Counting: Whoever sees in a dream that he is counting five thousand, then he will be victorious over his enemies, and the numbers of victory are twenty and one hundred . And whoever saw that he counted seven or eight, he would fall into them . And whoever sees that he is counting nine, then he falls into a difficult matter, and accompanies a corrupt people, and whoever thinks that he is counted ten is in a matter that has been completed and completed, or indicates the pilgrimage, and the number of forty indicates that he is in something that has been promised, and whoever is counted thirty is in a false promise . And one of the thing is evidence of exclusivity in knowledge, money, marriage, or a child, and it may indicate inactivity, or the one true who has no other : the two are victory over enemies, the three are the fulfillment of a promise, the four are an argument, and the five are doubt about religion, as well as the six, and it may indicate The six over victory over the enemies and the establishment of an argument over the opponent, and there is no good in the number of seven and eight . And ten expiation for an oath . And whoever sees that he is preparing dirhams in which the name of God Almighty is to be praised, and if he sees that he counted dinars containing the name of God, then he will benefit from knowledge . If he counted pearls, he would recite the surahs of the Qur’an . If he counts jewels, then he remembers knowledge or learns . And if he counted beads, he would be busy with trivial matters or with what he was not concerned with . If he counts fat cows, fertile years will pass over him . And if he counted a camel with its loads and was a ruler, then he would harm his enemies . If he sees that he is counting buffaloes, he will fall into trouble and fatigue .