The old man

The old woman is in a dream an impotence, and perhaps she indicates the world that is gone, and perhaps she refers to the Hereafter because it is against the world, and she refers to the wine because it is one of her names, and she refers to the cow because it is one of her names too . Perhaps the old woman in a dream indicated pregnancy after despair of it . Perhaps seeing the old woman indicated deception, deception, whispering and touching . The sick old woman is helpless, and the thirsty is drought. If a girl returns, the drought will be removed, and if the unknown old woman enters a patient who fears death, this is a good evidence for the pregnant woman . And the old woman indicates the land of his sabkha that does not grow . And whoever sees an old ugly look, it indicates sedition and war . The infidel old man is forbidden money, and the armed old woman is permissible money with pleasure for those who see it . And whoever turns old will attain reverence . And the unknown old woman indicates the infertile year . The ugly old man may be a harbinger of the end of war and drought, and the meager old man may be a year of drought, and if it gets fat, the year will come . And the dark-faced old man is in the world with them and goes to Jah, and if she is naked, then it is a scandal in his world . And whoever sees an old woman who enters his home, his world comes to him, and if he sees her she leaves him, his world is gone . And if a woman sees that she has become old, then it is the goodness of her world .