Imam of prayer

He is the guarantor and guarantor, and his vision may indicate fear, and perhaps the height of destiny, presidency, progress, enjoining good and forbidding vice . Perhaps she indicated the eyebrow, the father, the mother, or the professor. If in a dream he became an imam and prayed with people heading to the qiblah with complete purity, neither more nor less, in it, and if he was worthy of the guardianship, the ruling, or confronting what is beneficial to the people, that will happen to him, and he may have entered himself in a guarantee or a group sponsorship Or he participated in a people hoping for good from them, and if he had prayed with people other than the qiblah, he betrayed his companions and bought his heresies, and he may have committed something forbidden and the people ask him for it with him, and whoever sees that he commands a people in prayer then he follows a state in which he adjusts after his kiss is straight, his prayer is completed, or he orders People or forbid them . And whoever sees that he leads unknown people in an unknown place and does not know what to read, then he is in honor of death . And if a woman sees that she leads men prayer, then she dies because she is not suitable for leading the prayers, so that is only when she dies before them when they pray on her . Likewise, if he sees a non-mahram man who does not know how to pray or recite, then he leads a people, and whoever sees that he prays in a people standing while sitting, then he does not transgress their rights, but they are falling short in his rights, or his visions indicate that he undertakes a sick people, and if he prays with them sitting while they are standing and sitting then he does not shorten In a matter that he takes over, if he prays with a people standing and sitting, then he follows the command of the rich and the poor, and if he prays with them sitting while they are sitting, then they are cursed by drowning or stealing clothes or poverty . If he sees that he is praying with women, then he follows the command of a weak people. If the mother of the people is on his side, or he is lying and wearing white clothes, and he denies his position, and he does not recite in his prayer or say takbeer, then he will die and people pray over him . If the governor sees himself leading the people, he is isolated and his money is gone . Whoever prays with men and women will attain judgment among the people if he is worthy of that, otherwise he will be able to mediate and reconcile among people . And whoever sees that he has completed the prayer with the people, his mandate will be fulfilled, and if his prayer is interrupted, his guardianship is interrupted and his rulings and words are not implemented, and if he prays alone and the people pray individually, then they are outside . And if he prays a superfluous prayer, he enters into a guarantee that will not harm him, and if the people have made him an imam, then he will inherit an inheritance . If he thinks that he leads people, and does not read well, then he is asking for something and he does not find it . And whoever prays with a people on a roof, then he will do good to people and have a reputation in terms of his loan or charity .