the village

The village is in a dream injustice and destruction, because God Almighty said : ( They said : We are the destroyers of the people of this village, because its people were unjust .) And whoever sees that he has entered a fortified village, he shall fight or kill someone else . And whoever sees that he is crossing his country to a village, he chooses something humble over a fine matter . If he sees that he has entered a village, then he will follow authority or enter into a work of righteousness . And if he goes out of a village, he will escape from distress . If he sees a destroyed village, it is a misfortune for its owners, and its vision is full of Salahuddin . The well-known village indicates itself, its people, and what comes from it . Perhaps the village signified the abode of injustice, abuse and corruption . The village may refer to the ants ‘house, and the ants’ house indicates the village . For whoever demolishes a village or spoils it, or has gone by the torrent, or it was burned with fire and it was known that the Sultan is running for it, and this may indicate locusts, hail, pandemics and an epidemic . And whoever sees that he is leaving a village is good for him in religion . And whoever sees that he is moving from village to city, he will move from fatigue to rest, from fear to security, and vice versa . See also the village .