If a young man or woman dreams of bathing, then this means a great deal of anxiety about one of the opposite sexes, due to the fear of losing his good opinion through the influence of others . If a pregnant woman dreams that she is washing, this indicates a miscarriage or an accident . For a man, this dream means fornication . After this dream, the transactions from collecting the species must be performed reasonably . If you wash with others, you should avoid bad companions, and this dream may be followed by a distortion of the reputation . If the water is muddy then this means that evil, in fact, death, and enemies are close to you . If a widow dreams that she is washing, this means that she forgot her previous engagements and is speeding up the pace to worldly interests . Girls should avoid the company of males . Men will engage you in seductive intrigues . A warm bath usually symbolizes evil . A clear, cold bath heralds joyful news and a long period of excellent health . Bathing in a calm sea indicates the expansion of work and satisfactory research for the sake of knowledge .