Watermelon : It is a disease, and it was said that he was a nurse, and it was said that his injury was an infection from where they are not counted . And it was said that green is raw from it that did not mature, the health of the body . And whoever sees it as if he has extended his hand to heaven and consumed watermelon, he will seek possession and get it quickly . It was narrated that a man saw as if he had thrown watermelon into his house, so he recounted his vision on a crossing, and said to him : One of your family dies with every watermelon . It was so . And the Indian green watermelon, a heavy-souled man, is cold in people’s eyes . As for the cucumber : it was said that it indicates the pregnancy of a woman who has the vision, and it was said that it is disliked, such as legumes and lentils . As for the gourd, which is the pumpkin, its tree is a scholarly man or a doctor who is close to blessed people . She was said to be a poor man . A sick pumpkin will heal . And whoever sees as if he has eaten it cooked, he will find that he has gone astray or memorized as much as he ate from it, or he collects something scattered, which is desirable from the cooked in a dream : pumpkin, meat and eggs . If he saw that he ate raw squash, he would quarrel with a person, and he would be frightened by the jinn . The shade of the pumpkin shade Anas after the desolation and reconciliation after the dispute . And whoever sees as if he picked a squash of watermelon, he will be cured of illness, due to medicine or supplication, and the original story of Joseph, peace be upon him .