A child’s rattle If you see a rattle in a child’s hand in a dream, this is a good omen, peace and understanding within the family. It will also bring you success in your business and profit . For a girl, this dream means a soon, happy and happy marriage . If you give a child a rattle, this means that you will take on a job that you fail ….

And whoever sees that he eats a child, then he eats ill-gotten money, and if a woman sees that she is eating a child, then it indicates that she is pregnant, because pregnant women would desire the child and eat it ….

A stillborn child Seeing a stillborn child in a dream indicates an unfortunate accident ….

…Labor If you dreamed of the birth of a child, this indicates lucky circumstances and the safe and secure birth of a handsome baby . If an unmarried woman dreams that she is in labor, then this means an unhappy change of honor into an evil and inferior position ….

…The breast is in a dream the woman of a man or his daughter, so her beauty is her beauty, her corruption is her corruption . And whoever sees a woman hanging from her breast, she commits adultery, and gives birth to a child other than her husband . If a man sees milk in his breast, then if he is poor he is rich, and if he is not married, he indicates that he will have children . And if a young woman sees that, it indicates that she will become pregnant and that her pregnancy will take place, even if she is a rich garment that lacks and spoils her money . And if she was an aware virgin, that indicates her wedding . If she was young, far from the time of marriage, that indicated her death . And whoever sees that he is nursing a woman who knows him and does not know her, this indicates that he will become ill for a long time, unless he has a pregnant woman, then that indicates that he has a son . And if a woman saw this vision, she would give birth to a girl . If he sees that his breasts have grown in moderation and look good, then they are indicating to his children and things that he owns . And if he sees them fallen, then it is evidence of the death of his children . And whoever saw that and did not have children, this indicates his lack and his sadness, especially with regard to women . In breastfeeding women, it indicates the horizons of the person breastfeeding . A large breast indicates what is indicated by a breast that has been bone . And indicates in women immorality . And whoever saw that his breasts were striking his chest, this indicates that he is very old, that bad news is coming to him from someone who knows him . If men and women are young, that indicates love . And whoever sees as if he has one large breast and has reached the pubic area, he commits adultery with a forbidden marriage, or has a forbidden marriage, and the breasts in a dream are girls, so what happened in them is interpreted in girls . And whoever sees that a breast has grown for him along with his breasts, that is more than a girl . And whoever sees that he has a lack of a breast, that is the death of his daughter . And milk in the breast is an increase in money and it refers to the child, so whoever sees that there is milk in his breasts, he is honored to have a minimum increase that brings him or whoever owns it . Likewise, in women, if the milk produced by a person is breastfed, then he is locked up, and a door is closed over it, and there is no harm in it for the nursing infant, then it is humiliation and grief . And it was said : If a man saw that there was milk in his breast, then if he was celibate, he married and had a son . If he was poor, he indicated Bishara, and if he was a young man, that indicated his long life . And the young woman, if she sees that, indicates her pregnancy and childbirth, and the length of a man’s breast until they hit his chest is evidence of a whim that is not satisfied by God Almighty . And before : It is evidence of the death of children, and if he did not have a child, it indicates poverty and sadness . The length of a woman’s breasts beyond the limit is evidence of the purpose of grief . A man’s breast indicates his quality, position, health and sickness . And a man’s breast may refer to brothers, companions, children and husbands who are of no use to them . A woman’s breast is evidence to the contrary, given the provision of God Almighty . If he sees that his breasts are like a woman’s breast, and milk is dripping from it, he indicates that he is standing on his children, and that he begins to do what the women need in their labor, and this may indicate religion, or he has a disease in which he is ashamed of people, then he saw him famous for that . And if . The breasts became copper or iron, indicating the loss of children and the failure of causes or pregnancy . The breast on the beast is a husband, and the breast on the infertile woman was born after despair from him . And perhaps the breast of the virgin referred to the jihad, clothing, or money adorned with . And the baby or girl has ailments, diseases and sores . A single breast for a single woman is a marriage, so if water or milk comes out of it, she loses her son or sister . And the breast is an adulterous woman . He crossed the breast with ostrich eggs or Altrj . They may be owned by breasts, and were told : they were father and mother . And the breast is indicative of a bottle of wine if it contains milk . It was said : The breast is a generous man ….

…Jaafar al-Sadiq said, “Seeing the call to prayer in eight aspects of a woman, whether it is his wife or relative, a friend, a companion, an agreeable boy, a future boy, good money, and they are sadness, joy, happiness, repentance and return, and as for the eyes, they are attributed to religion and other things, so whoever sees that he is blind or his eyes have died has turned away from Islam with a great disobedience to his saying Almighty ~ Lord did not Hchertna blind ~ verse and was told that it affects a baby wide world and the happiness of what people said in the parable stepper what Saad so and so my uncle, and was told that he loses his children because they are the apple of the eyes of the verse ~ and those who say : our Lord Grant us from our wives ~ verse, and was said to be blind to His argument and asking for his needs, and it was said that he is a little knowledgeable and does not understand things and does not know the number of people ….

…Stroller If you dream of a baby carriage, this indicates that you will have a friend who is harmonious with you heart and soul, and he will create many pleasant surprises for you ….

…Head If you see a person’s head in your dream, and it is well-shaped and clear, then you will meet people of authority and influence who can extend a helping hand to you in projects of great importance . If you dreamed of your head, you are threatened by nervousness and brain troubles . If you see a head separated from its body and it is bloody, you will face frustrating disappointments and the destruction of your favorite hopes and expectations . If you see yourself with two or more heads, this predicts a rapid and unusual rise in life, but chances are that the height is not well-established . If you dream that your head hurts, then this means that you will be subject to anxiety . If you dreamed of a swollen head, then you will have more good than bad in your life . If you dreamed of a baby’s head, many pleasures will await you, and this also means financial success . If you dreamed of a monster’s head, this means that the nature of your desires will run on a low level and you will only be concerned with physical pleasures . If you wash your head, it will be a kiss for prominent people because of your wisdom and good advice ….

…He said he saw Kirmani from eating or Ha Bsra it comes to him Rizk and profit did not hope or ice it, but it pollens Mubarak Nam money ~ and palm Basqat have come up for a baby Ndad slaves .~…

…It is a bad omen to dream of seeing a disgracefully swollen belly . It indicates a hopeless disease . If you see anything moving on the stomach, this predicts humiliation and hard work . If you see a healthy stomach, this indicates insane desires . If you see your belly in a dream, this foretells that you will have high hopes, but it is imperative that you curb your stubbornness and double your energies on your work as pleasure approaches your harm . And if you see your stomach crinkling, this foretells that fake friends will harass and challenge you . If you see it swollen, you will encounter adversity, but you will overcome it and enjoy the fruits of your labor . If you see blood coming from the abdomen, then this foretells of an accident or tragedy in your family . The baby’s belly, if in an unexciting state, predicts that the infection will follow you ….

…A funeral If you see a funeral, then this means an unhappy marriage and ailing offspring . If you dreamed of a stranger’s funeral, then this means unexpected troubles . If you see your baby’s funeral this could mean health for your family, but heavy disappointments from an intimate source may follow . If you attend a funeral in black, this foretells of an early widowhood . If you dreamed of a funeral for one of your relatives, then this means troubles of nervousness and family concerns . If you dream that you attend a funeral, this means that you will sacrifice important concerns for the sake of erotic pleasures . If a woman sees her beloved at a funeral, it means that she will listen to Satan’s gossip and risk her honor for the sake of her heart ….

…The boy is in a dream worry and distress, as he was a child carrying . And the teenage boy Bishara . And if the country is confined and the people are in distress, and someone sees that a good-looking boy has entered the city, descended from heaven, or departed from the earth, then the good news is near . And the old boy is proud and powerful . And whoever sees that he is a boy learning in school, he will repent of the sin he used to do if he was learning the Qur’an . If one of the scholars and governors see that he is learning in school, then he is ignorant, or he turns from glory to humiliation . Whoever sees that he is rebellious, he inherits an inheritance from his mother . And if the poor person sees that he is a boy born by his mother, he will gain sustenance and wealth . If the patient sees that he is a boy, he dies . And whoever sees his face in the mirror that of a boy and who has a pregnant woman, his wife will bring him a male son who looks like him . And carrying a little boy in a dream they are . The boy is a weak enemy . If he saw that he had children born to him, that indicates distress and distress . If the boy is male, the consequence is commendable, and if the boy is female, his punishment is blameworthy . And if an old person sees that he has become a baby, then he comes ignorance, and his guts go in him, and if he is in severe distress or distress, God will let him away . Young boys show little worries . And whoever sees that a boy is screaming in his lap, then he strikes the stick . The vision of the young people may indicate joys and adornments, or the strife with money, or the conviction of the slightest living or helplessness for reasons ….

…If you dream of a human being, then this indicates unhappiness and despair that fills you with all hope for happiness . If you dreamed of the guts of a predator, this symbolizes the overthrow of your archenemy . If you tear another person’s guts, this symbolizes a cruel persecution that will advance your personal interests . If you dream about your own guts, you will be overwhelmed by the most severe forms of despair . If you dreamed of your baby’s guts, this symbolizes that the death of your child or yours is about to happen ….

…If you dreamed of a cradle, with a child occupying it, this foretells prosperity and caring for meek children . If you shake your baby in the cradle, this means a serious illness for a family member . If a girl dreams that she is rocking a cradle, this heralds her downfall . You should be wary of gossip ….