…And whoever saw that he washed his hands and face, there is nothing wrong with him ….

…And whoever sees that his face is bloated, there is no good in him, and if she is a woman, then her husband dies, and as for the lips, they are helpful to the seeker, for the lower lip is more than the upper in all meanings, and it was said that the lip is related, then the upper lip is men and the lower lip is women. That in the lower indicates the death of his wife and may indicate divorce ….

…And whoever sees that he reads the face of a newspaper he will inherit, and if he reads its back, then he must have a debt due to the Almighty saying, “ Read your book. Suffice yourself today with you. ” If he sees himself clever in reading that, he will gain a mandate and money. If a woman sees that, then she earns a whole in her pension ….

…As for the face, it is man’s pleasure and honor ….

…And whoever sees that the color of his face is bright red, it indicates pleasure and relief ….

…And whoever sees that a maid comes to him on the morning of the face, then he will be in good condition, and if he has a livelihood with the Sultan or whoever takes his place, then he takes it, and if he is absent then he will come to him well, and if she is ugly to look, he will come to him what he hates ….

…He felt that his dinars on a face of God ‘s name and the image of the afterlife that he was a Muslim from the boomerang ) religion but delivers an infidel ….

…Whoever sees that a young person with a good face is presented to him, then he shall interpret on two faces as a king and a good tidings, since he was not carried on his arms ….

…Whoever sees one of the caliphs with a clean face veil speaks softly with him, then the good of the world and the hereafter will happen to him, and if he sees him commanding an action in his extract, then he will strike honor, a high remembrance, and a speedy goodness in his world and the hereafter ….

…And Abu Saeed, the preacher, said the visions of the forehead and the face all indicate three aspects of money and honor, a good woman, dignity and the purpose of man, and the two breasts are two blessed honorable daughters ….

…Al-Kirmani said: “Whoever sees that he has fallen on his face, if he does not intend to prostrate, there is no good in him, and if he is in a quarrel, war or dispute, he will not be victorious .”…

…And whoever sees his face beautifully bleached, this is a good news of his condition and the righteousness of his religion, because God Almighty says, ~ On that day, faces are blown and laughing .~…

…As for the whiteness of the color, whoever sees that his face is whiter than it was, his religion is good and straightforward in faith . If he sees that the color of his cheek is white, then he will gain glory and generosity ….

And whoever sees that he has done ghusl on Friday and the two Eids, then he will increase the degrees in the Hereafter, with the previous explanation of that ….

Whoever sees that he has missed his prayer or that he cannot find a place to pray . That is hardship in his order . As well as if he missed ablution and did not perform ablution . As well as ablution and ablution ….

If he sees some of the dead asking someone to wash his clothes, then that is his lack of supplication, charity, paying off a debt or appeasing an adversary, or implementing a will ….

And whoever saw that he was bathed and put on new clothes, if he was isolated from the state, it will be returned to him . If he is poor, wealthy and wealthy, if he is imprisoned, he is released, and if he is sick, he is free, and if he is a trader whose trade has been exhausted, or a craftsman who has been unable to manufacture, their affairs are straightened and an order is renewed for them in the most complete state, and if he is obliged to perform Hajj, and if he is anxious then God willing His concern, even if he was in debt, God paid off his debt, because when Job was washed, he put on new clothes, and God gave him his family and likewise them with them, and his worries were gone and his body was correct ….

…Al-Baroud ( Al-Yamaniyyah ) clothes, as it indicates the good of this world and the hereafter . The best clothes are cool and confused, and they are stronger in hermeneutics than wool . And cold striped in religion is better than in this world . And coldness from Albrism is forbidden money . The two creatures are garments clouded, so whoever sees as if he wore two garments of creation cut one on top of the other, indicates his death . The dress was torn casually, its width was torn off . And a torn dress length is proof of vulva, like survival and marriage . If a woman sees her shirt with short clothes, she is confined and her veil is violated . And whoever tears his shirt on himself, he quarrels with his family and invalidates his livelihood, if he wears shirts torn on top of each other, then this is his poverty and the poverty of his son . If you see the creation over the unbeliever, then it is his poor condition in his world and in the hereafter . And the ugly patchwork clothes were said to indicate loss and unemployment . Dirt is whether it is in the clothes, the body, or the hair . And dirt in clothes without fat indicates corruption of religion and the abundance of sins, and if it is with fat, then it is the corruption of the world, washing it from dirt is repentance, washing it from semen is repentance from fornication, washing it from blood is repentance from murder, and washing it from virginity is repentance from unlawful gain . And remove the dirty clothes, the removal of worries, as well as burning them . As for getting wet in a garment, it is an obstacle to travel, or from their command to it, and it is not completed until the garment dries up . And whoever saw that he had new rags of clothes, he would have broken money ….

…Homes : A man’s house is his hidden wife in the house to which he is staying, and from it it is said that so-and-so entered his house, if he gets married, so he takes it for her because she is in it, and his door is her vagina or her face, and the closet and closet are a virgin as his daughter or stepdaughter because she is veiled, and the man does not live with her . And perhaps he indicated his house to his body as well, the house of service his servant, the store of wheat his mother, who was the reason for him to live with milk for growth and education, and the cenef indicates the servant who made for sweeping and washing, and perhaps he indicated the wife who is alone with her to meet his needs, free of his son and the rest of his family . And looking at a person from the niches of his house indicates that his wife’s vagina was being watched or managed, and he returned to that in terms of deficiency, cultivation, demolition, or repair, he returned to what was attributed to him, such as saying : I saw as if I built a new house in my home, and if he was sick, he would wake up and his body was healthy. Likewise, if there is a patient in his home indicating his goodness, unless it is his habit, he burying the one who died for him in his home, then that will be the grave of the patient in the house, named if it was built in an impossible place, or it was nevertheless painted with white, or it was in The house at that blossom or two winds, or what is indicated by calamities, and if there is no patient, he married if he was single, or his daughter’s husband and brought her in with him if she was old, or he bought a secret according to the extent of the house and its danger . And whoever sees that he is demolishing a new house, he has been struck by them and evil, and whoever builds a house or buys it will suffer a great deal of good, and whoever sees that he is in a new stuccoed unknown house that is separate from the houses, and with that words indicating evil, it is his grave . And whoever saw that he was imprisoned in a house bound and closed with his door, and the house is in the middle of the houses, he will be well and well . And whoever saw that he had endured a house or a mast, he would take the provisions of a woman . If a house or a mast would bear it, a woman would bear his supplies . And the door of the house was a woman, as well as she shrouded it, and whoever saw that he was closing the door married a woman . And the doors open, the gates of livelihood . As for the vestibule, a servant on his hands performs the solution, the contract and the strong matter . And whoever sees that he enters a house and closes his door on himself, he will refrain from disobeying God Almighty, because God Almighty says : “And the doors are closed .” If he saw that he was bound by him, the doors were closed and the house was flat, he would be well and healthy . If he sees that his house is made of gold, a fire hits him in his house, and whoever sees that he is leaving a narrow house, he goes out of them . The house has no roof and the sun or moon has risen, a woman marries there . And whoever sees in his home a spacious house that is not in it, then she is a righteous woman who will add more to that house . If it is plastered or built with bricks, then it is a hypocritical and virulent woman . If there is a swarm under the house, then he is a cunning man . If it is of clay, then it is deceitful in religion . The dark house is a woman of bad character, of bad character, and if the woman sees it, then it is also a man . If he saw that he entered a sprinkled house, they would hit him from a woman as much as wetness and as much mud, then it would be removed and fixed . If he sees that his house is wider than it was, then the good and fertility will expand on him and he will be well received by a woman . And whoever sees that he is engraving a house or adorning it, there will be a dispute and commotion in the house . A bright house is a good guide and good morals for women . The Wall : A man, and perhaps the man’s state of his world is if he sees that he is standing on it, and if he falls from it, he will be removed from his state . If he saw that he had pushed a wall, then he threw it out, then he cast a man out of his rank and destroyed him . And the wall is an abstaining man who has debt, money and destiny, as much as the wall in its width, tightness, and height, and the architecture around it because of it . And whoever sees walls building a list in need of a pitcher, then he is a scholar or imam whose state has gone . If he sees people throwing them, then he has companions throwing his affairs . And whoever sees that he has fallen on a wall or something else, he has committed many sins and hastens his punishment . A crack in a wall, a tree, or a branch is the fate of one of his household, and two are like earrings and two nipples . And whoever sees walls of study, then he is a just imam, his companions and his family went . If he renewed it, they would renew and return to their first state in the country . If he sees that he is attached to a wall, then he is attached to a thin man, and his strength is as much as he can from the wall . And whoever looks at a wall and sees his example in it, he will die and be written on his grave ….

…In a dream, it is indicative of returning deposits, or salvation of the patient from his illness, or the prisoner from his prison, and perhaps this indicates meeting with the absent . And death in a dream is a deficiency in religion, corruption in it, and a height in the world if it is accompanied by crying and screaming as long as it is not buried in the dirt, and if it is buried it does not hope Salah . And whoever saw that he died and there was no dead body, this indicates the demolition of a house from his home, and it was said : Rather, that is blind in his vision and long in his life . And it was said : Death is a journey or poverty . It was said : Death is absolutely marriage, because the dead person needs perfume and washing like a married one . And whoever sees that he died and is pregnant and not buried, he will defeat his enemies . And whoever sees that he lived after his death, he will be made rich after his poverty or repent of his sin . And whoever is dead told him that he has not died, he is in the shrine of martyrs . And whoever sees the dead person is sick, he is responsible for his religion . If the people of the graves go out and eat all the people’s food, then the price of the food goes up . What the dead person tells about himself or someone else in a dream is true and truthful . And whoever sees a dead person in good shape while laughing, this is so . And whoever sees that he prays for the dead, he preaches to a heartless man . And whoever sees that he is walking on the track of a dead, he should follow his path . And whoever saw that the imam died, the country would be ruined, and vice versa . Death is remorse from a great sin . And whoever sees that he died while naked, then he will be poor, and if he is on a rug, the world will be simplified for him . And whoever sees that his son has died, he will be saved from his enemy . And whoever saw that he had died and was buried, then a slave indicated that he had been freed, and if he was not married, he indicated that he had married, and if the patient saw that he had married, he would die . And death is a good guide for those who are afraid or sad, and the death of brothers indicates the death of the enemies . And whoever sees that he is among a people of the dead, then he is among a people of hypocrisy . And whoever sees that he accompanies a dead person, he will travel far away . And whoever sees that he is in the bath, his command will be exalted, and he will be saved from sins, worries and debts . And whoever sees a dead person that he is alive, he will live for him a dead matter . If he sees the dead person busy or tired, then that distracts him with what he is in, and if he is sick, he is responsible for his debt . And if he saw that his face was blackened, then he died on disbelief . And whoever sees that he has resurrected the dead, a Jew or Christian, or a heresy, greets them on his hands . If he sees that he brings the dead to life, then he is guiding a lost people . And whoever is seen alive gives the dead something that may be eaten or drunk, so it is harm that befalls him in his money . If he sees the dead person and gives him food, he will gain an honorable livelihood . If he sees that the dead person has taken his hand, then money will fall into his possession from a hopeless side . Talking with the dead is a long life, and taking from the dead is provision . And whoever sees that he speaks to the dead, then there will be denial between him and the people . And whoever sees that he accepts a well-known dead, he benefits from the deceased with knowledge or money he left behind . And it was said : Whoever sees that he receives a dead person and the person of the vision is sick, then it indicates his death . And whoever sees that he marries a dead woman and sees that she is alive, then the living will die . And whoever sees that the dead person gives him his worn or dirty shirt, then he will be poor . And whoever sees that the dead is struck alive, the living has brought corruption into his religion . And whoever sees a dead person beating him, he will get better from traveling . And whoever sees a dead person asleep, his sleep will rest in the Hereafter . And if he sees a living person sleeping with a dead person, his life will be long . And whoever sees that he is alive among the dead, he travels far away and corrupts his religion, and if he sees that he is with the dead while he is alive, then he mixes with people in their religion, corruption . And whoever sees the deceased among the infidels wearing old clothes, then he will be in poor condition in the Hereafter . And whoever sees a dead person and tells him that he never dies, then he is in the shrine of martyrs and he is blessed in the Hereafter . And whoever sees that his mother dies, then his world goes away and spoils his condition . And whoever sees that his brother has died and is ill, then he is his death . And whoever sees that his wife dies, his industry in which his livelihood becomes depleted . And whoever sees that he prays for the dead, he will intercede for a corrupt man . And whoever sees that a dead person drowns in a sea, then he is drowning in sins . And whoever saw that the dead came out of their graves, those in prison would be released . Perhaps death suddenly indicated the speed of wealth for the poor . The death of the prophets, peace be upon them, in a dream is a weakness in religion, and their lives are the opposite . Perhaps the death of the scientist indicated the emergence of a heresy in religion, the death of parents in short supply, the death of the wife is a world leaving, and the death of the child a male interruption . And the dead’s prayers for the dead are invalid acts . Seeing the dead polytheists in a dream are enemies ….

…Rain : indicates God’s mercy, religion, relief, and help, knowledge, the Qur’an, and wisdom, because water is the life of creation and the goodness of the earth, and with its loss the destruction of people and cattle and the corruption of the matter on land and the sea, so how about if its water is milk, honey, or fat . It indicates fertility, prosperity, cheap prices and wealth . Because he is the reason for all of this, and he appears, and how, if it is wheat, barley, oil, dates, raisins, or dust without dust, and so on, which indicates money and livelihood, and it may indicate the needs coming down from the sky such as locusts, hail or wind, especially if it is in it Fire or its water was hot, because God, glory be to Him, expressed in His book what He had revealed to the nations of His torment with rain, such as the Almighty saying : “And we rained on them, so the rain of the warning ones .” And perhaps indicated by sedition and blood being shed, especially if its water was blood . And perhaps the ills and illnesses are indicated by smallpox and the drawing, if it is not at its time and while it is harmful to its cold and its good point, and everything that harms the earth and its vegetation from it is harmful to the bodies who were also created from it and grew in it, so what if the rain was especially in an unknown house, village or locality, and perhaps it indicated On the affliction and torment of the Sultan, such as adversaries and orders, especially if it was raining with lives, and so on . Among the evidence of torment, and perhaps evidence of medicine, reason, prevention, and vacation for travelers, craftsmen, and everyone who works under open air, because God Almighty says : ~ If there is harm in you from rain .~ Whoever saw a public rain in the country, if the people were in poor fertility, their price was cheap, either with rain as he saw it, or for its kindness, or ships that offered food . And if they were in oppression, torment and sickness, then let that go away from them if the rain was beneficial at that time, and if it was harmful or there was a stone or fire in it, multiplying what they are in, and the frequency with them according to the strength and weakness of the rain . If it was spraying, then the matter is light in evidence . And whoever sees himself in the rain or trapped under a roof or a wall, then he orders harm through speech and harm . And either he struck as much as the rain hit him, or he was hit by a drainer if he was sick, or that was his time, or the place was his place . As for what is forbidden under the wall, either he is absent from his work or from his travel or because of his illness or the cause of his poverty, or he is imprisoned in prison according to what is inferred in each aspect of it in the place in which he saw himself, and with an increase in his vision, and what is in his wakefulness, unless he has washed In the rain from impurity, or purification from it for prayer, or washing his face with its water, so his eyesight is correct, or he was washed with impurity that was on his body or his clothes, if he was an infidel, he became Muslim, and if he was an innovator or a sinner he repented, and if he was poor, God enriched him, and if he hoped A need with the Sultan or someone like him succeeded him, and he allowed him what he might need . And every kind is desirable for his kind, for he is praiseworthy, and every kind who hates his kind is hated . And Ibn Sirin said : There is no relief in the book of God Almighty if the name of rain comes, it is cloudiness, as the Almighty said : “And we rained on them with rain .” And he said : ~ And we showered stones on them .~ If it is not named Faraj rain the general public, for the verse : ~ and we went down from heaven , blessed water ~ , and said some of them : rain shows a convoy of camels, and the caravan camels show rain . And the general rain is absurd, and if he sees that the sky has rained swords, then people are afflicted with arguments and quarrels, and if it rains watermelons, they get sick, and if it rains without clouds, then he does not deny that, because the rain descends from the sky . And it was said that he was a relief from a place where there is no hope, and a livelihood from a place that does not count . The word rain and water falling and the like, is more correct in interpretation than the word rain ….

…Thunder : It may be indicative of the Sultan’s feast, threatening and threatening him, and from it it is said that it thunders and shines . Perhaps he indicated good promises and short orders, because he commands the King of the Clouds to rise and be generous to whomever they were sent to . Thunder also indicates the drums of crawling and rebirth, clouds on soldiers, lightning on arrowheads and colorful published items and flags, rain on spilling blood, and thunderbolts over death . Whoever sees thunder in the sky, they are commands that come from the Sultan, and if he sees that from his goodness in the rain and the people are in need of him, this indicates the rain or the promises of the good Sultan, and he may point to the two faces and preach the two things, even if the person with the vision is someone who will be harmed by the rain, such as the traveler, the minors and the washing And building and harvesting, and whoever runs their course, either rain harms him and does it and spoils what he has done, and they have authorized it before its dawn, so that they warn to take the gift and prepare for the rain, and either the Sultan’s orders, or a felony for that is harmful . How about if the rain at that time was as harmful as summer rain ? And if he sees thunder with lightning, then the significance of the promise is confirmed in what he indicates . And if the sun was prominent at that and there was no rain, then drumming and items coming out from the Sultan to open it came to him, and the good news was presented to him, or to lead the contract of some of his rulers, or to send him out or receive it from some of his pimps . And if there is rain, darkness, and thunderbolts, then either plagues from the sky, such as hail, wind, locusts, and bear, or plague and death, or strife or war if the country is a country of war, or people expect that from an enemy . Some of them said : Thunder without rain of fear. If he sees thunder, then he will pay off a debt, and if he is sick, he is innocent, and if he is imprisoned, he will be released . As for the thunder, lightning and rain, it is an honor for the traveler and greed for the resident . Thunder was the owner of a great police force . Some of them said : Thunder without lightning indicates assassination, deception, falsehood and lies, because it expects thunder after lightning . It was said the sound of thunder indicates quarrel and controversy . Lightning : denotes fear of the ruler, his threat and his promise, the blade of blades and the striking of the whips, and perhaps the authority indicated against that, the good promise, the laughter, the pleasure, the desire and the greed of desire and hope, because of what he has of torment, torment and stone, mercy and rain, Because from what the people of the news describe, the king of the clouds who is entrusted with her whip, and his voice thunder over it with the words of the Almighty : “The lightning shows you with fear and greed .” It was said out of fear of the traveler and greed for the resident, the farmer, because of the rain that would be with him . Whenever lightning indicates it, it is fast and urgent, due to the speed of its departure and the lack of its transmission . Whoever sees lightning without people, or sees its lights striking him or snatching his eyes, or entering his home, if he is traveling, he will be in a vacation, either by rain or by the command of a ruler, and if he is a farmer whose land has dried up and the thirst of planting it, he will preach to chastity and mercy, and if his master, father, or authority is indignant with him. , And laughed at him . And poets likened laughing to lightning, and crying with rain, because laughter among the Arabs is the display of hidden things and the appearance of concealments, so they are called pollens if they heal at the eyelid as laughter, and if there is rain with it, it indicates the ugliness of what appears to him than what he cries on, then it is either lightning . Words weeping, or a whip that cries him, and the rain will be his blood or a sword that takes his soul . And if he is sick, his eyesight shines and his eyes are tearful, and his family wept and said his persistence and the hastening of his death quickly, and whoever sees that he ate the lightning or struck it or its clouds, then a person urges him to do something righteous and good . And lightning indicates fear with benefit . And it was said lightning indicates the benefit from a far place . And whoever saw lightning burned his clothes, his wife would die if she was sick ….

…If he sees a person washing his clothes, that is better for the dead than the washer ….

…If he sees that he is sick and is about to be removed, then he dies and his wife gets married, then he will die on infidelity . It is desirable for the patient to see himself fat or tall or wide, or to see sheep and cows from afar, or to see washing with water, for these are all evidence of healing and wellness for the patient ….

…The bathroom : denotes the woman to dissolve the mizarah with him, and the person is taken with him when his sweat comes out, as his sperm falls in the womb, and it is like a vulva . And perhaps he indicated the role of the people of Hell and the people of evil, strife and speech, such as the role of adulterers and prisons, and the role of rulers and collectors for his fire and oppression or the clamor of his family and the good gates of it and the abundance of water flowing in it . And perhaps indicated by the sea and sickness, and to hell . Whoever sees himself in a bathroom or someone else sees him in it, and if he sees him dead, then he is in the fire and the intimate, because Hell is perceptive and has different gates, and in it the intimate and the blushing, and if a patient sees that, I will look at his condition, and if he sees that he is outside the house of heat to the house of purity, and his illness is Awake free, I rose up . So whoever washes and got out of it, he came out intact . If his illness was a cold, it increased and feared for him . If he washes, however, and wears white clothes, contrary to his habit, and rides a boat that is not appropriate for him, then that is to wash him, shroud him and his coffin . And if that was in the winter, the cramp frightened him . If he sees that he is inside the house of heat, then he is against what was previously mentioned in the exit, then the consideration will be made, and the middle house will be for the sick who sat in it, indicating that he is mediating in his illness until he enters or leaves, then it is either setback or recovery . And if he was not sick, and he had a quarrel or need in the house of a ruler, a ruler, or a ruler, a judgment for him and him is based on the extent of the heat or coldness he received in the bathroom, or slippery or spray . If none of that, and the man was celibate, got married or attended a feast or funeral, and there was noise or noise, worries and grief in it, like the one in the bathroom, otherwise he would have a reason for him from the money of the world with a ruler because of the flow of water and sweat, which is money . Sweat may indicate worry, fatigue, and illness, especially in the cloudiness and temperature of the bathroom . If he was stripped of his clothes, then it is with his wife, and for her sake and for her family and for her family, what the bath calls for will be performed on him . If he is in his clothes, then the matter is from a foreign point of view or some forbidden matters such as the mother, daughter and sister so that his conditions are considered also, and his ranks and places of residence are transferred, and what he met or met by his disposal in the bathroom, and his transfer in it from place to place . And if he sees that he entered it through a channel or a small energy in his door, or there was a lion, lioness, beast, crows, or life in it, then he is a woman who enters her in a decoration, and he meets with her the people of evil and immorality among the people . Some of them said : The bathroom is a house of harm, and whoever enters it gets hurt by the women . Pigeons derive from their intimate name, for they are ham, and pigeons are a brother-in-law or relative . If hot water was used in it, the women would become distressed, and if it was overwhelmed and entered the bathroom, it came out of its cloud . If he takes a sitting in the bathroom, then he breaks the woman and announces his command, because the bathroom is the place where the ‘awrah is exposed . If he builds a bath, then he will commit indecency and abhor him with that . If the bathroom is hot and soft, then his family, son-in-law, and relatives of his women agree, help him and pity him . If it is cold, it does not mix with it and does not benefit from them . And if he was very hot, then they would be rugged, and he did not see them pleased with their severity . And it was said that he saw that he was in the hot house . For a man betrays him with his wife, and he is striving to stop him, so he does not prepare for him . If the basin is full and water flows from the hot house to the middle house, then it will make him angry with his wife, and if the bathroom is attributed to the wrath of the world, and if it is cold, then the person who has the vision is poor and with little income, and his hand does not reach what he wants . And if he is hot, soft and sympathetic, then his affairs are of love, and he will be a lover of a state, who sees in him a relief and joy . And if it is very hot, then it will be fertile, and it will not have a measure, and it will not be praised by the people . And it was said that he who saw that he entered a bathroom is evidence of a chilling fever . If he sees that he drank hot water from the hot house, or poured it or bathed with it in a manner other than washing, then it is worry, distress, sickness and dread, as much as the hot water, and if he drank it from the middle house, then it is a solid fever . If a drink from a cold house, then he is a painter, and if he sees that he washes himself in hot water and wants to travel, then he should not travel . If he is hired by a person seeking his benefit, then he does not have relief, because God Almighty says : ~ And if they seek help, they will be treated with water like a time of time .~ If the bath, the ablution, and the noura are combined, take the bath and the bath and leave the bath, for that is stronger in interpretation . If he sees an unknown pigeon in his place, then there is a woman that people will watch . And some of them said : Whoever saw it as if he was building a bathroom, he relieved himself . And he narrated that a man saw as if he had slipped in the bathroom, so he cut it at a crossing, and he said : You are so bad . He showed him that he had slipped in the bathroom, and his leg was broken ….

And whoever sees that he is doing ablution in a place where there is no water, and he completes that, then his expression is like a complete expression of ablution and washing, and whoever sees that he is doing ablution and water is present indicates that he is deviating from the Sharia, let him repent to God Almighty

…And whoever sees a dead person being washed with something that is not permissible for washing, then he is a corrupt man, and he preaches something that has no meaning or benefit, and his mind does not accept that ….

…Impurity is whoever sees in a dream that he has impurity, and he has a deposit, trust, testimony, debt or other than that if he does not return it is sinful, so washing that impurity will come out of that by returning his trust, and if he is cleansed and washed the impurity then he comes out of sin and the debt remains On him, and he strives to meet his needs, pay off his debt and trust, or return his deposit, and his debt and trust will remain with him without sin . See also Dirt ….

…The flags on the clothes will travel to the Hajj . And whoever sees that he wears a thin garment under his clothes, then he will have money to save, and his bed will be better than his openness, and if he wears it over his clothes, then he is disliked and he has erred in his religion, is public in debauchery, and a cheeky dress is better than a thin dress . If a woman sees that she has put on a thin garment, it is her honor, and if she wears a thick garment, it is her hard work . And the clothes woven with gold and silver are good in religion and the world and the attainment of death . And whoever thinks that he wears soft clothes of great value, this is a good evidence for the rich and the poor . For the slaves, it indicates the sick . Wearing new clothes for the rich person will improve his livelihood, for the poor have wealth, and the debtor has the right to spend a debt . And whoever takes a bath and puts on new clothes, his grief is gone, and he will be well . And whoever does ablution and does not wear new clothes, what he gets from Faraj does not meet his affairs according to what he agrees with . If the new clothes were torn and torn, and like them cannot be repaired in wakefulness, then they indicate that no child is born to their owner, and if they can be repaired, the wearer is bewitched . And whoever wears two clothes, worn out and interrupted, it is his death . And whoever sees that he is wearing a worn garment, he will become sad and ill . And whoever sees that his garment is torn accidentally, its width shall be torn and struck by them on the side of a wicked man, and if it is torn for a length, his command shall be released from him . And if he sees that his garment is torn, then his religion will be torn apart or his livelihood will diminish . The ugly patchwork of clothes indicates loss and unemployment . And whoever sees wetness in his clothes, he is staying on a journey, and he is locked up for something he has been concerned about, and that is not done for him until after the garment has dried . And whoever sees it as if he was washing his clothes or the clothes of others, this indicates the burden and harm he was exposed to in his pension, and indicates the appearance of hidden things . And whoever sees that all his clothes have been taken away from his authority . Whoever sees that he is wasting clothes, this is a good sign, unless the person who dreams is poor, a slave, a prisoner or a debtor . And whoever sees that he wears women’s clothes, and he has in his conscience that he imitates them, he will suffer from severe and terrible authority . And if he sees that he wore women’s clothes, and thinks that he has a vagina, then his condition will change and be let down . And whoever sees that he has unknown clothing on him, then his heart turns it around as he wished . And whoever sees that he eats his garment, he eats of his money . If he sees in a dream a dog wearing a woolen garment, that indicates the fairness and justice of the Sultan . If he sees a lion wearing a garment of cotton or linen, then he is an unjust ruler who robs people of their money . And the blue clothes are a cloud and an illusion . And whoever saw that he wore a linen garment, he would receive honorable living and permissible money . And removing dirty clothes in a dream, the removal of worries, as well as burning them . Eating new clothes is eating halal money, and eating dirty clothes is eating forbidden money . And buying worn clothes is disliked in interpretation, and wear and tear is poverty . And green clothes are good because they are the clothes of the people of Paradise . If someone sees green clothes, this indicates religion, strength, and increased worship in the living, and the good condition of the dead with God Almighty . Wearing green for the living indicates an inheritance injury, and indicates to the deceased that he emerged from this world as a martyr . And the interpretation of greenness is Islam, and if he thinks that he attained that in his sleep, then he is a pious and religious person . Cold indicates the good of this world and the hereafter . The best black garments are blasphemous, and it is stronger in interpretation than wool . And coldness striped in religion is better than in this world, and coldness than clover is a forbidden money, and if it is of cotton, it is a worldly religious money ….

…Al-Ashnan: Whoever sees in his dream that he washed his hands with toothpicks, he despairs of what he asks for . And it was said : Unless it is an exhalation or a stink, it is evidence of the disappearance of worry and bile, and relieve the need . And it was said : Washing hands with lichen indicates a break in friendship . And indicates the discontinuation of the litigation . It was said : It is a escape from fear . And it was said : It is repentance from sins ….