Ibrahim, peace be upon him

Ibrahim, peace be upon him, his vision in a dream denotes goodness and blessing, worship and sovereignty, sustenance and altruism, caring for the righteous offspring, enjoining good and forbidding evil, knowledge and guidance, and the abandonment of family and relatives in order to obey God Almighty . God Almighty . His vision also indicates the compassionate father, and that Abraham, peace be upon him, is the father of Islam, and he is the one who poisoned us with Muslims . Perhaps his vision indicated that he would fall into adversity and be safe from them . It may also indicate . Seeing him on what he hopes of good or legislation, or preserving the good, and abandoning the bad brothers . What a person saw that he touched him indicates the love of God Almighty, just as his vision indicates Hajj . And if a woman sees Ibrahim, peace be upon him, in her sleep, she will suffer hardship for some of her children, but God Almighty spares him from her . And whoever becomes in a dream Abraham, peace be upon him, indicates the calamity of the enemies, but he is victorious . And he may assume a state or his imam and be just in it, or he will live after despair, and perhaps the messengers of the elders brought good news to him . And whoever sees Abraham, peace be upon him, he conquers his enemies, or he gets a believing wife, or is subjected to hardship and distress from a king and then escapes from that . And whoever saw him invite him to him and answered him by the Talbiyah, and he hastened to him, his status would rise . If he saw him, he called him but did not answer him, or he saw him threatening him, or threatening him, or seeing a frown, then he may be behind the Hajj with the possibility of him, or he will be a neglector of the prayer, or a stabbing against the imam, or a hypocrite, and if he sees him as an unbeliever, he embraces Islam, or a sinner who repents, or he is a neglector. To pray he returned to it . And whoever transforms into the image of Abraham, peace be upon him, or lays his garment, he will be afflicted . Perhaps his vision indicated that sadness and anxiety were gone, and goodness and guidance befall him . And it was said : Seeing Abraham, peace be upon him, hindered the father .