the prince

Indicates what a person goes through and helps him . And indicates the marriage of bachelors so that he becomes in his home like a prince . Perhaps the prince’s vision indicated luck in what he was about . And whoever is commanded in his sleep, he will fear imprisonment and chastity, and that the prince will come on the Day of Resurrection with his hands tied up to his neck, so that he will not release them except for his right to stay . And whoever sees that the Sultan is his guardian from the far reaches of the Muslim arrogance as his representative, then he is glorified, honorable, and sublime mentioned as far as the distance of those roads from the position of the Sultan . And if Wal sees that his covenant has come, then he is dismissed at the time . Likewise, if he looks into his matter, then he is isolated, and he soon sees something like him . Likewise, if he saw that he had divorced his wife, he would be isolated . And whoever carries food to a prince will be afflicted with grief, then joy will come to him, and money will hit him where he does not hope . The prince wearing his hood or his garment or his headdress or his region is a negligence in his authority, and his wearing it is due to his political reasons . And if he sees that he wore new slippers, that is a win for the money of the people of polytheism and dhimmah . And isolating the governor in sleep is his state . And whoever considers in a dream among the slaves becomes free or a slave who does not adhere to the world and becomes the prince of himself .