…If you see it well in a dream, then it indicates good condition in this world, good tidings and happiness . And if you see him as black, then he indicates good tidings of a female to the one who has a pregnant woman, because God Almighty says : ( And if one of them brings good tidings to the female, his face will remain black and he is disgusting ). And the yellowish face indicates humiliation and envy, and his yellow face may be hypocrisy . And it was said : His whistle indicates worship, for God Almighty says : ( Their faces are visible from the traces of prostration ). It is the yellowishness of the faces . And whoever among the Ethiopians and Negroes saw that his face was white indicates his hypocrisy . And if he saw the flesh of his cheeks gone, he would ask the people and he would only live by the matter . And in the hadeeth : ( The matter remains with one of you until he meets God, and there is no scattering of meat in his face .) If he sees darkness or warp in his face, he indicates the corruption of his religion or the lack of his status . And if he sees his face blue, then he is a criminal, because God Almighty says : (And the criminals on that day will be crammed with blue ). And if he sees his face black, then it indicates a large number of lies, or a heresy that he brought about in his religion . If his face is large, it indicates his stature . Perhaps the yellowish face indicates love and love . If a woman sees that she has blackened her face with soot, then it is the death of her husband, and if she sees that she is wearing perfume, then it is good for her and her husband . The fluency of the face, its smile and its whiteness are evidence of the good condition of its owner, whether dead or alive . And whoever sees that he has two faces in a dream indicates a bad end, for his saying, peace be upon him : ( God does not look at the two-faced ). And whoever saw that he had faces indicated that he had turned away from Islam, because God Almighty said : (And the angels strike their faces ). Perhaps the blackness of the face indicates fear . And cracking of the face indicates a lack of modesty . Samaajah in the face is a defect and the defect is Samajah ….

…A horse If you dreamed of seeing or riding a white horse, this indicates that the indicators are favorable for success and enjoyable mixing with harmonious friends and beautiful women . If the horse is dirty and emaciated, your confidence will be betrayed by an envious friend or woman . If the horse is black, you will get rich, but you will cheat, and you will be found guilty of wrongful dates . This dream means for a woman that her husband is not loyal to her . If you dream of dark horses, this indicates refreshing conditions, but with a great deal of discontent . Fleeting pleasures often follow this dream . If you see yourself riding a beautiful horse in a chestnut color, then this means an increase in wealth and fulfillment of emotions . For a woman, this dream means a yearning for urgent improvements, and she will enjoy material matters . If you see horses passing in front of you, this means ease and comfort . If you ride a horse that speeds up, the folly of a friend or user will harm your projects . If you see a horse running away with other horses, this means that you will hear about friends ’illness . If you see beautiful horse stallions this indicates prosperity and lavish living and you will be dominated by an excessive feeling . If you see a foal, then this means harmony and lack of jealousy between married couples and lovers . If you ride a horse and drive a stream, you will bring great wealth into your hands and enjoy luxurious delights . If the stream is turbulent or foggy, the expected pleasures will be disappointed somewhat . If you swim on a horse in a clear and beautiful river, you will easily realize your idea of ​​emotional bliss, and that foretells the businessman of a great profit . If you see a wounded horse, it speaks of trouble for friends . If you dream of a dead horse, this indicates various disappointments . If you dream of riding a wild horse, this means that it is difficult to fulfill your desires . If you dream that he throws you down, you will face a strong competitor and your business will suffer from weakness due to the competition . If you dream that a horse has kicked you, someone you love will alienate you . Your poor health will confuse your fortune and wealth . If you dream that you catch a horse in order to tame it and brake or to harness it for riding, then you will see a great improvement in work in all fields, and people will prosper in their professions . If you fail to catch him, luck will let you down . If you see spotted horses, this foretells that various projects will bring you profit . If you dream that you have a horseshoe, then your success is certain . This dream promises the woman a good and loyal husband . If you dream that you put a horseshoe on a horse, this means that you will try to obtain, and you may get, suspicious wealth . If you dreamed of a horse race, this means that you will be overwhelmed with a weak life, but this dream means prosperity for women . If you dream that you mount a horse in a race, you will succeed in life and enjoy it . If you dream about killing a horse, you will hurt your friends because of your selfishness . If you mount a horse without a saddle, you will gain wealth and ease, but through hard struggle . If you mount a saddle horse in the company of men, you will meet honest men who will help you and your success will be well deserved . And if you are in the company of women, then your desires will be free and your success will not be as abundant as it would have been if women had not filled your heart . If you clean a horse, you will not neglect work projects at the expense of being a man of money or a good farmer . Writers will be very diligent in their works, and others will take great care of them . If you dream of a horse, you will accumulate wealth and enjoy life to the last drop . If you see horses pulling carts, then this means wealth with some obstacle, and love will face obstacles . If you climb a hill on a horse and the horse fails to reach the summit while you succeed, you will gain a fortune although you will fight against enemies and jealousy . If you and the horse arrived together to the top, then your ascension is certain, but it will be a material one . If a girl dreams that she is riding a black horse, then this means that she will deal with a wise authority, and some wishes will come true at unexpected times . Black color in horses indicates a delay in expectations . If you see a mare with weak legs, this means that an unexpected distress will thrust himself into your auspicious position . If you try to fix a broken, very small shoe on a horse’s list, you will be accused of doing fraudulent deals with unaware parties . Going downhill from a horse, your business will undoubtedly disappoint you . If a girl dreams that a friend is riding behind her on a horse, then this means that she will be the focus of attention of many prominent and successful men . If she is frightened, it will arouse feelings of jealousy . If the horse turns into a pig after it abandons it, it will not be indifferent to honorable marriage proposals, preferring freedom until it loses all desired opportunities for marriage . If she subsequently sees the pig slipping on the lightning and telephone wires, she will push its center forward by the deception . If a girl dreams that she is riding a white horse going up or down a hill and she is constantly looking back and seeing a person on a black horse chasing her, this means that she will face a period of success mixed with sadness, and her enemies will, within this period, seek to disturb her description with depression and disappointment tirelessly or Boredom . If you see a horse with a human body descending on a hammock in the air, and when it approaches your house, it turns into a human form and approaches your door and throws something that looks like a piece of rubber at your door but soon becomes impossible into big bees, then this means disappointment and useless efforts to recover lost benefits . Seeing animals in human forms indicates a great improvement for the dream and he will make friends by acquiring the virtues of honest profit . If this human body appears sick or stained with freckles, then this means the failure of carefully and carefully drawn plans ….

…It is in a dream denotes a vow, and a vow indicates fasting . And whoever sees a fasting person breaks his fast, then he gets sick, or he is backbiting a Muslim, and if he does not fast by forgetfulness, he will have a good livelihood, and whoever sees that he fasts will receive honor and repentance, or atone for an oath or Hajj, or if he sees that he is fasting in the month of Ramadan and was illiterate, memorized the Qur’an. God Almighty is concerned about him, and if he was sick, God Almighty would heal him, and if he was in a delusion, he would be guided, and if he was in debt, he spent his debt . And whoever sees that he deliberately breaks the fast in the month of Ramadan, then he willfully kills a man and misses one of the laws of Islam . And whoever sees that it breaks the fast in the month of Ramadan, he may travel in obedience to God Almighty . Fasting may indicate the death of the patient, joy and pleasure, or devotion to God Almighty . If the fasting person in a dream is sick, it indicates his recovery, and if he breaks the fast, it is evidence of the occurrence of forbidden things . Fasting Ramadan in a dream is evidence of security from fear, or of paying off the debt and repenting people . Fasting the six days of Shawwal is evidence of patching up prayer, paying zakat, or regretting what he missed . Fasting Mondays and Thursdays is evidence of the bond of kinship and courtship with them . Fasting the white days in a dream is an indication of the division of religion or the teaching of the Qur’an . Fasting the tenth of Muharram in a dream is evidence of asceticism, piety and pilgrimage . Fasting on the day of Arafah is evidence of accepting alms . Fasting the ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah in a dream indicates that he will bless the end of his life with a good conclusion, or the fulfillment of a promised promise . Fasting the day of Ashura in a dream is evidence of doing good deeds and witnesses of temptation and safety from them, on the witnesses of the seasons and feasts, and if his wife is pregnant, she comes to a good child and has permissible wealth . Fasting the month of Rajab in a dream is evidence of high-ranking zoe service . Fasting Shaban in a dream indicates that the stirrups receive a request for profit in the store . Fasting on the day of doubt in a dream is evidence of committing sins and sins . Fasting the judiciary in a dream is evidence of releasing the captive, the repentance of the sinner, and the payment of debts . Fasting a vow in a dream is evidence of fulfilling needs, joy and happiness . Fasting forever in a dream indicates that it has enacted a difficult Sunnah, and it may have been a lot of silence . And if he fasts one day and breaks one day in a dream, perhaps a combination of a slave woman and a free woman, or a dhimmi and a Muslim woman . Doing what spoils the fast in a dream indicates breaking the covenant, favoring the love of the world over the Hereafter, and falling into what necessitates penance from an oath and others . And breaking the fast after fasting is evidence of the patient’s recovery . Whoever saw that he was fasting forever and was among the people of righteousness and goodness indicated that he should avoid sins . Whoever sees that he makes up for Ramadan will get sick, and whoever fasts voluntarily will not get sick that year . And whoever saw that he fasted for anyone other than God, but for hypocrisy and reputation, he will not find what he is asking for ….

…What is the ruling on those who lie in the vision? A stern warning to those who lie came in a dream, holding Bukhari in his Saheeh door : lied in his dream, and a leg in which recent examples : First : the hadeeth of Ibn Abbas that the Prophet peace be upon him said : (( from the dream of a dream not seen assigned to take place between Sairtin and will not do , and listened to an interview with the people they have grudgingly or fleeing from him pouring into his ear Alank the day of Resurrection, and images image tortured and commissioned to blow it and not Bnafaj )) Narrated by Ahmad and Women from the novel Qatada , may Allah be pleased with him and came in another report from Abu Hurayrah : (( Who has lied about his visions )). The second : the hadith of Ibn Umar that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said : ((It is the most unfortunate of the furry that his eyes see what he did not see )) , and in the narration : (( what he did not see )) and the meaning : the furry is the greatest of lies, and the blame The Great Lie . And what it means : He who dreamed, that is, who was assigned this dream . And you notice from the two hadiths the severity of the torment of the liar in the dream. The reason for this is explained to us by Imam al-Tabari, who said : The warning has only intensified, although lying while awake may be more corrupt than it. As it may be testimony in killing, hudud, or taking money; Because lying in a dream lied to God that I see what has not seen, and lying to God more than lying on the creatures of the verse : { It is more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah those offering to the Lord and say aloud those who lied to their Lord , not God’s curse on the oppressors } [ Hood : 18] Rather, lying in a dream was a lie to God because of the hadith : ((The vision is part of the prophethood )) , and what was part of the prophethood is from God, and I return to the word : (the ank ) ; And now that you are dissolved lead, it is poured into his ear because the reward is the same as the work, and here I have no luck that the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in the hadith said : ((He who dreams of a dream )) and called it a dream and did not name him a vision because he claimed that he saw and did not see anything, so he was a liar and a lie. He is from Satan, and the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “Pass by us : (The dream is from Satan )) , and whatever is from Satan is not true . Here , no luck similarity penalty photographer namely : (( Vlakhalqgua pill or create ritual …)) talk, punishment , which is lying in the dream which is : [ to be held between Sairtin ] and the meaning of the contract between the Alsairtin : to spin to each other, and this is usually impossible, and the similarity Here between the photographer and the liar in his dream : that the vision was created from the creation of God and it is a moral image, so he entered in his lie an image that did not occur, just as the photographer introduced into existence an image that is not a reality, because the true image is the one in which the soul is, so the owner of the gentle image – the dreamer – assigned something nice and it is The connection expressed by the contract between the two barley, and he assigned the owner of the dense image – the photographer – a severe matter, which is to complete what he created by his claim by blowing the soul, and he signed and promised each of them that he would be tortured until he did what he was entrusted with while he was not a doer, it is a metaphor for the torture of each of them always, Except that God have mercy on them, and this emphasis on the liar in his dream because he lied about the gender of prophethood, and the photographer disputed the Creator in his power…

…Abu al-Qasim Umar bin Muhammad al-Basri told us Btnis, he said Ali bin al-Musafir told us, he told us Ahmed bin Abdulrahman bin Wahb, he said, my uncle told me . He said Abu Bishr told me on the authority of Ibn Shihab. He said Abu Salamah bin Abdul Rahman told me that Abu Hurairah said : I heard the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, say : Whoever sees me in a dream is as if he saw me in waking life, then Satan does not imitate me . Abu Salamah said, Abu Qatada said, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said : Whoever has seen me has seen the truth . Abu Al-Hassan Abd Al-Wahhab bin Al-Hassan Al-Kalabi told us in Damascus, he said Abu Ayyub Suleiman bin Muhammad Al-Khuzai told me, on the authority of Muhammad bin Al-Musfah Al-Homsi, on the authority of Yahya bin Saeed Al-Qattan, on the authority of Saeed bin Muslim, on the authority of Anas bin Malik . That the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said : Whoever sees me in a dream will not enter Hell . Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Isfahani told us in Mecca, which God Almighty guarded in the Grand Mosque. He said: Abu al-Hasan Muhammad bin Sahl told us, on the authority of Muhammad bin al-Musfy, on the authority of Bakr bin Saeed, on the authority of Saeed bin Qais, on the authority of his father, he said : The Messenger of God, peace be upon him , said : Upon him : Whoever saw me will not enter Hell in a dream . Professor Abu Saad, may God be pleased with him, said : God has sent Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, a mercy to the worlds. Blessed is he who saw him in his life and follow him, and blessed is he who sees him in his sleep, for if he sees him as a debtor, God will spend his debt, and if he sees him ill, God will heal him. And if he sees him in the necessity of performing the pilgrimage to the house, and if he sees him in a barren land that has fertilized, or in a place where injustice has spread instead of injustice in justice, or in a fearful place for the security of his family, this is if he sees him in his own way . And if he sees him pale in color, worn out or missing some of the prey, that indicates the weakness of the religion in that place and the emergence of heresy, and likewise if he sees a shabby clothing . If he sees that he drank his blood for his love in secret, then he is martyred in jihad, and if he sees that he drank openly, this indicates his hypocrisy and entered the blood of his family and helped to kill them . If he sees him as if he is sick, then he exacerbates his illness, then the people of that place are reformed after corruption, and if he saw him, peace be upon him riding, he would visit his grave riding, and if he saw him on foot, he went to visit him on foot, and if he saw him standing up, his command was straightforward, and if he saw him give the call to prayer in a place where Omar ruined that The place, and if he sees it as if he is eating it, that is what he ordered him to pay the Zakat of his money . If he sees that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, has died, then one of his descendants will die, and if he sees his funeral in a spot there is a great calamity, and if he sees that he has performed his funeral even for a grave, then he is inclined to heresy . And if he saw that he had visited his grave, he would hit a great deal of money, and if he saw as if he was the son of the Prophet and not from his descendants, his visions indicate that his faith was cleared, and if he saw that he was the father of the Prophet, peace be upon him, he indicated the weakness of his religion and the weakness of his faith and certainty . Seeing a single man, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, in a dream does not pertain to him, but rather pervades the Muslim community . It was narrated that Umm al-Fadl said to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace : I saw in a dream as if a few of your body were cut off and placed in my lap , and he said : Goodness I have seen, Fatima will give birth to a boy, God willing, and he will be placed in your lap . She gave birth to Fatima Al-Hussein, peace be upon them, and he was put in her lap . And it was narrated that a woman said : O Messenger of God, I saw in a dream as if some of your body was in my house. He said : Fatima gives birth to a boy and breastfeeds him, and she gave birth to Hussein and breastfed him . If the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, saw that he had given him something of the most desirable goods of this world, or food or drink, then it is good that he attains as much as he gave him, and if what he gave him was of poor substance, such as watermelon and others, then he would be saved from a great thing, except that it would be hurt and tired . If he sees that one of his members, peace be upon him, with the author of the vision, has achieved it, then he is a heresy in his rumors and has adhered to it without the rest of the laws of Islam and left others without the rest of the Muslims . I heard Abu al – Hasan Ali bin al – Baghdadi , scene of Ali bin Abi Talib , may Allah be pleased with him says : son Dad said a doctor the poor : it was my deafen ten years, and I brought the city and decided between the tomb and the pulpit, I saw the Prophet of Allah peace be upon him in a dream, I said : O Messenger of Allah You said: Whoever asked me the means, my intercession is required for him, he said : May God heal you, what I said, but I said : Whoever asked for the means from God, my intercession is required for him, he said, so he departed from me with the blessing of his saying, may God bless you . Abdullah bin Al-Galaa told of a situation that entered the city of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and I went to the grave of the Messenger of God to him, and I greeted him and his two companions, may God be pleased with them, then I said : O Messenger of God, I did not care and I am your guest, then I stepped down and slept without the grave, then I saw The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, came to me, so I got up and he gave me a loaf, so I ate some of it, and paid attention and had some loaf in my hand . On the authority of Abu al-Wafa al-Qari al-Harawi, he said: I saw the Chosen One, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in a dream in a fuguity in the years sixty and three hundred, and I used to read with the Sultan, and they did not hear and speak, so I went home in lamentation, so I slept and saw the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, as if he had changed color, so he told me peace be upon him : Do you read the Koran the word of God Almighty in the hands of people who speak and hear not reading? Do not read after this except what God wills . I took notice while I was holding the tongue for four months, and if I had a need to write it on the patch, the owners of the hadiths and opinion-holders attended me, then they issued a fatwa that I am speaking at the end of the matter, because he said : Except what God wills, which is an exception, so I slept four months later in the place in which I first slept. I saw the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in a dream cheering his face, and he said to me : Has it been proven? I said : Yes, O Messenger of God . He said : Whoever repents, God will forgive him, stick out your tongue . He wiped my tongue with his index finger and said : If you are in the hands of a people and you are reading the Book of God, then cut off your reading until they hear the word of God . I paid attention, and my tongue was open, thanks to God . It was narrated that a man from Al-Manaseer became ill, and he saw the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, one night as if telling him if you want to be well from your illness, then take no and no . When he woke up, he sent to Sufyan Al-Thawri, may God be pleased with him, with ten thousand dirhams, and he ordered him to allocate it to the poor, and he asked him about the expression of the vision, so he said the meaning of his words, neither nor the olive tree, because God Almighty described it in his book and said : neither Eastern nor Western . And the benefit of the owner is the companionship of the poor with you, he said: He treated him with olives, and God granted him wellness by using the blessing of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and venerate his visions . We learned that a man came to the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in a dream. He complained to him that his condition was tight, so he told him to go to Ali bin Isa, and tell him he will pay you what is good for you, so he said, O Messenger of God, by what sign? He said tell him with a sign that you saw me on the Batha, and I was disobeying from the ground, so I went down and came to me, so I said go back to your place . He said, and Ali bin Isa had been dismissed, and the ministry returned to him . When he noticed, he came to Ali bin Isa, who was a minister at the time, and he mentioned his story. He said it was right, and he paid him four hundred dinars, then he said spend your debt, and pay him another four hundred dinars, then he said, make it your capital, so if you spend that, go back to me . And he mentioned a man who knew what you wanted from the people of Basra, and he used to sell the talisman. He said he sent a barge from some of the governors of Ahwaz, and I disagreed with him about its price. May God bless him and grant him peace in a dream, so I said to him, O Messenger of God, that so-and-so cursed Abu Bakr and Omar, may God be pleased with them, he said, “Bring him to me, and I came with him,” he said, “Lay him down and lay him down,” so he said, “Slaughter it,” so I said, O Messenger of God, slaughter it? Then he said, Slaughter him until she said three times, then I rolled the knife over his throat and slaughtered him, and when I started to say, I go to him, exhort him and tell him what I saw from the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, so I went and when I reached his home I heard the wolf, and it was said that he died . And Ibn Sirin came to a man who was not accused of his religion, anxious, and he said that I saw yesterday in sleep, as if I had placed my feet on the face of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace . He said to him, ~Did you sit yesterday with your ghosts?~ He said yes, he said, so he took them off, so he took them off and under one of his legs there was a dirham on him, Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace ….

…Dog If you dreamed of a wild dog, then this means enemies and constant misfortune . If you dream that a dog is wooing you, then this means abundant profit and loyal friends . If you dream of owning a dog with good qualities, this means that you will have wealth that is stable . If you dream that a police dog is following you, then it is possible that you will be exposed to a temptation that risks your collapse. If you dreamed of small dogs, this means that your basic thoughts and delights belong to a trivial kind . If you dream of dogs biting you, this foretells about a troublesome companion in marriage or at work . Lean and dirty dogs mean failure in business and also mean illness among children . If you dreamed of a dog fair, this means that luck will serve you many and varied services . If you hear dogs barking in a dream, this foretells news of a depressing nature, and that is more than just the possibility that the dream will be followed by difficulties . If you see dogs chasing foxes and other large prey, this means extraordinary activity in all cases . Seeing cute, spoiled dogs indicates a love of show, and that the dreamer is selfish and narrow-minded . As for girls, this dream foretells of the beloved’s insolence . If you feel terrified at seeing a huge guard dog, this means that you will suffer hardships due to efforts to rise above average . If a woman dreams of this, she will marry a wise and humane man . If you hear dogs roaring and roaring, this means that you are at the mercy of cunning people and will wish you in a disturbing home environment . If you hear a lonely barking from a dog, this foretells of death or a long separation from friends . If you hear dogs roaring and struggling, this foretells that enemies will overcome you and your life will be filled with despair . If you see dogs and cats on ostensible agreement, and suddenly each of them turns against the other, unfolding their fangs, and a public quarrel ensues, then you will face a calamity in love and in worldly delights unless you succeed in calming the situation . If you dreamed of a friendly white dog approaching him, this foretells of victorious work, whether on the career level or in love . For a girl, this dream heralds an early marriage . If you dream of a multi-headed dog, you will try to have many branches to operate at once . Success always comes by concentrating energies, and this dream should be a warning to a person who wishes to succeed in anything . If you dreamed of a rabid dog, your efforts will not bring you the results that are present, and a serious disease may erupt in your vital organs . If a mad dog bites you, it is an indication that you or someone you love is on the verge of insanity . A terrible tragedy may occur . If you dream that you are traveling alone and that a dog follows you, this foretells of loyal friends and successful projects . If you dream of dogs swimming, this means for you an easy extension to happiness and luck . If you dreamed that a dog killed a cat in your presence, this indicates profitable dealings and unexpected pleasure . If a dog kills a snake in your presence this heralds good luck ….

Washing is in a dream denotes repentance from sins, and fulfillment of an obligation of honoring parents or friends . If he washes with cold water in the winter, it indicates worries, ailments, and diseases, and if he washes with hot water in the winter time, it indicates profits, benefits, and cure diseases . And whoever has bathed for Eid and was celibate, will he marry . And if he bathed for the two eclipses, he may do a great thing or become distressed . If the one who was bathed in a dream was an infidel, he became Muslim, and if he was insane, he is cured . And if he bathed in a dream in order to enter ihraam or to enter Makkah, then it indicates joy and pleasure, meeting with absentees and paying off the debt, as well as if he bathed in a dream for throwing and circumambulation . And perhaps the ritual washing indicates victory over the enemies . And washing for circumambulation seeking to seek sustenance or serve the elders . And whoever saw that he was bathed and put on new clothes, and if he was sick, God Almighty would heal him, and if he was in debt, God would spend his debt . If he was a prisoner, he escaped from his prison . And if he was concerned, may God grant him his concern . And if he was performing the Hajj, the provision of Hajj, and if he was poor, God Almighty enriched him, and if he was isolated, God Almighty renewed his mandate for the Almighty saying : ( This is a cold washed drink ) , then Job, peace be upon him, when he washes and wore new clothes, God Almighty restored him, his family and children, and everything that went About . And if he wears worn clothes, his worry will be gone and he will be poor . And whoever sees that he goes to wash in a basin or a celibate and is celibate, he will marry . And whoever saw that he had bathed in hot water, they got it . And drinking hot water does not praise God Almighty saying : (And drink warm water, cut their intestines ). And it was said : Ghusl is marriage . And if the unknown woman does a bath, he is a rain shower from heaven . Washing hands with soap will eliminate the debt and the removal of distress . And washing the garment indicates Saladin . And whoever saw that he washed a yellow garment and cleaned it of yellowishness, he will be saved from the disease . And it was said : Washing clothes indicates the fulfillment of the debt . And washing the dead in a dream indicates the fulfillment of his debt . And whoever sees that a dead person is asking for a person to wash his clothes, this is his lack of the supplication of the one who saw him, or of charity, payment of a debt, or the implementation of a will ….

…The face of this dream is very favorable if you see happy, radiant faces, but it portends trouble if the faces are deformed, bloody, or frowning in your face . If a young person dreams of a bloody face, then this predicts quarrels with the beloved . As for the lover, if he sees the face of the one he loves looks old, then this indicates separation and tearing of happy associations . If you see a strange and strange-looking face, this indicates that enemies and adversities surround you . If you dream that you see your own face, this indicates unhappiness . For married people, this dream threatens that divorce will occur . If in a dream you see your face in the mirror, this indicates that you are upset with yourself in not being able to implement your plans or improving yourself . You will also lose the esteem of your friends ….

…Money If you find money in a dream, this foretells that you will face simple problems, followed by many joys and a change of state . If you paid money in a dream, this is a bad omen . If you caught a gold coin, this foretells of general good and delights . If you lose money in a dream, this foretells that you will face some upsets in the family surroundings, and your business will witness some pitfalls . If you counted money in a dream and found it deficient, this foretells that you will pay an amount of money and will be sad for that . If you dreamed that you stole money, this foretells that you are in danger and that you should weigh your steps . Saving money in a dream symbolizes wealth, wealth and peace of mind . If you dream that you bought money, this foretells that you will rent something. If you see yourself in a dream watching an amount of money, this indicates that wealth and prestige are not far from your reach . If you dreamed that you found a roll of securities and that a girl asked you for it, this foretells that a friend of yours will cause your loss in your trade . The person who saw the dream will discover that he is living far from reality and subconsciously squandering his money . This kind of dream is a warning . If you dream that you have an abundance of cash, but it may borrow, this foretells that others will look at you as a prominent man, but those who approach you will find that you are a mercenary and insensitive . If a girl dreams that she is spending borrowed money, this foretells that she will be caught caught in deception and will lose a valuable friend ….

…What is the ruling on attributing a dream to the devil? What is the ruling on attribution to him only as a metaphor? It was reported, as it came to us, that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : ((The true vision is from God and the dream is from the Devil )) . Many trustworthy scholars have found someone to whom the dream is attributed as metaphor for the example of the Mazzari in Sharh Sahih Muslim and Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Bari while speaking On the righteous vision : ( It is with regard to what the Devil has no entry into, and as for what has an income, it is attributed to him as a metaphorical percentage ). I said : But the correct view is that the actions are attributed to their subject. Because He is the one who initiated it and did it, and it was attributed to God Almighty because He is the one who decreed and created it, as the Almighty said : { What has befallen you from goodness is from God } that is, an act and a beginning . And the Almighty said : ( Everyone is with God ), meaning their creation and appreciation . And from this the actions of the Devil, such as waswasah, misleading, temptation, and making a contract on the group of human beings, all of which are truly attributed to the Devil. It is the direct her this much receipt in the Quran Almighty said : { Satan Sol them dictated to them } , and the Almighty said : { Satan promises you poverty and orders you to commit immoral } also said { and Kasemhma I am also for those who Nashan } and the Almighty said { I am a neighbor you } as well as indicating so saying peace be upon him (( hold the devil head on the rhyme of you ….)) Muslim nuclear explanation (6/65) and saying peace be upon him : (( the devil being the son of Adam blood stream )) agreed . This and his ilk is a fact that she attributed to Satan in a real way Because he is the direct actor of it, even if all of them are by the estimation of God Almighty and His creation and will Almighty . If he, may God bless him and grant him peace, said : ((The dream is from Satan )) , it must be said on the face of it, and the dream is of the kind that he seduces and intimidates the children of Adam . Al-Qadi and others said : ( He is on his face and that God Almighty has made for him the strength and ability to run through the inside of man his blood streams )….

…Is what we see in a dream of visions , dreams , or Alodgat , be in color , or black and white? If one of you contemplates this question, and searches for an answer to it, then he may start searching for an answer to it through : Trying to retrieve what he previously saw in sleep …. and some may succeed in remembering . Others may fail . But most certainly will say that we do not know whether what we see in color or black and white . I say here my own view through research and question, that most of what we see is in black and white, and there are few visions in color, and at that time the color that came in the dream has its strong significance and there are many examples that came to me, whether during the presentation of the dream program, or during my expression in On Mondays or Fridays, in which there is a reference to colors in visions, but what is found in the Qur’an or Sunnah is based on it, and there is evidence for the existence of colors in a dream, what Al-Tirmidhi narrated in the Book of Revelation, chapter on what came in the vision of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, in the balance And Aquarius, on the authority of Aisha, who said : The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, was asked about a paper, and Khadija said to him : He believed you and that he died before you appeared, so the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : ( I showed him in a dream with white clothes on him, even if he was from the people of Hellfire. He would have dressed otherwise .) The presence of colors is also indicated by the hadith of Abdullah bin Salam, which Al-Bukhari narrated in his Sahih, and even titled him by saying : The door of the green in the dream and the green garden, and the hadith was presented in it, and in it : Abdullah bin Salam passed by a circle in which Saad bin Malik and Ibn Omar, and they said : this is a man of the people of Paradise, I said : no narrator said, they said such and such, he said : Hallelujah ! They should not have said what they had no knowledge of, but I saw as if a pillar was placed in a green meadow, and a loin was erected in it, and in its head there was a loin, and at the bottom of it was a fairer, and he was the servant, or the servant, and he was told, so I separated until I took the arrow . She told it to the Messenger of God, and he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: [ Abdullah shall die while taking the most trustworthy arrow ]. This evidence proves what you mentioned, and God knows best ….

…Does the search for dream interpretation lead to what is called anticipatory anxiety, and then lead to delusions, delusions, and pessimistic thinking? This is a point of view, and I hear it a lot from some of the professions of psychiatry, and the truth is that this may be true of a group of patients, and they are few, but many of those who have repeated visions may have their meaning indicative of good news or good news, and repeated dreams may portend a sin that has occurred With it the dreamer, and then the expression of this dream is a reason for the owner of this dream to relinquish sin, and it may be a major sin . In summary : This hypothesis has some therapists , psychologists do not believe on the whole and should not be generalized for anyone with repeated visions or dreams . This assumption may be the reason for the hostility of a large group of them to the expression of visions, but a distinction must be made here between visions, dreams and dreams, and many of the words of psychiatrists apply to the so-called pipe dreams, which are different from the vision that is from God and not the dream that is from Satan, so let him know that . In conclusion : I note here that the aspects of the vision are not separate and have no relationship between them, but are interrelated in the sense that the one who expresses should not omit one of them, so seeing dates and eating them, for example, is not commendable unless it is supported by the linguistic and temporal aspect, and seeing fire is not always reprehensible if it is winter It was supported by the derivative side of the vision, and we can say that the following figure shows us the aspects of the vision overlapping : This circle revolves in the mind of the person expressing the vision when he hears the vision, and in a very short time; He tries to link the vision with one of the aspects in order to reach peacefully on the shore of salvation, which is its expression, and that is why the interpretation was called an expression, here I offer some guidance to those who wanted to express : 1_ Armament with the weapon of legal knowledge from the Holy Qur’an, the Prophet’s Sunnah and the Arabic language and their synonyms and wording, knowing the time of the vision, and investigating the owner . 2_ take into account the legitimate literature when the expression, and to follow the fine manners and peace be upon him . 3_ Not to frighten people and to terrorize them with the results obtained – thinking – of the visions . 4_ Not to be certain about the expression by those who express or swear to the expression, so the expression of visions is due to conjecture as it becomes clear to us . 5_ Not to increase this kind of knowledge in every session or lecture; Because this leads to leniency in the expression by not observing the restrictions that I mentioned in the aspects of the expression of the vision, just as he who is more in art has been burned in it, and this is known . 6_ crossing himself not to say that those who express what insight or inspiration in this recommendation of self, has ordered us not to commend ourselves . 7_ That the one expressing – what he was able – should try to divert visions to good, and if he could not find a way for that, he should not express them and beware of them . 8_ Not relying on dreams and illusions, so how many people are working with this science in this age, and the many who enter it and inquire about it except that one sign, albeit sad, indicates that we have become a dream nation, escaping from its bitter and sad reality, of dreams, and then building palaces, and realizing The victories, the prayer in Jerusalem and the defeat of the armies, and the sovereignty over the nations, not by action but by dreaming, and this is our bitter reality, and it must be recognized first in order to correct it and treat it, and then we get rid of this weakness and lewdness . 9_ The one who expresses himself should keep the secrets of the people who are asking him about their visions, and not disclose them with pride or mockery . Yes, we must join the ranks of the advanced countries in terms of science, power and economy, a reality and not a dream, unless they attained God, bear witness ….

…If he saw that he sold or took away a garment in the winter, then that indicates his poverty and his need for people . He said Abu Said preacher clothing head of the man was probably his craft that he does and secure them from the poverty survey in which an error in the living and go wealth and expansion in free them and damage in winter favor ) and Almparty him if the inscription is indicated by a woman . Said Jafar Sadiq construed Paljarah or the boy whatever he saw it from Zain or Shin shall turn in them , and the subtraction of the clothes they devolve on aspects of it is felt that wearing something of which it is construed fine and benefit if they are from cotton , a clean and spacious and if Dd so Vtobeirh against him and if they are from Silk and nothing there is nothing wrong with it and the seller of it, for he chooses this world over his hereafter . Abu Sa’eed said the preacher ‘s vision coldness , whether detailed or not detailed , they show good narrated that Abu Bakr , may Allah be pleased with him said : O Messenger of Allah , I saw yesterday was on the papyrus petechia said : two sons Thabr them . And the ink is indicative of joy, happiness, and cold that is next to the course of snitching in expression, except that intimacy in the world is better than in religion, and it is in interpretation stronger than wool . It is felt that wearing Prada or mixed with cotton Bharir it without it even if it is haraam wealth silk and the decorations are clothed in the markets they are welcome and only in times of pleasure and omens as well as if they are in the role unless it kind of amusement . And whoever sees the sentence of the garment of the clothed person, it is interpreted in its entirety . And whoever sees that he wears summer clothes in the winter, it will increase the good and the benefit as much as the value of what he wears . He felt that he wears clothes women it increased money with them and fear, but its consequences are dire and survive if they saw a woman wearing clothes from the men it shows good and beneficial . Al-Karmani said: ~Whoever saw that he wore clothes less than his own, then it indicates the corruption of his affairs, and if they are more elegant than his clothes, then he indicates the order of his affairs .~ And whoever sees that he has the garments of the elders on him, then it indicates the height of the matter and the amount of it to which those clothes are attributed to him if he is a family for that, otherwise it is good and beneficial . And whoever sees that he has garments from the garments of corrupt people, he will have many sins and abounding sins . And whoever sees that he wears kings, it is interpreted on three aspects, drawing closer to them, obtaining goodness, benefit, and regularity of his affairs, and attaining the dignity and honor . It is felt that wearing clothes of scientists was Welcome to Salah it for science and charity world and the Hereafter .) He felt that he wears clothes from the wool it is interpreted to ensuring the money . It is felt that wearing clothes dhimmis or Aharbeyen or so , or Alrvdh it would be inclined to what he said Jafar Sadiq ‘s vision clothes never devolve on nine aspects of religion and wealth and prestige and benefit and live and work in favor of the justice of this and redress if it is not what you deny the expression and if the woman saw that she She wore what was mentioned of the praiseworthy clothes, and her interpretation made her right with her husband and the integrity of her affairs . And Daniel said a vision of the man’s clothes: If you put on clothes, you will be interpreted by gain, and if you see black garments, then the king has good and the parish is in distress . Al-Karmani said: ~Whoever sees that he wears black clothes, he will suffer from pain, distress and sorrows, unless he is one who wears them while awake and knows about them, and he will be troubled .~ Abu Sa’eed said the preacher black clothes for those who used to wear injury hated and was told is the patient proof of death because the people of calamities wear black clothes and clothes zero dieback disease only in Dibaj or twinge or silk , and these things are valid for women and men of the corruption of religion . Al-Karmani said: If the patient sees that he washes a yellow garment until its yellow is removed and its whiteness appears, then the garment is interpreted with a body and its yellowish is devolved by his sickness and its departure from him . It felt that disarming him a yellow dress it out Sagmh not happened hurt him what he hates in the yellow of tearing the dress or so unlike all worn in color and the clothes greens rejoiced and pleasure and Tawfiq Abu Sa’eed said the preacher clothes Greens neighborhood power of religion and an increase of worship and dead good case when God, who is the raiment of the people of Heaven, for His saying, Come, and wear green garments from Sundus and Abraq, and the wearing of greenness indicates to the living the injury of an inheritance, and to the dead that he came out of the world as a martyr . Al-Kirmani said: “Whoever sees that he wears green clothes, it is interpreted with honor and honor. As for the white clothes, they will be interpreted as the desired, especially if it is pure .” Abu Sa`id, the preacher, said that white garments are suitable for wearing them as a religion, and for those who are used to wearing them while awake, and as for the owners of crafts and crafts, they need to wear it for them . Al-Karmani said: “Whoever saw that he wears pure white clothes, it indicates the goodness of his religion and his good condition. ” And his worries went to his saying that he wears pure white clothes, and as for his blue clothes, he is clean . He said Kirmani saw that he wears clothes Zarka it ‘s religion is good and the clothes Rouge , they hated men only Almlhvh and Plinth bedding the blushes of these things indicate pleasure and are valid for women in Dnaahn was said to be wearing reddish shows fighting very severe dispute and was told snappers joy with punk In the world, as evidenced by the story of Qarun, and it was said that it indicates an abundance of money while preventing the rights of God in it . And whoever saw that he wore it on a feast or a group, he did not harm him . He said Kirmani saw that he wears clothes Hamra it cast fighting and dispute , although Welcome to the mandate he received perhaps the joy of the verse went out to his people in the finery and was clothed in garments Hamra and it was said the vision of blush , whether in clothes or other , they show goodness and perhaps the vision of erysipelas shown in the dress To pleasure . And whoever sees his clothes are burned, then he will receive him harmful effects as much as he was burned from that, and whoever sees that his clothes are torn, then he shall interpret the secret . It is felt that wearing clothes of wool or animal hair or hair or so The total that money if it was silk or so Fmal haram dress cobbled evidence of immorality and the clothes dirty , they devolve Bgham and sorrow , and the dresses Alkagd they devolve Baelchenaah not good in it , and the dresses skin accrue interest and benefit to the extent attributed to him that the skin dress you do not sew it in terms of wholesale of all varieties shows completely filled with religion and perhaps this was another old on the face and clothes of the treasury shall devolve Baezz and wealth . And whoever sees that he is wearing a lame dress, a woman will come in her anus . Jaber said the Moroccan expressing their attachment to things mundane Valbaad in clothes if it is clean as new , which attached to religion and the world and if the dirty vintage tight Vdd so perhaps Del dirt in the dress on the weakness in religion and was told if the woman saw that she wear a garment yellow it was her husband , it weakens though ) He was not for her, so he took a husband . And whoever sees that he opens a folded garment, it indicates travel, and whoever sees that he folds an open garment, it indicates the coming absent from his journey . Khaled al – Isfahani said the best clothes and what was cotton if it is not a thing of silkworm silk because it is pure it is a good religion and worldly dresses if the pattern , cotton or silk , they devolve money haram and the corruption of religion and carefree . He said Jafar Sadiq new dress white man a woman and a woman and the king of grace and the benefit of a pair , it saw that he took off his robe with him that he was in the king of the service it is from his service but not as well as it is called , and saw that he cut his clothes he interpreted obtaining good . And whoever sees that the thief strips his garment, it interferes with the occurrence of corruption among women . Abu Saeed, the preacher, said that the garment with two sides or two colors indicates politeness and guardianship for the people of religion and the world, and the new garment is good for the rich and the poor . It felt that magsuot clothes as new Vtmzkt is not able to repair like it fascinates even as much as on that it is alive and the child and the high value of the servants of the disease and the free grace increase dresses kind of renewed debt, the worn over his clothes showed the approval of his secret Alanath and perhaps the intention was good from the apparent and perhaps earned money Mdkhora and silk brocade is not fit to wear socks for the jurists for they Aaolan their request minimum and invite people to heresy and were probably valid for non – scholars , they interpret the work requires Paradise and infects with this principality also indicates marriages by a woman , honest or concubinage Bjarah Belle setting calls the crossing in the expression of all of that is from the case of the seer . The robe denotes its faces . Al-Kirmani said, “It is interpreted for the righteousness in religion, for the corrupt people with whips, and for others with smallpox infection in the body .” Abu Sa’eed said the preacher devolves penile state who was from her family , especially from the people of plowing and planting and the fertile year for those who have from her family , a women ‘s increasing pleasure and gave Xia received money from the point of the Persians and the people of disclosure and gambling , and may accrue whips . A permissible one who has a face with consequences, and no one is blamed for that, whether it is for men or women, unless something of the reprehensible type is mixed with him . As for the ink, it is interpreted with grace, and there is nothing in it except the best, especially for women, and it was said the vision of the garments of generosity is a grief . The saw that his two garments Khgayn Mottagtaan wearing one above the other is indicated by his death and torn clothes casually interpreted injury concerns and torn longer interpreted vulva and it serves as Alqaba and Duwaji if the woman saw her clothes habitus short lacked HTC concealed and eat the new dress eat money halal and eat the dress said Salmi saw that His clothes are wet on him while he puts them on. If he is on a journey, then he is not traveling, and if he intended something he would not have . And he who sees that he sells his clothes is good for him and there is no good for him who buys them, and if he sees them that he pushes them from himself, then this is the remission of his poverty . And whoever sees that he wears new clothes after he has taken a bath, then he declines with the loss of worry and distress, and he is spared from something wrongful . And whoever sees that he wears a forbidden garment or something attributed to women, he marries a woman who is forbidden, and as for the embroidered garments, they are worn by them, mines, and perhaps the fame of the women are broken . He felt that he wears women ‘s clothing, the had pregnant , they come to the female , although he did not have pregnant it affects harm or fear in the same money as much as Hnaatha was probably injured his time and the robe , which is placed on the shoulder , it interpreted the human religion who wears him in the neck and neck position of the Secretariat . It is felt that it robe Well he Salah Dinh and good faith , and if he saw the cloak that puts it on the Well shoulder it increased debt and the health of the religion is not good in thin .) The washing clothes he is to draw it felt that wash his clothes from dirt it shows his goodness and salvation of Gloom And sadness and his well-being and his debt will be repaid if he wears it, but if he does not wear it, it is without that . Al-Karmani said: “Washing clean clothes if dirt appears from it, then it is corruption in religion and committing sin .” Abu Saeed Al-Waseer said: Washing clothes from dirt is a repentance, washing it from semen is a repentance of fornication, and washing it from blood is a repentance from murder, and washing it from excuse as a repentance . Jaafar al-Sadiq said: Washing clothes with cold water means four aspects of repentance, wellness, salvation from Asir, and security from fear, and washing them with hot water, sorrow, grief and sickness . And it was said that whoever saw that he washes clean clothes, it is an increase in his piety and piety, and it was said that this was extravagant because it did not deserve to be washed, and others said, there is no harm in that and there is no harm in that ….

…Sky If you see a clear sky in a dream, this foretells that you will travel with prominent people and gain their favor and your status will rise . If the sky is cloudy, this heralds unpleasant events and getting into trouble with women . If you dreamed that you were flying in the sky with strange faces and witches and animals, you were wondering throughout the dream if you were really in a dream, this indicates that all problems and sharp pains that reach even to the dullness of the senses can be reduced by one word, which is jealousy, then you will suffer from jealousy in your relationship with the person you You love and it will lead to shock in your sincerity . If you see the sky in a dream turning red, then the future will carry with it many events, upheavals and riots . If you see a starry sky, then this means many tribulations and efforts above human level before you reach the height of your ambition . Beware of enemies in your business . If you see a lit sky crowded with celestial crowds, this means a great spiritual search, but in the end you will withdraw toward nature for support and consolation . You will likely be disappointed in luck, too . If you see people you know in heaven, this foretells that they are about to commit a reckless act on your way, and others will be the innocent sufferers . This dream is usually followed by great misfortunes . If you ascended to heaven in a dream, you will fail to enjoy the position you have struggled to attain, and the fun will end sadly . If young men dream of ascending to heaven by means of a ladder, they will rise from the lower ranks to those prominent ranks, but they will fail to obtain contentment or pleasure . If you dream that you are in heaven meeting Christ and friends, you will face many losses, but you will tame yourself to bear them through your correct understanding of human nature . If you dream of the heavenly city, then this means a contented and pious nature and that hardship will cause you a little harm ….

…Does the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, see the dream? I wondered about an important scientific issue in the science of expression, which is what my article has titled to him, and I say about it : The beginning of the vision is from God, and the dream is from the Devil, and this is fixed by the text of the explicit Sunnah. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, says : [The vision is from God and the dream is from Satan ] Agreed On it . Satan is committed to permanent hostility of every human being, Fdaute the ever released in sleep comes dreams terrifying to them, or vigilance will respond ill harm, God Almighty says : [ and live to mention Rahman , the antithesis of his demon he is his opposite ] which we cause him a devil kicks him on the infidels , ~ he is assigned to him , ~ it was said in this world , prevent him from muslim , and resurrects the Sacred , and tell him obedience , and ordering him to sin ; It is the meaning of Ibn Abbas saying . So Valohlam alarming abound on who moved away from the male and the abandonment of obedience and prayer group, and hopes the words of God Almighty for his heirs : [ not the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve those who believe and fear them human in this life and in the Hereafter …] interpreted human vision The good is seen by the believer or seen by him . Dreams are reduced or absent for the guardians of God, because their deeds have made them isolated from the harm of the accursed Satan, the most important of which is faith and piety . The Prophet , peace be upon him and do not see the dream never, and so the rest of the prophets and the proof of this interview : Abdullah bin Masood said : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : [ What one of you only have all of his spouse of the jinn, they said : Beware , O Allah’s Messenger? He said : And to me, except that God helped me with him, so he embraced Islam, so he does not command me except for what is good. ] ﴾Sahih Muslim . Whoever gives this dignity in waking life is not prevented from giving it to him in sleep, and he will never see the dream in the legal meaning that we decided at the beginning of this article . God knows…

…What is the reason for those who say that I do not dream ?? I often have a meeting or a conversation with someone who tells me : I do not dream … and you see him annoyed sometimes ! And you see him say this sarcastically sometimes ! And a state tongue; I am not someone who cares about your major ! By analyzing a number of personalities who live in this phenomenon, we can say that this phenomenon exists in the beginning, and it has appeared to me that the most important reasons behind it are the following : 1 / Forgetfulness . Many who dream or see a vision may forget it, or forget it, and this is the wisdom of the Mighty and Mighty One . Therefore, there may be someone who suddenly remembers a dream he saw, or a sincere vision that he saw . 2 / The severity of falling asleep for someone who suffers such a phenomenon, and so he who takes too much sleep in his sleep resembles the dead, and this kind little remembers what he sees in his sleep . 3 / Whoever works sometimes during the day and sometimes at night, and sometimes at night and at other times during the day, and so forth, and these people often do not remember their dreams or visions, and I reached this last category recently and after extensive investigation and examination, and I published it here for the first time. The reason behind not remembering their visions or dreams is that they are not as comfortable in their sleep as those who have a fixed sleep regime at night, and those who sleep at night, are the ones who get the greatest benefits of sleep . 4 / He who has personal attitudes against this knowledge because of some of the commentators, and whether the reason is correct or wrong, then he sees him hostile to this knowledge by this means, and he says that he does not dream or does not see the vision . 5 / He’s really poor vision . These are some of the reasons for this phenomenon, and God knows best ….

…It was said that he who saw his face blackened is a man who jokes a liar for the Almighty’s saying, “ On the Day of Resurrection you will see those who have lied to God whose faces are blackened . ” And whoever sees a blemish in his face or in the face of someone other than him, he is going down surrounding him, or worry or grief. He hates, and if he saw he frowned at someone else’s face, something wrong would happen to him ….

…The mirror : Whoever looks at his face in it from the bachelors, he will marry someone else and cast his face, and if he has a pregnancy that comes like him, whether the viewer or female, and he may indicate the division of the spouses, until he sees his face in the land of others and in the place where he is, and the structure of the beholder has separated in it In it is his description and his hopes, and if he looks at them to fix his face or to darken his eyes, then he looks at the matter of his brothers, dreadful, and his mirror may point to his heart, so what he saw of rust was iniquity and clouding his heart . And the one who looks in a silver mirror gets something bad in his face . And looking in the mirror of the Sultan isolating him from his authority, and seeing his counterpart in his place, and perhaps he left his wife and succeeded her counterpart 0 and it was said that the mirror is the man’s woman and his rank is as large as the mirror and her majesty, if he sees his face in it is greater, his position in it rises, and if his face is fine in it, his mirror will improve. If he sees his beard black in it with a good face, and he is different from this quality in wakefulness, then he honors people and improves their standing in the matter of this world . Likewise, if he sees his beard, a flat, hairless beard . If he sees her as white, then he will lack and increase his status and strengthen his religion . If he sees white hair on his face where hair does not grow, then he is gone and his religion strengthens, and likewise looking in a silver mirror, honor will be lost . Another said : The mirror is a woman, and if he sees a woman’s vagina in the mirror, he will have a vulva . And to look in the mirror full of worries, and in the rusty mirror bad . If he sees as if he is looking into a mirror, then he seeks relief from him within them . If he is not able to scrub her because of the large number of rust, then he cannot find relief . And it was said that if he saw it as if he was looking in a mirror, and if he was single, he married, and if his wife was absent, he met with her . If he looks in the mirror from behind her, he commits immorality from his wife, and he is isolated if he is a ruler, and his plantings are gone if he is exhausted . And if a woman looks in the mirror and she is pregnant, she is giving birth to a girl who looks like her, or her daughter gives birth to a girl . If none of that was to marry her husband another woman who has a counterpart, then she will see her likeness . Likewise, if a boy saw that he looked in a mirror while his parents were giving birth, he would strike a brother like him and his counterpart . Likewise, if a girl saw that, she would hit a sister like her, and likewise if a man saw that and she was pregnant with a son who was like him ….

…Yellow color A person who sees in a dream that the color of his face is yellow will have a disease . And it was said : He will be good in the Hereafter and be among those close . A yellow face in a dream indicates humiliation and envy, and a yellowish face in the face may be a sign of hypocrisy . And it was said : the yellowish face indicates worship and tahajjud at night, and the yellowish may indicate love and love . And the yellow color indicates reverence and observation . Perhaps yellowing is a sign of fear . And whoever sees his face white and his body yellow, then his publicity is better than his bed, and if his body is white and his face yellow, then his bed is better than his publicity . And yellowing of the face and body together indicates disease . And a yellow face is a sign of sadness that afflicts the visionary . And the yellowishness in all clothes is sickness and weakness except in the dress of porcelain or silk or brocade garment, as it indicates corruption in his religion ….

…Yellow color A person who sees in a dream that the color of his face is yellow will have a disease . And it was said : He will be good in the Hereafter and be among those close . A yellow face in a dream indicates humiliation and envy, and a yellowish face in the face may be a sign of hypocrisy . And it was said : the yellowish face indicates worship and tahajjud at night, and the yellowish may indicate love and love . And the yellow color indicates reverence and observation . Perhaps yellowing is a sign of fear . And whoever sees his face white and his body yellow, then his publicity is better than his bed, and if his body is white and his face yellow, then his bed is better than his publicity . And yellowing of the face and body together indicates disease . And a yellow face is a sign of sadness that afflicts the visionary . And the yellowishness in all clothes is sickness and weakness except in the dress of porcelain or silk or brocade garment, as it indicates corruption in his religion ….

…What do you think of spreading the hypocritical news of the Night of Power in a dream? It is common among people on such days every year about determining Laylat al-Qadr, and that it is the night of such-and-such, and last year it was rumored for me that I set the Night of Power as the night of twenty-five, and for the discharge of responsibility I would like to clarify the following : Question / Is there interest Determine the Night of Power? What is the ruling on what some do in informing or limiting them – based on visions – and under the pretext of urging them to do so, or to strive for them? I answer this question through the following points : 1 / The expression of visions is based on conjecture and is not based on cutting. I also warn against introducing visions to the aspect of worship, for religion has been completed . 2 / We acknowledge that the believer’s vision is true, and that it is part of the parts of prophethood, and we also support preaching the good with evidence : the Prophet’s saying [ There is nothing left of the prophethood except the evangelists . They said : What are the good news? He said the righteous vision is seen by the believer or seen by him ], but the believer’s vision may also be false, and there is no reference for him to infallibility today that can be decided by this or that . 3 / That this ummah issued better sayings and better deeds than the last, and they lived the whole month, and this ummah will not be fit except for what is righteous at the beginning of it . 4 / The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, did not inform the Companions of a specific night, but rather told that it was in the last ten days, or the last seven days, and this he said after he learned that some of his companions, may God be pleased with them, saw the Night of Power in a dream, so he said as in the hadith that he narrated. Al-Bukhari in his Sahih : [ I see your visions colluding – that is, they agreed – in the last seven days, so whoever investigates them should investigate them in the last seven days . ” This issue was one of the important matters that the Companions worked with, may God be pleased with them, until it was reported that they used to perform I’tikaaf in the middle ten days, seeking it, and this is before the Prophet specified it in the last ten days . 5 / I see the Prophet peace be upon him much of the night, and went out to tell the companions out, then Onisseha, and told that he saw in a dream that he prostrate in water and mud, came a cloud Vmatart until Sal roof of the mosque – was palm fronds – prayer and held, the narrator said : I saw The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, prostrate in water and mud, until I saw a trace of mud on his forehead, and this is a confirmation of his vision, may God bless him and grant him peace, so he left the morning prayer with his face filled with mud and water . 6 / It came in the Sahih that, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said : [ I went out to tell you of the Night of Destiny, and peered – that is, quarreled and argued – so-and-so, and it was raised, and hopefully it would be good for you …….] Hadith . Al-Subki al-Kabeer deduced from this story, as stated in Fath al-Bari 4/286: It is desirable to conceal the Night of Power to those who saw it . This is because God decreed to his prophet that he did not inform him of it . And all good is in what is destined for him, so it is desirable to follow him in that . 7 / The meaning of his saying, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him : [ May it be good for you ]: If the Night of Power is appointed on a particular night, it will be restricted to it, then worship missed in another, and this happened and is happening from many people, so that there are some who stand up for the night that is rumored to be Laylat al-Qadr, and leave the rest , and this is a big mistake – as we explained earlier -. 8 / It is better for Muslims not to transmit such news about determining Laylat al-Qadr, or to publish some of the sayings of those who express it, as the night of such-and-such of the month, when it is proven from the correct narrations, that concealing it was for wisdom and there is good for the ummah, and good in following what came From the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace . 9 / required of Muslims in general diligence and worship and work in this whole month, the last of it and ten in particular, was the Prophet peace be upon him as stated in an interview with Aisha : If ten entered tightening the apron, and live for the night, and woke up his family ] , and in this reference to Urging to improve the conclusion, God seals for us well. Amen, O Lord of the worlds … And God knows best ….

…Grave If you see graves in a dream, this foretells of sadness, failure and loss at work . If the graves are of a heart, then this predicts terminal illness and death . If you see your grave in a dream, this foretells that you will fall ill and live in an atmosphere of sadness and worry . If the witness written on the grave reads, this foretells that you will be assigned to work that you do not like . If you dream of seeing a newly excavated grave, you will have to suffer from the mistakes of others . If you visit a recently excavated grave, you are surrounded by dangers of a serious nature . A dream about a grave is a sinister dream, which will be followed by bad luck in work procedures, and it also threatens with disease . If you dream of walking over graves, this foretells of an early death or miserable marriage . If you look in an empty tomb, this indicates disappointment and the loss of friends. If you see a person in a grave with dirt covering his body except for the head, then a sad situation will befall that person and you will wish you lost possessions . If you see your grave in a dream, this foretells that the enemies will work tirelessly to cause you to plague a disaster, and they will succeed in that if you are not vigilant . If you dream that you dig a grave, then this means you are worried about a pledge. If the enemies will seek to trap you, but you have finished digging the grave, you will overcome obstacles . If the sun is shining, good will come to you from outward confusion . If you return to a corpse to bury it and see it has disappeared, trouble will come to you from unknown destinations . If a woman dreams that the night has taken her by surprise while she is in a cemetery and that she has found no place to sleep except an open grave, this foretells that she will face grief and disappointment due to death or false friends . You may lose love and find that many things try to do you harm . If you see a barren cemetery other than the tops of the graves, this means a lot of sadness and despair for a while, but if you bear your burdens with patience, you will find greater benefits and pleasure waiting for you . If you see your body in a grave, this portends a desperate and mottled mumble ….

…How deaf people dream ?? Do they hear the sound in their dreams? Does a nightmare come to them? Does a person born deaf differ in dreams, seeing them, and imagining the sounds of what they see, and whoever became deaf later? These are several questions that may come to the mind of anyone interested, or a specialist in the science of dream expression, and it also draws the attention of everyone who loves this art as well. How can a deaf dream? How can his dreams be explained? Is his symbolic language sufficient for understanding? And when a normal person translates this kinetic language, after receiving it from them, into a spoken language; Will this be enough, and then can their visions be expressed? Is the language of the translator here leading to the exact meaning that the deaf person wants? In the beginning, there is a difference between the one who was born deaf and the one who was able to hear, but later became deaf … and each of these two sections has his own way of dreaming … and this is what I will detail in the next article … Who is born able to hear Then he became completely deaf, so he will most likely see the dream, and he will not hear the sound, but when he tells you his vision that he saw, after his deafness, he will tell you what he saw, and he will measure what he sees of the things that he saw, and he did not hear them, according to what he was reducing and keeping in his memory Before he became deaf . As for the one who was born deaf, all of these people can never hear the voices, so they see the different scenes and scenes in their dreams without a sound, and he may see multiple scenes, of people or inanimate objects, or he may see his parents, for example, or his relatives, or his friends, etc., and by mixing with them and hearing from them, he found They often see those who agree with them with this disability; The explanation for this is that they are very close to them emotionally, or spatially, so it is not surprising that they are close to their souls as well, if the state of sleep has risen, and the souls, as mentioned in the Sahih, are recruited soldiers, so they are not close to them, and what is repudiated by them is different, so the sleeper meets in sleep in general, both of them And his friend is one of the people of this world, and it is measured against these deaf people, so they see a lot of deaf people . Now that we know how deaf people see visions, then we have a very important issue. Which is how can interpret their visions? Will sign language – whether from the translator or from the deaf himself – be sufficient to understand the symbolic language that comes from them for the crossing? I say, here is a very important matter, for the language to which expression is referred to is the language of the speaker when the deaf narrates it to the hearer, whether the hearer is the crossing and here the language is what the crossing understands according to his own culture, or the hearer is the translator for the one who will cross, and here you will be guided by the translator’s language and culture So, the crossing must be aware of this and try to be honest in conveying visions of such people, as the deaf person may want a word or a specific sentence, and the translator of his symbols expresses a word or another sentence …. This is very illusory, especially when the word is Substituted, it leads to a completely different meaning …. When expressing, and this task must be paid attention to by the expresser, to make sure before the expression of the symbol that the deaf wanted, and this is done by asking him to whom he translated for him …. or by asking the deaf himself about what he intended to refer to him in a manner. Accurate, because some signs in the language of the deaf signify multiple verbal connotations, as I understood it by translators, and as I saw it in their pictorial language, and I took a vision of a deaf person in my program and on the air live in the Al-Raya channel, and when the translator appeared to the deaf by translating it, I was amazed at the word he said, He wanted to express where the finger came out in the shoe, so he said: Ring !! And when I asked him if this is what the deaf himself expressed? He replied in the negative and that this is from his words: He calls this part of the shoe a ring …. while you find someone who calls this type, for example, the toe of shoes, and measure a lot of words with broad meanings, for example. And he knows it or is interested in differentiating between them, the crossing only . . ….

…Milk Drinking milk in a dream indicates an abundant harvest for the farmer, joys at home, and a successful trip for the traveler . As for the woman, this dream is a good omen . Seeing large quantities of milk in a dream indicates wealth and wealth . As for a dream that you are involved in the milk business, it means an increase in your wealth . If you dreamed that you were distributing milk for free to others, then this means that you are good and zakat for the best of your wealth . If milk is spilled in a dream, this means that you will suffer a slight loss and temporary problems at the hands of your friends . But if you dream of dirty milk, this means that you will encounter simple problems . If the milk in the dream was sour, it means your preoccupation and your anxiety for the problems of friends . And if in a dream you are trying in vain to drink milk, this means that you are in danger of losing something valuable or you will lose the friendship of a high-ranking person . If you dream of hot milk, this means that you will enter into a struggle, at the end of which your desires and aspirations will be fulfilled . As for bathing with milk, it means the joy and company of good friends ….

…The definition of visions and dreams in terms of the language of visions is a plural of visions and may be uttered without humming on actual weight . It is in the language what is seen in sleep, derived from the verb saw . It is originally a source like the left . When I made a name when the sleeper imagined, the course of names and vision was made with a distraction to perceive the time with the sense of sight . And to those whose visions abound : ( see ). The dream of annexing ha and soothing lam . It is permissible to join them, so it is said : Dream . A dream is derived from a dream, and its meaning is a vision in his sleep . Said : the dream of something which he saw in his sleep and the dream of a dream and its meaning from behind in his vision is said to dream Balhi any spotted in his dream curse any opinion of his vision and combine : dreams ask here how many times received the word dreams in the Koran received this word in the Koran twice : 1 – the verse ( they said dreams and what we interpret dreams Avalim ) [ Yusuf : 44] 2 – the verse ( but they dreams but forged it is a poet Vlaotna verse sent ancients as ) [ prophets : 5] the initial verse regarding Joseph with King . And the second in the story of the Arab polytheists mocking Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace (1), may God bless him and grant him peace . And also ask the word received a vision in the Koran? Received the word of Revelation in the Koran ) four times are as follows : A – verse : O public Please advise me in my vision, if ye vision pass over [ Yusuf : 43] 2 – the verse : And We made the vision that Orinacc only a temptation for people and the tree cursed in the Koran and only increase them Nkhuvhm what a great tyranny [ Isra : 60] 7 – verse : Revelation has also ratified Verily We recompense benefactors ( Saaffaat : 105 ). 4 – saying the Almighty : The sincerity of God , His Messenger , the vision of the right ( open : 27 ). (1) The first verse concerning the king with Joseph and the second verse to be appointed by the vision of the prophet show her peace be upon him the night of the family to the holy house where . He wanted to slaughter, and the fourth was in the matter of seeing the Messenger when he thought that he would enter Makkah and perform Umrah . ___________________________________ (1 ) See : Concordance of words Koran • Mohamed Fouad Abdul Baki . The Revival of Arab Heritage House – Beirut – Lebanon – No History Article ( Daghth ) p. 421 * Quoted from Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi ….

…Is it permissible to see God in a dream? The answer to this : that the people of expression have agreed that it is permissible to see God in a dream and health , other than seeing the Prophet peace be upon him . Ibn Albaqlani said : see God in a dream thoughts in the heart of a semantics behind me on things than or be like any other bitter Iaat , and God knows (1). Q : What is the etiquette of good vision? What is her example? A : The scholars mentioned etiquette that those who saw a righteous vision would do, which is : 1 To be thankful for it . 2 • Anne Astbhr out . 3 • Anne is spoken but anyone who loves without the hated . Peace be upon him , he said : If you saw a vision of love for he is from God , Fleihmd by God and it happens . . ~(2) . The sections of Revelation correct inspiration as already a Maagayh God in the heart of the servant , a word says to the Lord his servant in a dream, as he said bin silent worship and others, including : the confluence of the spirit of the sleeping lives of the dead from his family and his relatives and his companions , and I will talk it later in greater activation, God willing . including : the ascent of his soul to God and her to him . including : entering the spirit of Paradise and Mhahadtha and other (3). ___________________ (1) Ibn Hajar – op – (388 \ 12) (2) narrators Bukhari also in the Open – op – (369 \ 12) (3) son of values – spirit – op – p . 63 ** quoting Dr. Fahad Al – Osaimi…

…Do animals dream? It is known that God Almighty has distinguished man over animals with reason, and reason as it is known from what it is based upon upon commissioning, and that is why God raised the pen from the insane, and if we have decided that dreams about them are not good news for their owner or warning him, and this is impossible for the animal because it is not The presence of her mind; Which is the subject of assignment, as we said, we decide here that the animal does not have the visions that are contained in the meaning of the good tidings or the warning, but it may have the ability to see some of the dreams whose events lived, but where is the machine that makes these dreams come out to us in light of its inability to speak and dialogue And understanding? I asked a lot of specialists and pet breeders, and they decided that their animals at night have a lot of turmoil, movement, change in mouth movement or screaming, which is the result of dreams of these animals . The study found one of the institutes in the United States on behalf of : (MIT News) The study entitled : Animals have Complex dreams MIT researcher proves issued in the history of 24-1 – 2001 and which proved this study include : that animals dream, and any owner of the animals can To see and discover this fact, and this may seem strange, but it is the truth. The animal’s mind is active during sleep as it is when working, and the animal’s sleep differs between deep sleep and simple sleep, and many experiments have been conducted on mice through which it has been proven that mice in their sleep move from the stage To a stage and from what is known that dreaming occurs in humans during the stage of deep sleep, and the same thing happens to mice . Animals have complex and complex dreams – as the study proves – and they dream about specific events that happen to them in waking life . And the conclusion that I come to is : 1_ that animals have the ability to sleep and to absorb it . 2_ Animals see some of the dreams in which they live their events or their events . 3_ There are no first and second types of animal dreams, and I mean promising visions, or warning dreams . 4_ The animal has no ability to narrate the dream, due to its inability to speak, but rather it reaches the occurrence of its dreams from the expressions of its faces during sleep . 5_ The reason for the impossibility of the first and second types of dreams among animals is the absence of the mind, and therefore it is likened to the madman who was lifted from the commission and is not held accountable for his actions, rather he may not feel what surrounds him or is planning for him, so it is noticed, for example, on Eid al-Adha that the animals that were imprisoned The night of Eid does not show her unnatural emotions during her sleep, even though in the morning she will be slaughtered, and this is due to her lack of awareness and awareness due to the lack of her mind, and the same applies to the child who has not been discerned and to the insane, they may sleep full of their eyes, even if the morning is the announcement of their execution !! And God knows best ….

Washing board If you see a washing board in your dreams, then this indicates financial confusion, and if you see a woman using a washing board, this indicates that you will let a woman take away your strength and wealth . A broken laundry board heralds that you are approaching grief and shameful acts through a quick lie ….

…If someone sees his face black and he wears white clothes, his visions indicate that he is giving birth to a daughter, because God Almighty says : “ And if one of them preaches to the female, his face will remain black .” The Commander of the Faithful saw the Mahdi, may God have mercy on him, in his sleep, as if his face was black, so he watched in panic, and called Ibrahim bin Abdullah al-Kirmani, so he got up to him from the Sherjan, and he told him his visions, and he said : You will have a daughter, and he recited this verse, and she bore him a daughter on that night, so he was happy From that and his best prize ….

…Visions in terms of the definition of the term ** First : the definition of visions when Muslim scholars : Muslim scholars set out in the definition of the vision of a special legitimacy of those texts that Vq Guet between vision and other than man sees in his dream and E of these texts , which began scientists in their definitions through which modern Abu Qatada agreed upon : ( true dreams of God and the dream of the devil ) (1) and the doctrine of the year in that vision : a set of beliefs and INSERTED Cat God delivered in the heart of the slave at the hands of a king or a demon . Either by their names any truth . Either we intend it, or it is wrong . Ibn al- Arabi said : This is similar in the case of vigilance contained thoughts on the human heart and thought it E ) T on the format . Ie on one system . Otherwise, it may come in an uncollected extract . And defined forward , she said al-maziri : the doctrine of the Sunnis in the truth of Revelation . That God Almighty creates beliefs in the heart of the sleeping person just as He creates them in the heart of the awakened, and He, Glory be to Him, does what He wills that does not prevent him from sleep or awakening, so if He created these beliefs it is as if He made them a science on other things He creates them in the second case, or He created them . And I knew that they are : beliefs that God creates in the heart of the sleeper – just as He creates them in the heart of the awakened, so if he creates them, it is as if he made them a flag on other things, then he creates them in the second case, and those beliefs sometimes fall in the presence of the king, then what is easy falls after . And sometimes the devil is in the presence of falls beyond what hurts . (2) In fact , the meditator in tariff notice that they are similar to a large extent as observed signal to differentiate between the two types of what man sees in his dreams . Which I will talk about in the next paragraph . Anne Alhadit also noticed Acar by saying : ( true dreams of God , and the dream of the devil ) that God creates the vision and beliefs that make them pleased to note that without the presence of the devil . And he creates what is knowledge on what harms the presence of Satan, so he attributes a reward to Satan for his presence with her, even if he has no real action . This is the meaning of saying ( peace be upon him ) (( Revelation of God and the dream of the devil )) is not on the devil to do something . Some scientists : that the devil has done and the impact of direct evidence of the hadeeth Jaber may Allah be pleased with him said : A man came to the Prophet , peace be upon him , said : (( I saw as if my neck hit, he said : ( one of you Btalb the devil did not happen? ) Narrated by Muslim and Imam Ahmed, and this term of Imam Ahmad . in the word when Imam Muslim : he said : O Messenger of God : I saw in a dream as if my head hit Vtdhrj Vachtddt on its impact . the Messenger of God inflectional : ( not speaking people Btalb the devil to go to sleep ) Jabir said : I heard the Prophet peace be upon him after a sermon he said : Hala making a one of you Btalb the devil in his sleep . (3) Imam Muhammad Safaareeni mercy of God said : to be Btalb the devil that he sees in his dreams what saddens him . it enters worry and anger and confuse him in his vision . he manipulated 0 said to each action that does not work it useful : but you are a player . he said in an interview , istinja said , peace be upon him ( that Satan plays the seats in the sons of Adam ) (4) ie it attends ‘s locations , istinja and monitors hurt and corruption? because it places deserted where Allah reveals where he commanded awrahs Bstrha and to refrain from exposure to the eyes of viewers and Mohab the wind and Rchata urine . all this Satan played and this opinion is correct, so the dream from Satan becomes reality . He is the one who portrays him as a reality, not a reward . This is from his permanent and declared hostility to humans . The act of the devil if Napata fact . No metaphor . Sayyid Qutb , may Allah have mercy on him , he said : above all . We decide that knowing its nature or not knowing it has nothing to do with proving its existence and the veracity of some of it . . . Until he said . . . We perceive the nature of these visions in this way that the barriers of time and space are what prevent this human creature from seeing what we call the past and the future . Or the hidden present . And that what we call the past or the future is obscured by the factor of time . The distant present also obscures the place factor . And that the sense of what is in a person, we do not know its nature, is awakened or strengthened, so it overcomes the barrier of time and sees what is behind it in an ambiguous form . Not a science, but a trace . Etc. his words . Then he said : And I can lie everything before I lie, an accident that occurred to me while I was in America and my family in Cairo . And I saw when the sleeper saw the son of a sister to me as a young man, with blood in his eye that kept her from seeing . So I wrote to my family inquiring about his own eye . The response came to me that his eye had internal bleeding and that he was being treated . It is noticed that the internal bleeding is not seen from the outside . It was a sample view of those seen by the naked eye normal sight, but was hidden from sight of internal bleeding at the bottom, either vision has revealed that Mahjoub blood inside (5) ** Second : the definition of visions when scientists non – Muslims : For scientists , non – Muslims , they have There are many reprehensible stories on this subject, and the reason for this is that they tried to find facts that are not aware of the mind to which they appeal in this and many other aspects . They also do not believe or believe in revelation or hearing, and therefore their words were disturbed . Whoever belongs to medicine attributes all the vision to the four mixtures, which are phlegm, bile, blood, and black, for example : They say that whoever is overwhelmed by sputum sees that he is swimming in water, because of the water’s suitability for the nature of the sputum, and whoever is overcome by yellow sees the flames, and this is not evidenced by it nor is it usually done. And what they said is a type of vision and the vision is not limited to it , for we know that some of it is from the soul , some of which is from Satan and some of it is from the Most Merciful . And philosophers claim that the pictures of what is going on in the earth is the world’s top Kalnicoh what adjoin some of them Antakec in the heart of the sleeping , and this Plato ‘s theory known as the theory of the ideals that most opinion corrupt than its predecessor , because Alantqash of the qualities of objects and what is going on in the upper symptoms of the world , and symptoms Do not discuss it . Some non – Muslim scholars have to try to unravel the mystery of dreams and access through which to judge the human psyche, motives and tendencies and trends and even held . He has published the world of Sigmund Freud named author ( analysis of dreams ) in 1899 AD , and sees that as the ( ego ) in the event of vigilance is the one who controls the strength of the movement, this function disrupted during sleep , and then fades a large censorship imposed on the part The ( is ) or subconscious said : The withdrawal of psychological shipments that the function of control or weaken it allows some freedom now seems . Intended dream state • Harmless . It has been used ‘ Freud ‘ analysis of dreams as a means to reach the depths of the unconscious and Akoshvh for his secrets . Freud ‘s Anne is dreams as a ~ Royal Road ~ ( to the Subconscious containing the contract and the motives and repressed desires . And cared scientist ~ Karen Horney ~ analysis of dreams . They see that dreams increase insight about the situation and reveal some trends of the patient towards the world . It is believed ~ Aaark from ~ that dreams reflect the reasonable elements and elements unreasonable personal at the same time (6). It is noticeable from this brief presentation to their point of view these include : _ focus on the use of dreams as a means to enter the patient ‘s world and find out the cause of his illness , or condition . . they focus only on the so – called Bodgat dreams , which thinks about the man before his sleep and then see after his sleep , or focus on something that has nothing to do with dreams , but is what they do with patients in psychiatric clinics after making it relax in the clinic and leaves talking about himself and for his work and his wife and those around him , and the doctor to monitor this talk , and enter through this personal patient , and this is quite different from the visions that man sees in a dream by the king of vision . Sayyid Qutb says : says a school of psychoanalysis about the nature of vision : it Photo Dreams breathe in pent-up desires in the absence of awareness, and this represents a part of dreams . But not all represented . And Freud himself . On all his unscientific control over his theory, he decides that there are prophetic dreams . (7) says Mohammed Ali Qutb supporter of Sayyid Qutb : I have adopted ~ Ofroed ~ in more analysis and conclusions on Alrai and then sat through which the rules and the foundations on which he built his theories in psychology , but • unfortunately – it was heading in the symbols and meanings direction physically, or It is a decadent animal, so the person does not do justice to his humanity , and the vision – no doubt – is partial in a person’s daily life , but it is in a framework of the occult from the world of revelation, life coexistence and sensory practice , a vision that is not a vision but an insight , and a movement that is not with the limbs and organs, but only in the emotional sense . (8) Perhaps the best of us to explain the reason for this shortcoming of the psychologists in understanding the visions and give it the right of Imam al – Qurtubi said : cause confusion illegal reluctance of what came prophets from the straight path and enough remarks in response (9). ________________________________________ (1 ) Agreed , Al – Bukhari narrated as Fath al – Bari (369 \ 12 ) forward Ibn Hajar . Riyadh published a modern Muslim library as in the nuclear explanation (17 \ 15 ) published the Egyptian printing press and Stationers (2 ) Mohammed Safaareeni . Explanation of triplets Musnad Ahmad (1 /169 ) to achieve Zuhair Shawish i : Office of Islam 1392 e . (3 ) Narrated mm as in the nuclear explanation (15 /27 ) in the Book of Revelation – op . Cit . ) And narrated by Ahmad in the rest of the palm Almktherin 0 in the palm Jaber bin Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him published Cordoba Foundation in Egypt . (4 ) Narrated by Abu Dawood in the Book of Purity . Bab occultation of the open publication of Dar thought the achievement of Muhammad Muhyiddin Abdul Hamid . And prizes in the book Purity and Sunnahs door Alarataad of urine and faeces . Publishing House of Thought . Achieve Mohamed Fouad Abdul Baki and Ahmed in the rest of the palm Almktherin in the palm Jaber bin Abdullah – op – and see the words of Imam Safaareeni to explain trios Imam Ahmad • op • (170 \ 1 (5) Sayyid Qutb – in the shadows of the Koran – published Dar Sunrise i 1402 e (4/1972) (6 ) expansion see : Dr . Hamed Zahran . Mental Health and psychotherapy . (7) Sayyid Qutb op (4/1972) (8) Mohammad Ali Qutb – Hieran guide in interpreting Dreams – Published by the Quran Library – Cairo, p. 5 (9) Ibn Hajar – Fath Al-Bari – previous reference ) (12/353) * Quoted from Dr. Fahd Al-Usaimi ….