of pride, a gain and a regularity of work ….

…The Sun : Originally the greatest king, because it enlightens what is in the sky from its counterparts, with its great benefit and disposes all people in its interests, and it may indicate the king of the place in which the vision is seen, and above it is higher than it indicates the sky to it, and it is the king of kings and the greatest of authorities, because God, glory be to Him The Exalted is the King of Kings, the mighty of the giants, and the director of heaven and those on it and the earth and those on it . And the sun may indicate the authority of the person who has the vision, if he sees it especially without the congregation and the councils, such as his princess, corporal, teacher, father, or husband if she is a woman, and perhaps the honorable woman as the king’s wife, president, master, his daughter, or his mother or the wife of the seer, or his mother Or his daughter, or her beauty . The poets liken the beauty of virgins to the sun in beauty and beauty . It was said that in the vision of Yusef, peace be upon him, it was a sign of his mother, and it was said, rather, of his maternal aunt, his father’s wife, and it was said that it was rather about his grandmother, and it was said that it was a sign of his father and the moon over his mother, all of this is permissible in the expression, and if the sun indicates the father, then he preferred her over the moon by light And the sunshine, and if it indicates the mother, let her feminine and remind the moon, so what was seen in the sun of an accident, its interpretation returned to those who refer to it from those who we described on the destinies of people and the magnitudes of the vision and its evidence and evidence . If a fallen woman is seen to the ground, or a bird swallows her, or she falls into the sea, or is burned by fire and her eyes are gone, or blackened and absent in a way other than her course from the sky, or she enters into a coffin, the one who is attributed to her will die . And if he saw an eclipse or cloud covered it and accumulated dust or smoke on it until its light diminished, or if you saw a ripple in the sky without stability, that was evidence of an accident happening to the one who added to it, either from sickness, worry, grief, distress, or worrying news, except that Whoever you indicate is ill in awakening, for that is his death, and if he sees it blackened without a reason for his deception or an eclipse, this is evidence of the added’s injustice and his injustice, or of his disbelief and delusion even if he took it in his palm or its possession in his lap, or it descended upon him in his home with its light and brightness He was able to possess his authority and pride with his possession, if he was one of those who befit him, or the arrival of the Lord of that status if he was absent, whether his son or his servant or his wife saw that, because he is the authority of everyone and the values ​​of the house, otherwise the pregnant woman was born if he had a maid or a boy who differentiated between The male and the female are seeking an increase in the vision, such as taking it and covering it under his garment, or inserting it into one of his vessels, and he will testify that in it by the hidden females, and whoever indicates it is beautiful mentioned with knowledge or authority . And if in this case she was dark and shriveled in color, then the king was treacherous in his possession, or on his family, if he met that, otherwise a power would be imposed on him, or he was attacked by a worker, or an absentee foot, or he died among the sick, and pregnant women fell off their fetus, or gave birth to a son Differentiate these faces, increasing the evidence . And if he sees it emerging from Maghrib or returning after sunset, or returning to the place from which it dawned, a sign and a lesson will appear that indicates what I have prepared by increasing its evidence . This may indicate the return of the person attributed to her of what he hoped for in travel, justice or injustice, according to the benefit of her onset and absences, and the times for that . Perhaps the setback indicated by the sick, and its absence after its emergence for those with pregnancy may indicate the death of the fetus after its appearance . And perhaps it indicates the arrival of the absent from his travels and the strange money, and perhaps its absence indicates the return of the prisoner to the prison after his release, and it may indicate that the one who embraced Islam from his infidelity, or repented from his wrongdoing, will return to his misguidance . And if someone sees that doing good or bad hidden deeds, he indicates his jacket and conceals his conditions, and his cover is not revealed for the sun to go away, except that he is someone who was given to him on his night as a wife, or bought a secret, he said, the wife goes back to her family, and the secrecy belongs to her seller . Her rise after her sunset may also indicate to those who divorced his wife of her regurgitation, to those who are pregnant with her salvation, and to those who have been unable to live or have made her due to her hypocrisy, especially if her goodness is by the sun, such as shortening, washing, milk taxes, and the like, and for those who are sick of his death, because of the disappearance of the human-like shadow. With the words of the Almighty : “ Then the sun made him a guide, then we took a little fist for us. ” And for whoever was in jihad or war, for victory, because she returned to Yushaa bin Nun, peace be upon him, in the war of the enemies to him, until God showed him to them, and to whomever was poor on the winter day, On the clothing and riches, and on the summer day on the sadness, sickness, fever and conjunctivitis . Sitting in the sun in the summer is an indication of the torment and grief that he is in, for the sake of accompanying the ruler, or the reason for whom the sun descended on him according to his position and direction . And whoever saw that he was transformed into a sun, he struck a king as mighty as its rays . And whoever strikes the sun hanging by a chain, the guardian of the state and justice in it . And if he sits in the sun and heals in it, he will receive a blessing from a ruler, and whoever sees that the sun’s light and its rays are from the east to the dusk, and if he is worthy of the king he will gain a great king, otherwise he will have a flag that is mentioned in all countries, and whoever sees that he owns the sun or is able to it, then he The saying is acceptable to the greatest king . Whoever saw her, Safia Munira, had risen to him, if he was a ruler who gained power in his mandate, and if he was a prince who obtained good from the greatest king, and if he was from the parish of a permissible livelihood, and if she was a woman who saw what pleased her from her husband . And whoever sees the sun rising in his house, if he is a merchant, he profits in his trade, and if he is a student of a woman, then he will hit a beautiful woman, and if that is seen by a woman who has married and the provision of her husband is greater . And the light of the sun is the prestige of the king and his justice, and from his word the sun received a lift from the Sultan, and whoever sees the sun rises on his head but not his body, he will receive a serious and comprehensive matter . And if it appeared on his feet without the rest of his body, he would receive permissible sustenance from before his cultivation, and if it appeared on his stomach under his clothes and people did not know, he would have leprosy, as well as on the rest of his organs from under his clothes . And whoever sees his stomach split and the sun rises in him, then he dies, and if a woman sees that the sun has entered from her saddle while he is a collar and then goes out from her tail, then she will marry a king and stay with her for a night, and if it falls on her vagina, then she commits adultery, and if he sees that the sun has set all over and he is behind her, he follows her Then he dies, and if he sees that he is following the sun as it travels and has not set, then he will be a prisoner with the king . If he sees the sun turning an old man, then the sultan humiliates God Almighty, makes justice and obtains power, and the conditions of Muslims improve, and if she turns young, then he weakens the condition of Muslims and disgraces the Sultan . If he sees a fire coming out from the sun and burning what is around it, then the king perishes some of his courtiers, and if he sees the sun red, then he is corrupt in his kingdom . If he saw it yellowed, the king was sick . If blackened, it will prevail, and it will be a blight . If he sees that she is absent, he will miss his request ….