The monkey is in a dream a man in whom there is every defect, so if he kills a monkey and defeats it, he becomes ill and then cures from it, and if the monkey defeats him, then he suffers a disease that has no cure . And it was said : the monkey is a man who brings major sins . And whoever eats monkey flesh, he will be treated for a defect from which he cannot be healed, or he will obtain new clothes . And whoever sees that a monkey bites him, he will have an argument between him and a person . The monkey is a cunning man, a deceitful wizard, and a disease . The monkey is a defeated enemy . And whoever sees that he is riding a monkey, he defeats an enemy . And whoever sees that he has given him a monkey, he is an enemy that he will win . And whoever sees that a monkey carries it on his shoulder, he extracts theft from his house and is famous for it . And it was said in the monkey that he feels miserable to whomever he saw as his possession or carrying . The monkey is a man whose grace continues to be great . And the monkey is a man who denotes enemies, disobedience, and falling into what necessitates hatred, such as a pig, and perhaps he indicates the Jews, and eating his flesh is lack and need . The monkey is a poor, deprived man whose grace has been taken away .