Narcissus : Whoever sees a wreath of narcissus on his head marries a beautiful woman or buys a beautiful slave girl who will not last for him . And if a woman sees it on her head, as well . If she has a husband, he divorces her or dies on her behalf . And whoever sees a narcissus growing in a garden, it is born to remain . And if he sees it cut off and rotten, he will not remain . It was narrated that a woman saw as if her husband had given her the energy of Narcissus and gave her wife the energy of myrtle, and she recounted her vision on a crossing, and he said : He will divorce you and hold on to your wife, because the ace covenant remains from the era of Narcissus . And a man saw four women, as if four energies of narcissus planted on the bank of a river, and as if he threw three energies from them with three stones and he bombed them, and he threw the fourth and it did not break, so he recounted his vision on a crossing, and he said : You have four wives, and you release three of them and you do not release the fourth, so it was so . It was said that the yellowishness of narcissus indicates the dinar, and its whiteness on the dirhams obtained by the visionary . And he sang : When we looked away from him in the dark … He gave us the narcissus an exposition, and he indicated that to us … that it required zero or whiteness, and the poet said : The narcissus has no covenant … but the covenant is the myrtle and some of them said : The narcissus is pleasure .