the kill

Murder Whoever sees that he is killing himself repents sincerely . And whoever sees that he kills a person, he commits a grave sin, and the one killed will suffer good . But slaughter is wrong . And if he sees that he killed a soul, then he will be saved from distress, because God Almighty says : (And you killed a soul, we will save you from grief ). And if the servant sees that his master killed him, then he shall set him free . And whoever sees that he was killed, and does not know who killed him, then he is a person who is neglecting the Sharia . Whoever deliberately kills a soul is disobedient . And whoever confesses to killing a soul, he will be granted guardianship, because God Almighty said : (He said : Lord, I killed a soul from them, so I fear that they will be killed ). And it was said : Whoever saw that he was killed has denied prayer or neglected it . And whoever saw that he killed his son, he would have a livelihood . Whoever saw that he was killed in the cause of God indicates profit, trade, and the fulfillment of the promise . See also Slaughtering .