The ear is the place of awareness, and in a dream it indicates the child, money and position, and perhaps the ear indicates knowledge, reason, religion, the king, the family and the clan with whom a person is beautified . The ear indicates the hearing, so whoever sees that his hearing has increased or improved, or that the light is coming out of it or entering it, this indicates his guidance and obedience to God Almighty and acceptance of his command . And if he sees him in a dream as small, or that a bad smell is emanating from him, this indicates his delusion from the truth, and standing when what necessitates abhorrence of God Almighty . And cutting the ear is a sign of corruption . Perhaps the extra ear refers to the ear of the person in what he wants, and if it is a good ear then what he wants is good . The abundance of the call to prayer indicates the arts of science, or it does not prove a single case . Perhaps the ear indicates what is hung from the jewels, and if his ear became the ear of an animal, his position was removed, his sanctity decreased, and his mind became dulled . If he sees that he puts his fingers in his ears, this indicates that he died an innovator, and if the seeker is a heresy and a delusion, then he sees that he puts his two fingers in his ears, this indicates his death and his determination to leave what he is doing, or that he becomes a muezzin . And the king’s permission is his spy . And it was said : The ear is the woman of a man or his daughter or someone else, and if he sees that something has been missing from her, then it happened . And whoever thinks that he is of sound hearing is evidence of his understanding, knowledge, validity, religion and certainty . And whoever sees that he is deaf, then he has corruption in his religion . And whoever sees that he has half an ear, his wife will die . And whoever sees that his ear is cut off, then a person deceives his wife or daughter, and if the ear is returned as valid as it was, then they repent and their affairs are fixed . And whoever sees that he eats from the dirt of his ears, he will associate with the young men . And whoever sees that he has one ear, he will soon die . If he sees that he has a ring hanging in his ears, then he will marry his daughter and she will give birth to him a son, and it was said : The ear is the religion, so whoever sees that he has stuffed his ears with something, his visions indicate disbelief, and whoever sees many ears, he is detracted from the truth and does not accept it . And it was said : If a person sees that he has beautiful, symmetrical ears, he will hear good news, and if they are not beautiful, he will hear bad news . And whoever sees that there are two eyes in his ears, he will be blind . And it was said : Whoever sees that he has many call to prayer, this is praiseworthy for those who want to have a person to obey him, such as women, children , and Mamluks, and as for the rich, it indicates good news that comes to them if the call to prayer is beautiful, otherwise it is bad news . As for the Mamluks and the defendant’s opponents, they indicate that his servitude lasts, and he permits and obeys, and it indicates to the plaintiff that the judgment is binding on him .