The lock

The lock is in a dream a man of trust . And it was said : The lock is a virgin woman for those who dealt with it . If the prisoner sees that he has opened a lock, then he will escape from prison, and if the concerned person opens a lock, his concern will be removed . And locking several, argument and force . A lock is a person relied upon to keep deposits . And every closure is concerned, and every opening is Faraj . Iron locks are a symbol of decoding and flag . Locks are indicative of negligence. The Almighty said : ( Do they not consider the Qur’an, or do the hearts of their locks ). The lock is a guarantor . The iron locks are a sign of the maintenance of those who are indicative of it, and the religion of the text, and perhaps it indicates pride and elevation . And wood locks are indicative of hypocrisy, hesitation in saying, and acceptance of bribes .