The butcher is in a dream the angel of death . So whoever sees him and takes a knife from him, he will get sick and be cured . And whoever sees that he slaughtered his father, then he is righteous and bonding, so long as he does not see blood . If he saw a king slaughtering his flock, he would oppress them . And the vision of the butchers who sell meat in the markets indicates severity and harm, and they indicate to the sick the speed of their death, and they indicate to the rich about the harm that befalls them, and they indicate in the owners of fear the severity of their fear, and in the debtor to pay off the debt . And it was said : The butcher is the murderer, and it was said : he is the owner of the sword . And the vision of Al-Qassab for the concerned and the prisoner is a good and joyful guide . Whoever killed a butcher survived the disease . And the butcher indicates the owner of the ship, and the money divide between the heirs and orphans . See also The Butcher .