The resurrection

Resurrection is in a dream a warning and a warning to those who see it from sin in it . And the resurrection is fairer to do justice to the oppressed than the oppressor . And whoever sees that the resurrection was established on him alone, he shall die . And whoever sees that he is standing in the Resurrection, he will travel . And whoever saw that he was crammed alone and his wife with him, then he is unjust, because God Almighty says : ( Bring those who were wronged, and their wives, and they were not worshiped ). And the land of the Resurrection is an honorable woman or an honorable man . Blowing in the pictures saved the righteous . And whoever saw the Resurrection in his dream indicated the emergence of some of its signs, such as blood shedding and the emergence of evils . And whoever saw the graves split, and that the dead would bring out the racks of justice . And whoever saw that the Resurrection had risen and saw its horrors, then he saw that the world had returned to its state, this indicates that justice will be followed by injustice . And whoever thinks that he is close to the reckoning, his vision indicates his neglect of good and his turning away from the truth, because God Almighty says : ( Draw near to people their account, while they are in negligence are exposed .) And whoever saw that he had a severe calculation, his visions indicated a loss for him . If he sees that God Almighty holds him accountable and his deeds are put in the balance, then his good deeds outweigh his bad ones, then he is in great obedience, and he has a great reward with God, and if his bad deeds outweigh his good deeds, the matter of his religion is feared for him . And it was said : Whoever sees that the resurrection has risen, he will be saved from the evil of his enemies, or there will be strife among people . And whoever sees something like blowing in the pictures, spreading the graves, or the sun rising from sunset, then its interpretation is like an interpretation on the Day of Resurrection, and the coming out of the Antichrist is a man of innovation and delusion . Blowing in the pictures is a plague, an epidemic, and a warning from the Sultan . And whoever saw that he took his book with his right hand won goodness, wealth and glory, and if he took it with his left hand, he would perish in sin, poverty and need . And whoever saw that he was on the path of a healthy one, he would be saved from hardship, sedition, and affliction . See also Al-Ghashiyah, and see Resurrection .