He is in a dream a knowledgeable or good man, close to people, light in supplies, and the sick has a cure . Whoever eats of it cooked comes back to him, he has lost it from his religion, himself, his pocket, or his son . And whoever eats squash raw, he will be terrified by the jinn, or he will quarrel with a person . It was said : the gourd tree is a poor man . And whoever harvested a squash from a watermelon farm survived a disease, for the story of Yunus, peace be upon him . And gourd bashing and blame . Whoever eats cooked pumpkin keeps a note as much as he ate from it, or gathers something apart . Seeing squash indicates his vision indicates worry, grief, distress, illness or imprisonment, and eating it may indicate goodness of mind and discernment . And whoever saw that he ate raw squash indicated quarrelsome and evil, and if he ate it cooked and had spices with him, it indicated anxiety and grief, and if it was without spices, then it is a livelihood, and he may find lost .