The reed is in a dream demoralizing people . And whoever sees that he has a reed in his hand while he leans on it, then he has remained of his life at least, and he is poor and dies poor, and the reed is a frugal person who has no religion or loyalty, and the vision of the Persian reed indicates the analogy, trials and hypocrisy in business, and perhaps indicates vile money and its collection by evils and misfortune . If the reeds became bars of silver, gold, or horns, it was evidence of righteous deeds that require paradise, solutions to their palaces, and sitting under their domes with what they receive from pure husbands . The reed is a hypocritical people, and if you hear a voice for it, it is an argument . And sugar cane indicates tired livelihood, and it may indicate the mob, and it may indicate honor in good lineage or great knowledge . And the reed, if it was planted out of place, may indicate the ruin of the place and reveal the condition of its people . His vision peeled off indicates the prisoner’s salvation, the prisoner’s jaw from the bondage, the safety of the sick, and the exhumation of the dead from their graves .