The vision of Juhaim bin Salt in the killing of the leaders of Quraish

The vision of Juhaim ibn al-Salt in the killing of the leaders of Quraysh 57 – Ibn Ishaq mentioned that when Quraysha descended al-Juhafah, Juhaim ibn al-Lit ibn Mukhramah ibn al-Talab bin Abd Manaf saw a vision and said : I saw what the sleeper saw, and that I was among the sleeper and the awake, as I looked at a man who had come to me until a horse He stood with a camel for him and then said : He killed Utbah bin Rabi’a, Shaiba bin Rabi’a, Abu Al-Hakam bin Hisham, Umayah bin Khalaf, so-and-so, and so-and-so. Many men who were killed on the day of Badr from the nobles of Quraish, and then I saw him struck in the core of his camel and then sent him into the military, so what remains is nothing left of the army’s hideout except of his blood perfusion injury, he said : reaching the father of ignorance , he said : this is also the last prophet of the children demand will teach tomorrow from the deceased if we met (1). * In the novel (2): The Krisha walked even pitched handsome Nzloha dinner Atruon of water, including a man from Bani Muttalib ibn Abd Manaf said to him Juhaym bin Salt bin openwork he put Juhaym his head Vogfe then panic , he said to his companions : Have you seen the knight who stood on the above? So they said : No, you are crazy, so he said : A knight had previously stood at me, and said : Abu Jahl, Utbah, Shaybah, Zumah, Abu Al-Bakhri, and Umayya bin Khalaf were killed, so he counted nobles among the infidels of Quraish, so his companions said to him : The devil played with you . And the hadith of Juhaim was raised to Abu Jahl and he said : You have cursed us. Bani al-Muttalib lies, with the lie of Bani Hashem. You will see tomorrow who is killed . The vision of Juhaim bin Salt was fulfilled, as everyone who saw them died in a dream .