…If he sees as if the hair on the left side of his head has spread, he indicates that he is afflicted with males, and from his relatives ….

…As for the fingers : a brother was born, according to what was said that the hand is a brother . And intertwine it without a tight hand . And engaging in the work of the household and the sons of the brothers, with a matter that they feared for themselves, and they pretended to pay it and its sufficiency . And it was said that the fingers of the right hand are the five daily prayers, the thumb is the Fajr prayer, the forefinger is the noon prayer, the middle finger is the afternoon prayer, the ring finger is the sunset prayer, the pinky is the dark prayer, and its shortness indicates shortcomings and laziness in it, and its length indicates his preserving the prayers, and the fall of one of them indicates abandoning That prayer . And whoever sees one of the fingers in the place of the other, he will pray that prayer at the time of the other . If he saw as if he was biting a human being, he indicates the bad manners of the bitten person, and the exaggeration of the bite in his discipline . If he sees milk coming out of his thumb, and blood from his index finger, while he is drinking from them, he should approach the mother of his wife or her sister . The cracking of the fingers indicates ugly words between his relatives . If the imam saw an increase in his fingers, that was an increase in his greed, his decency, and his lack of fairness . And it was narrated that Harun al-Rashid saw the angel of death, peace be upon him, had represented him, so he said to him : O king of death, how long have I left? He pointed to him with five fingers spread out from his palm, so he watched in horror, weeping at his visions, and he narrated them on a size that is described by the expression. He said : O Commander of the Faithful , he told you that five things he knew with God, which this verse brings together : “ God has the knowledge of the hour . ” The verse . Aaron and Farah laughed . The fingers of the left hand are the children of a brother and sister, and the nails are the ability of a man in this world, and the white of the nails indicates the speed of memorization and understanding, and seeing the nails in the amount of saladin and the world . And the treatment by it is evidence of fraud in collecting the world, its length with its goodness, money and clothing, and the preparation of an enemy weapon, or an argument or money, in order to avoid their evil . And its length, such that it is afraid of its breakage, is evidence of someone else taking charge of spoiling something in his hand, because he is overusing his ability . He pays zakat al-fitr, and if he sees it as though an old man has ordered his pen, then if he finds it, he orders him to make the commitment of himself and uphold his honor . Dyeing a man’s fingers with henna is evidence of a lot of armament, and dying a woman’s fingers with henna indicates her husband’s kindness to her . If he saw as if he had made her fall, she did not accept the pigmentation, then her husband did not show her love . If the man saw his palm faded by a monster, he would have toil in his pension, and if his right hand was pigmented by a monster, his visions indicated that he was killing a man . If he sees that his hands are dyed with henna, then he shows what is in his hand of good or evil, or of his money or of his earnings or his industry . If he sees his hands engraved with henna, he is trying a trick from the house, to spend some of the house furniture at his expense due to his lack of earnings, and his enemy insults him, and he gets humiliation . If a woman sees her hand engraved, he is deceiving her adornment in a matter that is right . If the inscription was clay, it indicated a large number of praise . If she saw the engravings of her hands mixed together, she would have injured her children . If she sees that her hand is cast with gold or engraved with it, then she pays her money to her husband or gives her joy from him, and if a man sees that he has been impregnated or engraved with gold, then he is deceiving a trick in which his money or his livelihood will go . The armpit hair : the length of proof of the need for Neil, the verse : ~ and Admm your hand to your wing white out of non – poor ~ and shows the religion of the owner and generosity . If he sees a lot of armpit hair, then he is a man who asks his executioner to collect money in knowledge, guardianship, trade and so on, and he does not return to the woman and religion . If there is much less, it indicates the large number of children ….

…The race in a dream is the health of the patient if he is asking for him, otherwise it is the race of death . And race is evidence of harm to the world . And whoever sees that he refuses to sweat I need . Armpit sweat stink indicates epidemic . And race is money, so whoever sees sweat leaks from his body, money will come out of it . And sweat may be a burden for those who see it ….

…As for the perpetrator : A friend, partner, or hired employee, and his shoulder is a woman, and his shoulders are his adornment, beauty and recklessness, so what he saw in them of a state or event, he is with these . And it was said that if the awaits were thick and good in flesh, it indicated manliness and strength in business, and indicated in the detainees the length of time in prison, so that they could bear the weight of their chains . If he sees something wrong with him, then it indicates the brothers’ sickness or death, because those who are bound are brothers . And a man saw as if he wanted to see one of his shoulders and was not able to do that, so he suggested that he was blind, that is a duty, because he could not see the shoulder on the side of the one-eye . As for the right hand, it is a reason for the man’s pension, money, and charity, and the length of the hand in the interpretation of the governor is victorious, the trader has a profit, and the marketer is savvy . It was said that the length and strength of the Imam’s hands indicates the strength of his assistants and the increase in his life, and his vision of their bones is an increase in his money . If he saw as if they had turned marble, he happily extended his life . It was said that the two hands are correct in interpretation and their goodness indicates good reception and giving, and it was said that the right hand indicates the relatives of men, and the left hand humiliates the women of them, and if he sees as if he lost one of his hands, this indicates the loss of some of his relatives through absence or death . If he saw as if he had put his hand under his armpit and brought it out with a light, then he would gain knowledge if he was from his family, or a profit if he was a merchant . And if she goes out and has a fire . Because he attains power, pride and pride in his matter, which he takes, and if he takes it and has water, then it is money . As for the extra hand : with the two hands, it is an increase in the state and power, and indicates a child or the arrival of an absentee, or a brother born to him . If he sees that he is left-handed, then he is more difficult . If he saw that he was working with his left hand on his own effort, he finally got his need . The extension of the hands indicates generosity, and if he sees as if he is walking on his hands, then he depends on his matter on some of his relatives, and if he sees as if he sees with his hands as he does with his eyes, then he touches a lot with those who are forbidden to him . And whoever sees as if his right hand is his word good, his life will improve . If he saw as if the North spoke to him well, then thanked his relatives, and if they spoke to him or one of them with a rebuke, that indicates his bad action . If he saw that his right hand was made of gold, then his partner or wife died . And whosoever his hand is desired, the hand of his authority will be transformed, because he will gain authority, and what happened on his hands by that authority, in terms of justice or injustice . If he saw that he had two wings, two sons were born to him ….

…Abu Sa`id, the preacher, said: “Whoever sees that he put his hand under his armpit and takes it out and it has light, then he will gain knowledge if it is from his family, otherwise it is profit, good and benefit. Made it absent ….

…The hand is in a dream the man’s benevolence, his back and his support . Whoever sees that his hand is long and strong, and he is a ruler, then he will be victorious with his enemies, and the power of his aides and his pimps . And whoever sees that his hands are spread out is a generous man who spends all that he has . And whoever sees that he is walking on his hands, then he depends on something he asks for on his brother, son, or partner . And if he sees that his right hand is made of gold, then his earnings and his oppression will be gone . If he sees that his left hand is his word, then his brothers deny him or his wife or partner deny him . And if he saw that his hand brought it under his armpit and then took it out, and it had a light, and he was a student of knowledge who won a leadership in his knowledge, even if he was a merchant who won a presidency and a male . If water comes out of his hand, he will get money . And the hands indicate the rank and the two sons and the state, and they indicate the good deeds of the one who takes and gives with his hands . The right hand indicates a son, father, friend, or whoever takes the right place for you . And the left hand denotes the woman, mother, sister, daughter and slave girl . If he sees that he has lost one of his hands, that indicates that he has lost some of the people that this hand pointed to . And whoever sees his hand cut off indicates the death of his brother, friend, or writer, or the intimacy between them has fallen . And whoever sees a length in his hand, he will be too long for people . With thanks, grace, generosity and generosity . And whoever sees a ruler who cuts off his hands and feet without controversy, then he repents . And whoever sees that he has no hand, then he is a lover . And whoever saw from the governors that his hands and feet were cut off . It is isolated . And whoever saw that his hands were clenched indicated his stinginess . And whoever saw that he was walking on his hands, he used them for his pension . And whoever sees that he cuts his hands with a knife, he will marvel at something, because God Almighty says : ( When they saw him, they made him grow up and cut their hands .) And whoever saw that his oath was paralyzed, his livelihood would cease, or he committed a grave sin . And whoever sees his hand becoming gold indicates that what is in his hand has gone . And whoever sees that his hand has become the hand of a prophet, then God Almighty guides a people on his hands and drives goodness and blessing to him . And if he saw that he had cut his hand in a bowl of blood, then he would be at the risk of sedition . And whoever sees that he eats his hand or part of it, then he does something that he regrets, or it is unjust, because God Almighty says : (And on the day the oppressor bites on his hands ). The hand engraved with henna is a humiliation, need, or necessity . And whoever sees his oath being cut off, he will swear an immoral oath, and it may indicate theft, and whoever has his hands and feet cut off, he will die, and perhaps imprisonment, restriction or severe illness, and it may be poverty or need . And whoever has a hand so long that it has become like a spear, then he is unjust, he challenges people’s honor . And whoever has his hand cut off, he is absent from his family, or he turns away from his work, or is cut off from his womb, and he may stop incest and sin . The strange thing is, if he saw his hand cut off and blood flowed from it, he hit money and returned to his country . And whoever sees that his hands are raised, then he is poor from money or a lack of money from a son or brother or knowledge or news, and the hand indicates the industry that is issued by it, the pledge of allegiance, and the covenant . Perhaps losing a hand indicates the need for the question . And perhaps a good hand indicated victory over the enemies . Whoever saw that he was shaking his hands indicated a void of work and a boycott . The wealth in the hand is evidence of the corruption of religion . And whoever has lost his hands and is one of the people of obedience, his trust in God Almighty is good . And if his hands increased, he indicated his greed for the world and his interest in winning it . And whoever has the hand of seven, misses the prayer and follows the desires . And whoever becomes left-handed, it is benefit and livelihood, because after hardship is ease . See also the palm ….

…Race : it is indicative of harmfulness in this world, and it was said whoever saw it as if it was consumed . The sweat of the armpit stinks, indicating the hypocrisy of the parish, and the governor generates money in the ugliness of praise ….