Al-Atraj denotes the blessed woman with children in a dream . Perhaps it indicated the believing man or the reciter of the Holy Quran . It also indicates knowledge, work, beautiful praise, or familiarity and love . And it was said : One of them indicates the child, and many of it is a good thing, and some of them hate it and said : It indicates hypocrisy, and that its appearance is contrary to its interior . The green laurel indicates the fertility of the sunnah and the health of the seeer’s body if he picked it, and the yellow laurel fruit of the sunnah with disease . And it was said : Al- Atarajah is a rich, honorable, foreign woman, and if he saw it as if he had cut her in half, he would have a girl and a son who would be sick . If a woman sees a wreath on her head, a man of good man and religion will marry her, and if she sees in her lap, she will give birth to a blessed son . If he sees a man as if a woman gave him perfume, she will give birth to a son . And if a man throws an implant to another man, that indicates a request for marriage . If a person eats cannabis and it is sweet, then it indicates a sum of money, and if it is sour, then that indicates a minor illness .