Wheat : is permissible money in trouble and hardship, and buying wheat indicates that the money has been hit with an increase in the children. Growing wheat is a work in the pleasure of God Almighty, and striving to cultivate it indicates jihad . If he sees it as if he sowed wheat and grew barley, then it indicates that it is better on the outside than it is inside . If he sows barley, and wheat grows, the matter is against the first . And if he sowed wheat and grew blood, he would eat usury . And the green spike fertile the sunnah, and the dry spike that grows on its leg is the barrenness of the Sunnah, because God Almighty said in the story of Joseph and the spike in the hand of a person, or in a threshing floor or in a container, money that its owner gets from the earnings of others, or knowledge that he learns . It was narrated that I like Hamadan saw as if he had sold wheat for barley, then he told al-Shabi of his vision and said : He replaced poetry with the Qur’an . And whoever picks up the Al-Sanabel divide from a plantation that knows its owner, he will have money separated from its owner . If he sees that the sowing is harvested at a different time, then this indicates death in that camp or war . If the ears are zero, then it indicates the death of the elders . If it is green, then it is the death or killing of young people . And the wheat in the bed is the woman’s rope, and it was said that he who saw that he planted crops is his wife’s rope. If he sees that he is plowing on someone else’s land and he knows its owner, then he marries his wife . And whoever sows a seed in his own time, he has done a good work . If he was a wali who attained a power, if he was a merchant who obtained a profit, and if he was a vulgar, then he became a mule, and if he was an ascetic who attained piety . If what he sowed grows, the news is acceptable, and if he reaps it, he will be rewarded . Whoever sees that he eats stewed or dry wheat, he will be disappointed . Whoever sees that his stomach, skin, or mouth is filled with dry or cooked wheat, then that is the death of his life, otherwise, for what remains in him will be what is left of his life . And whoever walked amongst a mustered plant, he walked among the ranks of the Mujahideen . And it was said that the transplantation is the work of the sons of Adam, if it is known, its position is similar to the places of transplantation in its length . It is said in the proverb : “He who sows good reaps bliss, and he who sows evil reaps remorse .” The poet said : If you did not sow and saw a reaper … you regretted the neglect at the time of sowing, and if the sowing violated this characteristic, then they are men who gather in war . The reaped killed . God, may He be glorified and exalted, said: “ This is similar to them in the Torah and their likeness in the Bible, as a seed that brought out its shore, so praised it, so it took advantage of it .” If he saw that he ate moist green wheat, then he is good and is a hermit in the religion . And whoever sees that he has a well-known seed, then that is his work in his religion or world . By any of this, what was inferred from the words of the owner of the vision and its director, and if it was in his religion, then the reward for his work is in his religion in the amount of that planting, its amount and its benefit, and if it was in his world, it was a sum of money that would become to him and a reward for work . If his work is in his worldly matters, and he sees his garment according to what he sees from the state of the planting, then that money remains collected until the love comes out of the spike, and if it goes out, that money is separated from its first state, except that it is honorable from money in hardship or deception, especially if It was wheat, and if it was barley, it is the finest, and it is congratulated with the health of the body and lightness of supplies . If it is accurate, then it is money taken for granted, and it is better than wheat, and better than bread, because the bread has been touched by the fire .