An umbrella Seeing an umbrella in a dream foreshadows for married couples a forbidden pleasure and pleasure . If a girl dreams about an umbrella, she will be involved in many frivolous matters that will cause her problems for fear of her lover discovering her behavior . If you see in a dream young women carrying umbrellas, this foretells good, joy and delights . Seeing a broken umbrella predicts disease and death of young adults . If you see yourself carrying an umbrella in a dream, this foretells that problems and worries will stare at you from every direction . If you see others carrying umbrellas, this foretells that you will be asked to donate to charity . If you borrow an umbrella, there will be misunderstanding between you and a close friend . If you lend an umbrella to someone else, fake friends will hurt you and they will destroy you . If you lose an umbrella, it will cause trouble between you and someone you trust . If you see a broken or torn umbrella, this foretells that someone will deceive you and plot you . If you are carrying a perforated umbrella that leaks from it, you will be angry and angry with your girlfriend or friend . If you carry a new umbrella under a light rain or in a sunny weather this foretells good luck, joys, goodness and prosperity in business .