Blindness is in a dream a delusion in religion, and blindness is also rich. Whoever sees that he is blind is rich, and whoever sees that he is blind, he forgets the Qur’an . If he sees that a person has blinded him, then he is misleading him . If an infidel sees a person blinded by him, he will change his belief . And the blind man is a poor man who does things that strike him in his religion . And if an unbeliever sees that he is blind, then he will be afflicted with grief and harm, or a fine, or worry . And if he sees that he is blind, wrapped in new clothes, he will die . And whoever sees that he is blind, then he will have a battle or an argument, or he will gain judgment and knowledge of the story of Isaac and Jacob, peace be upon them both . And if a blind man sees that he turns the kiss, then he is in error . And whoever sees that his eyes are blind, the veil between himself and God will be destroyed . And whoever is blind has his eyesight in a dream, he will become poor after his riches, or get rich after his poverty, or he has lost the money or son he is most precious to him . Blindness may indicate deafness, contempt for the world, or concealment of secrets . Blindness to the stranger is evidence that he is not returning to his homeland . Blindness for the prisoner is a disagreement, and people show mercy to the blind and take his hand wherever he wants .