…He found his father’s money through a dream 79 – and from the vision that occurred what Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned is that Umair bin Wahb – may God be pleased with him – came in his sleep and he was told : Get to such-and-such and from the house, then dig to find your father’s money and his father had buried money and died and did not recommend Then Amir arose from his sleep and dig it, and you find your father’s money , and his father had buried money and died and did not recommend it, so Amir arose from his sleep, and he despised him as he commanded him, so he hit ten thousand dirhams and disowned a lot, so he paid off his debt and improved his condition and the condition of his household and this was after his safety, and the youngest of his daughters told him : O Father of our Lord, this one who loved us for his religion is better than Hubl and consolation, and if it were not that he would have inherited this money from you, but worshiped him for a few days. Ibn al-Qayyim said : Ali bin Abi Talib al-Qayrawani said : Ali bin Abi Talib al-Qayrawani said : This hadith of Amir and the extraction of money in a dream is astonishing than what we had and we saw in our time in our city from my father Muhammad Abdullah al-Baganashi was a righteous man, famous for seeing the dead and asking them about absentees and conveying this to their family and their relatives until he became famous for that and a lot of him, so one would come to him and complain to him that Hamima died without a will and has money to not guide him to his place, so he prepares him for good and calls God in his night in order to see the described dead. And he asks him about the matter Re with it ….

…A vision of her father’s treasure 81 – He said : A man told me that I don’t think of it as a lie. He said : A woman from the people of this world hired me to demolish her house and build it with a known money. So when I took the demolition, she and whoever was with her was obliged to do so, so I said : By God, I have my money in this house, but my father died and was left We did not find much for him, so I was afraid that his money was buried, so I proceeded to demolish the house in order to find something. Some of the people who attended said to her : You have missed what is easier for you than this . She said : What is it? He said : So if you go to a machine and ask him if I will bring you your story tonight, so perhaps he will see your father and tell you where his money is, without fatigue or cost, so I went to him and then returned and claimed that he wrote her name and her father’s name with him. When he came from the next day to work and the woman came from the man and said : The man told me I saw Your father saying the money in the recess , he said : So we made digging under the recess and its sides until a crack came to me, and if the money was in it , he said : We took in astonishment and the woman underestimated what I found and said : My father’s money was more than this, but I went back to him , so she went and I told him then I asked him to return . it was tomorrow came and said : he told her that your father tells you Ahfra under Jabiya quadrangle that in the oil store , said : she opened the store . If Bjabah square the in corner Vazlnaha and dug beneath it and found Cozza great Vokzth then as long as their greed for recidivism and I did so she went back from him , and the gloom She said : He claimed that he saw him while telling him, “I took what was destined for her.” As for what remained, a goblin from the jinn sat on him guarding me from him….

…The father, the father, is what is meant in a dream, and the best thing that a man sees in a dream is his parents, grandparents, or grandmothers . And whoever sees his father in his dream, and he is in need, his livelihood came to him from a place that is not counted, or someone is serious about it, and if he is absent, he will give it to him, and if he was in it he did not get rid of him, and whoever saw that his father inhabited him constructively, and he raised his fish, then he will complete his father’s works She was him in a religion or a world ….

…Saw her father die 66 – Abu Alopecia wooden Sahabi Jalil witnessed the pledge of allegiance Radwan and mystery nostalgia and was among those who descended Sham Badarba west of Damascus to the Qiblah, narrated that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – talk and a group of companions, and was among those who Ajala heel inks, was Every night he goes out and looks at the sky and thinks, then raises him to the house and prostrates to God – the Almighty – and used to say : I do not hope that God will not disappear at death, as I see you suffocating, so while it is a night, he prays from the night as his soul seized while he was prostrating . And his daughter saw in a dream as if her father had died, and she noticed in panic and said to her mother, Where is my father? She said : He is in his prayer hall, so she called him, but he did not answer her, so she came and moved him, and he fell to his side, and when he was dead, may God have mercy on him, Abu Ubaidah, Muhammad bin Saad, Caliph and others said : His death was seventy-five years old…

…Rarely, some of the expressers said, I saw as if a man was standing with his eye tied with a blue rag, so I asked him about my father and he told me that he had died and he brought me to his grave. expression of the grave, crying and yelling narrated a few feet , and my father safely Varafna that sidekick , who through it if he put it back was surprised that then traveled gpt for when I came back I passed soil for us and if the door is the list of a woman and her eye strapped blue cloth Vastvhmt of them about ) conditions for being soil value and mark our affairs replied You have longevity, your father has died, so I came to the grave and I embraced him and cried with a shout like I saw without extra, and the vision did not come out as it was passed on to me by that friend, as he had no hand in that ….

…And a man saw as if his father had fallen ill, and then he showed him a pain in his head, because the head indicates the father ….

…Parent If you dreamed of your father, this foretells that you are about to get involved in some difficulty and that you will need wise advice if you want to get rid of it . If it is dead this indicates that your business is going through difficulty and you will have to be careful in running it . If a girl dreams about her dead father, this foretells that her beloved is deceiving her or will deceive her ….

…The father of the husband or wife If you dreamed of the father of your wife, this indicates conflicts with friends or relatives . If you see him healthy and happy, then this foretells of pleasant family relations ….

…If he saw his father revived, but the vision of the father is stronger ….

…And whoever sees that he slaughtered his mother, father, or son, and if he sees blood, then he forbids one of his parents or his son, and if he does not see blood, then it is a connection and mercy between them ….

…And whoever sees that his father came to him in any way, and if there is nothing in it that is dishonorable, then if the seer is in need, may God provide him with provision from where it is not counted ….

…And whoever sees that he disputes a person about their father’s matter over them, then it indicates that it is a trial according to the noble Sharia, and his matter goes back to the Qur’an and Sunnah because God Almighty said: “ If you disagree about something, they bring it to God and the Messenger. ” And it was said that the dispute with women and young boys is not commendable ….

…And whoever sees that his father has lived when he was the ancestor of the clothes, he was divorced, then it is the occurrence of a state, a lot of pride, a gain and a regularity of work ….

…It is rare that he narrated that a man had an amount that was buried in a place, so he was weak in his travel and he had some of his debt, so he thinks about himself to inform his companions about the buried amount and what he owes from the debt. Religion is mine in such-and-such place, buried in the amount of his thigh and a lot of it is my debt, so his son said to some of his companions the vision that he saw, and he said these are myths, and he passed it for a while, then he saw it again, so he said I told you about something in which you have a benefit in which a guardian has salvation, so what I did so he woke up and went to that place and dug and found that He benefited from it and fulfilled his father’s debt ….

If you dreamed of the month of August, then this indicates unlucky deals and misunderstandings in love affairs . If a girl dreams that she will marry in August, this portends sadness in her early married life ….

…What about seeing the dead, does this have a practical explanation, and can the spirits of the living and the souls of the dead converge? A : The scholars have proven this type of vision, and some of them considered it a kind of a righteous or correct vision. Ibn al-Qayyim said (Al- Ruwah _ p. 63) The correct vision has sections : One of them is : an inspiration that God, glory be to Him, casts into the heart of a servant, and among them : the encounter of the sleeper’s soul with the souls of the dead from his family And his relatives, companions and others, including : the ascension of his soul to God, glory be to Him, and her speech to Him, including : His soul entering Paradise and witnessing it, and so on. The meeting of living and dead spirits is one of the types of true visions that people have of the same kind of sensual ones . Proof of this verse : ( God die selves when her death and that have not been in her dream by examining that spent by the death and sent the other to indefinitely in that are signs for those who reflect ..) [ cliques : 42] This is the meaning of the verse, that God ends The lives of the servants by taking their souls at the end of their life (and the one who did not die in her sleep ) i.e. the time of sleep keeps it from acting as if it were a seized thing, so the one who was sentenced to death while sleeping takes it while sleeping, and he sends the other that was not sentenced to death, so its owner lives until the end of his life . Ibn Abbas and other commentators said : The souls of the living and the dead meet in a dream, so they get acquainted with what God wills of them. If all of them want to return to the bodies, God seized the souls of the dead with Him and sends souls to their bodies . ( Abu Bakr Al-Jazaery – p. 1124) So real death is called a major death, and a sleep death is called a minor death, and the Messenger, peace and blessings of God be upon him, when he woke up from his sleep would say : ( Praise be to God, who sometimes after he killed us and to him is resurrection ) , so he called sleep death . And he witnessed this from the Sunnah, I mean, soul holding what the two sheikhs made from the hadith of supplication before going to sleep. He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : (( If one of you goes to his bed, let him shake off his bed inside his veil, then he does not know what he left him behind, then he says : In your name my Lord I placed my side and with you I raise it if I held myself, so have mercy on her, and if I send her, I will preserve it with what you preserve your righteous servants )). And the witness in capturing the soul in a dream and sending it, and because something is mentioned, he was one of those who was famous for obedience, prayer, fasting and charity always complaining about his lack of vision of his deceased father, with his great reputation for seeing the dead and their conditions, and many of those close to him were asked about their dead, and he was astonished at not seeing him To his father, and one time I met him with joy, rapturous and happy, and say what good qualities you want about his condition, and before I ask him about his happiness, he rushed me as if he revealed my question by saying, I saw my father yesterday, I saw my father yesterday, and he told me his visions, so I said to him : Good, I saw evil cuvette God willing, thank God this vision is better for you, and may God benefit your father God Verwah to your status, so Nhspk God Hsepk we do not recommend to the one God, ( it was agreed the Sunnis that the dead benefit from seeking neighborhoods, Bdaaihm and Astgfaarham them, charity, fasting , and reading Koran and other works, this chapter speak in explaining the doctrine Tahhaawi mark Ibn Abi Ezz Hanafi p . 115 et seq . ) wept much Hamad God and ask forgiveness, has proved that the souls of the dead in varying Mstqrha in the isthmus greatest disparity, the mismatch : the lives of the highest Illiyun spirits Alonbea A, including : spirits in the crops of green birds like some of the martyrs, and some of them are imprisoned at the gate of Heaven, and some of them are locked in their graves, and some of them are the headquarters of the Gate of Heaven, and some of them are locked in the earth whose soul has not risen to the Most High, and in the Book of the Spirit Ibn al-Qayyim took care of such investigations…

Seeing a half-sister in a dream indicates that worry and anxiety will remain with you ….

…The ring : As for the ring, it indicates what he owns and is capable of, so whoever gave a ring, bought it, or gave it to him, he would gain authority or king if he was one of his family, because the king of Solomon, peace be upon him, was in his ring, and also it is from what the kings print their books and the most honorable their treasures . The king may have a house in which he lives and enters or owns it, and he locks it in her door, and it may be a woman who marries her and takes possession of her inviolability and breaks her ring or penetrates his belly in it, and the clove becomes her face, and taking the ring from God Almighty may be for the ascetic and worshiper to be safe from God Almighty from the bad at the completion of the conclusion And he took it from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, or from the world a good tidings of gaining knowledge, and all of this is what the ring is silver, but if it is gold, there is no good in it, and likewise if it is iron because it is the ornament of the people of Hell, or copper for what is in its name of the word bad, and what is made Including one of the ends of the jinn, we seek refuge with God from all evil . It was said : The ring also indicates the father and the woman, or the purchase of a slave girl, house, animal, money, or guardianship, and if it is of gold, then it is a man’s humiliation, and it was said that whoever sees that he wears an iron ring, it indicates a good that he attains after fatigue, and if it is of gold and has a clove It is hard . The hollow and silent rings are ever good, and the inflated rings that have a filler inside indicate assassination and deceit, because there is something hidden in them, or they indicate hope for something great and many benefits because their bones are greater than their weight, and as for the rings of a horn or ivory, they are commendable to women . And it was said that the ring is a great sultan, and the ring is the origin of the king, the lobe is his prestige, the seal is the permissibility of the sultan, his money and the mandate, and the ring is his order and its prohibition, and the inscription in it is his intention and intent . Whoever thinks that the king imprinted his character quickly attains the authority of the king, does not contradict him, because the stamp is stronger than the ring . And whoever sees that he wears a silver ring, then executes it wherever he wants, and it is permissible for him to do so, then he will gain authority . And whoever sees that he is stamped with the seal of the caliph and he is from Bani Hashem or from the Arabs, then he obtains a great mandate, and if he is from the loyalist or has a father, then his father dies and becomes a successor, and if he does not have a father, then his matter will turn to something contrary to what he wishes . And if he saw that an outsider had a void mandate . And whoever finds a ring, he has money from the non-Arabs, or has a son born to him or married, and whoever sees the clove of his ring becomes unstable, his authority over the separation becomes disturbed, and if he sees his clove has fallen, his son dies or has gone with some of his money . And whoever snatches his ring and is a governor, then he is removed, his property is gone, or his wife is divorced . And that for the woman is the death of her husband or the people closest to her, and it has been said that if a person wears it, something that is attributed to the ring will be renewed for him, and whoever sees the ring is broken and gone and the lobe remains, his authority will be removed and his name, memory and beauty remain . And the ring of gold is a heresy and is disliked in religion and treachery in his possession and deceit in his flock, and the ring is made of iron of a brave sultan or a discerning merchant, but he is idle, and the ring is of lead by a ruler in him and they are, and the ring with two lobes is an apparent and hidden authority, and if that ring is of something attributed to trade then it is profit And if it is attributed to knowledge, then it heals people of religion and the world . And the tightness of the ring indicates comfort and vulva . Whoever borrows a ring, then he has something that has no survival, and whoever strikes a freckled ring, he has something that he has never owned, such as a house, an animal, a maid or a boy . And if he sees rings sold in the market, then he is selling the property of the heads of people . If he sees the sky raining seals, he will have children in that year . The ring is for the Arabs a woman, and the gold ring is said to be a woman whose money is gone . And whoever seals it with a ring on his pinky, then removes it from her and puts it into something else, then he leads against his wife and calls for corruption, and if he sees that his ring that was on his ring finger once in his victory and once in the middle without being around him then his wife betrayed him . Whoever sells his ring for a dirham, flour, or sesame, he leaves his wife with good words or money . The clove is born, and if the clove of his ring is of essence, then it is a power with goodness, splendor, great money, remembrance and glory . If his clove was of aquamarine, if he was a ruler, then he was a brave, majestic and strong, and if he was in the boy, then he was a polite boy who would be a sack, and if his clove was beads, then he was a weak and insulting authority, and if the clove was a sapphire green, then he was born for him a child of a believer who is a world of understanding, and the ring is of the wood of a hypocritical woman Or a king of hypocrisy, and if a woman was given a ring, she would marry or give birth . And it was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if my ring was broken . He said if you believe you will divorce your wife . It was only three days before he divorced her . A man came to him and said : I saw that I had a ring in my hand with which I would seal it in the mouths of men and the wombs of women, so he said, You are a man who calls the muezzin at a time other than the time in the month of Ramadan, so people are forbidden to eat and eat . And whoever sees that it is a seal for a man on clay, then the one who is sealed for him will gain authority from the owner of the ring . And whoever sees that a king or a ruler gave him his ring, he puts it on and he was worthy of that, and he attained power, otherwise he would return that to a people who saw him or his clan or named him among the people or his counterpart in them, and selling the ring parting with the woman ….

…In conclusion of this book and in response to the desire of many, these are examples of what I expressed from my visions : Many desires came asking me to mention some of the visions that I expressed, and then they were fulfilled, and I would like here not to disappoint those who hold these requests, but I also like to clarify something that I am keen on secrets Therefore, I will not mention the names of the visionaries, nor will I mention the visions in which there may be very special things, for example, and I apologize in advance to everyone who read this topic and objected to it among the visionaries themselves . 1 / A questioner said that her aunt sees that she has golden bracelets on her, and harassed her, so I told her : If you believe your vision, it may be a simple infection in the windpipe and it will heal with God’s help . And she said, Glory be to God, I really have a tracheitis, may God reward you . 2 / A caller said I see a man I know is knocking on the door . So I said, What is his name? Muhammad Al-Wahaibi said, I said that, God willing, he will have a son, so he said, I have had the grace of God. I said : I called him Muhammad? He said yes, then I thank God . 3 / One of the questioners told me I see that I am hunting goats, or ducks, so I said, God willing, she will propose to a good girl, and her father will be a muezzin. He tells me later, when I wanted to engage, I went and found a man giving the call to prayer in the neighborhood mosque in which the girl lives, so he is the daughter’s father . 4 / A questioner said to me I saw that I would pay a chair to King Fahd – may God bless his life – so I said you would be employed with a job with such-and-such salary, she says, and from the next day she was hired for a little less, and she did not believe that she would be employed . 5 / A doctor told me : My husband sees that he never gets out from under his car . I said, are you going to travel? She said yes . So I said, Praise be to God, for safety, but I hope to check the car from below, specifically the column that turns underneath the car, and I did not know its name, and she told me later, my husband went in the car and found a defect in the place that you indicated to us . 6 / A woman said, I see that I cut the hair of a young daughter of mine, and her hair reaches her hip, so I said: Are you one of those who circumcise girls? She said, ~Yes, so I said, do the Sunnah in circumcision, and do not reduce it more than the limit stated .~ 7 / A father called Ali and said that his son sees that his back molar hurts him, so I said that your son suffers from the cruelty of the science teacher, so could I ask him, and he answered yes, so I said : Praise be to God, see the teacher, and he did . 8 / A man told me : I see that I go up the roof in the house, and I see a ladder, and I go up . I told him that someone is investigating and asking about you, and perhaps you addressed his daughter, and when I saw him after a while, he told me that what I mentioned about him has happened . 9 / A woman said I saw that I was breastfeeding a boy, and the amount of milk came out from my breasts forcefully and hit the wall . So I said I think you have a problem with the hormone milk, and you will recover and get pregnant, God willing . She said is what you say, thank God . 10 / A man told me I see my sister, and I see the sun rising from sunset . I said, I promised her and I left her, so I will fulfill what I promised her . He said, I promised her to perform Umrah and I could not . 11 / A woman said I see that I am slaughtering a sheep . So I said it is a vow that you did not fulfill, so do it . And she said yes . 12 / A woman said I see that I look at the Kaaba and it is destroyed . I said, ‘You are in a western country and you are always thinking of leaving it, but you do not . She said is what you say by God . 13 / A man called and said that I see that I am hunting a free bird and I got a dear camel, and I went up a mountain and found people who offered to buy the bird, so I said it is not for sale, and he mentioned the rest of the vision . So I said you are pursuing and practicing hunting? And you are the brother of one of the princes, and you have submitted a land grant and the matter will come out to you, and then some will offer you to buy it, so think carefully before selling . He said, “I love hunting, and I go out to him and I follow the time of the migration of birds. I submitted to one of the princes a request for a land grant and did not go out until now .” So I said, Praise be to God . 14 / One of the callers saw a woman coming to her, and she mentioned her name . 15 / A man called me and said I saw Gabriel, may God bless him and grant him peace, flying . So I said, ~Do you work in a job related to aviation?~ He said, ~Yes, I study flying,~ so I said I finished 600 flying hours and you had half left, so he mentioned a number very soon, praise be to God . 16 / Continuous: She said I see that I take two white and black strings out of my mouth, so I said to her : Sometimes you come from Satan with some obsession, and doubt about religion, so fear God . And she said, By God, that sometimes I observe the supererogues in addition to the obligatory prayers, but sometimes I hope and leave everything until prayer …. so pray for her that God confirm them on the religion 17 / A man said : My deceased father came to me and said to me : Do not destroy the mosque beacons, so I said : Yes, I said : Do not do this, it is not permissible . 18 / A man said to me : I see that I circumambulate and not complete . I said : You intend to multiply and do not do it? He said : Yes . 19 / A questioner called and said : I see that I am moving around and my mind is not with me !! I said : You know a man who took your mind but is manipulating you , so beware , and she said : It is what you say , and may God reward you well , and here is the benefit of warning about the bad meaning in some visions , and its impact on the life of its owner . 20 / A man said : I see that I eat rice and there are those who steal !! So I said to him : This is your project, and you are telling the idea of ​​an dishonest man . He said : Yes , what you said happened . 21 / man contact the program and told me : I saw the sun and the moon in the earth , and this was before the holy month of Ramadan , in 1428 of , I said to him : This is a difference between the people of vision , and the people of the account in determining the entry of the month , was what I got some of the bickering between the two parties ! 22 / A man said to me : I saw that I took a fuselage out of my mouth without pain , so I said : This is a child that annoys you , and he said : Yes, that is . 23 / A woman said : I see a snake in the mouth of a rose , so I said : Your husband promises you and succeeds , and you pray for him? She said : Yes , which is what I said , so I warned her and feared God ….

…The compassionate father and the noble Sheikh did not leave his son in that desolate, wilderness place in the desert of Makkah , without longing for him and remembering him , and without visiting him from time to time , and on one of these visits , and the boy had grown up and moved , he tolerated what his father did in pursuit and work , the opinion of Hebron – Peace be upon him – that he was commanded to slaughter this son of his son , and when the prophets of God slept in their eyes and did not sleep in their hearts , then (the vision of the prophets is revelation ), and that is why Hebron determined to implement the command of his Lord , and he did not commend him for this determination , that Ishmael is alone , and that he was blessed Sheikh large , on the eighty – six years old head of age , and after having been hoped for for years and for years , despite all this , the Khalil God has determined to accomplish what is done , the faith of the faithful , and the surrender of Muslims to God alone , demonstrating the ultimate obedience and compliance with the order of God , this is Islam particular , since Islam is obedience and compliance to God , which is the first religion and others , and this has been described God – the Almighty – this , saying the Almighty ( this is a scourge shown ) from Surat Avat verse 106 that Hebron , but the view that displays This is for his son to be kinder to his heart and easier for him to forcibly take him and slaughter him Forcibly . Let us read these generous verses (and he said that I am going to my Lord , they will guide me , Lord grant me from the righteous , so we preached to him a boy who is haleem , and when he reached with him the sa’i , my father said that I see in a dream that I am slaughtering you , so see what you see . He said, Father, do what you are commanded , you will find me, God willing, from the patient. , when they became Muslim and a hill to the forehead , and Nadenah that O Abraham vision has ratified Verily well Ndza benefactors , this is a scourge shown , and Vdenah great slaughter , and we left it in others , peace on Abraham , as well as We recompense benefactors , he was one of our faithful , and We gave Isaac a prophet of Righteous )….

…1 – Time for expression : note when some of the crossings that after the expression of a vision that says : will fall this vision after such and such, in days or months or years, and some of them exaggerate until you find say sometimes similar dates, for example : will fall your vision on the third day of the month The third is after three years, and some of them say : It will fall on such a date months before it or months after it, so it does not start like the previous one . After my research for this topic and found several fixed texts, I show you and comment on what opens God and say : The first directory : In the story of Joseph , ascites saw Bosevh peace be upon him Rabah and cut on his father said to his father : When Joseph said to his father Aaopt I saw a ten a planet and the sun and the moon I saw them bowing down ( Yusuf : 4 ). The scholars said : This vision achieved after forty years , when God reunited Joseph his parents and his brothers , eleven , and worshiped all his greeting and veneration as the Koran cut his story . He says : his parents on the throne and fell prostrate and said , O my father , this interpretation of my vision by may make it truly my Lord has better me as it took me out of prison and came to you from the Bedouin after that with removable devil between me and my brothers , my Lord nice what he wants , He is the Knowing , the Wise ( Yusuf : 100 ). If this vision of Joseph , a young boy old seven years have been achieved in Egypt literally , Joseph sat on his throne , bowed his parents and his brothers bowing down and notes that the vision of Joseph visions true that you do not need to express , but fall also were seen , and it is important here is that the interpretation of the vision delayed forty years as evidenced by an interview with the Persian Salman said : ~ among the vision of Joseph and its expression forty years , ~ Ibn Hajar said after him . The narrators of al-Tabari , al-Hakim and al-Bayhaqi with a valid chain of narrators (1). Second Guide : In the story of Joseph also , after he entered the prison , the king saw a vision alarmed him and asked Aoolha him when men of science and the state around him and holding of meetings E and said to them : ~ The king said , I see seven fat cows he would eat seven lean and seven Snblatt Khader And the last, crusty, O public, please advise me about my vision, if you are to see the vision expressing (43). ( They said pipe dreams, and we are not interpreting dreams in two worlds. ”(44) ( Joseph 44 43) The truth is that the answer of these is similar to the answer of some of the public who do not hesitate to answer the expression of visions. They say , for example : death , long , life , and cry laughed and this may be saying to God without knowledge , or find them like this footnote Badan the answer then it asked them turned right and left to escape , or in search of who sent him the question . what concerns that Joseph while across the vision answered and select time saying he was seven years harder cultivate what reaped Vdhiroh spike in only a little of which you eat )47( )tm come after that seven hard eat what you gave them only a little than Thsnon()4 8 ( ( Yusuf : 47 – 48 ). Joseph , reminded T that vision will be achieved within a period of fifteen years , dream which is glad educe Joseph of them fourteen years of saying the king of seven fat cows , and seven cows lean , and the scholars said : The words of Joseph : )tm comes after a year in which Agat people and it Aasron( ( Yusuf : 49 ) did not show him the vision , but it is what God taught Yusuf and good expression (2). Third Guide : Anas bin Malik , may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him was entered on or girl is haram Milhan , Vttamh , and the mother is forbidden under bin silent worship and entered upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him day Votamth and then sat down Tvla head – any inspect what it kills lice – Vnam the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and then woke up laughing , she said : I said : what Idgk O Messenger of Allah? He said : ~ People from my nation , offered invaders in the name of God riding Thbj this sea . And Thbj sea any ride back or the middle – kings on the family or like kings on the family , ~ said : said : I said : O Messenger of God , pray to God to make me one of them, He called her, then put his head and he slept and then woke up laughing, she said : I said : what Idgk O Messenger of God, said : ~ people from my nation , offered for the sake of the invaders Alte God , ~ he said in the first, she said : I said : O Messenger of God , pray to God that makes me of them, said : you are from the first two ~ , Frckpt or haram girl Milhan the sea at the time of Sid Vsrat for Daptha when I came out of the sea Vhlkt . agreed upon word of a Muslim (3). after searching prolonged in this story found that the vision of the time was after farewell Hajj, and the occurrence of vision was at the time of Othman bin Affan, so they installed the sea in succession Othman , heading to Cyprus Vsrat for Daptha Kathy and buried there, and that was as a stone son said in opening the year twenty – eight . time is between the vision and expression eighteen years, God I know . Note this time between the occurrence of vision and expression distance . then tell me you think the one who asks for a vision Vtakbrh saw her expression, and then surprised him after a period of s A night he says to you : I said : such-and-such will happen, and now a month, two months, or a year will pass, and it has not been fulfilled as if his state is : You are wrong ! ! ! Yes . . The line comes from the crossing, but the vision may be delayed. ”And if the thing is mentioned, I say here : The endeavor of the crossing to set a time for the time of the occurrence of the vision needs to be examined and the work of the mind and fatigue, what is in need of a time to come, but the visionary may sometimes insist on asking about time, then if I told him and I told him : God knows even away from yourself the embarrassment of error, be surprised by Antqsk says : he told me the crossing and did not get well , and some of them mocks by saying : what has the above . After this presentation, I say : Who is right in your opinion? ________________________________________ (1 ) See : Fath al – Bari Ibn Hajar – op – (12 /377 ). (2 ) Abu Bakr Algerian : Acer ‘s great interpretations of the words of the Most High and Bhamch River Good Acer exegesis, i 4 /1420 of – , library science and governance . ( P . 578 ). (3 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the book of Revelation expression door during the day in two places (11 /72 ) , (391/12 ) – op – and Narrated by Muslim , as in the nuclear (13 /58 ) in the book of the emirate ‘s door He preferred the invasion at sea – previous reference -. ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi…

…On the authority of Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Amr bin Othman, he said : Khaled Ibn Saeed was old and was the first of his brothers to embrace Islam , and the beginning of his conversion to Islam was that he saw in sleep that he was standing on the brink of fire, and he mentioned from its capacity what God knows best , and he sees in sleep as if his father pushes him in it and sees The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, took his loins so that he would not fall, so he panicked from his sleep, and said : I swear by God that this is a true vision . So he met Abu Bakr bin Qahfa and he mentioned that to him. Abu Bakr said : I want you well , this is the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, so you will follow him and enter with him in Islam that keeps you from falling into it and your father is in it . So the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, met him while he was with horses and said : O Muhammad, what do you call? He said : I pray to God alone, with no partner, and that Muhammad is his servant and his Messenger, and he puts off the worship that you are upon by a stone that does not hear or see, does not harm or benefit, and it is not known of his servant who did not worship him . Khaled said, I bear witness that there is no god but God and I bear witness that you are the Messenger of God. The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, interpreted his Islam . Khaled was absent, and his father knew of his Islam, so he sent in his request those who remained of his son from those who did not become Muslim and raised his master and his presence, they brought him to his father Abi Ahiha, so he warned and wept and hit him with a knock in his hand until he broke it on his head, then he said : You followed Muhammad while you see his people and what he brought about from the defect of their gods and defects. Whoever departed from their fathers, Khaled said : By God, he repented and followed him, so Abu Ahiha got angry and attacked his son and insulted him, then he said : Go to bow wherever you want. By God, I will prevent you from sustenance. Khaled said : If you prevent me, God will grant me what I live with . So he brought him out and said to his sons : None of you would talk to him unless I did with him what I did with him, so Khaled turned to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and he was obligated to be with him . Usefulness :::: And whoever embraced Islam through a dream, the Islamic professor and thinker Muhammad Asad, the Austrian scholar, God guided him after a vision he saw and saw that in his book (The Way to Mecca ). Likewise, a Christian woman converted to Islam after hearing a phone calling her to enter the religion of Islam, and she converted to Islam . Likewise, a man who I think is Dutch converted to Islam through a dream .. And God is the helper. See the stories of these people in our book within this realistic series ( Repentants to God ), a book that contains stories from the time of Adam to the contemporary time ….

…The Sun : Originally the greatest king, because it enlightens what is in the sky from its counterparts, with its great benefit and disposes all people in its interests, and it may indicate the king of the place in which the vision is seen, and above it is higher than it indicates the sky to it, and it is the king of kings and the greatest of authorities, because God, glory be to Him The Exalted is the King of Kings, the mighty of the giants, and the director of heaven and those on it and the earth and those on it . And the sun may indicate the authority of the person who has the vision, if he sees it especially without the congregation and the councils, such as his princess, corporal, teacher, father, or husband if she is a woman, and perhaps the honorable woman as the king’s wife, president, master, his daughter, or his mother or the wife of the seer, or his mother Or his daughter, or her beauty . The poets liken the beauty of virgins to the sun in beauty and beauty . It was said that in the vision of Yusef, peace be upon him, it was a sign of his mother, and it was said, rather, of his maternal aunt, his father’s wife, and it was said that it was rather about his grandmother, and it was said that it was a sign of his father and the moon over his mother, all of this is permissible in the expression, and if the sun indicates the father, then he preferred her over the moon by light And the sunshine, and if it indicates the mother, let her feminine and remind the moon, so what was seen in the sun of an accident, its interpretation returned to those who refer to it from those who we described on the destinies of people and the magnitudes of the vision and its evidence and evidence . If a fallen woman is seen to the ground, or a bird swallows her, or she falls into the sea, or is burned by fire and her eyes are gone, or blackened and absent in a way other than her course from the sky, or she enters into a coffin, the one who is attributed to her will die . And if he saw an eclipse or cloud covered it and accumulated dust or smoke on it until its light diminished, or if you saw a ripple in the sky without stability, that was evidence of an accident happening to the one who added to it, either from sickness, worry, grief, distress, or worrying news, except that Whoever you indicate is ill in awakening, for that is his death, and if he sees it blackened without a reason for his deception or an eclipse, this is evidence of the added’s injustice and his injustice, or of his disbelief and delusion even if he took it in his palm or its possession in his lap, or it descended upon him in his home with its light and brightness He was able to possess his authority and pride with his possession, if he was one of those who befit him, or the arrival of the Lord of that status if he was absent, whether his son or his servant or his wife saw that, because he is the authority of everyone and the values ​​of the house, otherwise the pregnant woman was born if he had a maid or a boy who differentiated between The male and the female are seeking an increase in the vision, such as taking it and covering it under his garment, or inserting it into one of his vessels, and he will testify that in it by the hidden females, and whoever indicates it is beautiful mentioned with knowledge or authority . And if in this case she was dark and shriveled in color, then the king was treacherous in his possession, or on his family, if he met that, otherwise a power would be imposed on him, or he was attacked by a worker, or an absentee foot, or he died among the sick, and pregnant women fell off their fetus, or gave birth to a son Differentiate these faces, increasing the evidence . And if he sees it emerging from Maghrib or returning after sunset, or returning to the place from which it dawned, a sign and a lesson will appear that indicates what I have prepared by increasing its evidence . This may indicate the return of the person attributed to her of what he hoped for in travel, justice or injustice, according to the benefit of her onset and absences, and the times for that . Perhaps the setback indicated by the sick, and its absence after its emergence for those with pregnancy may indicate the death of the fetus after its appearance . And perhaps it indicates the arrival of the absent from his travels and the strange money, and perhaps its absence indicates the return of the prisoner to the prison after his release, and it may indicate that the one who embraced Islam from his infidelity, or repented from his wrongdoing, will return to his misguidance . And if someone sees that doing good or bad hidden deeds, he indicates his jacket and conceals his conditions, and his cover is not revealed for the sun to go away, except that he is someone who was given to him on his night as a wife, or bought a secret, he said, the wife goes back to her family, and the secrecy belongs to her seller . Her rise after her sunset may also indicate to those who divorced his wife of her regurgitation, to those who are pregnant with her salvation, and to those who have been unable to live or have made her due to her hypocrisy, especially if her goodness is by the sun, such as shortening, washing, milk taxes, and the like, and for those who are sick of his death, because of the disappearance of the human-like shadow. With the words of the Almighty : “ Then the sun made him a guide, then we took a little fist for us. ” And for whoever was in jihad or war, for victory, because she returned to Yushaa bin Nun, peace be upon him, in the war of the enemies to him, until God showed him to them, and to whomever was poor on the winter day, On the clothing and riches, and on the summer day on the sadness, sickness, fever and conjunctivitis . Sitting in the sun in the summer is an indication of the torment and grief that he is in, for the sake of accompanying the ruler, or the reason for whom the sun descended on him according to his position and direction . And whoever saw that he was transformed into a sun, he struck a king as mighty as its rays . And whoever strikes the sun hanging by a chain, the guardian of the state and justice in it . And if he sits in the sun and heals in it, he will receive a blessing from a ruler, and whoever sees that the sun’s light and its rays are from the east to the dusk, and if he is worthy of the king he will gain a great king, otherwise he will have a flag that is mentioned in all countries, and whoever sees that he owns the sun or is able to it, then he The saying is acceptable to the greatest king . Whoever saw her, Safia Munira, had risen to him, if he was a ruler who gained power in his mandate, and if he was a prince who obtained good from the greatest king, and if he was from the parish of a permissible livelihood, and if she was a woman who saw what pleased her from her husband . And whoever sees the sun rising in his house, if he is a merchant, he profits in his trade, and if he is a student of a woman, then he will hit a beautiful woman, and if that is seen by a woman who has married and the provision of her husband is greater . And the light of the sun is the prestige of the king and his justice, and from his word the sun received a lift from the Sultan, and whoever sees the sun rises on his head but not his body, he will receive a serious and comprehensive matter . And if it appeared on his feet without the rest of his body, he would receive permissible sustenance from before his cultivation, and if it appeared on his stomach under his clothes and people did not know, he would have leprosy, as well as on the rest of his organs from under his clothes . And whoever sees his stomach split and the sun rises in him, then he dies, and if a woman sees that the sun has entered from her saddle while he is a collar and then goes out from her tail, then she will marry a king and stay with her for a night, and if it falls on her vagina, then she commits adultery, and if he sees that the sun has set all over and he is behind her, he follows her Then he dies, and if he sees that he is following the sun as it travels and has not set, then he will be a prisoner with the king . If he sees the sun turning an old man, then the sultan humiliates God Almighty, makes justice and obtains power, and the conditions of Muslims improve, and if she turns young, then he weakens the condition of Muslims and disgraces the Sultan . If he sees a fire coming out from the sun and burning what is around it, then the king perishes some of his courtiers, and if he sees the sun red, then he is corrupt in his kingdom . If he saw it yellowed, the king was sick . If blackened, it will prevail, and it will be a blight . If he sees that she is absent, he will miss his request ….

…It is a sign of the end of the term in a dream . Teeth may indicate money, animals, wage earners, death and life, and indicate deposits and secrets . The teeth are the inhabitants of the man’s household, the higher ones are the men on the side of his father, and the lower ones are the women on the side of his mother . The upper two are the father and the uncle, or sisters and two sons . The quartet is the man’s cousin . The fang is the master of his household . And premolars males and sons of maternal uncles . And molars ancestors . The two lower folds are the mother and aunt, or the two sisters and two daughters . The lower quadrant is a cousin or aunt’s daughter . The lower fang is the master of his household . And the lower premolars, the daughter of his aunt or the daughter of his uncle . The lower and upper molars the farthest from the household of the man and the grandmother . If a single tooth moves from it then it is a disease, and if it falls or is lost then it is death . If a person sees some of his teeth eroded, he will be afflicted with calamity . And if he sees that his fold is longer, more beautiful and whiter than it was, then his father and uncle will gain strength and an increase in their money . And if he saw that he was treating his teeth, he extracted them, and if he spends his money on hate or cuts the uterus . And if he sees a blackening in his teeth, then he is a defect in his household . If he sees a stink of his teeth, then he is ugly praising the people of his household . If his teeth move, it is the disease of his relatives . If he sees that his teeth are broken, then one of his relatives or friends will die . Whatever teeth on the right side indicates males, and what was on the left side indicates females, and the teeth on the right side indicate elderly men and women, and the teeth on the left side indicate juveniles from them . The maqadim of the teeth indicate the boys, the fangs denote the half of them, and the molars of the molars indicate the elderly among them . If a person sees that his teeth are of gold, that is praiseworthy and evidence of a fire occurring in their homes or jaundice . If he sees that his teeth are of glass or wood, that indicates a death that defeats him, and if he sees them of silver, then it is evidence of harm and loss . And if he saw that his depressing was broken, his son died . And if he sees one or more worms in the extraction site, then he will succeed them . If he saw that some of his teeth were long, he would quarrel with his family . If he saw that he pulled out all his teeth, his family would die before him . And whoever sees his teeth burrowing, his family let him down . And whoever sees that he has a fault in his teeth indicates that his family has been dispersed and that there is a defect between them or a decrease in his money . And if the flesh is cleaned from between his teeth, he will backbite a people . And it was said : The teeth indicate the pearl necklace for women . Ibn Sirin, may God Almighty have mercy on him, said : The molar was pulled out in a dream, the uterus of a boy was cut . The weariness of the teeth indicates the weakness of the people of his household . And the windows in the dream followers . The extraction of the tooth indicates the arrival of the absent or the death of someone he is dear to . He pulled his teeth out with his hand, he spent his money in a bad way, or tied with his family without being known, or he did something reprehensible and regretted it, so if he pulled his teeth out to him, someone indicated his need for a mortgage or sale . And renewing the teeth taken off in a dream is evidence of opposition and profit after loss ….

…Whoever sees in a dream that he has entered a city from Al-Madaen is safe from what he fears . And Ibn Sirin, may God Almighty have mercy on him, loved to enter cities, and he did not like to leave them, because God Almighty said : ( So he went out from them in fear and waited. He said : Lord, save me from the unjust people ). And it was said : The city ​​is expressed by a man of knowledge , for he, peace be upon him, said : ( I am the city of knowledge and I am at its gate ). And whoever enters a city and finds it in ruins, the scholars have lost it . And it was said : The city ​​is the death of its king or his oppression in it . In any city that is seen and there is no authority in it, food is overpriced in it . The known city is the world and the unknown is the hereafter . And whoever saw a city destroyed, the religion of its people has gone . The city of man that is attributed to his father is expressed by his father, so whoever saw that a city was ruined by earthquakes, his father died by murder . And whoever sees that he is in the country of Upper Egypt, his livelihood will be troubled and miserable, or his trust will increase . And whoever saw that in the country of Nubia he would have a blessing . And who saw that in Abyssinia, his prestige decreased . And whoever sees that he is in Egypt, God blesses his life and prolongs his life . And whoever sees that he is in the country of El-Arish, the good will be abundant . And whoever saw that in Constantinople he lost his money . And whoever sees that he is in the land of Jerusalem and Mount Tur Sinai, this is a year ahead for him . Whoever sees that he is in Bethlehem, his solidity will increase and his religion will be strengthened . And whoever saw that he was in the countries of the East, he would get good . Whoever saw that he supervised Baghdad came to the ruler because Baghdad was the home of the Imam . And whoever sees that he is in Jordan, he will receive a travel or humiliation . And whoever sees that he is in Damascus, God will provide for him . Whoever thinks that he is in the country of the Romans, then he has confidence in God Almighty, as well as the countries of Armenians . And whoever sees that he is in the countries of the Franks, his heart becomes blind . And whoever sees that he is in the land of the non-Arabs, he learns rudeness . Whoever sees that he is in the land of India and conquers his enemies and conquers his envy . And whoever sees that he is in ruins, he will be afflicted with a people who have no power over them . And whoever sees that he is in salted or sulfurous land, he will get sick . And the country is an oath, because God Almighty says : ( I do not swear by this country ). The country is safe from fear . Perhaps the country in a dream indicated repentance and forgiveness . The region may refer to his ruler, authority, ruler, or scholar . If a person owned a country in a dream he attained a king or guardianship, and if he was celibate, he married, or a sick person was cured of his illness, or an adulterer who repented, or a lost man, he was guided . And seeing the dead in a dream in a city may have been in heaven, just as if he was seen in a village indicates that he is in Hell, for its people to suffer and their misery . If the city has a name for Saleh, such as Sana’a, which denotes the fabrication, or Dhofar from the victory of the enemy, and the secret of whoever sees is of pleasure . And whoever leaves a sinner, he will be saved from a sinner . And the gates of the well-known city are its governors, rulers and guards . And whoever sees that he is in an unknown city, that is the sign of the righteous . And whoever saw the city wall demolished, its worker died or was dismissed from his work . And whoever saw that he had a notch in the city wall, until a lion, torrent, or thief entered Medina, weakening the command of Islam in it, or blocking the market of knowledge . See also The Village ….

…The vision of a thin girl my father a summer thing Balastsaga for openwork ibn Nawfal – may Allah be pleased with him – from his mother thin girl dad summer son Hashim Lydda was Abdul Muttalib said : Successive the Quraish years Jdbh Oqahlt skin and shed the bone , she said : While I’m lying Oh God , or Mhomh if I With a famous phone shouting in a sahl voice saying : Oh, Quraysh, this prophet was sent from you, and this is during his departure, so he lives in goodness and fertility . Do not see from you a tall, white-bone man who smacks of two eyes , has pride on him and a year dedicated to him , but let him save him and his son and turn to him from every belly a man , not Fliscnoa of water and harmed from the good and to receive the corner , and then carefully chosen House seven times to live up father FBIs Felictsag man and believes in the people , not including the pure and good for itself , not Vgshm if you like and you live . She said : So the knowledge of God became a frightened woman. My skin and his mind stood up. My vision was cut short, so I slept in the rivers of Makkah . So, the sanctity and the forbidden, if he remains with it , is abtahi unless he says this is the shaybah of praise , this is a shaybah , and the Quraysh are complete with him . And broke him all the belly of a man staging and Speak and received roaring and then ascended the father Qubais and punched people buried around him once realize their quest until poverty peaked Vacetknoa Jnabiah and with them the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , which that day Ghulam may Oaf or anguish arose , Abdul Muttalib said : Oh God prevailed Alkhalp The detector Courba you the world is a teacher and administrator is Mboukl and Hola Abdaak and Amaak Badhirat Ahramk complain to you their year that may Oqahlt cloven slippers , Vasaman God and Amatarn Geetha terrible Mgdakka , what Eu even went off the sky Pmaiha Okz valley Bhgejeh Velsmat Sheikhan Quraish , she says Abdul Muttalib : Congratulations to you, Aba Al-Bathaa , Hanaa , that is , for you lived the people of Batha, and in that it says Raqifa : Bashisa Al-Hamd, may God water our town. We lost the life and the underlined water. So the waters and trees lived in a torrent from God with the auspicious. There is nothing in the people of justice or danger, and in this hadith it is strange that we explain it briefly , saying : Abd al-Muttalib’s mother is a Sunni deed . And replaced Epast . And thinning the bone made him weak from effort . And hypnosis first sleep and dawn time . Hala inspired word acceleration . And Hia – limited – rain and fertile , no sooner Otakm rain and fertility . And the bones by joining the eye are louder than the great . Some are thin in complexion . And the high snort . And saying : He has a pride that grieves him, he must hide and not be proud of . The Sunnah is the way . And guide him , that is , people show it . Let them shine , with the Sein and the Shin , that is , let them pour , meaning , then let them wash . Then sin, any relief and relief . And any Fasht and Shaybah Al-Hamad has grown the title of Abdul Muttalib . And she completed it , that is , they all came . And the time limit for his silence and saying : anguish, that is, proximity . The trait is needed . And the courtyards excuses . And the year of drought and distress . And he means the shafts and the slippers of sheep and camels . And spoiled a lot . No crowded . And the noise is very runny water . And Sheikh Sheikhs . And Aljzl any late and Jouni black clouds . His saying : in the voice of Sahl, meaning in it with a sweet . And his saying : A man is tall, meaning he is tall, and if he is excessively tall, it is said that he is long with emphasis . And he said : Let him go , the delif is the slow walking, it is said : he walks when he walks and the stepping boat . And she said : and in them pure and good for joy – means the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him – and saying : Mviodh , Mufiod is the one who injured his heart – a heart – pain of . Panic, annexation, fear and panic . And he said : My skin stood, meaning the clenching, and it was said : She wanted to stop my hair, so he rose from panic . And God wandered the mind and bewildered by the severity of emotion . And her saying : So is the sanctity and the forbidden , this is from swearing by something other than God and it is shirk , and that happened from it during the time of ignorance, and if that is polytheism . And her saying : They buried around it, that is, they walk on the path of Lena . And the auspicious plane is a plane, and the best one for which it preached is harmful is the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. It is not unlikely that the Quraish’s relief is due to the fact that he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is one of those seeking help from among them ….

…Ibrahim, peace be upon him, his vision in a dream denotes goodness and blessing, worship and sovereignty, sustenance and altruism, caring for the righteous offspring, enjoining good and forbidding evil, knowledge and guidance, and the abandonment of family and relatives in order to obey God Almighty . God Almighty . His vision also indicates the compassionate father, and that Abraham, peace be upon him, is the father of Islam, and he is the one who poisoned us with Muslims . Perhaps his vision indicated that he would fall into adversity and be safe from them . It may also indicate . Seeing him on what he hopes of good or legislation, or preserving the good, and abandoning the bad brothers . What a person saw that he touched him indicates the love of God Almighty, just as his vision indicates Hajj . And if a woman sees Ibrahim, peace be upon him, in her sleep, she will suffer hardship for some of her children, but God Almighty spares him from her . And whoever becomes in a dream Abraham, peace be upon him, indicates the calamity of the enemies, but he is victorious . And he may assume a state or his imam and be just in it, or he will live after despair, and perhaps the messengers of the elders brought good news to him . And whoever sees Abraham, peace be upon him, he conquers his enemies, or he gets a believing wife, or is subjected to hardship and distress from a king and then escapes from that . And whoever saw him invite him to him and answered him by the Talbiyah, and he hastened to him, his status would rise . If he saw him, he called him but did not answer him, or he saw him threatening him, or threatening him, or seeing a frown, then he may be behind the Hajj with the possibility of him, or he will be a neglector of the prayer, or a stabbing against the imam, or a hypocrite, and if he sees him as an unbeliever, he embraces Islam, or a sinner who repents, or he is a neglector. To pray he returned to it . And whoever transforms into the image of Abraham, peace be upon him, or lays his garment, he will be afflicted . Perhaps his vision indicated that sadness and anxiety were gone, and goodness and guidance befall him . And it was said : Seeing Abraham, peace be upon him, hindered the father ….

…Can the science of expressing visions and dreams be learned and instructed? It is no secret for anyone interested in this art that this knowledge is very honorable, and that is why God is grateful to His Prophet Yusef by saying the Almighty [and also your Lord will answer you and teach you about the interpretation of hadiths …] , and our Prophet Muhammad [ peace and blessings be upon him ] used to express visions and often asked the Companions as In the hadith of Samra bin Jundub : When the Prophet [ peace and blessings be upon him ] prayed the morning, he came to them with his face and said : Did any of you see a vision yesterday ? In fact, I have a point of view on this issue. I mean the possibility of learning, and teaching this science, which is that it can be learned, and taught . And this opinion may be strange to some; This is because this science is more like inspiration and physiognomy, and as if it imitates the messengers, so he found embarrassment in this regard, but I hope that we will raise this issue for discussion so that our proposal is objective . Here is the most important thing that makes me inclined to this opinion, and I have spoken about it in detail in my book : The expression of the vision, contemporary terms, questions and answers, p. 96 , and beyond, the publisher : Dar al-Tadmuriyya . Nuclear Commenting said on an interview Samra former : it is mustahabb to ask about the vision, the initiative to interpret, and accelerate the first day, and it is permissible to speak in science and interpretation of Revelation, and the like .15 / 30 Ibn Hajar said , commenting on the previous talk as in the opening 12/437: Induction To teach the science of vision and its expression, and to neglect the question about it, and its preference because it includes access to some of the unseen and the secrets of beings . Ibn Abd al-Barr said, as in al- Tamheed 1/313, commenting on the previous hadith : This hadith indicates the honor and virtue of the knowledge of the vision, because he [ may God’s prayers and peace be upon him ] was only asking about it to tell him and pass it on, so that his companions knew how to speak about its interpretation . Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab said, as in the collection of his books 5/130: The science of expression is a true science that God bestows upon whomever He wills of His servants . And he said in another place 5/143: The term vision is a true science mentioned by God in the Qur’an, and for this reason it was said : Only those who are knowledgeable can interpret the vision , because it is a part of the revelation . Al- Shatibi, may God have mercy on him, warned in Al- Muwwafaa 2/415: that there is no merit and a veil that the Prophet [ may God’s prayers and peace be upon him ] gave except what was exempt, except that his ummah was given a model, and this is known by introspection, and from that he gave revelation to him, and his ummah was given the righteous vision . Imam Malik said, and he was asked : Does the vision explain every Sunday? He said : He plays with prophethood, then he said : Only the best of the vision will pass the vision . If he sees something good, tell him, and if he sees something unpleasant, let him say something good or keep silent . And Imam Ibn Al-Saadi said in his Tafsir 2/442: And among them are the benefits of the previous verse : that it has an origin for the expression of the vision, for the knowledge of expression is one of the important sciences that God gives to whomever He wills . He also said 2/449: Including that knowledge of expression is one of the Sharia sciences, and that a person will be rewarded for his learning and teaching . And what indicates the existence of learning and education among the Companions – Ashraf al-Khalq – is what was proven that Umar ibn al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, used to ask Asma bint Umais al- Khatha’a’miya about the expression of the vision as in Tahdheeb al-Tahdheeb by Ibn Hajar 12/399. Ibn Saad mentioned in al- Tabaq 7/124: Said bin al-Musayyib was the one who crossed the people to the vision, and this was taken from Asmaa Bint Abi Bakr, and names took him from her father Abu Bakr, and Abu Bakr took this knowledge from the noble Messenger, who used to let him sometimes cross some Visions, and he corrects him sometimes, and he may mistake him like any teacher and his student, and this student was proficient in many situations in which he was examined, and therefore we find him after one time, and he was expressing a vision that the Messenger saw, the Messenger says to him with admiration for his expression : Likewise said the king . But it also happened to him that I made a mistake in his ijtihad, and the Messenger [ may God’s prayers and peace be upon him ] did not compliment him, rather he did wrong. So he said to him once after he passed over to him : Tell me, O Messenger of God, of my father, are you wrong or wrong? The Prophet said : You hit some and you missed the other . Aisha, may God be pleased with her, also had educational attitudes with her father, so she presented visions to him, and he had some situations with the Messenger of God [ may God’s prayers and peace be upon him ] . Therefore, she was violent once when she expressed a vision to a woman that her husband was dying and giving birth to a child who was wronged by saying : [ What, O Aisha If you express the vision to the believer, then express it to him in goodness ….] And the witness from the hadith asked Aisha to follow a specific approach to expression, which is to spend it on good . Imam Ibn Khaldun stated in his introduction, p. 389, that this knowledge is one of the Sharia sciences, and it is an accident in the religion when the sciences became artifacts and people wrote about it, and its expression is found in the predecessors and the back, and this knowledge is still transmitted between the predecessors ….

…It was said that Al-Qaqaa had a debt of ten thousand dirhams, and he was overwhelmed, and he saw his father in his sleep in honor of a beacon praising God and cheering, and when he saw him he called him and woke up, and he asked the one who crossed him, and he said that the lighthouse is a height and a lift that your father strikes . He said that my father is dead, the crossing said, Are you not his son? He said yes . Perhaps you will be a scholar or a prince, and as for his praise, you are in grief and sadness, and God Almighty will release him from you, because God Almighty said : “ So in the darkness He called that there is no god but You are glorifying you, because I was one of the wrongdoers .” It was only a little while, when a man took his hand, and said to him, Are you the Qaqaa? So he said to himself, this is nothing but a lieutenant adversary, so Saadana told him a sick woman and she was recommending to invite you, he said, so he went with him, and there was a group of sheikhs and a written book that Saadana made one-third of her money to al-Qaqaa, and she recommended a third of her money to him and died after three days ….

…Can you learn the expression of dreams? Or is the gift of God gives it to whom He pleases of worship , as is common among a large sector of the border crossings of dreams , and people ? Is it a science that can be acquired and learned and then progressed in it – according to its talents – or it continues on one level in it as a result of its abilities , which cannot be surpassed? Is it a miraisah with which its owner is cut off , or is it speculation and assumption , and the assumption misses and befalls? That is clear to those who read this book , the author tends to be aware of the expression on a high, and singled out God by some of the prophets , peace be upon them Kyousef, Abraham, Jacob , and Mohammed, and excelled when many of the companions venerable Abu Bakr, Omar, and Aisha, and others, but this is not science Farasa is born with its owner, not just the marijuana, and if the crossing of the vision is one of the owners of these two types is better and his opinion is more correct, but this does not make us close the door to teaching the vision other than these two types ! Yes , it expresses the vision of the door physiognomy or the inspiration provided to jealousy, but I have a simple question here : Who is classified as of these two types of non – apostles of non Ancestors, companions and followers of the acclaimed? Who has to give others this right is the apostles – peace be upon them . ? Perhaps among them was Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when he testified to some of his companions of their superiority in some sciences and knowledge. Therefore, he testified to Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, to excel in this aspect, to Omar in the aspect of inspiration, and to Ibn Abbas in the science of interpretation and so on, there are many questions, but the Messenger, peace be upon him And peace be upon him, may God be glorified and praised, said: “ What is uttered about whim (3) that it is nothing but a revelation suggests (4)”. From this point we analyze the question to find the answer through our understanding of the texts, and Bastaradhana stories received for senior crossings, what do we find? We find that this divine science grant in origin, but it can be learned and learning by studying how to express it when those lined up , of the apostles and righteous, or excelled in it who came after them , who saw him from the people of this science . It assigns this point of view, the emergence of a lot of companions in this side and teach him at the hands of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him . Let us look at the words of Abu Bakr , the Prophet peace be upon him on one occasion when cut by the Prophet ‘s vision which is : Ibn Shihab said : saw the Prophet peace be upon him a vision Vqsa to Abu Bakr said : ~ O Abu Bakr, I saw Kanye preempted you and I degree Vsbaktk Bmrqatin and a half ~ , he said : O Messenger of Allah, may Allah Iqdk to His mercy and forgiveness , and I live after you two years and a half, mentioned by Suyuti in large and attributed to Ibn Saad properties ‘1`). Here we find the Prophet peace be upon him Biskute the expression of Abu Bakr as if giving him health certificate for this expression . . We find in another position other vision says , which is : peace be upon him , said him : ~ I saw if I come mass pass Vagamtha in my mouth and I found the nucleus Aztna Vlfeztha , then took another Vagamtha where the nucleus Vlfeztha found, and then took a third Vagamtha and found the nucleus of Vlfeztha ~ , So Abu Bakr said : Let me cross it. He said : He said : “ Cross it .” He said : It is your army that you were sent to greet and gain, and they will cast a man, and he will seek them in your duty, and he will call upon them . He said, ~ Likewise said the king .~ Narrated by Ahmad in Musnadah, here he noticed that the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when asked Menna Abu Bakr to cross it, did not flatter the truth, and had it not been for his knowledge of Abu Bakr’s ingenuity, he would not have agreed to a drum, and he noticed here that the noble Messenger said this . Time to Abu Bakr : ~ King also said ~ , give him a high testimony to the health of his words . Someone if you might say : that Abu Bakr , who inspired this science there is no room for error with him, and respond to this point of view that towards Abu Bakr and saw him, here, sinners in another subject , and this proves that this science learns, her may succeed to learn has He fails and may make mistakes . See this other position . Ibn Abbas , may Allah be pleased that it was happening that a man came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , said : ~ I saw tonight in a dream sunshade ` 1` Tnnzv `2` ghee, honey, and I see people Atkvvon including ` 3` Valmcetkther and independent, and if Cause ( 4` ) He went from the earth to the sky, and I saw you took the money, then a man was actually taken after you, another man was actually taken by him, then another man was taken by him and he cut him off and then he actually reached him . Abu Bakr said : O Messenger of God , my father you and God let me Flaabrnha said to him , the Messenger of Allah : ~ Oabbarha ~ , and in the novel prizes : ~ through ~ Abu Bakr said : The canopy Islam is . As for the Antef of honey and ghee, the Quran Hlaute Tntef Valmcetkther from the Koran and the future . The reason connecting from heaven to earth, the right that you’re it takes him Vialik God, then takes by a man Viallo him, then take him another man Viallo him, then take him a man shall be cut off him, and then connects him Viallo him . he told me , O Messenger of Allah , my father you I was shot or I missed? and he said the Prophet peace be upon him : ~ I was some and missed some? Abu Bakr said : By God, O Messenger of God, did you tell me what I did wrong? He said : ~ Do not swear ,~ agreed upon . Crown with this modern long pause which is : that Abu Bakr here was not hurt in some of his words and thus responding to a man who says : that Abu Bakr , who expresses the vision or discernment and inspiration there is no room for the story of the martyrdom of expression , I have learned the vision . He who was with him before the prophethood did not mention the expression visions from them . Rather, in my view, they are graduates from the school of the nation’s teacher, who used to ask them when they saw them, and he often said to them as he passed by us : “ Whoever of you saw a vision .” As in Sahih Muslim `2` , and the people said science : that the benefits of this talk : induction aware of the vision , and the question about the interpretation, and the Prophet peace be upon him to teach them the interpretation of visions and virtues, and included it from the news of the unseen, this is as you see daily from the Prophet lessons peace be upon him on the ears of companions, in which not only teach, but teach and dialogue and explain to and develop , and Hola who excelled in the expression of visions of them are Kaltlamiv in the hands of their teacher, some of whom excelled in the science of interpretation, and some of them excelled in jurisprudence, Some of them excelled in the science of inheritance, and some of them excelled in modern science, it is no wonder that there are some of them excelled in the science of expression . And if we accept this . Theoretical learning theory, as well as can be proficient in our time some scientists in the science of expression and can these to study this art to others , and this view may be a stranger to some in this science particulary but perhaps Thrjhm of this science being more like inspiration and physiognomy as if it is an imitation of the apostles and found embarrassment From this side , and from the writer’s point of view that this opinion is minor and obliges others to do what is not necessary. This is said to those who violate those who try to ask about visions and learn the expression. Al-Nawawi said, commenting on the hadith of Samarah bin Jundub : If the Prophet prayed the morning, he came to them with his face and said, ~ Did anyone see Did you have a vision yesterday? ~ This includes the desirability of asking about the vision and taking the initiative to interpret it and expedite it at the beginning of the day, and it includes the permissibility of speaking about knowledge and interpretation of the vision and the like . Imam Ibn al- Saadi said (2 /442 ) , commenting on the verse that Allaah bestows upon Yusuf interpretation conversations : that where originally an expression of vision, the science of expression science mission that God gives it to whom He pleases of His slaves, and that human science will be rewarded On instruction and learning . And therefore it proved that Umar ibn al – Khattab was asking Umays girl names Ktamip for Taperalraaa as Tahdheeb Ibn Hajar (12 \ 399 ). According to Ibn Sa’d in classes (7 \ 124 ): Saeed bin Musayyib was to express people ‘s vision , and he took it from the girl Abu Bakr names and took the names of her father and took him Abu Bakran Waller Sol Karim peace be upon him . Ibn Abd al – Barr as in the boot (1 /313 ) Commenting on the interview Samra also : This hadeeth indicates that in honor of science vision and virtues ; Because he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, only asked about her to tell him and pass it on . And so that the companions know how to speak about its interpretation, and Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab said, as in the collection of his books ( 5/130 ), the science of expression is a true science that God blesses with whom he wills from worship . He also said (5 \ 143 ): Revelation is a true knowledge of God mentioned in the Koran , and for it was said : does not reflect the vision only is one of the scholars Ptooelha, because it is the revelation of the sections . Has warned Shatibi mercy of God in approvals (2 \ 415): that there is no advantage and veiled give it Alnaa peace be upon him only as exempted, but has been given his nation model, this teaches Extrapolation, and that it gave the revelation to him, and his nation was given a vision Good . Ibn Hajar said : urging the vision of science education and its expression on the left and the omission of the question and curse virtue of what graduate include access to some of the unseen and the secrets of the objects . E his words . So if the learner has the tools of this knowledge of knowledge of the Qur’an, the Sunnah, mastery in the Arabic language, the proverbs and the minutes of this knowledge, then what prevents him from learning the expression and then expressing it? I think that this is a legitimate right, and knowledge is broad and not surrounded by it, but my point of view must be a student who is good at this knowledge and is good at exporting it to others who are endowed by God to simplify the information and facilitate it to the recipients. We must not open the way to the public who do not have the tools of this art from those who solve for themselves and are deprived Based on a fleeting dream . Here ‘s images simple absurdity minds of some of them : Some Palestine have the courtyard of the Grand Mosque waiting Akhosv army , which will come the house of God and cleanse from Tdnashm and dropped planes and spent prescriptions based on dreams and so the list goes on Will I wonder our nation has become a nation of dreams? Even worship entered into dreams from the widest of its gates, look at the Night of Power, you find it defined through visions, and look at charity to find its biggest motive, the dead say to these people ! Many people see the door of charity does not open until Itsedk explains his dream as falling short in the door . Do you want more examples and greater pictures? By God, some of them throw a woman with fornication because of a dream in which he saw a woman, so a lesson for himself by reading some books that she is an adulterer, so he divorced her ! There are even those who claim that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him came to him in a dream and ordered him Nhah, and when he became aware of people and began working as in these visions ! The browser , for example , the Internet watching the quantum god Il analyzes and treatises that browsed and found based on a vision from here or there, and perhaps jokes what I read confirms that the Mahdi was pilgrims in such and such, and the incident of stabbing a pilgrim allegedly piercing that the Antichrist building the vision saw her the night of the incident ! The writer wonders important question : when to wake up the nation of her dreams take it and attached to science at the time of science? Science has its conditions, tools and methods, which can not be overcome, knowing expression of Ashraf science is not worth any human being to express visions must be knowledge of the Koran and its words . If he saw one , for example , something, he should consider the Koran first, the found a link between the vision and the state of verses linking them here and give examples : the ship , for example , may cross to escape the words of God Almighty : The Almighty said : ~ We saved him and the owners of the ship ~ ( Spider : 15). And wood may pass through the hypocrites for the saying of the Almighty : “ as if they were backed wood ” (Al- Munafiqun : 4). The infant may pass by the enemy for the saying of the Almighty : “ So the Pharaohs picked him up, so that they would have an enemy and of sorrow . And ashes may pass through the vain action of the Almighty saying : The parable of those who disbelieved by their Lord their deeds as ashes with which the wind strengthened ( Ibrahim : 18). Thus the Sunnah, the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, laid down the basic principles and rules for this art, and he used to tell the Companions about their literature and types and asked them about their visions and expressed them for them. Examples and aspects of it have been mentioned in the folds of the book, so there is no need for repetition, but he must know here that the prophets ’visions are true. From God, the duty of execution on the face of it, or it responds to the image of symbols, and these symbols are explained by the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, to her companions, and then they watch them realized as tangible material facts . This is one of the experiences that these companions went through, so they benefited from it, and later on, may God be pleased with them . It is also necessary to know the origins of this art, that the time of spring is one of the best times for visions, based on the saying, peace and blessings of God be upon him : “ When time approaches, the vision of the believer hardly lies .” (1) Muslim narrators, and I have indicated to him and that its meaning is equal. Night and day and this spring time gets over jealous . . He must also know the values ​​of the people who tell their visions on him, so the vision of simple workers is not the vision of the people of positions and scholars, and he must know about their countries, doctrines, and the time of the vision . Likewise, he must know that lions and birds – except what is rare – are in the expression men and that wheat, barley, honey, wool and iron are often money, and so this art has rules and it is not easy to attain. Rather, it must be studied and apprenticed at the hand of Majid who is perfect for it for those who want to learn, and God I know ….