The Qantara is in a dream a sign of suspicions, and perhaps it indicates the world because of what was mentioned in the hadith : (The world is an arcade, cross it and do not cross it ). And perhaps indicated by relieving worries and angels . And riding an arch in a dream is evidence of riding an animal . Qantara denotes wealth, longevity, illness, or breach of covenant . And Qantara is a man with which people can reach their affairs and their needs, and that man may be a king or a ruler or a wise man . The unknown arch indicates the world, especially if it is between the city and the cemetery . Perhaps she indicated the ship or the path, and if he is traveling, that is the expiration of his journey . Whoever becomes an arch will gain authority and people need him and his authority . And whoever sees that he crosses an arch of wood, there are hypocritical people who enter them .