He who thinks that he is lame has acquired knowledge, jurisprudence, and delved into religion . And lameness indicates travel . And whoever sees that his right leg is sickened, broken, or dislocated, and there is a wound in it, then his son is sick, and if he sees that in his left leg and he has a daughter who is engaged, and if he does not have a girl a daughter has been born to him, and if his leg breaks and wants to travel, then he does not leave, and if it is dislocated, then his wife Get sick . And if one of his legs is extended over the other, he will not travel long until he dies . And whoever sees that he is lame or crippled, or that his legs are heavy, or that he is crawling in love, that is his weakness for what he is asking for . Perhaps lameness indicates an increase in age, religion, and knowledge . And if he swears an oath, then it is righteous, because God Almighty says : ( And there is no blame for the lame .) And if he sees that he is walking with one man and he has put one of them on the other, half of his money will be saved . Lameness is a fraud and the emergence of an excuse and a plot .