…Exhumation is in a dream denotes the penetration of matters and rulings for their masters, unless he digs what is eaten, then he is misrepresenting what God Almighty knows . And whoever sees that he exhumed the grave of a known dead person, he will seek the way of that dead person in this world, whether he is a scholar or a rich man, and he will obtain from him as much as that . And the grave digger is asking for a hidden wanted man . If he exhumed the grave of a jurist, he exhumed his doctrine and revived what was taught of his knowledge . If we dig up an infidel or a heresy, he follows the doctrine of misguidance, or he deals with forbidden money with deception and deceit . If the exhumation leads to a rotten carcass or an excuse, that is indicative of corruption ….

…The mihrab is in a dream a chief or an imam . Whoever sees that he prays in the sanctuary, then it is good news . And if a woman saw that, she would give birth to a son . The niches of the poor, if a person sees them, indicates restraint, sincerity, and a love of being alone from people . The deviant mihraabs are indicative of aberration, slippage in speech and deed, and perhaps the mihrab indicates a permissible provision and a righteous wife, because God Almighty says : ( Whenever Zakaria the Mihrab enters her, he finds with her wealth ). And if the mosque’s mihrab is deviated to other than the direction of the qiblah, or if it smells foul or has a carcass in it, this indicates the visionary’s disbelief, heresy, or his hypocrisy ….

…It is in a dream a covering and a covering . And the pigmentation in the beard is evidence of hypocrisy and dishonesty . And the depressing of the one who is worthy of him is pretending to be blessings and forcing the enemies, and evidence of security from fear, and for those who do not fit him, evidence of distress and distress, debts and abandonment of loved ones . And the ruling on the pigmentation of the woman’s head is the same as the rule of pigmentation of the hair of the beard . And the darkening of gray hair is strength, brutality and prestige, and if he sees that he dyed it with henna, then it is Sunnah according to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace . If he shakes his head without his beard, it conceals his boss’s money . If he betrayed them all, then he conceals his poverty and asks for a face among the people . If before poetry the pigment, it is beautified with contentment and then is revealed . If he saw that he was dyed with henna, and before the pigmentation, then he is an ignorant man, but he repents and turns away from his error . And if a man sees that his fingers have been pigmented with henna, then he increases praise, and if he sees his palm being shaved, he will gain bliss in his livelihood, then he sees that his right hand has been cast, then he kills a man. From his money, or from his earnings . If he sees that his hands are engraved with henna, then he is trying a trick from the house due to necessity or lack of gain, and his enemy is insulted by it, and perhaps he is almost famous for his gaining of his hands, and he attains humiliation . If a woman sees that her hand is engraved, then she is deceiving her adornment in a matter that is true, and if the engraving is of gold, then it is a politely acquired trick . And if the inscription is of clay, then it is praise to God Almighty, and if she sees that she was doused with henna, then her husband is good to it, and if she sees that she has applied it and she does not accept the pigment, then her husband does not show her love . If she sees that her hands are engraved with each other, then she will be infected with her children . If a man’s hand is engraved with gold, he is deceiving, and his money or his livelihood is lost in it . If a woman sees that her hand is cast with gold, then she pays her money to her husband so that he can eat it and receive from her husband joy, strength and state . And whoever saw that his legs were shaved, and he had engraved them, then he would hit his family, and if a woman saw that, she would be injured by her husband . The piggy hand is a grim living . And whoever dies his hand in a carcass, he will attain sedition . And whoever sees his hands pigmented has overlooked the destruction of what is in his hand . And whoever sees a pigment in his hand with a taut rag, he is defeated in the quarrel and is incapable of his enemy . And pigmentation is a decoration and joy for women and men, unless they go beyond the ordinary . And depigmentation indicates concealing deeds and obedience, concealing poverty from people’s eyes, and perhaps indicating hypocrisy and hypocrisy if it is dyed in contrast to Muslims . And the feathers of the hands and the feet decorate his house, his slaves, and his money, in a way that is not appropriate for him to wear silk and gold for the children, and for women it is pleasure, good clothes and joy, because it is one of their adornment at wedding . And the hemoglobin may be located in the hands and feet, like the action of women. He was very afraid of his money or his companion, as far as hemoglobin . And whoever sees that it is dyed without henna, what he hates will happen to him . The blackening of the hair indicates the misfortune and corruption of business, because it is said : The first to be blackened is Pharaoh ….

…A torrent is in a dream an enemy attack, just as an enemy attack is a torrent . Whoever sees a torrent of rain, he will be hurt, sick, or traveling . If the torrent ascends the stores, it is a flood or injustice from the Sultan . And whoever sees that he prevents torrential flow from his home, he will treat an enemy that prevents him from harm to his family or his entourage . The torrent is indicative of the enemy if they demolish the monastery, destroy trees, kill animals, or drown people. If people benefit from it, it indicates successive good deeds . And the torrent indicates the talk and the lie in the article . And if the torrent ran with blood and carcass, it indicates the abhorrence of God Almighty . And seeing the torrent is evidence of rain . Perhaps the torrent indicated at a different time to heresy from the direction from which the torrent came from . And whoever sees that the torrent entered a people’s home and went with their money and livestock, then it is an enemy that jealous over them . And the torrent in the winter indicates a people who are disobedient and have no knowledge . And whoever sees that he has gone out of that water swimming to the land, then he will be saved from an oppressive ruler, and if he is unable to cross, let him beware of sitting in the hands of a ruler and not disobeying his ruler ….