the bow

Sagittarius is in a dream a journey and a brother, a woman and a boy, and it is close to God Almighty, for the Almighty says : ( So it was around the corner or below ). And whoever sees a bow with a cover, his wife is pregnant . And whoever gave his wife a bow, and she was pregnant, she bore him a maid . And if his wife gives him a bow, then her pregnancy is a male child, because the boy is delivered to his father, so he will be with him in his shop, and the woman raises the girl and stays with her at home . And whoever sees that his bow is broken, and there is no weapon with him, then his brother, his son, his partner, or his friend die . And whoever sees his bow broken by his hand, he is removed from his jurisdiction if he is a governor, and he loses if he is a merchant . A bow travel . And whoever rides a string in a bow, then he gets married, and if his dissolution is divorced, and whoever sees the Sultan gives him two brackets, he attains a rank and a principality, because God Almighty says : ( So he was around the corner or below ). The brackets are indicated on the eyebrows . He who breaks his bow will travel . Perhaps his archery was false or true . And whoever enters the bow and breaks her tendon, then he will divorce his wife, and perhaps he is removed from his state . And if he throws an arrow and makes a mistake, it is an abuse of his authority, and if he hits the target, he will obtain what he wishes . And whoever sees in his hand a tense bow, a boy will be born for him . And whoever sees that he is throwing in the way of God, then he will have an honor . Throwing a bow of hazelnuts into the wilderness is a hunt and a spoil of lawfulness, and in the country a lie and a fraud . If he sees that he threw a bird a nut, then he is lying to a huge man falsely . If he throws a pigeon, it hurts his wife . And the bow of the nut for the one who owns it is a prostitute, and the bow of a man is a disease of the joints, and the bow of the crossbow is a long life, and the bow of the arch is a waste of money, and the bow of the auger is a sustenance and benefit, as well as the bow of the lath . See also Arrow .