the channel

A channel is in a dream a woman, money or scientist . And whoever saw that he had made a channel would get married or work for himself, especially in his religion and world . Channels are servants, slaves, or livestock . Perhaps the channel indicated the way of livelihood, such as the market and the store . And whoever cuts a canal from planting or real estate that is known to his family, and if he is married, he divorces his wife, annulls his endowment, or freed his slave . And whoever sees a canal in his house or grove that is going to run and was overwhelmed by God Almighty relief from him, or he will obtain good . If he sees the canal blocked, it spoils his beliefs . And whoever sees that he has urinated in an unknown channel, or becomes stained by its impurity, is forbidden or has fallen into trouble because of a servant or a woman . The channel may refer to churches . Whoever digs a canal and does not draw water into it, will enter into deception .