Reading: Whoever reads something from the Qur’an in his sleep will be elevated and glorified, and if he is disobedient, God will forgive him, and if he is poor, he is rich, and if he is a debtor, he pays off his debt, and if he is a person with diplomas he testifies to the truth . If he recites the Qur’an in a good voice, he will gain glory, prestige and fame . If he reads the Qur’an and distorts it, he deviates from the truth and betrays his covenant . And if he does not know what he read, he testified false or feared what he did not know . And reading the surahs on the patient indicates his death . And whoever saw that he read his book on the Day of Resurrection while he did not read well while awake, indicated that it was rich after his poverty . And whoever sees that he reads the face of a newspaper, he will inherit an inheritance, and if he reads its back, he will have a debt . If he is proficient in his reading, then he will follow a mandate . And whoever sees that he is reading his book, he will repent to God Almighty for his sins .