View the soil of his grave

The view of the soil of his grave 67 – Harun al-Rashid had seen a vision while in Kufa that frightened him and saddened him, so Gabriel bin Bakhchushua entered upon him and said : What do you have, O Commander of the Faithful? He said : I saw a palm with red soil coming out from under my bed and saying : This is Aaron’s soil, so Gabriel understood it and said : This is one of the pipe dreams from the talk of the soul, so we forgot it, O Commander of the Faithful . When he walked to Khurasan, he passed Tous, and his illness caught him. He mentioned his visions, so he haunted him and said to Gabriel : Woe ! Do you not remember his stories on you from the vision? He said : Yes . Then he gladly called the servant and said : Bring me something from the soil of this land, and he brought him red soil in his hand . When he saw it, he said : By God, this palm that I saw, and the soil that was in it . Gabriel said : By God, you will not be there three times until he died (1) , and he commanded to dig his grave before his death in the house in which he was, which is the house of Hamid bin Abi Gan al-Ta’i, so he looked at his grave and said : O son of Adam, you will come to this . Then he ordered that they read the Qur’an in his grave, so they read it until they finished it .