Lice are in a dream a world with money, and if the lice were in the new shirt it was the renewal of the mandate . If the shirt is worn, then it is a debt to be feared . And the lice on the ground are weak people, and if they pinch them, they stab weak . And whoever sees a louse flying from his chest, then his hired servant or his boy or his son has fled from it . And lice have soldiers and enemies, and ministers are chakrians, and police have assistants, scholars have students, and sick people have a length of disease . If he saw that he threw a live louse, then he would do something contrary to the Sunnah . Many lice are a torment, and the people are children and a frivolous people who are mistreated, or it is good, grace, blessing, and salvation from sorrows and worries . If he saw many lice, then it is evidence of a long illness, loss and poverty, and Faraj, afflicted by his distress and salvation from his distress, killed her . And whoever catches lice from his clothes is lied to him an obscene lie . From a lice pinch, weak people throw words at them .