Death If you dream that you see any of your acquaintances dead, this warns you of upcoming affliction or grief . Such dreams are always followed by disappointments . If you hear that a friend or relative has died, you will receive bad news from him . Dreams of death or dying are misleading and even confusing the novice interpreter of dreams when trying to interpret them . The person who thinks intensely fills in the aura that surrounds him in thought, or with self-images that interact vividly with the emotions they have created . By thinking or working in other areas, a person may replace these images with other images of a different shape and nature . He may see these pictures dying or dying, and by their death or burial, he may mistake them for images of friends or enemies . In this case, he may see himself or his close relative die when he is asleep when in reality this is a warning to him that an evil idea or action will replace a good idea or action . To clarify : If he sees a good friend or one of his relatives in death, then this is a warning against an immoral idea or action, but if he sees an enemy or something hateful at the moment of dying, he may overcome his evil methods and thus give himself or his friends a reason for joy . Dreams of this nature often indicate the end or onset of intense anxiety or distress . These dreams also reoccur when a person is possessed by illusory states of good and evil . And the human being in this case is not the same . It’s what the dominant influences make of it . He may warn of approaching certain situations or liberate him from these situations . In our dreams, you are more close to ourselves than we are in a waking state . The joyful or joyful events in our dreams, whether visible or audible, are all of our own making, as they reflect the state of our souls and our bodies on the ground, and we cannot avoid them unless we remove them from our existence through the use of good ideas and glorious deeds, that is, through energy The soul lurking within us .