Peace be upon the Hadi

May God’s peace be upon Al-Hadi 55 – on the authority of Saleh bin Kisan that Khalid bin Saeed said : I saw in a dream before the prophet’s dispatch – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – darkness enveloped Mecca until I saw a mountain or a plain, then I saw a light coming out of Zamzam like the light of a lamp whenever a bone rose And it brightened until it rose, and it lit up for me the first thing that lit up the house, then the light increased until what remained of a plain and no mountain except when I saw it, and then the light shone : Glory be to Him, the word is finished, and the son of Mard perished by the plateau of gravel between the upper parts and the hill, this nation was happy, the illiterate Prophet came and the book reached its end. This village lied to him, he got tired twice, the illiterate prophet came and the book reached its due date, this village lied to him, tortured twice, repent in the third, three remained, two in the East and one in Morocco; Khalid bin Saeed Ali, his brother Amr bin Sa’i, recounted it. He said : I saw a wonder and I see this in Bani Abd al-Muttalib when I saw the light coming out of Zamzam ( Tabaqat Ibn Sa’id ) , and Khalid bin Saeed’s vision came true and Muhammad bin Abdullah sent him – may God bless him and grant him peace. -.