Azrael, peace be upon him

Whoever sees him in a dream indicates testimony . And whoever sees him angry, he will die without repentance . Whoever wrestles Azrael or defeats him, he will be saved from disease, and if Azrael defeats him, then he will die . And it was said : He who saw Azrael long lived, and that Azrael, peace be upon him, was longer than all creatures . And it was said : Whoever sees Azrael, he will enter into something that he must do . And it was said : His vision is a great fear . And whoever becomes in the image of Azrael will defeat the people, and great things will happen on his hands . And whoever sees that he receives the Angel of Death, he will receive an inheritance . And the vision of Azrael, peace be upon him, is indicative of the separation of the crowd, the death of the sick, the demolition and fire, and disturbing news, which necessitates screaming, slapping and crying . Perhaps his visions indicated the depressed pension, the inability to earn money, imprisonment and forgetting knowledge, abandoning prayer and withholding alms tax, and high prices . Perhaps the visions of Israfil and Azrael indicated forcing the enemies and denying those who deny the Resurrection and Resurrection .